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I realise these guys have produced a number of different versions of this app now, aimed at different products, but is it just me, or should they start looking at up dating their UI, for something a little more conventional, or at least easier on the eye? Still on the pricey side we think too!

Leveraging 2 years of experience in designing GUI for control surface and 25+ years of experience in designing synthesizers sounds, we are bringing the best of those experiences to the iPad with iControlMIDI for Korg Wavestation / EX / AD / SR Vector Synthesis, namely iWaveVS.

iControlMIDI is a UI Friendly and Workflow Efficient Solution that let you control your MIDI machines and software, simply from your iPad.

iControlMIDI is Plug & Play.
Whether you are in a computer-less workflow using a wired connection or you are in a computer workflow using a wired or wireless connection, iControlMIDI is a Plug & Play solution.

In a wireless connection, iControlMIDI uses your:
• iPad with WiFi connectivity
• WiFi router (like an AirPort)
• [MAC] MacOS / Utilities / AudioMIDISetup / Network (MIDI Network Sessions)
• [PC] rtpMIDI and Apple Bonjour

In a wired connection, iControlMIDI uses your:
• iPad
• iPad CoreMIDI compliant MIDI OUT interface (check our website FAQ Page for iControlMIDI qualified ones)
• MIDI IN physical port on your synth or on your computer MIDI interface or on your MIDI Patch Bay

iControlMIDI let you control all MIDI controllable PATCH parameters (not the GLOBAL, MIDI, FX, PERFORMANCE, MULTI nor WAVE SEQUENCING).
Parameter Name and Value displayed on iControlMIDI UI are the same as the ones displayed on your synth if you were to program it from its control panel!

iControlMIDI offers 4-Controls per Parameter:
• Slider: full range parameter value adjustment for a ‘coarse’ workflow
• + button: precise +1 parameter value adjustment for a ‘fine’ workflow
• – button: precise -1 parameter value adjustment for a ‘fine’ workflow
• Parameter default value button: default parameter value for a faster workflow

iControlMIDI is a Workflow Efficient Solution as it offers UI Consistent Synth Functions, for example, the VCF functions are grouped on the same iControlMIDI Page.

iControlMIDI integrates with your DAW. Real-time parameters adjustments triggered on iControlMIDI can be recorded and playback on your DAW if your DAW supports MIDI Sysex (ex: Ableton Live does NOT support MIDI Sysex).

[WIRELESS] Zero [Mac] and Low [PC] Dependencies Solution
iControlMIDI relies on iOS 4.2 CoreMIDI and MacOS CoreMIDI frameworks is 100% MIDI, 100% iOS and 100% MacOS compatible and:
• Does not require to pay for additional software or have additional software installed on your Mac; requires to download rtpMIDI and Apple Bonjour on your PC
• Does not require to pay for additional hardware
• Does not require to do message mapping
• Does not require to design a UI on your Mac or PC and upload/sync it on your iPad
• Does not require to design a UI on your iPad

[WIRED] Low [Mac] and [PC] Dependencies Solution
iControlMIDI relies on iOS 4.3 CoreMIDI and MacOS CoreMIDI frameworks is 100% MIDI, 100% iOS and 100% MacOS compatible and:
• Does not require to pay for additional software or have additional software installed on your Mac or PC
• Does require an iPad CoreMIDI compliant MIDI OUT interface (check our website FAQ Page for iControlMIDI qualified ones)
• Does require a free MIDI IN physical port available on your synth or on your computer MIDI interface or on your MIDI Patch Bay
• Does not require to do message mapping
• Does not require to design a UI on your Mac or PC and upload/sync it on your iPad
• Does not require to design a UI on your iPad

With iControlMIDI, we are offering you to be immediately operational, so you can focus on your music (not on the IT/MIDI part of it!) and unleash your creativity.

iControlMIDI is designed by Electronic Musicians for Electronic Musicians.

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If your piano skills could use some brushing up on, this neat iPad app looks like it could come in handy.

RollingNote is a game that uses scrolling notes to help you learn piano. You follow and play along to songs on your MIDI keyboard or acoustic piano.

