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Audio Speed Changer Pro

Posted by Mikers On April - 8 - 2015

screen480x480 (5)Audio Speed Changer Pro changes the speed (tempo) and pitch (frequency) of audio independently during live playback. It is possible to set exact start and end positions, calculate custom pitch values (for instance for 432 Hertz music), zoom into the audio track, and playback playlists.

# Features
– Change speed (tempo) and pitch independently during live playback.
– Use custom (arbitrary) tempo and pitch values.
– Convert between different music frequencies using the pitch calculator (e.g. for 432Hz music).
– Export audio to iTunes file sharing, email, or to other apps using the “Open in” feature.
– Import audio from the iOS music gallery, iTunes file sharing, or from other apps using the “Open in” feature.
– Record audio (basic).
– Support for playlists.
– Set exact start and end positions for instrument training, transcription, language learning, etc.
– Zoom (pinch&zoom and double tap).
– Change the user interface size to fit your needs.
– Background playback when app goes to background.
– Support for voice reduction (works only for some type of voice recordings).
– Support to mute the left and right channel (e.g. for training duets).
– Volume amplification.

[appext 973371394]

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