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IK Multimedia Introduces DJ Rig for iPad

Posted by Mikers On October - 1 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

IK Multimedia, the world leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories, announced today that DJ Rig for iPad® is now available on the App Store. DJ Rig for iPad takes mobile DJ mixing to a completely new level, providing a comprehensive suite of professional DJ mixing tools, all in one convenient iPad app. DJ Rig for iPad greatly expands the feature set from DJ Rig for iPhone, offering numerous new capabilities that previously have only been available on professional DJ software for the Mac and PC.

DJ Rig for iPad

With DJ Rig for iPad, mobile DJs will possess the virtual equivalent of a full professional DJ setup – two turntables or CD players, a DJ mixer, a DJ multi-effects unit, a phrase sampler and more, all in an portable package to take their spin to the next level, anytime and anywhere.

DJ Rig for iPad is a fully self-contained DJ environment that can be directly connected to a sound system, but even more functionality is available when it’s used in tandem with IK’s new iRig MIX ultra-compact mobile DJ mixer. iRig Mix offers complete physical track control, thanks to its full-length channel faders and crossfaders, additional EQs, and direct connections for headphones, microphones, loudspeakers or a PA system. When used together, DJ Rig and iRig MIX provide a comprehensive DJ setup that packs all the features the most demanding DJs need – all in an ultra-light combo rig that can be up and running in seconds.

Professional DJing for the first time on iPad

  • Familiar double Deck configuration with a triple twist – When first launched, DJ Rig for iPad looks and feels very familiar – its interface accurately replicates a full dual-deck hardware rig with each deck routed through the audio output jack on the iPad (split stereo). What’s different is that each deck has three visual modes: “Vinyl” for traditional creative scratch effects, “Digital” jog for a more traditional CD manipulation and the new “Waveform” view for accurate cue placement, synchronization and visualization of beats.
  • Sync, mix & scratch – DJ Rig for iPad with CloneDeck™ technology allows DJs to mix and scratch on their iPads, just like they would with hardware counterparts. The built-in dual-deck system with a crossfader allows them to mix with ultra-accurate precision, and the Tempo Sync, X-Sync and Beat Match functions automatically align the beats from any two sources for flawless transitions. The new AutoMix feature will automatically crossfade and mix music to keep the beat going even when the DJ steps away.
  • New creative DJ effects provide unlimited sonic possibilities – DJ Rig for iPad features 18 available BPM-synced DJ effects for customizing mixes and build-ups, always at the perfect tempo. Effects include Delay, Flanger, Crush, HP filter, LP filter, BP filter, Compressor, Wah, Phaser, Fuzz, Reverb, and Stutter, plus 6 completely new effects: Noise, Tail, Brake, Spin, Twist UP and Twist DOWN. The X/Y effects interface provides full creative control and real-time manipulation that will inspire DJs to be their creative best.
  • On-board sampler with expandable sound banks – DJ Rig for iPad features an “on-the-fly” sampler with 9 accessible and assignable pads for adding sound bites and samples to mixes. For even more creative flexibility, DJ Rig for iPad provides “live sampling” and “looping” functions for completely customizing and personalizing the mix.

DJ Rig for iPad features:

  • Customizable deck display with Vinyl, Waveform or Digital Deck interface with accurate scratching engine with CloneDeck™ technology
  • Waveform display mode for ultra-precise visual cueing
  • Fast BPM detection and beat map analysis with Tempo Sync and Beat Match
  • X-Sync mode detects the BPM from external audio sources and automatically syncs the audio/tempo of internal decks to external devices (when used with iRig MIX)
  • Advanced looping section with continuous loop surface; create loops with tempo divisions always to the beat; manual and slip mode available
  • 18 effects: Delay, Flanger, Crush, HP filter, LP filter, BP filter, Compressor, Wah, Phaser, Fuzz, Reverb, Stutter and more, with X/Y touch interface control
  • 6 new creative effects: Noise, Tail, Brake, Spin, Twist UP and Twist DOWN
  • On-the-fly expandable sampler machine with 9 pads and 4 banks slot
  • Live sampling functionality with volume and pitch control
  • 5 visual cue points per song and Auto Cue for automatic first beat positioning
  • 3 crossfader curves for customizing fades and crossfade filter
  • Direct access to iPod Music library and playlists
  • AutoMix Feature for automatic mixing of playlists or entire library
  • Live recorder allows recording of full mixing gigs
  • Supports/plays all major digital audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF
  • Multiple output configurations for virtually any audio setup
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Harmony Voice