RollingNote supports music artists and makes learning to play piano songs fun, meaningful and modern. Truly experience the joy of piano music.

We believe everyone should be able to play piano. Beginner or expert, RollingNote is for the music lover in you.

Smash hit video games prove that you can have tons of fun simulating instruments…but why stop there?! RollingNote uses the same interactive video game experience to make it easy to learn to play songs. In short, expect more than high scores. You can play piano!

> Install the RollingNote Player
> Pick songs from the RollingNote Song Store
> Launch the Player and log in
> Connect your keyboard to play (or hop on an acoustic piano)

Select from dozens of songs to keep in your RollingNote library. A selection of FREE songs will be available upon your initial app installation. New songs are added every week! So, please send us song requests and we will let you know when they are available.

- Learn piano on your own time (and if you take lessons, use as extra support)
- Simple scrolling notes replace sheet music
- Play the songs you love and discover new music you will love to play
- Choose skill complexity from a progressive selection of song levels
- Preview each song and level to hear how it is intended to be played
- Adjust song tempo to play at your own pace
- Practice using left, right or both hands
- Access and manage music in your personal song library

RollingNote can grade and score your playing to help you develop your piano skill. Access your scores anytime to monitor improvement + share with friends, family and teachers. Note: You can simply play for fun and disable grading by not connecting your iPad to your keyboard.

Music artists deserve to get paid for their work. RollingNote is focused on developing practical tools that give you a hands-on musical experience, which in turn helps artists keep creating the music you love.

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OSX/iOS users of the virtual analogue synth by Tempo Rubato, NLogSynth, can now pick up a brand new set of patches and drum loops created by Matthias Sauer at App Sound for just a pocket full of spare change!

SYNTH ESSENTIALS is a sound collection for the NLOG Synths
by TEMPO RUBATO: NLogSynth PRO (iPad) and NLogPoly Synth
(AU-Plug-in / Standalone). In addition you find some audio-loops
for your musical inspiration. The drumloops are selected from
our product BEAT KONSTRUKT.

Beside fat analog synths from vintage to current pop and electronic music
the sound set contains fascinating hybrid patches – presenting you the best
of digital and analog world. Another highlight are the arpeggiator patches
which allow quick starting into your music production. Some of the presets
are very useful for keyboard player using the iPad on stage. And yes, take
advantage of the xy pad for modulating all the patches of


96 Patches, 3 Banks, 1 Showcase Bank,
1 Performance Bank, 20 Audio-Loops (AIFF/WAV)
Showcase Bank – best of SYNTH ESSENTIALS
Live Performance Bank – set for traditional live musicians

Cost: 4,99 Euro (excl. VAT)

Check some audio demos:


Check out some of the patches -

Check out demos of the VST plug-in version -

For more details, and ordering infohttp://www.app-sound.com/Tempo_Rubato.html

Grain Science v1.2 arrives

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It’s been a busy year already for Wooji Juice, with two big updates for their sweet sounding synth, Grain Science. Below are the new additions just added in V1.2

Grain Science is a beautiful synthesiser for iPad. Designed for musicians, soundscape artists and SFX engineers who want to go beyond our Sylo Synthesiser, Grain Science is built on similar principles of granular synthesis, but is vastly more powerful. Unlike many “experimental” granular apps, Grain Science mixes it up with traditional synthesis techniques to make an exciting new hybrid synthesiser.

What’s new in v1.2

• New: Chorus FX unit
• New: Pulse Width Modulation blend mode
• New: Wave list shows a count of how many instruments use each wave
• New: More musician-friendly BPM system, goes up to 180bpm with 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 options (old system can still be selected)
• New: Multiple-octave chord arpeggiation
• New: Swipe to delete unwanted audio from wave & audio import lists
• New: “Reed” built-in wave
• New: 6 additional built-in instruments
• New: Tube Resonance Bass can be programmed. Note: It can bite! Slow, gentle programs are recommended, unless you want artefacts!
• New: UI improvement — swap FX units by dragging them around by their names
• New: Setting to choose whether recording is hold-to-record or tap-to-start/tap-to-stop
• New: Mini VU meter on recording button during recording (or, in hold-to-record mode, tap to toggle on/off)
• New: Cropping selections now snap to zero-crossings for smoother results
• Improved: Easier to see when a cropping selection is about to begin
• Improved: Avoids “popping” while installing/uninstalling FX units
• Improved: Slightly more useful naming for newly-created instruments
• Fix: Crash bug when mapping certain kinds of parameter in otherwise-unmodified instruments
• Fix: Issue with reverb resetting itself after re-opening Grain Science
• Fix: Control Mapper shows the same names for Tube Resonance parameters as on their FX dials
• Fix: Issue with Control Mapper Auto-Reset not always auto-resetting to the correct value
• Fix: Issue with Single-Shot grain mode

