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Back to basic 4 track recording

Posted by Mikers On July - 4 - 2010

4 Tracks is the original multitrack digital recording studio for the iPhone.

Note : www.littlecodeshop.com shows videos demonstrations of 4 Tracks

Try before you buy ! Get 4 Tracks LITE on the AppStore and see if you like it !

Features :

– You can now bounce tracks
– Export to SoundCloud
– Integrated synthesizer
– Onscreen guitar/keyboard
– Loads audio files and loop (AIFF, WAV, loops)!
– Import/export recordings from/to desktop through a simple web browser.
– Create midi files on the device, import midi files (version 2.4)
– CD-Quality Recording 16 bit, 44.1 kHz
– Metronome allows you to create time perfect recordings (60 to 200) bpm
– Save and name your tracks using a clean interface

4 Tracks is VERY SIMPLE to use !! it mimicks a little metal device, the ergonomics of 4 tracks will be hard to beat !

It allows you to record in multiple takes. I developped it to practice the guitar but it could be used for anything.
4 tracks plays back prerecorded tracks while you record a new one.

To use 4 Tracks, although you can use the iphone microphone, it is best to plug in your headphones with microphone and play or sing up to 4 tracks.

Now you can still play your favorite instrument away from home, 4 Tracks comes with an internal synthesizer and you can play with a keyboard or a guitar type controller.

Save your creations as midi files and reimport on your desktop !


Grab 4 Tracks Audio Recorder now –

5 Responses to “Back to basic 4 track recording”

  1. Santiago says:

    Amazing site! Great reviews. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Icepulse says:

    What I don’t get why electronic musicians have any use for a multi-track apps(4-Track, et al)on Apple devices. I mean, the “line-in” options are SO limited (w/ a few EXPENSIVE solutions on the way), I find apps like 4-Track to be useless. Even w/ AudioCopy / Paste, my brain aches at the prospect of trying to properly sync up loops / tracks from other apps into 4-Track.

    It makes sense for the acoustic artist (acoustic guitar / vocals / drum kit), but for someone who is using other apps (or external devices)to create their sound, multi-track apps seem unusable.

    What am I missing, people?

  3. Mikers says:

    I think you might be missing the point.

    While these multitrack apps certainly offer some comprehensive recording and mixing options, I hardly think anyone is planning to choose them over a dedicated DAW.

    What could be more perfect for using to quickly lay down some quick melodic ideas, such as new back up harmonies for that chorus that just came into your head while driving to work, or putting down an idea for a fresh rhythmic beat with layered tracks of hands and mouth sounds, or just playing around with a rough demo of some guitar parts that work together.

    These apps save you having to be near computers, set up mixers, mics, cables, etc….. You load the app, and you’re ready to get creative.

    Surely that can only be a good thing!?

  4. Icepulse says:

    I guess, but I like the idea of laying down some real tracks on my lunch-break, or when on vacation. That’s where something like the Tascam DP-008 rules the roost. A simple line in FROM your iPhone / iPad to the Tascam, and you’ll really be on the road to some SERIOUS mobile recording; not just “doobie doobie doooo!!!”. That’s fine for the singer-songwriter types, but it’s purely doo-doo for glitch and noise-leaning electronic artists.

    Plus, Sonoma is releasing a $200 piece of dedicated hardware, just to bestow the privilege of recording line-in with their multi-track software.

  5. Mikers says:

    I figure the more choices musician have to get their creative ideas down where and when they want, can only be better….

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