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These guys have added two more MIDI control apps to the growing list they’ve already created. Just out are myMIDI, and myMIDI+MSC. For a more extensive rundown on the features, and how to use them, check out the videos on the website.

screen480x480 (10)myMIDI+MSC sends MIDI Show Control commands and 20 MIDI hotkeys over the MIDI WIFI network or an iOS MIDI interface in a “drum pad” style. For help connecting to the computer please go to http://www.mymidiremotes.com



myMIDI+MSC (AppStore Link) myMIDI+MSC
Developer: MPG Interactive Arts
Rated: 4+
Price: $3.99 Download Here
myMIDI (AppStore Link) myMIDI
Developer: MPG Interactive Arts
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here


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screen480x480 (7)UltraPhaser is an extremely flexible phaser effect, with a unique user interface. With very low latency and stereo input, the wide range of phasing effects can be applied to all kinds of input sounds, from guitar, bass and keyboard to full mixes and electronic setups. Full Audiobus compatibility allows for the interconnection with other iPad apps.
UltraPhaser gives you total control. You can precisely adjust the stereo LFO’s speed, width, center frequency, phase shift and shape. Choose between 4, 6, 8, 12 or even 24 stages. Ultraphaser also includes an optional High Pass Filter.

UltraPhaser’s unique user interface includes an LFO Control view, through which the stereo LFO can be evaluated and edited. You can see the speed, width, phase shift and shape of the LFO in this view.
The Vectorscope shows a plot of the output’s left versus right audio channels, to give you an idea of the ‘spatiousness’ of the sound.

UltraPhaser comes packed with presets various classic and more unusual phasers, but of course you can also make your own.

UltraPhaser supports very low latency. This low latency is ideal when processing live audio or an instrument, as hardly any delay is introduced.

UltraPhaser (AppStore Link) UltraPhaser
Developer: Elephant Candy
Rated: 4+
Price: $5.99 Download Here

Tape by Focusrite

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screen480x480 (6)Tape. Classic style recording with contemporary functionality – for iPad.

Tape is a beautiful recording solution, with easy to use 2-track recording, instant mastering, customisable tape artwork and social media connectivity.

Record from the inbuilt iPad microphone or any Core Audio compliant audio interface (including products from the Focusrite iTrack and Scarlett product ranges), and instantly add polish with one button mastering. Then simply add a title and album artwork and share online with friends and fans via Soundcloud.

Key Features

– Record two separate inputs, or link them as a stereo pair
– Use the meters to ensure input levels are just right
– Plug and play support for Core Audio Compliant audio interfaces (including the Focusrite iTrack Solo and Scarlett range)
– Low latency monitoring allows you to listen to your performance as you record
– Apply mastering effects and instantly improve your recording
– Keep time with an adjustable metronome
– Apply a custom title and image to your music via Soundcloud (free Soundcloud account required)
– Works on iPad 2, iPad (3rd gen), iPad (4th gen), iPad mini and above
– Support for iOS 6 and above

Here’s a link to more info – http://global.focusrite.com/apps/tape-app

Tape by Focusrite (AppStore Link) Tape by Focusrite
Developer: Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here


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Own the Alesis Micron? This app might come in handy then… (if you can afford!)…

mzl.bpxywhop.480x480-75megamicron is the perfect companion for your Alesis Micron, quickly access the 150+ configurable parameters on your synthesizer and hear the results immediately.

This application is hand-knitted to fit the microns specific MIDI implementation, once the synthesizer is plugged in, choose a bank in “programs” mode on your synthesizer and see the entire patch and all of its parameters laid out on your iPad.

*The application requires an iPad compatible MIDI device to connect to your Alesis Micron, we recommend the XP Midi Mate combined with the Camera Connection Kit for iPad.


Still wondering what the Micron is? Check here – http://www.alesis.com/micron

megamicron (AppStore Link) megamicron
Rated: 4+
Price: $19.99 Download Here

iTrack Studio

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Following the release of it iPad-friendly audio interface, iTrack Solo, last year, Focusrite has come up with an all-in-one bundle for iMusicians, presumably just starting that have no recording equipment, or at least nothing decent anyway. Read on for their announcement.