Grab Grain Science now –

iVoxel 2.0 arrives

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Launched back in 2010, iVoxel, was the first appearance of a vocoder app for iOS. Since then it’s gone universal and enjoyed plenty of new features. This latest update sees improved sound, syncing, and pitch features plus more. Grab it while it’s 50% off too! Read on for a full run down on the v2.0 update -

iVoxel is not only an amazingly sounding vocoder for iPhone/iPod and iPad/Mac – the unique concept of iVoxel turns this vocoder into a singing machine going far beyond the capabilities of traditional and software vocoders on any platform.

iVoxel lets you:

  • Speak or sing into your head set mic transforming your voice in a wide variety of ways.
  • Record words, syllables or other sounds into the voxel dictionary for later reuse.
  • Play different voxels live on the keyboard with ingenious pitch bending.
  • Arrange and play melodies with the built in sequencer and add the lyrics from a user expandable dictionary of voxels.

iVoxel is a combination of a voice optimized synthesizer and a vocoder with an unprecedented intelligibility. The vocoder part is based on the Matrix vocoder from VirSyn used by many famous artists – one of them the well known german group Kraftwerk. The channel filters used by iVoxel are based on the Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201 resulting in a rich and fat analogue sound characteristic.

iVoxel 2.0 major features:

  • Realtime pitch following
  • Automatic tuning correction to selectable scale
  • Improved sound quality with new oscillators
  • Voxel editing
  • Hi-end Reverb
  • Virtual MIDI
  • Background audio
  • Soundcloud integration
  • WIST synchronisation

Video trailer of the v2.0 details -

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DM1 receives update

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One of my favourite digital boom boxes, from one of my favourite developers, received an exciting update this week. Read on for the latest additions -

What’s new in 2.0

Fingerlab is very happy to announce its biggest update for DM1 with version 2.0. DM1 now comes with 2 new super cool tools “The Randomizer” and “The Automation” for instant and fun beat making. Patterns are now also expandable to 32 Steps for extra creativity. We have added 24 new drum kits. As well as AudioCopy, WIST synchronisation between two iPads, MIDI In and more cool features. Yes, it is a big update!

Check the full list below of the new features:

✔ “The Randomizer” – a new exciting tool to unleash the creative potential of the Mixer step by step. Just press ‘Go” and have fun!
✔ “The Automation Panel“ for a precise and intuitive control of any Mixer parameter over time. Powerful and easy.
✔ 16 or 32 Steps per patterns. Even more complex beats.
✔ 24 New Drum Kits for a total of 64 Drum Kits.
✔ WIST synchronisation technology by Korg for syncing 2 iPads together.
✔ Reversed sounds. Long-Tap the Play button on any track of the Mixer to reverse the sound.
✔ AudioCopy on exporting
✔ Colored Song Patterns
✔ New help screens with tips & tricks

Check the video for an overview of the new features:

Grab DM1 – The Drum Machine now –

Pug Synth

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I realise we focus mostly on the serious music making apps out there, but this one is just too cute not to mention. It’s basic concept is a dual synth that you can play around with by sliding your fingers around the screen. It’s free, and there are in-app purchases for addition ‘sounds’, but don’t expect to get your hands dirty in freaky filter land, it’s just not that sort of app. Oh they’ve thrown in a few drum loops too, or you can play your own tunes, just to give you some backing to ‘noodle’ along with. Catalogue this one under ‘ light hearted fun’!