Posted by Mikers On September - 25 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Transform your voice into a choir with up to four voices !
Harmony Voice is a pitch shifter and harmonizer with professional features including automatic tuning correction.

A realtime visual intonation-display gives you feedback of the tunes you sing.

You can sing and Harmony voice will add up to four voices
according to the chords you play with the piano keyboard.

Instead of playing the chords yourself you can let Harmony Voice play the chords automatically to enrich the sound of your voice in a musically pleasant way.

The voice character can be adjusted in a way that you can turn a female voice into a male voice and the other way round.


• Four part realtime Harmonizer / Pitch corrector
• Different Harmonizer modes:

– Manual harmonization by playing chords with up to four notes while singing
– Automatic harmonization ( Kraehenbuehl )
– Play base note and Harmony Voice adds appropriate chords
– Directly play the tunes for up to four voices with the keyboard.

• Select key note and scale for harmonization and pitch correction.
• Harmonies can be in just ( Barbershop ) or tempered tuning.
• Mix your original voice with the harmonized parts.
• Change the voice character.
• Play background track from your iTunes library.
• Hi-end reverb effect for room simulation.
• Chorus and Delay effect.
• Use a CoreMIDI compatible Interface to control Harmony Voice with a MIDI Keyboard.
• Audio recorder with Metronome.
• Upload to SoundCloud and File Export.
• Audio pasteboard for exchange with other Apps

Headphones are required to avoid feedback. Headsets with mic work great, for best quality we recommend IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic.

[app 532501340]

Impaktor arrives

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Impaktor is a drum synthesizer with a vast sonic palette, that turns any surface into a playable percussion instrument.

You just slap your desk like you would a real drum. The real acoustical impulses from the built-in microphone are used as an excitation source for advanced sound modules that simulates behavior of membranes, cymbals, metallophones or strings. This makes Impaktor a highly responsive and expressive instrument.

With semi-modular architecture and several types of synthesis, Impaktor can produce a wide range of tones, from acoustic, like Tabla, Djembe, Marimba, Cymbals, Metal bars to electronic or industrial sounds.

Enjoy the most realistic virtual drumming experience available for mobile devices!

* Works with iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch 4th gen and all iPads

* The app requires headphones. Works best with headphones without built-in microphone.


– Synthesis: physical modeling, frequency modulation, noise shaping
– Semi-modular architecture; 2 modules with configurable routing
– 2 modulation sources: velocity and lfo-envelope. Almost every parameter can be modulated
– Multimode filter, harmonic exciter and several types of amplifiers
– Over 90 presets available, more coming soon
– No samples used
– Ultra low latency


– 6 tracks audio recorder
– True 3d panning
– Auto-quantization with configurable time-signature
– Reverb and Delay effects
– Audio-copy and wave export

Keep en eye on http://beepstreet.com/ for updates

[app 557824278]

Loudness = ludicrous price!

