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AudioStretch Lite

Posted by Mikers On May - 18 - 2013

Now available as a free trail, this audio processing app lets you change the speed and pitch of non-DRM songs in your iTunes library. Pretty handy for learning songs. Obviously there are a few limitations on this one (see below). So if you find a use for it, the full version is only a couple of dollars. For something with a few more features, Anytune is a great alternative.

mzl.kwjexzqi.480x480-75Change the speed of audio files without changing the pitch. Listen as you drag the waveform. Transpose your music. Loop.

All in an incredibly responsive and easy-to-use app. Ideal for transcription, learning songs by ear, or just listening to your music library in a new way.

• Simple uncluttered user interface
• LiveScrub™ : listen as you drag/hold the waveform
• Super-easy single-button looping feature
• Load any song in your music library*
• No ads or in-app purchases

• Max song duration 5 minutes
• Speed range 60% to 100%
• Pitch shift +/- 2 semitone

• Max song duration 60 minutes
• Speed range 0% to 250%
• Pitch shift +/- 12 semitones
• Keyboard/spectrum display
• Open Dropbox files
• Open email attachments

*Except Fairplay DRM-protected files (i.e. very old, pre-2010 iTunes purchases). Songs in formats other than aac/m4a (e.g. mp3) may load a bit slowly in iOS 5.1; iOS 6 recommended.

[app 647190921]

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  1. Gerry Beauregard says:

    Thanks for reviewing my app! Anytune’s a nice app, and is indeed more feature-rich than AudioStretch at the moment. One very cool feature that’s unique to AudioStretch, however, is what I call “LiveScrub”: the audio plays, at the correct pitch, as you drag the waveform. For really fast solos, you can basically drag the waveform and listen to it note-by-note, at whatever rate you like. Must be tried to fully appreciate!

    There’s a fully functional web demo (in Flash) at http://www.audiostretch.com/audiostretchforflash/.

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