Everybody’s favorite musical pugs are back – this time for FREE!
Definitely the puggiest two voice synthesizer on the app store. Dress your pugs up in costumes for different voices – everything from a snowy wonderful bleepy voice to a swampy Pugstep rumble. Give them hats for beats – mix and match for thousands of variations!
Be sure to check out Pugs Luv Beats, the IGF nominated “strangest game in the iOS store”, for more musical pugginess.




Drone FX

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Personally, I’ve recently been looking at audio apps to help relax you and put you to sleep. One I particularly like is, SleepStream2. So I’m keen to see what Drone FX is like for the same reason. I’f you’ve tried it out, leave a comment below.

Enjoy ambient music? How about some nice background drones as you work? Looking for unique soundscapes to lay down as a music bed for that film?

Generate ambient music, drones and unique soundscapes with ease.

Drone FX has the following modes of operation:

- Auto (Generative music in all it’s glory)
- Manual (For the musician in you)
- Hybrid (Auto + Manual)

Users can play along with soundscapes generated in auto mode, or create ambient music without automation using the built-in keyboard(s).

If you’re into modern relaxing music check out Drone FX.

Grab Drone FX now –

Melody Music Maker

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Play with the colors and find the composer in you!
You recognize this? You picked up a melody that keeps going on in your mind. You can hum it but can’t write the notes down unless you are a well educated musician. Playing it on a keyboard is even more difficult. At least up to now.
From now on there is the melody music maker. This great piece of software makes a composer out of everyone. It transforms every simple melody into a well composed and correct arranged master piece. Everything you need is a bit of time and an idea for a melody. The remaining part will be handled by this app. It is your private arranger and composer in one.
What have Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and Ray Charles in common? They could not read scores but nevertheless their songs captured the world. With Melody Music Maker you are walking in the trails of these super talents. You can fully focus on one thing: the melody that you enjoy, without taking care for the notes and theoretical correctness. Colors guide the user through the composition of the song. In real-time the Melody Music Maker will provide you with options for well sounding chord progressions. With this method great songs are created in no time, songs that can keep up with the ones of your idols.
With Melody Music Maker it is fun to express intuitively your musical ideas, they grow as you play.

Melody music maker has the following features:
* This app adds theoretical composing knowledge to your musical ideas
* Presets provide you with suggestions for theoretical settings like root key, scale, tempo, etc.
* 127 sounds to enrich you composition with the right voice
* Modulation and glide features to enrich your sound
* Record several takes on top of each other
* Wizard function, improves the timing of your recording
* Seperate MIDI channels for chords and lead voice
* x and y controllers over lead voice area to control sound changes as you play
* Sync out for synchronization with arranger keyboards, sequencers, music work stations, etc.

Grab Melody Music Maker now –

Songwriter’s Pad

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Eliminate Writer’s Block Forever!
Can’t find the right word or phrase? Running low on inspiration? Then Songwriter’s Pad™ for iPad™ is the app for you. It contains powerful idea generating tools designed to inspire creative expression and eliminate writer’s block.

Generate Ideas Based on Emotion
Generate ideas with our unique emotion based word and phrase generator. Feeling happy, angry, sexy or over the top in love? Generate words and phrases that reflect your mood and post them on sticky notes for use in your lyrics.

Find Words that Rhyme
Quickly generate words by vowel sound and save them for later use. (Internet connection required)

Define or Find Similar Words
Need a Dictionary and a Thesaurus? It’s included too. (Internet connection required)

Record Your Ideas
Got an idea for a melody? Press the ‘Record’ button on the built in Audio Player and let it rip. Capture vocal ideas anytime inspiration strikes and save it with your lyrics.

Import Beats or Backing Tracks
Import beats and record your vocal ideas with a beat or instrumental track accompaniment.

Everything That A Songwriter Needs
Songwriter’s Pad™ for iPad™ is an invaluable creative tool for the songwriter. Everything a songwriter needs is now available in one easy to use app.

Other Features
- Create and edit songs by section (i.e. verse, chorus, bridge)
- Re-order sections of a song (i.e. swap positions of verse 1 and verse 2)
- Create custom sections within a song (e.g., Pre-Chorus)
- Print song lyrics

Grab Songwriter’s Pad now –

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