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Koushion: Pads

Posted by Mikers On July - 8 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Following on from the Tenori-On inspired Koushion, the developer has just released a MPC styled MIDI controller which I like the clean interface a lot. Check it out if you have the need for something along these lines.

Pad-based controllers such as the MPC have become a ubiquitous fixture in electronic music setups worldwide. So, why would you want another? Koushion: Pads adds a new twist to the popular controller by adding a key lock feature and programmable pads. The key lock feature empowers you to improvise with a larger range of pitches by removing those that are not in the desired key. If locking yourself to one key sounds a bit too limiting, but you want to reach a few notes that are out of the 16-pad range, or even if you just want a custom controller layout, each pad can be edited independently to trigger a different note. Once you’ve found a custom layout that you like, you can easily save it for future use.

**NOTE – We are in the process of creating a setup guide and will have one up by next week. For now, please email our Support team. Sorry for the inconvenience!

**NOTE: Pads only generates MIDI (NOT audio), and therefore will not work in the background. Pads does work with background audio apps via virtual MIDI.

**Windows and Mac Users: A third party has developed an rtpMIDI driver that other apps are recommending. Please visit this site to find your necessary drivers:


Key Features:

* 16 easy-to-tap pads in a familiar MPC-style layout
* Key lock: with the flick of a finger, you can lock the pads to any major, minor, or pentatonic scale
* Programmable layout: every pad can be re-assigned to any MIDI note
* Virtual MIDI

Koushion: MIDI Pads (AppStore Link) Koushion: MIDI Pads
Developer: Ian Wagner
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here

Voice Builder

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Your voice is an instrument right? Well why not give it the same coaching and refining any other instrument deserves! This appears to be a proven technique for vocal training, that is now available for iOS. Let me know if you’ve used it, and if it works a treat…

Voice Builder™ is a breakthrough iOS application for bringing power, resonance, range, flexibility, and endurance to the singing or speaking voice. It is the only application of its kind to be based on The Catona Voice Building System™, the revolutionary vocal exercise program for developing the muscles of the human voice.

The Catona Voice Building System is the brainchild of renowned voice builder Gary Catona, who has trained many of today’s most successful singers and entertainers, including:

– Whitney Houston
– Andrea Bocelli
– Babyface
– Sade
– Seal
– Usher
– Shakira
– Lenny Kravitz
– Tony Bennett
– Lionel Ritchie
– And many others


– Neutral Tone Technology™: Instead of vocalizing to a pre-recorded human voice (and its imperfections), you instead vocalize to a tone that is always in perfect pitch.

– Voice-building exercises play automatically with a simple touch of a button.

– Volume & pitch guides provide an effective visual aid in performing voice-building exercises in the correct pitch and volume.

– Over 20 voice-building sessions for both male and female singers and speakers. A setup wizard makes choosing the right voice-building session quick & easy.

– Gary Catona guides you every step of the way with audio commands and numerous video demonstrations.

– A short video tutorial gets you up to speed quickly on both The Catona Voice Building System and the Voice Builder application.

Long considered a well-guarded secret in the entertainment industry, Voice Builder now makes the Catona Voice Building System available to the world by means of an elegant, innovative, and intuitive application which is a pleasure to use, whether it be at home or on-the-go.

Voice Builder (AppStore Link) Voice Builder
Developer: Gary Catona
Rated: 4+
Price: $4.99 Download Here


Review: Numark iDJ Pro Controller

Posted by Mikers On June - 27 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

In a first for PromusicAPPS, we’re delighted to present our inaugural ‘contributor review’ from Steve, who is as passionate about all things music on iOS as we are. So read on for his take on Numark’s new iPad friendly DJ controller. 


I recently had the pleasure of taking the new Numark iDJ Pro for a spin: literally. I was extremely excited at the prospect of taking nothing but the controller and my iPad to a set and still being able to express myself rather than just mixing one track to the next. I was however quite sceptical as Numark’s first attempt at an iPad based controller, the iDJ, was well… a toy. BUT by appearances alone it’s clear that this isn’t the case with the iDJ Pro, with Numark claiming that it is the first iPad based controller to offer professional features and controls… Sounds good to me!


