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Posted by Mikers On June - 21 - 2013

Need to test some speaker, tune a room, or just freak out your pets? This app is just the thing….!

mzl.bwfhzuyp.480x480-75AudioTGTab – Audio Tone Generator for iPad is a high-quality tone generator app that gives you to Audio testing tools on your iOS mobile device. It is able to use testing and checking Audio systems.

The tone generation signal of this app is high precision of CD quality and frequency accuracy of 0.1Hz.
If you have an AirPlay-compatible device, you can use as a digital sound source of very high-quality sound via wireless transmission of AirPlay.

We are a company that develops the iPhone and iPad apps and provides the sound tools for audio professionals, acousticians, home theater installers, and anyone who loves audio.

-Sinewave generation
-Preset frequencies : 440Hz, 1000Hz, 4000Hz, 17000Hz
-Frequency sweep of Sinewave generation
-Preset frequencies : 200Hz-4000Hz, 20Hz-20000Hz
-Supports of Sinewave frequencies range between 20Hz to 20000Hz
-Direct Frequency input on keyboard (in 0.1Hz accuracy)
-White and Pink noise generation
-Output Gain Control
-CD Quality Output : 44100 samples/second, 16 bits/sample
-Frequency Accuracy : 0.1Hz

AudioTGTab can be very useful for a variety of audio testing tasks including:
-Testing Speakers and Headphones
-Testing and tuning Audio amplifiers, Equalizers and many other Audio equipments.
-Acoustics testing
-Frequecy response testing for Audio systems using White and Pink noise generation

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