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iRig BlueBoard arrives

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IK Multimedia – the global leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories – is proud to announce thatiRig® BlueBoard, a groundbreaking new wireless MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, which gives guitarists, bassists, vocalists and keyboard players hands-free wireless control of mobile and Mac music apps, is now available from musical instrument and electronics retailers worldwide.

Hands free – cable free
iRig BlueBoard is the first wireless MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac that uses Bluetooth technology to transmit MIDI messages to control app and software functions and features. Musicians can use iRig BlueBoard to control parameters in their favourite music making apps – such as stompbox effects on/off, preset patch-switching on the fly, volume or wah control, or any other MIDI controllable function. Set-up is as simple as turning on the power and launching the iRig BlueBoard companion app and assigning the backlit pads to the desired control function.

iRig BlueBoard uses Bluetooth 4.0 (LE – Low Energy) technology to transmit the actions of its four onboard, backlit footswitches and its two optional external devices to the mobile device or Mac. Then, using the iRig BlueBoard app (download from the App StoreSM) and software (download from the IK web site User Area), the Bluetooth signals are converted into MIDI messages and routed internally to the music app that’s running on the device.

The ultimate app control

Any music app or Mac music-software application that is MIDI compatible (the standard communication protocol for musical instruments) – such as IK’sAmpliTube, VocaLive, SampleTank, iLectric Piano, iGrand Piano – or any other Core-MIDI-compatible app like Apple’s GarageBand, can be controlled wirelessly. iRig BlueBoard is also expandable – musicians can add up to two standard additional expression pedals or footswitches via the unit’s two TRS 1/4″ expansion jacks, allowing for control of continuous rotary functions like wah effects, volume, EQ, gain control, etc.For a guitarist or vocalist using a mobile multi-FX app like AmpliTube or VocaLive as a sound processor, iRig BlueBoard provides the foot-controlled functionality and convenience of a pedalboard, but with a form factor so compact and portable that it can easily slide into a backpack, a laptop bag or an instrument case.

Because it’s wireless, iRig BlueBoard puts musicians on stage without being tethered to their mobile device. The unit’s range is 10 meters (over 32 feet), giving players a great deal of mobility to roam the stage that would be impossible with a wired unit. Because the footswitches are backlit, they’re easy to see in all lighting conditions, even on a dark stage.

The fact that iRig BlueBoard uses wireless Bluetooth leaves all the wired ports of the device free, so they can be used simultaneously by interfaces or controllers that feature the 30-pin or Lightning connector, like IK’s iRig PRO,iRig HD, iRig MIDI or iRig KEYS, and adapters or microphones that use the device mini-jack such as iRig, iRig PRE or iRig Mic.

Ultra compact, ultra portable
iRig BlueBoard is extremely compact, light and portable, measuring only 27 cm wide x 9 cm deep (10.6″ x 3.5″) and only 2 cm (0.8″) tall. It’s extremely lightweight, but with a sturdy, stageworthy chassis and four footswitches made of soft-touch rubber and designed for durability.

iRig BlueBoard is battery powered using 4 standard AAA batteries (included), and because it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), it draws very little power giving it extremely long battery life for extended operation.

iRig BlueBoard is compatible with iPhone 5 and 4S, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Mini, and iPod touch 5th generation. For Mac, it’s compatible with any model that supports Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Low Energy, like any MacBook Air, Mac Mini, or MacBook Pro that was released after June 2012.

As with other IK’s accessories, iRig BlueBoard is manufactured in Italy in IK’s own factory for the highest quality and reliability.

Pricing and availability
iRig BlueBoard is priced at $99.99 / €79.99 MSRP (excluding taxes), and is available now from IK’s network of music and electronic retailers around the world, and from the IK online store.

For more information, please visit: www.irigblueboard.com

RØDE adds more iOS support

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micon-11_iphoneRØDE Microphones has announced the release of the MiCon-11 adaptor cable, which provides connection between the RØDE HS1 headset, PinMic and Lavalier microphones, and TRRS devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as a large number of Android phones and tablets.

