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Bass Drop

Posted by Mikers On May - 27 - 2012

Attention all DubSteppers, if there are still any around these days. This simple synth and drum loops app is aimed straight at you. The controls and features are simple, but if you look at is as a free bass synth app, it’s still pretty good value.

Make wobbles bass sounds, dubstep loops and throw in some drops and fx at the touch of a few fingers by sliding, touching and tapping the screen; no musical knowledge is required.

This easy to use app is perfect for dub steppers, bass heads and music producers, musicians and non-musicians alike.

Making dubstep has never been so easy and enjoyable!

◆ Studio quality samples, created by professional musicians and producers.
◆ Over 300 wobble bass variatons, 10 drum loops and 10 extra FX.
◆ Colour assigned buttons, for clear and straightforward use.
◆ Pitch resample all of the built in samples.
◆ 12 fully editable sample pads
◆ 1 octave keyboard (13 keys) with pitch shifting spanning 5 octaves.
◆ 3 different wobble synthesizers

☐ Sample Pads
Select a sample for each pad and customise its volume, pitch, and loop duration. Layer up to 12 looping or touch triggered pads at once.

☐ Wobble Synth
Choose from 3 different wobble bass synth types. Select the central octave with the octave + or – buttons, and pitch shift up to three notes at once in real time with the pitch shift wheel. Use the LFO buttons to change the wobble speed and make intuitive wobble bass riffs!
Use the rotating potometers to alter the attack, decay, release and sustain of your wobble synth to get the perfect sound to fit your creation.

Check the site for details and videos – http://www.freshtouchmedia.com/

[appext 524346772]

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  1. Hiram says:

    Hey, good job on the blog. I just heard an awesome new dubstep track. You might have heard it, but I find it to be really awesome. Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEsYUmNvCjs

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