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Air Recorder

Posted by Mikers On May - 27 - 2012

Roland continues to release free apps, designed to work with their range of music gear. This is one of the few that might be useful even if you dont own their gear.

Air Recorder is an app that lets you enjoy high-quality recording with easy operation.

You can record sound through the internal mic of your iPhone/iPod touch, or wirelessly make digital recordings of the sound from your Roland electronic musical instrument. You can also load songs from the music library of your iPhone and play them back while recording your instrument as you play along.
● You can use the internal mic of your iPhone/iPod touch to record your instrumental performance or your band. You can also load and play back songs from the music library of the iPhone. During song playback, you can use convenient practicing functions such as speed/key adjustments and AB repeat.

● You can use Air Recorder with a Roland electronic musical instrument that has wireless LAN functionality, and digitally record the sound of your instrument wirelessly. Songs loaded from the music library of your iPhone can also be sent wirelessly and digitally to your instrument; you can then play along with the song on your instrument, and record the mix on your iPhone/iPod touch.

● The recorded audio can be used via AudioCopy with any app that supports AudioPaste (e.g., GarageBand). You can also use Open in… to export the audio to another app that supports WAV or AAC file formats.

* In order to use the wireless LAN functionality, you’ll need an electronic musical instrument that supports Air Recorder, a wireless USB adapter (Roland WNA1100-RL), and a wireless LAN access point (such as a wireless LAN router) that supports WPS. For details on electronic musical instruments that support wireless LAN functionality, refer to the following URL. http://roland.jp/link/RWC/e/

* If you’re unable to connect to the wireless LAN access point, try connecting using Ad-Hoc mode.

* AudioCopy supports only the WAV recording file format. (WAV is the default recording format.)

* Songs with DRM (Digital Rights Management) cannot be loaded. Songs upgraded to iTunes Plus can be loaded.

* If a song is played back while you’re recording from the internal mic, the iPhone is designed to play back through the ear speaker rather than the internal speaker. If you connect an audio device to the headphone jack, the song will play back from the connected audio device.

* If you’re using an iPad2, please specify WAV as the recording format. Recording operations will be less responsive if you choose AAC.

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