This now means that users of these microphones are able to take advantage of the RØDE Rec app on Apple iOS devices, recording high-quality audio direct to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With a large scale update of the app to be released later this month, this functionality will be further enhanced.

“The MiCon system was born out of frustration from working with other manufacturers’ wireless systems.” said Damien Wilson, RØDE’s Global Marketing & Sales Director. “With MiCon the idea is to allow anyone that invests in our microphones a versatile suite of connectivity options, so if you upgrade your wireless system or want to connect it to another device you don’t have to buy a completely new mic.”

“Today’s release of the MiCon-11 really highlights the benefits of this system.” He continued. “Since the release of the smartLav in January we’ve been overwhelmed by worldwide demand, proving that this convergent technology is exactly what today’s consumers and professionals alike are looking for. Now with the MiCon-11 we can easily enable users of our broadcast-quality compact wearable microphones to take advantage of the many benefits of recording direct to their iOS device with the RØDE Rec app.”

The 1.2m/4’ cable adaptor also includes a MiCon male-to-male interface to allow it to be used as an extension for other MiCon cables from RØDE.

With this announcement RØDE now offers eleven different interface options for customers to connect their microphones, including wireless systems from seven different manufacturers. For more information on the MiCon range, including the MiCon-11 please visit www.rodemic.com.

iTrack Studio

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Following the release of it iPad-friendly audio interface, iTrack Solo, last year, Focusrite has come up with an all-in-one bundle for iMusicians, presumably just starting that have no recording equipment, or at least nothing decent anyway. Read on for their announcement.

The Complete Recording Package for iPad, Mac and PC

Whether you’re an experienced musician or just starting out, iTrack Studio gives you everything you need to record music on your iPad, Mac, or Windows PC. At the heart of iTrack Studio is the Focusrite iTrack Solo: a 2-in, 2-out audio interface with a Focusrite mic preamp developed with over 25 years of Focusrite experience. In addition, there’s a high-quality studio condenser microphone, monitoring headphones and all the cables you need, plus excellent integration with Tape by Focusrite: the beautiful, free recording app for iPad and a suite of recording software and effects for Mac and Windows available Autumn 2013.

iTrack Studio

iTrack Solo
The iTrack Solo Audio Interface

The quality of the audio interface is one of the defining characteristics of a recording system, and Focusrite is an acknowledged leader in computer audio interfaces. iTrack Studio includes Focusrite’s solid, metal-cased iTrack Solo interface, with an instrument input and a microphone preamplifier designed specifically for Focusrite’s computer interfaces. Record your vocal with the included studio microphone and capture your instrument at the same time on a different track.

iTrack Solo ensures that everything is captured as high quality audio – up to 24-bit 96kHz sampling (significantly better than CD quality). It comes with a 30-pin device link cable for connection to an iPad and can be connected to iPad 4 and iPad mini via an inexpensive Lightning adapter – it can also connect via USB to a Windows or Mac computer. You can connect your speakers and the included headphones to the high fidelity/low noise outputs on the iTrack Solo.

iTrack Studio

Studio-quality microphone and headphones

The matching CM25S studio-quality condenser mic is designed to catch the life and soul of your vocals and acoustic instruments. Clean, smooth and sensitive, it captures every nuance. If you can hear it, you can record it. There’s even a high-quality, 3m long low-noise microphone cable included to connect the CM25S to the iTrack Solo. Meanwhile, the included HP60S studio monitoring headphones give you a clear, unflattering and accurate impression of exactly how your music sounds, so you can get it just the way you want it. And when you play it back elsewhere, it’ll sound great. Plus they’re comfortable, too.

Tape by Focusrite for iPad

Perfect for Tape by Focusrite for iPad – also comes with music software for Mac and PC 

Record both channels on iPad with Tape by Focusrite, the beautiful, free recording app for iPad – or use it with Garageband, Cubasis, or any of a host of iPad recording applications. A Device Link cable with 30-pin iPad connector is included to connect your iPad to the iTrack Solo. If you are on a Mac or PC, iTrack Studio includes revolutionary music production software Ableton Live Lite as well as the Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite – which includes EQ, compression and reverb – tried and tested tools to help you perfect your recordings.