Posted by Mikers On September - 8 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

I know some apps aren’t cheap to create, but there’s expensive, and there is just plain riff off!. Can anyone seriously justify paying the cost for this app? I’m not suggesting it’s completely useless, but this surely seems a touch pricey in anyone’s books…. (Ps. there is a free version so you can try it out before buying this one)

LOUDNESS provides loudness, loudness range and true peak level measurement according to the ITU RS 1770-2, ITU-RS 1771 and the EBU R128 and the EBU 3342 recommendations. In combination with a class compliant USB audio hardware like the RME Fireface UCX or the Alesis IO dock it turns your iPad into a qualified studio measurement tool. It comes with presets according to the most prominent recommendations of ITU and EBU and allows for completely user definable settings of many graphical and technical parameters.
We strongly recommend to use LOUDNESS on iPad2 or iPad3 – there are performance problems on iPad1!

Loudness features:

– Loudness, True Peak and Loudness Range measurement according to ITU 1770-2, 1771 and EBU R128 and 3342
– simultaneous display of momentary / short term / integrated loudness and true peak level
– moving adjustable loudness over time graph showing momentary & short term loudness and gate level
– compatible with class compliant audio hardware
– tested & approved audio hardware: RME Fireface UCX, Alesis IO dock, Lexicon Omega, miditech audioface II
– manual and automatic calibration
– user adjustable algorithm parameters: gate levels, target levels, gate range
– user adjustable graphic engine: bar resolution, time resolution, absolute/relative scale, scale range, critical true peak level
– In-App help menu

[app 515330804]



Posted by Mikers On September - 8 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Great for analysing MIDI and connectivity, logs all incoming messages to show what’s happening in real time

Requires little or no setup, has all the functionality of MTB when running on the iPhone
– ready to use when you need to use it

Very useful for musicians, engineers, hardware,
software developers

Formats MIDI messages, send log over email

Time stamping to be added as a free update

Core MIDI APPS for Apple iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch

[app 551695327]

rsTouch for Reason

Posted by Mikers On September - 8 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS


rsTouch provides mobility and multi-touch control for the Propellerhead Reason MIXER & TRANSPORT functions. Screen graphics mimic what you see on Reason’s screen – operate Reason’s transport controls and Main Mixer from the iPad!

With rsTouch and a MIDI connection (USB MIDI or network MIDI over Wi-Fi), you can record playback, and mix Reason songs from anywhere in your studio. Mute or solo any channel to evaluate your mix during playback; adjust mix level, effects sends, even EQ and dynamics. Use the transport controls or “jog strip” to navigate your song; set loop range. The timecode and bar-beat display show the current playback position. Switch between groups of eight mixer channels; channel names and numbers are displayed for easy identification.

Tired of trying to manipulate tiny controls on the Reason Mixer screen with a mouse? rsTouch offers large, usable, color coded multi-touch faders and rotary controls for channel level, pan, send effects, inserts, compressor and gate dynamics, and EQ. Channel meters, master volume meter, and the “Big Meter” provide visual feedback to monitor audio levels.


* Always available Transport controls, including “jog strip”
* “Big Meter” display
* Timecode & bar-beat “LCD”
* Tempo setting & display
* Undo, Redo
* Control Reason’s “Main Mixer” and “Master Section” functions using multitouch rotaries, faders, and buttons that mimic Reason (including color coding)
* Main Mixer view:
— Channel names and numbers
— 8 mixer channels at a time
— Bank buttons (by 1 or 8)
— Bank change swipe gesture
— Four programmable bank buttons
— Long-throw channel faders; levels shown in dB
— Mute and solo; clear all mutes or solos
— Channel VU level meters
— Channel pan; value displayed with “LED” ring and numeric value
— Channel effects sends & enables (8 per channel)
— Channel insert: Bypass, 4 rotaries, 4 buttons
— Channel EQ; controls on 3 switchable/scrollable views
— Channel compressor and gate; controls on 2 switchable/scrollable views
* Master view:
— 8 Master sends and returns
— Master insert: bypass, 4 rotaries & buttons
— Master bus compressor
— Long-throw master level fader; level shown in dB
— Master level VU and Peak meter
— Control Room settings popup

Full details on requirements are available here

[appext 551040688]

Guitar Chord Pro

Posted by Mikers On September - 8 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

A songwriting tool like no other. Whether you are a beginner who wants to quickly tap out the song in your head or a music master that wants maximum flexibility, Guitar Chord Pro will help you to create your best music yet, then help you to play it.