If you’re familiar with Numark controllers, or any CD deck for that matter, there’ll be no uncertainty with the layout. It’s got two touch-sensitive platters that are used for cueing and scratching effects, but also for looping in and out with the option of ½ and 2X loop length. The rest is pretty much as you’d expect with the pitch fader and bend controls etc, so I wouldn’t exactly describe it as feature rich, but definitely sufficient. To be fair though, if you’re paying this sort of money, a traditional controller wouldn’t have much more features.


Now to the interesting bit… With the iPad firmly planted in the centre of the controller, it adds an element of uncertainty. As you’d expect the iPad is the control centre of the unit, including the music library. You’re app of choice is down to you and there’s no shortage of options, however I would highly recommend the partnered Algoriddim djay app. In normal circumstances this wouldn’t be my preferred choice but both app and controller seem really in sync and well coordinated and just that much easier to use.


One of the most unique features, excluding the iPad of course, is the Airplay compatibility, which I think subtly indicates Numark’s intentions. Imagine going to a house party and seeing the iDJ Pro pumping out tunes wirelessly to you’re compatible speakers, with no wires or setting up required. This combined with its robust, brushed aluminium casing should stop even the drunkest of idiots from harming you’re controller. In contrast to this, however, the iDJ Pro does contain balanced XLR outputs for secure and feedback free connections to PA systems. Although in all honesty, I wouldn’t DJ a venue any larger than a bar with it.


So you’ve got to look at the Numark iDJ Pro for what it is, it’s not a top of the range, feature rich Numark Controller, and it was never going to be at £350. But it is great fun and really convenient, and is the perfect setup for a home or bar. If you already have an iPad then I would highly recommend it, but for the price of both iPad and controller combined then I would invest in something better.

Guest Contributor – Steve


Check the official website for full specs – http://www.numark.com/product/idjpro

I am Sampler

Posted by Mikers On June - 23 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

From the creators of refreshingly simple, I am Synth comes…… I am Sampler… naturally!

Who are you? I am Sampler!

the simplest and most powerful sampler app ever!

i have no knobs,no technical terms but just only cute icons waiting for your tap and flick.

-up to 10 sec sampling via mic
-4 sample banks
-Lo-Fi effect
-LFO for pitch : sine,saw,pulse,noise
-envelope for amplitude : attack time,release time
-delay : up to 2 sec , it can be also used for looper
-keyboard : shake for ribbon controller mode which you can play forward or reverse your sample at your favorite speed
-import wavs (mono,44.1khz,16bit) via the sharing folder on iTunes

More details – http://www.detune.co.jp/iamsampler.html

I am Sampler (AppStore Link) I am Sampler
Developer: DETUNE Ltd.
Rated: 4+
Price: $0.99 Download Here


Tic Tac Beatz Electro..Updated

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This inspiring, unique and fun electro style music sequencer has just had a bunch of new features added…

What’s new:

Pitch Modulation via LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) available to three tracks.
Adjust LFO speed and depth.
Adjust trigger time for LFO for Pitch Envelope effect.
Ability to save all settings to memory.
BPM can now go in increments of 1.
Graphics have been improved.
Some minor code optimization.
Removed unnecessary volume control.
Latest update features independent volume for each track (Will be available in a few days)
Older memory saves are not compatible.
Attempting to load from disc an older version memory save will not work.

For more details check – http://www.beatsnbobs.com/

Tic Tac Beatz Electro (AppStore Link) Tic Tac Beatz Electro
Developer: Rob Wilmot
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here

Loopseque 2.3 update

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Loopseque it’s a new music ecosystem which includes powerful sequencer, sampler, fx processor and record store with many beautiful releases from talented artists.

Playing Loopseque doesn’t require music education or any professional skills. An intuitive interface combined with inspiring sounds gives an opportunity to plunge into the world of music to everybody.