Pricing and Availability.

The Focusrite iTrack Studio will be available worldwide September 2013 for a suggested retail price of $299.99 ($249.99 street). For additional information, check out the Focusrite website.

AmpKit LiNK HD

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722Audio innovator Peavey Electronics® and award-winning app developer Agile Partners announce shipping availability of the highly anticipated Peavey® AmpKit LiNK HD™. Featuring twice the fidelity and convenience of the original award-winning AmpKit LiNK, the new pocket-sized AmpKit LiNK HD utilizes USB digital audio technology to eliminate crosstalk and feedback, resulting in pristine audio quality and zero latency.

The AmpKit LiNK HD enables players to send a signal to a headphone output and a line output, making guitar amplification and gigging with an iOS device easier and more convenient than ever. The LiNK HD maintains high fidelity even with the authentic high-gain amp models in  AmpKit, the award-winning amp modeling app. Together, AmpKit LiNK HD and AmpKit provide guitar and bass players with a powerful, convenient way to jam wherever they go.
It’s simple to connect a guitar or bass directly into the dock of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and with AmpKit LiNK HD’s snug-fitting cable, the instrument will stay secure while maintaining a strong audio signal. When connected to the optional AC adapter, AmpKit LiNK HD will even charge an iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod® touch while in use.
Using the included USB cable, the AmpKit LiNK HD becomes a high-quality guitar interface for Mac® and PC. This means that guitar players no longer need to carry a separate interface for their mobile iOS and computer.
The AmpKit LiNK HD features a high quality construction Peavey is known for, with sturdy jacks and cable connectors and a rubberized non-slip coating that’s easy to handle. On-the-go jamming is easier than ever with add-on accessories such as a belt and strap clip, which makes the device mountable. Players even have control of the guitar input level and headphone output level right at their fingertips using the control knobs located directly on the interface, so there’s no need to launch another app.
AmpKit LiNK HD is the perfect companion for the AmpKit app. AmpKit’s in-app Gear Store offers the largest gear selection of any amps and effects app, including 19 amps with 35 separate amp channels, 22 effects pedals, 20 cabinets, 8 mics and more gear on the way. The Peavey amps in AmpKit include the Peavey 3120™Peavey 6505® PlusPeavey 6534™ Plus, the Peavey Classic® 30 and Peavey ValveKing®.
Find out more about the AmpKit LiNK HD at www.peavey.com/products/ampkitlink .

Xkey MIDI Keyboard

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This exciting new portable MIDI keyboard from CME, not only supports iOS, but as you’ll see from the video below you will also be able to edit and store preferences via an app. It is expected to be available in the  next month or two for around $100.

´òÓ¡Xkey, the next generation of professional music keyboards

eXtra Mobility
3.6 mm slim edge, elegant aluminium frame, light and portable.

eXtra Professional
Professional velocity sensitivity, polyphonic aftertouch, high resolution PitchBend.

eXtra Compatibility
USB MIDI compliant with iPad, Android tablet/phone, Microsoft Surface Pro, Mac and PCs.

eXtra Usability
Perfect for mobile music creation, studio recording, and live performance.

Xkey features:
Ultra slim design and light design
25 standard size keys
Professional velocity sensitivity and polyphonic aftertouch
USB MIDI compliant
PitchBend buttons with high resolution of pressure sensitivity
Modulation button with continuous MIDI control data
Octave +/- and Sustain buttons
USB powered
Firmware updatable via USB, ready for new features.