The Complete Recording Package for iPad, Mac and PC

Whether you’re an experienced musician or just starting out, iTrack Studio gives you everything you need to record music on your iPad, Mac, or Windows PC. At the heart of iTrack Studio is the Focusrite iTrack Solo: a 2-in, 2-out audio interface with a Focusrite mic preamp developed with over 25 years of Focusrite experience. In addition, there’s a high-quality studio condenser microphone, monitoring headphones and all the cables you need, plus excellent integration with Tape by Focusrite: the beautiful, free recording app for iPad and a suite of recording software and effects for Mac and Windows available Autumn 2013.

iTrack Studio

iTrack Solo
The iTrack Solo Audio Interface

The quality of the audio interface is one of the defining characteristics of a recording system, and Focusrite is an acknowledged leader in computer audio interfaces. iTrack Studio includes Focusrite’s solid, metal-cased iTrack Solo interface, with an instrument input and a microphone preamplifier designed specifically for Focusrite’s computer interfaces. Record your vocal with the included studio microphone and capture your instrument at the same time on a different track.

iTrack Solo ensures that everything is captured as high quality audio – up to 24-bit 96kHz sampling (significantly better than CD quality). It comes with a 30-pin device link cable for connection to an iPad and can be connected to iPad 4 and iPad mini via an inexpensive Lightning adapter – it can also connect via USB to a Windows or Mac computer. You can connect your speakers and the included headphones to the high fidelity/low noise outputs on the iTrack Solo.

iTrack Studio

Studio-quality microphone and headphones

The matching CM25S studio-quality condenser mic is designed to catch the life and soul of your vocals and acoustic instruments. Clean, smooth and sensitive, it captures every nuance. If you can hear it, you can record it. There’s even a high-quality, 3m long low-noise microphone cable included to connect the CM25S to the iTrack Solo. Meanwhile, the included HP60S studio monitoring headphones give you a clear, unflattering and accurate impression of exactly how your music sounds, so you can get it just the way you want it. And when you play it back elsewhere, it’ll sound great. Plus they’re comfortable, too.

Tape by Focusrite for iPad

Perfect for Tape by Focusrite for iPad – also comes with music software for Mac and PC 

Record both channels on iPad with Tape by Focusrite, the beautiful, free recording app for iPad – or use it with Garageband, Cubasis, or any of a host of iPad recording applications. A Device Link cable with 30-pin iPad connector is included to connect your iPad to the iTrack Solo. If you are on a Mac or PC, iTrack Studio includes revolutionary music production software Ableton Live Lite as well as the Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite – which includes EQ, compression and reverb – tried and tested tools to help you perfect your recordings.

Pricing and Availability.

The Focusrite iTrack Studio will be available worldwide September 2013 for a suggested retail price of $299.99 ($249.99 street). For additional information, check out the Focusrite website.


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screen480x480 (2)Kraftpad is a Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer which is capable of creating your own electronic drum sounds by offering 10 different kinds of dedicated synthesizers to easily create each drum sound.

Main Features

– Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer (no samples used)

– 10 Different kinds of dedicated synthesizers to easily create each drum sound

– Kick, Snare, Rimshot, Clap, Hi-hat, Tom, Conga, Claves, Cowbell, Cymbal

– 6 Pads (6 Voices)

– 99 User editable & storable programs

– Master Reverb FX

– Real-time Looper for Live Performance

– Wave file export for iTunes File Sharing

– Exported files can be re-loaded to Looper for overdubbing

Kraftpad (AppStore Link) Kraftpad
Developer: JONG JUN LEE
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here

Master Record

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screen480x480 (1)Easy to use recording application with convenient controls and very creative effects like analog tape recorders will gives your music warmth and natural sounding professional grade quality.

Master Record can use any external audio source for record or used as Effect or Output in Audiobus. Also you can upload audio files to this application for final processing or before mixing.

After recording you can cut any part of track, make fade-in and fade-out and dubbing track with applying all built-in effects. Then you can send the track to another audio application thru “Open in” option or use AudioCopy / AudioPaste. Built-in web access service gives you easy way to share files in your WiFi network.

Audio processing features:

● Tape recorder effect with three types of freq response and controlled wow / flutter.
● Classic High / Low shelf EQ for accurate input signal correction.
● Tape saturation effect with three types similar to the different equipment modes.
● Noise effect with four types of noise for more natural sounds.
● Separate level control for each channel with link option and channel selection.
● High quality limiter prevents clipping and makes sound more intense.
● Highly visible level meters, time counter, free space and battery meters.

More features:

● Predefined presets, ability to create own presets.
● Compare two different preset or effects settings in real time.
● All effects settings are stored for each file and recording mode.
● Dubbing recorded or uploaded tracks with using all of effects.
● Cut part of track and make Fade In and Fade Out with three types of envelope.
● Support Audiobus in Effect or Output position.
● Compatible with AudioCopy / AudioPaste.
● Option “Open in” sends file to another audio application.
● Sharing files thru internal Web service in WiFi network.
● Support iTunes file share.

For more details and updates – http://audio-mastering-ipad.com

Master Record - Tape simulation recorder, player and effect (AppStore Link) Master Record - Tape simulation recorder, player and effect
Developer: Igor Vasiliev
Rated: 4+
Price: $5.99 Download Here

CrazySpace – Gravity Synth

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mzl.rvhsuend.480x480-75CrazySpace is the App Stores very first gravity modulated subtractive synthesizer. Using our unique multitouch control system, musicians and non-musicians will be able to start shredding in no time at all.