★ Unique fretboard slider allowing instant chord positions and inversions
★ Fantastic responsive strumming interface
★ Record your own or use inbuilt strum patterns for one touch strumming
★ See the chord structures instantly as you play and experiment
★ Any orientation (Right handed, left handed, facing the guitar, looking down the guitar)
★ 5 Unique guitars sounds to choose from, all with adjustable Reverb and Distortion
★ Chord modifier buttons giving even more tones and extensions in real time!
★ Instant access to 1000s of chords
★ Make your own unique or impossible to physically play chords
★ Record your song then easily change and edit each chord to suit your liking
★ Transpose your song to any key instantly
★ Multiple scales to choose from
★ Full CoreMIDI out support complete with the ability to control other apps
★ MIDI File, Audio Export and AudioCopy
★ Full HD retina graphics

[appext 533714047]

IK Multimedia announces iRig KEYS

Posted by Mikers On August - 30 - 2012 2 COMMENTS

IK Multimedia – the leader in mobile music creation accessories for iOS – is proud to announce iRig™ KEYS, the first ultra-slim and highly portable universal MIDI controller keyboard for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC.


iRig KEYS connects directly to the dock connector of the iOS device or the USB port on Mac/PC. It features 37 velocity-sensitive mini-keys – 3 full octave range plus one note, which takes up minimal space when used on a desktop, and can easily fit in a backpack or a carry-on bag.
iRig KEYS is Core MIDI and USB class compliant for a true plug-and-play experience both with iOS devices or Mac/PC, with no additional apps, software or drivers needed. For total mobility, iRig KEYS also is an ultra-low power consumption unit. When hooked up to an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, it can be powered by the device and for longer playing sessions it can be powered by the available USB port. When connected to a Mac/PC, the USB port powers it.
iRig KEYS is the ultimate player and producers’ companion that can be used any time and anywhere inspiration strikes. Players simply hook it up to an iOS device or a computer and start playing. iRig KEYS can be used for live performance, songwriting and composition with the included apps and software or with a multitude of other MIDI compatible instruments and recorders on any iOS, MacOS or Windows system.
A small controller with great features
For maximum playing comfort and versatility, iRig KEYS includes regular modulation and pitch-bending wheels, plus an input for an optional standard sustain pedal that accommodates any playing style, all housed in a sleek ultra-compact durable package.
iRig KEYS features an “easy-to-use” programmable control panel with 5 backlit soft-touch buttons and one volume/data knob. Program and Octave up/down buttons are included plus a Set button that allows storage of up to 4 different customized set-ups for the two wheels and the data knob. Each set-up can be instantly recalled for specific instruments configurations. An Edit mode is also available to transpose the keyboard, send specific program change messages, change MIDI channel and reassign the data knob MIDI control changes in a flash.

Plug and play out of the box
iRig KEYS comes complete with two free professional quality virtual instrument apps and software that can be immediately downloaded and played, for a true plug-and-play experience right out of the box.

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, iRig KEYS comes with:
SampleTank for iPhone or iPad FREE, the virtual sound module including a complete selection of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments and patterns, unlocking 48 bonus instruments in addition of the 20 included with the free version (to be downloaded from the App Store)

On Mac/PC iRig KEYS come with a downloadable version of:
SampleTank 2 L the Mac/PC sample workstation, available both as a stand-alone and as a plug-in for most popular DAW (including GarageBand, Logic, ProTools, Cubase, Live, Sonar and more) with 2 GB of samples in every instruments category (to be downloaded from the IK Multimedia online User Area)

Price and availability
iRig KEYS will be shipping in Autumn 2012 for €74.99 (ex VAT) and will be available in musical instruments and electronic retailers around the world. Pre-orders are now available from the IK Online store and other selected online stores.

