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BIAS for iPhone

Posted by Mikers On February - 27 - 2014

unnamedIt’s only been a few months since Positive Grid unleashed its impressive guitar amp modeler and designer iPad app, BIAS, to the world of strummers and shredders. And now you can carry the mighty power of the app around in your back (or front) pocket, thanks to the launch of the iPhone and iPod Touch version.

Any fears of this being a ‘lite’ version of the iPad app can be removed as the iPhone version offers access to every single feature found in the original. Due to the difference in screen sizes, some changes have been made to the user interface to accommodate the host of options, menus and settings, but that’s about where the differences end.

The iPhone version, looks the same, sounds as good (if not better), and if that’s not enough, it is half the price of the original.

You have the access to the same 36 authentic amp models, spread across different musical genres, from clean and blues, through to crunch and metal, and then some amps designed for bass and acoustic guitars as well.

However the real magic happens when you go virtually ‘inside’ any given amp head, where almost unlimited customisation and tweaking of the preamp, EQ, poweramp, transformer, cabinet type, and more are at your fingertips.

You get the same icing on the cake, with cross compatibility with Positive Grid’s Jamup Pro app, enabling you to switch seamlessly between the two apps for even more functionality. Plus access to the pioneering Tone Cloud feature, which is incorporated into the app, offering access to an online community of users who share their unique amps freely, and can leave comments for each other.

For guitarist always on the go, this is definitely the app to own. While you may not always have your iPad handy, your iPhone is usually never far away should the amp modelling mode suddenly strike you!

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BIAS is an Amp Designer, Modeler and Processor. It’s warm, accurate and more versatile than any other modeler, processor in hardware or software ever created.

BIAS starts with stunning replications of 36 of the most sought-after vintage and modern amps in rock ‘n’ roll history and then lets you customize them to respond perfectly to your unique touch and feel. Swap out the tubes, preamp, transformer, tone stacks, cab and mic—even change the tube’s bias—to create your dream amp and distinctive signature sound. Tap once to open your BIAS amp in JamUp and add awesome multi-effects.

Close your eyes, and you’ll swear you’re hearing the real thing. With BIAS, you own a complete virtual collection of the most coveted and unique guitar amps of all time—some dating as far back as the 1940s. Every amp model is meticulously engineered to respond to your playing with immediacy, sensitivity and realism that make you not only sound better but also play better. And BIAS sounds great on bass guitar, too.

But BIAS doesn’t stop there. Create totally new sounds by designing your custom dream amp. It’s as easy as tap and drag. Using BIAS’ highly intuitive and lightning-fast interface, it’s child’s play to instantly swap out colorful tube preamps, lush distortion circuits, classic tone stacks, boutique power stages, custom-built transformers and cabs loaded with specially matched speakers. The result is a depth and range of tones not possible using traditional guitar amps or other modelers. Whether you’re a classic rocker, metalhead, jazz player, bluesman or singer-songwriter—and whether you understand how amplifier electronics work or not—you’ll be dialing in killer, exclusive tones in a heartbeat.

BIAS integrates seamlessly with Positive Grid’s free JamUp XT and optional JamUp Pro XT guitar multi-effects apps, expanding BIAS into a powerful and completely unified professional guitar system for live use, recording and jamming. Simply tap the JamUp icon on BIAS’ upper bar to open your current BIAS amp setup directly in either JamUp XT or JamUp Pro XT. JamUp XT adds 1 amp and 6 effects to your BIAS rigs. JamUp Pro XT adds fully 6 amps and 16 stomp-box and premium rack effects – including distortion, compression, tape delay, tremolo and spring reverb. Both JamUp XT and JamUp Pro XT include Jam player, 8-track recorder and phrase sampler, tuner and metronome, effectively turning BIAS into a recording studio and top-of-the-line practice utility.

BIAS works with GarageBand and other audio apps using iOS 7’s Inter-App Audio and Audiobus. Whether recording, songwriting, or honing your chops—at home or on the road—BIAS places unequaled tone at your fingertips.

• The most complete, accurate, and versatile amp modeling available in the world
• 36 amp models included with the introductory release
• Factory categories organize amps by music genre and sonic impact: clean, blues, twang, crunch, metal, acoustic and bass
• Fully customizable preamps, tone stacks, power amps, transformers, cabinets and mic selection and placement—mix and match!
• Customize the look and feel of your own amp panel, change name, tolex, panel and knobs.
• Works the way guitarists think: tweak gain and overdrive, swap out tubes and transformers, change the cabinet and mic position, and shape the tone with different tone stacks and two 8-band equalizers
• Included noise gate and room simulator
• Create a virtually unlimited number of custom amps
• Quick preset to recall each of your 8 favorite settings in turn with just one tap
• Seamless integration with JamUp XT and JamUp Pro XT, open and save your amp models inside JamUp with one tap
• Works with GarageBand and other audio apps via Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.
• Designed for iOS 7, requires iPhone 4S, iPos touch 5th gen or newer

Head to www.positivegrid.com for the latest on BIAS

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