Featuring a powerful synthesis engine with a total of fifteen high quality oscillators, delivering five voice polyphony at 16 Bit 44,100Hz and a high quality resonant low pass filter. This synthesizer is suitable for jamming on a train or performing huge synth lines on stage.

The easy to use programmable scale system allows the user to access twenty well known scales in any key they desire. Ranging from major and minor scales all the way to the beautiful sounding dorian scale, the possibilities are endless.

Gravity modulation is controlled via the displayed objects orbiting a central point. Each object represents an oscillator in the synthesizer engine. The size of the each object correlates to the oscillators volume. Using gravity to modulate individual oscillator volume creates a movement to the sound which is not present in traditional subtractive synthesis.

CrazySpace is a universal application for iOS 5 or above, compatible on iPhone 4S/5, iPad 2 or above and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

For more details, here’s the official site – http://mordapps.co.uk/

CrazySpace - Gravity Synth (AppStore Link) CrazySpace - Gravity Synth
Developer: Adam Mordas
Rated: 4+
Price: $0.99 Download Here

Serato Remote

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V4HttpAssetRepositoryClient-mzl.dfipbjts.png-8401297703887313976.480x480-75Serato’s first official app for iPad is designed to compliment an existing Scratch Live or Serato DJ setup. Serato Remote will connect seamlessly to your Serato laptop software and work with all supported Scratch Live and Serato DJ hardware. Control Cue Points, Loops and Samples and manipulate FX in ways that weren’t previously possible.

Perform all of your favorite Scratch Live and Serato DJ functions without needing to touch your laptop. See Serato’s famous Virtual Decks and Track Overviews so you can focus on the crowd and free yourself from your laptop. Connect over USB for ultra low latency or wirelessly, freeing you to move around the stage.

We’ve designed the app with real world performance in mind:
• Plug & Play with easy set up
• Big easy to hit buttons that are quick to locate on the fly
• Control Cue Points, Samples and FX
• Toggle between Auto Loop, Loop Rolls and Manual Loops
• Perform super fast Instant Doubles
• New Roll Mode combines Loop Rolls with FX
• Set favorite FX for instant access
• Cue Point and Overview colours inherited from the Serato laptop software
• Virtual Decks and Track Overviews mirror key information from your laptop
• Scroll your library, load to decks and Sample slots
• Control of your Scratch Live or Serato DJ Sample Player.
• Quickly manipulate FX with QFX

Serato Remote has three performance tabs: PADS, SAMPLER & FX, all have been meticulously designed for the smoothest flow. Each performance tab can be used with the Virtual Deck View or in Extended View for extra control.

The PADS performance tab gives you control of your Cue Points, Auto loops and Loop Rolls in the Virtual Deck View and in Extended View you can also access Manual Loops and Samples.

The SAMPLER performance tab truly opens up the Scratch Live or Serato DJ sample player. The 4 banks of 6 sample slots are easily accessed in Virtual Deck and Extended View.
• Adjust volume and playback of each sample individually or use Master Sampler Volume
• Trigger, Hold and On/Off Playback Modes available for each sample slot along with Loop
• Sync your samples with Serato DJ.

The FX performance tab gives you an easier and more creative way of controlling Scratch Live or Serato DJ FX
• Select your favorite FX and control them in latched or temp modes
• Trigger Loop Rolls and FX simultaneously using our new FX Roll Mode
• Combine all your favorites in an easy-to-manage list with Favorite FX

Library control
Control your Serato software library on your laptop with the Library Nav icon in the centre of the Virtual Decks. Navigate your tracks and TAB to your crates, files or folders.
• Drag to Virtual Decks to load
• Perform super fast Instant Doubles by dragging from deck-to-deck
• Fast Scroll View with two-finger track load.


Serato Remote (AppStore Link) Serato Remote
Developer: Serato Inc Limited Partnership
Rated: 4+
Price: $19.99 Download Here

Mighty ‘Meteor’ On Sale

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mzl.pnxvouti.480x480-75Just until this coming Monday, get yourself the mighty powerful and functional, Meteor Multitrack Recorder for only US$11.99.

This multitrack recording iPad app has been around for a couple of years, and has continued to grow in features and improvements.  The latest update was just released this month, and included the following new fetures –

What’s New in Version 1.61

Added new HQ Reverb to In-Apps
Undo now asks for confirmation before the first undo operation.
Improved Pinch and Zoom in Track View.
Fixed a potential crash in the mixer when moving between tabs.
Fixed a display issue after performing a project restore.
Other minor teaks and optimisations.

I’ll be taking a close look at the app for the first time over the coming few days, and will let you know my thoughts.

In the meantime, for a full rundown on the apps features, drop by the official website, or grab it while its on special from the link below.

Meteor Multitrack Recorder (AppStore Link) Meteor Multitrack Recorder
Developer: Limelight Software
Rated: 4+
Price: $19.99 Download Here
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