Size and Weight
Height: 5.31 inches (135 mm)
Width: 15.27 inches (388 mm)
Depth: 0.62inches (16mm)
Weight: 1.32 pounds (600g)

More info – http://www.cme-pro.com/en/product-detail.php?product_id=41

V2Mix™ Pro

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mzl.kilwsqgp.480x480-75V2Mix™ Pro is the new wireless control application for the Pivitec e32 Personal Mixer for iPhone and iPad. Wirelessly adjust your mix from anywhere. Perfect for use in Personal Monitor Mix applications or even as the main console in small sound systems. V2Mix™ Pro provides real-time control and monitoring of all mixing functions of the e32 Personal Mixer. Each channel features Pan, Volume, Mute and Solo (each stackable). 16 user-programmable presets allow quick access to favorite mixes while the intuitive “console” interface allows anyone to mix like a pro. New features include support for iPhone and iPad as well as support for both Landscape and Portrait screen orientations. Also includes a new user assignable “Custom” Fader bank allowing any of the audio channels to be assigned to any 8 of the Custom Faders for quick access to your most used channels.

– NEW – Now Supports iPhone and iPad (iOS6 and up)
– NEW – Support for Portrait and Landscape orientations
– NEW – User Assignable “Custom” Fader Bank
– NEW – Fine tune +/- 1dB fader controls
– NEW – Link Stereo Channel Pairs
– 32 Channel Faders
– Solo, Mute & Pan, Stereo Link Per Channel
– 16 Mix Presets with sequential or random access
– Master Section with Volume, 3 Band EQ and Limiter

For more details on this gear – http://pivitec.com/index.php/products/e32-personal-mixer

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Avid introduces iOS audio interfaces

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FastTrackDuo_3Qtr_L_hiresAvid has announced two new portable audio interfaces for composing and recording high-quality music — Avid Fast Track® Solo and Fast Track Duo. Both interfaces feature a robust industrial design, include Pro Tools® Express software for Mac and PC, and connect directly to the iPad®, providing high-quality I/O for supported iOS apps.


Designed for musicians, students, and aspiring professionals, Fast Track Solo and Duo offer easy entry into the Pro Tools family. Key features include:


Pro Tools Express software

  • Provides many of the same tools and features used in commercial recording studios.
  • Records up to 16 stereo audio tracks and offers full MIDI editing and notation tools.
  • Includes high-quality virtual instruments and effects for creating the best sounding work.
  • Facilitates time, tempo and pitch adjustments with Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch.
  • Users get session compatibility with Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD systems.


Fast Track Solo and Duo hardware

  • Provides ideal form factor for home, studio, and mobile applications.
  • Features a rugged metal chassis and reinforced controls and jacks, offering protection against physical damage.
  • Enables the capture of two sources simultaneously at 24-bit, 48 kHz resolution with high-quality mic preamps and inputs:
  • Allows direct monitoring while recording without latency.
  • Enables users to create anywhere on Mac or PC with the Bus-powered USB port.
  • Allows direct iPad connection with tablet port — No iPad Camera Connection Kit needed.
    • Fast Track Solo includes one mic preamp and one instrument input.
    • Fast Track Duo includes two mic preamps/instrument inputs and two line inputs.


“Today’s aspiring songwriters and musicians want a high-quality, affordable recording solution that’s portable enough to let them create wherever they are,” said Dana Ruzicka, vice president of Segment and Product Marketing at Avid. “Providing access to the industry-standard Pro Tools family, Fast Track Solo and Duo deliver this capability like nothing else on the market today.”

For more details – http://www.avid.com/US/products/family/Fast-Track

GuitarJack 2 USB inbound

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Sonoma Wire Works, makers of the GuitarJack™ iOS audio I/O, have announced GuitarJack 2 USB, a multi-platform I/O interface for Mac, PC, and select mobile devices. GuitarJack 2 USB eliminates the need for multiple audio interfaces for each device and/or operating system.

Together with Sonoma’s LLA™ solution for Android, GuitarJack 2 USB completes a low latency audio reference platform for OEM manufacturers of Android devices.