Loopseque serves as a catalyst for collective creativity both online and in real life. Here and now, any band can create its own music, easily and fun. Thanks to the social integration inside the app, all musicians can publish there records to the web and share projects with friends via e-mail.

v.2.3 features include –

The new version of Loopseque includes:
• Onboard Samples library
• Audio copy/paste (General Pasteboard with import and export)
• WIST support for syncing with other iOS music apps
… and finally the brand new Extra effects for live performance

Loopseque (AppStore Link) Loopseque
Developer: Natalia Myasnikova
Rated: 4+
Price: $5.99 Download Here

Moog Modular V2 Controller

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The Moog Modular Controller is a MIDI controller app for the Arturia Moog modular V2 virtual instrument.
It uses the wireless MIDI possibilities of the IOS CoreAudio framework.
On the VST side, the wireless MIDI is enabled with:
OSX -> Build-in Wireless MIDI
Windows -> rptMIDI (http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/rtpMIDI.html)

To start using the app, the Arturia Moog Modular application needs to learn all MIDI controller messages.
This can be done by enabling the MIDI learn option. Then, after selecting a knob in de Moog Modular it will recognize the incoming messages. Note, these messages are all NRPN messages.
Als0 have a look at the manual of the Arturia Moog Modular V2 and your OSX and/or Windows manual.
Keep turning those knobs!!!

Check here for more details – http://www.4littlefonzies.nl/

Modular V Controller (AppStore Link) Modular V Controller
Developer: Ron Gerrist
Rated: 4+
Price: $8.99 Download Here


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Meedee is a simple MIDI and drumpad Controller for your iPad. It works wirelessly with any MIDI-capable application on your Mac and PC. The include Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase and many more.

★ Works via WLAN, no cables or adapters needed
★ Works without any drivers or other third party software on the Mac (simple to setup on Windows as well!)
★ Supports almost any DAW out there (Ableton, Logic, Cubase, FL Studio etc.)
★ Fully supports the new iPad’s retina display (also works with previous iPads versions)
★ Full multitouch support
★ Provides a XY-Pad, 6 sliders and 21 knobs that can be freely mapped to any setting in your DAW Software

meedee (AppStore Link) meedee
Developer: Bernd Schafer
Rated: 4+
Price: $0.99 Download Here

DJ Studio

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Got 2 minutes to make some noise? DJ Studio is built to help you find – and release – your Inner DJ.

The idea is simple: we built a powerful DJ App which requires no skill to use and we packed it full of great Loops & Samples from top Artists & DJs. Then we folded in some advanced features and premium content options which you can unlock at your own pace.

The result: you’re officially a DJ!

DJ Studio for iPad brings DJ-ing to a different level, for beginners and professionals alike.

• Browse builit-in library of Loop & Samples and drop onto your 4×4 Deck
• Tap Pads to play – auto-sync means you’re always on the Beat
• Manipulate Level, Mute and FX Send for each Pad
• Mixer provides Level/Mute, EQ and FX Send on 4 independent channels
• Delay FX Unit provided will autoset its parameters to match Tempo
• Save your Sets and Record your Live Performances
• Absolutely no experience required
• It’s FREE!

Grab more details here – http://www.rocudo.com/

Developer: Rocudo Ltd
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

i-jingle pro

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While this app is aimed at live broadcasting/theatre scenarios, it could have some great benefits for live music acts as well. It’s definitely worth a closer inspection anyway.

i-Jingle PRO for iPad is the long awaited STAND ALONE version of this popular Jingle Player for iPad.

i-Jingle turns your iPad into a professional jingle player. Easy to use controls let you either play up to 8 jingles simultaneously, cross fade 2 jingles, fade out the first jingle while starting the next or simply stop the first and start the next. So called 2nd touch settings allow you to stop, fade out or re-start a jingle. At any moment you have 35 jingles on screen and scrolling up and down through the jingles or quickly switching between presets allows you to access up to 300 jingles without leaving the main screen.

The biggest difference between the FREE version and the new i-Jingle PRO is that it operates in standalone mode. Audio files are now associated with the App by means of iTunes, cancelling the need for a web interface like jingleplayer.net. All you need is a computer with iTunes installed and a connection to your iPad to synchronise the App.

Although a large number of functions have been added, we’ve succeeded to make this next generation i-Jingle App as easy and intuitive to use as previous versions. Now our developers have added a brand new interface that handles all of the category and file management on one settings screen, right on your iPad. The main player setting controls have been improved, 3 presets per player column have been added and the complete app design is now retina ready.

i-Jingle PRO App for iPad is the cart player that makes every user sound like a broadcast professional.

For more details, head here – http://www.i-jingle.com/

i-jingle pro (AppStore Link) i-jingle pro
Developer: CamelWeb Creations SRL
Rated: 4+
Price: $10.99 Download Here


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