For more information:


Performance Synth

Posted by Mikers On August - 4 - 2012 1 COMMENT

Performance Synth is Clockwork Software’s amazing synthesizer for the iPad.
Performance Synth can express an almost infinite variety of unique sounds
using its subtractive synthesis architecture. While Performance Synth
doesn’t have every feature a stand alone synthesizer has, you have in your
hand an amazingly powerful tool in a portable, use anywhere format. As the
name implies, Performance Synth is meant to be played in real time.

If you are a guitar or bass player you can carry around a complete musical
synthesizer in your guitar case and use it where ever you need it.

Watch for Performance Synth to become more powerful with each software release.

Performance Synth’s architecture and capabilities are similar to that of a
Mini-Moog or a Roland Juno synthesizer. Many of the synthesizer sounds heard
in today’s contemporary music and movies can be reproduced with Performance Synth.
Unlike old analog synthesizers, Performance Synth is implemented entirely in
software which means all timing is rock solid and Performance Synth will never,
ever go out of tune.

Performance Synth turns your iPad into a complex musical instrument
which will take time to completely master. In experienced hands,
Performance Synth is a serious musical instrument. For all users,
Performance Synth can be a source of wonder and delight with the
multitude of sounds and sonic textures it can create.

Performance Synth has the following features:

– Three voice polyphony
– Three independent, configurable oscillators
– An LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) for AM/FM modulation of the other oscillators
– Oscillators have six octave range
– Oscillators have four selectable wave shapes: Sin, Triangle, Square and Sawtooth
– Oscillators can run in tracking mode or polyphony mode
– Oscillators can be de-tuned in relation to each other
– Oscillators can be amplitude or frequency modulated to a user selected level
– Built in metronome with tapable tempo and selectable beats per measure
– 24db/octave variable resonance Low Pass sweepable filter
– Pink noise generator
– Two Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release (ADSR) type envelope generators
for driving filter (Vcf) and amplitude (Vca) envelopes
– Effects infrastructure which allows audio effects to be applied in any order.
– On board effects include Delay, Phaser and Reverb
– Ability to save and load presets. This allows you to save your important
sound setups and recall them in real time during a performance.
– All aspects of Performance Synth run in real time

Grab a full rundown on the features here – http://clockwork.craigandheather.net/performancesynth.html

[app 547107245]

Win AnyTune 3

Posted by Mikers On August - 4 - 2012 10 COMMENTS

As you may know already, a new version of AnyTune, version 3 in fact,  landed just recently, and having now spent some time with the latest release, I’m suitably impressed with not only the handy features it offers, but also the way it cleverly maintains the sound quality of the track you’re working on.

Essentially, it’s a song speed & pitch changing app on steroids. There’s no shortage of these around already, and most do a good, if basic, job of allowing you the slow down and speed up songs without changing the pitch of the song, and then also changing the key of the song up or down, without changing the tempo. It’s nothing new, I know.

But AnyTune has a fantastic user interface that just makes the whole experience easier and more flexible than other apps, plus the added smaller features really make it such a complete package.

I’ve been playing with Anytune Pro HQ, which is the flagship version of the three that are available. And basically what you pay the extra for is HQ audio quality, plus two key new features. One is called LiveMix™, which allows you to utilise one of the optioinal iOS audio interface cables so you can plug your instrument into your iPad/iPhone and get a combined mix of the song and your instrument from the device’s headphone out.

The second main new feature has to do with EQ….

I have promo codes up for grabs for Anytune Pro HQ, so the FIRST TWO PEOPLE to leave the correct name of this new EQ feature in the comments area BELOW along with your contact details, will have a chance to win one of these codes.

For a hint, head here – http://www.anytune.us

[app 478293637]
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