“We believe that the future of audio hardware and software should be multi-platform, seamlessly combining mobile, laptop and desktop recording. GuitarJack 2 USB is just the beginning.” – Doug Wright, president of Sonoma Wire Works

GuitarJack 2 USB Hardware Features:

  • 24-bit AD/DA converters
  • 1/4 inch (6.5 mm) instrument input – nickel-plated, solid brass Switchcraft (10,000 MTBF) jack
  • 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo mic/line input
  • 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo headphone/line output with increased drive for headphones
  • Micro USB connector
  • Sleek and rugged aluminum shell

GuitarJack 2 USB Studio Quality I/O for Desktop and Mobile
About GuitarJack 2 USB: http://www.sonomawireworks.com/guitarjackusb

Pricing and Availability:
U.S. residents may pre-order GuitarJack 2 USB for the introductory street price of $129 ($199 MSRP) from Sonoma Wire Works Store (http://sonomawireworks.com/store) and it will ship in approximately 6-8 weeks. GuitarJack 2 USB will then be available from select dealers worldwide.

Blue Microphones Spark Digital

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gallery4Spark Digital is the world’s first studio condenser microphone to offer both USB and iPad connectivity. Expanding on the professional and sound of Blue’s Spark XLR studio microphone, Spark Digital features the same studio-grade condenser capsule and hand-tuned components for high-fidelity recording and consistence performance in any situation– vocals, drums, piano, speech, location recording and more.

Spark Digital also includes the Focus Control, providing two different sonic options in one mic at the push of a button. Complete with an adjustable desk stand and built-in shockmount, Spark Digital also includes y-cables for each platform with a headphone jack for zero-latency real-time monitoring. With a full range of recording capabilities, Spark Digital turns your iPad into a true mobile studio.

  • Blue’s legendary studio condenser capsule and electronic components
  • Plug ‘n play for iPad, Mac and PC – no drivers needed
  • Works with GarageBand™ and other recording applications
  • Focus Control switch offers two sonic signatures in one mic
  • Headphone jack for zero-latency real-time monitoring
  • Onboard control for volume, gain and instant mute
  • LED meter provides visual feedback
  • Includes Blue’s Cloud Production Bundle for audio back-up and sharing online

Get the full details – http://bluemic.com/spark_digital/

Rode i16 surround sound microphone!

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Look, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is one of the best April Fools jokes I’ve seen today. Is it real or is it a fake? I REALLY hope it’s REAL!

i16_03_web1st April 2013, Sydney Australia – Australian-based microphone designer RØDE has announced the i16, a surround sound microphone for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that combines sixteen discrete microphone capsules to capture the user’s surrounding audio environment in broadcast quality.


RØDE’s iXY stereo microphone for iOS devices was released in January, and has already gained critical praise from both musical and mainstream media, including a recent Red Dot product award.

The company is quickly emerging as the leader in microphones for Apple’s portable devices, and the i16 aims to consolidate this reputation.


RØDE’s founder and president, Peter Freedman, explains: “When developing the iXY we were focused on providing the ultimate in stereo audio capture for iOS devices. But during the project it became that there was a large proportion of the market who wanted to record in complete surround. We’ve taken that seriously and produced the i16.”


The new microphone uses RØDE’s own field recording app, RØDE Rec, to record the sixteen tracks simultaneously at quality up to 24-bit/96kHz. At the heart of the i16 is an incredible sixteen individual gold-sputtered cardioid condenser capsules, which allows the user a high amount of freedom to record in either surround, stereo, mono, or anywhere in between.


“Once the user records the surrounding environment, software processing inside RØDE Rec will allow them to cancel background noise through phase manipulation of the other channels, working much in the same way as noise-cancelling headphones.” explained Mr Freedman. “In this way the i16 is even more effective at recording dialogue than a traditional shotgun microphone.”


Once the user records the surrounding environment they can then use that track to phase cancel any background noise, very much like noise-cancelling headphones. This results in highly intelligible dialogue and crystal-clear audio.


The i16 is available with both Apple Lightning (iPhone 5, iPad mini) and 30-pin connections. Both are shipping now, with a MSRP of US$399.

More info – http://www.rodemic.com/

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