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screen568x568Ranger is a 31 band audio spectrum analyser complete with a peak band histogram, microphone input level meter, frequency readout and a comprehensive music instrument frequency range library.

Ranger provides information regarding frequency ranges (fundamental, 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonics) of over 30 music instruments along with five general ranges (sub-bass, bass, midrange, high mids and highs).

View the maximum and minimum bands for the range that is selected.

Use the frequency readout to assist with monitoring feedback. The frequency readout stabilises when a strong sinusoidal wave is present in the input signal.

Ranger (AppStore Link) Ranger
Developer: Michael Bam
Rated: 4+
Price: $2.99 Download Here

Final Touch (finally) debuts!

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I’ve been lucky enough to have been on the beta testing team for this excellent iPad app over the past moth or so, and really enjoyed watching it take final shape. I’ll aim to do a review in the next few days, but for now here’s the official word from it’s maker, Positive Grid -

view_imagePositive Grid, leading innovator in music technology and maker of #1 selling mobile apps BIAS and JamUp, proudly announce the release of Final Touch – Complete Mastering System for iPad, a professional mastering suite that combines nuanced techniques of mastering with Positive Grid’s expertise on mobile design, offering the highest mastering control, precision and flexibility possible on an iPad.

“Final Touch allows musicians, producers and engineers to master audio recording with the industry’s standards: maximizer, pre and post equalizer, multiband dynamics, stereo imaging, reverb and dithering controls are all just one finger tap away”, says Positive Grid Marketing Manager Jaime Ruchman. “And now they will be able to continue their mastering sessions literally anywhere, with the same sound quality as a top notch professional mastering studio, enhancing productivity to its maximum.”

Final Touch combines seven essential mastering tools into one integrated system, the Pre and Post linear phase EQ modules consist of eight independent bands, each providing a choice of five different types of parametric filters: Hi-Pass, Low-Shelf, Peak, Hi-Shelf and Low-Pass. The Dynamics  module offer highly flexible stereo/mid-side multiband compressor/limiter. The Stereo Imaging module adjusts the width of your mix, corrects L/R channel imbalances and checks mono compatibility. The Reverb module offers flattering room, hall and plate algorithms to sweeten overly dry mixes, providing continuously variable controls for independently adjusting Pre-Delay, Decay Time, Early Reflections and Room Size. The Maximizer module limits peaks and raises the average level of your mix, thereby increasing loudness. Comprehensive dither and noise-shaping options are also provided in this module.

Once your master is perfectly dialed, a couple taps are all it takes to share it via email, Dropbox, iTunes and SoundCloud.

“A great mastering app” - Rafa Sardina, 12-time GRAMMY award winning producer and engineer, whose credits include Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and more.

“Solid, accurate and accessible.”- German Villacorta, mastering engineer and owner of Dynamic Wave Studios, whose credits include Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones, Rage Against The Machine, and more.

“Finally the professional mastering app for iPad I have been waiting for! With a clear and intuitive interface, streamlined workflow, powerful effects, and full cloud support this app makes professional mobile mastering a reality!” - Andrea Pejrolo, Assistant Chair of the Production Department at Berklee College of Music.

“I’m really digging the open top end of the EQ section and how the Maximizer is glueing this mix together. This is a flexible, very cool audio app for modern musicians on the go.” - Enrique Gonzalez Muller, GRAMMY award winning producer and engineer, whose credits include Nine Inch Nails, Dave Matthews Band, Tina Turner, and more.

Key Features:

• Complete professional mastering system powered by Positive Grid’s high-end signal-processing algorithms

• Linear Phase Pre and Post Equalizers, each offering eight bands and five filter types

• Multiband Dynamics with four independent bands of compression/limiting

• Stereo Imager adjusts the width and balance of your mix’s soundstage

• Reverb provides state-of-the-art Room, Hall and Plate algorithms

• Maximizer transparently limits peaks to make your mix louder

• Dithering and Noise-Shaping preserves your mix’s depth and nuance

• Stereo and mid-side processing

• High-resolution, multi-colored metering with accurate readouts

• Each module can be independently bypassed

• Bypass switches for individual EQ bands

• Left, right, mid and side channels can be independently soloed or bypassed

• Waveform overview of your mix, with draggable playback cursor

• 100 factory presets and unlimited user presets

• Global and module-based presets

• Drag and drop modules to rearrange their order in the signal path

• Pristine, high-resolution sound (double-precision, 64-bit calculation)

• Unmatched audio-data integrity: no rounding or truncation except when calculations are performed

• Share via Email, Dropbox, iTunes, SoundCloud and FTP

• Streamlined project management: browse multiple projects with one simple tap

• Workflow optimized for mobile and desktop data transfers

• Supports Inter App Audio and Audiobus routing system (works with many other audio apps)

• Supports iPad 2, iPad mini and newer iPad devices

• Designed for iOS 7

Final Touch retails for $19.99 and is immediately available for download at the iTunes App Store. Designed for iOS7, the app requires an iPad 2 or newer to operate.

For more details, visit www.positivegrid.com or follow the company via Twitter (@PositiveGrid) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/positivegrid).

Final Touch - Professional Audio Post Production and Mixing (AppStore Link) Final Touch - Professional Audio Post Production and Mixing
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+
Price: $12.99 Download Here


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screen480x480 (7)It is an application program that in real time displays the spectrum of the voice input from your device’s microphone. A horizontal axis is a music scale.

1. The spectrum of the voice input from your device’s microphone is in real time displayed.
2. A horizontal axis is displayed by the music scale.
3. 6 octaves to C2 – B7 are displayed.
4. Fundamental frequency (Pitch) is presumed in the accuracy of a 1 cent unit. It can be used as a tuner.

[How to use]
Please input the voice from your device’s microphone. The spectrum is in real time displayed. It corresponds to a horizontal rotation.

[Fundamental frequency(Pitch)]
When the basic frequency is presumed, a blue vertical line is displayed at the position of the music scale. Moreover, the music scale name and the meter which displayed fundamental frequency per cent are displayed in the top of the screen. When the voice contains two or more musical instruments and harmonies, it is not possible to analyze it correctly.

AudioSpectrumMonitor (AppStore Link) AudioSpectrumMonitor
Developer: Tadao Yamaoka
Rated: 4+
Price: $0.99 Download Here

Music Loom

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screen480x480 (6)Have you ever been in need of a royalty free piece of music of a certain length, for a film, slideshow or podcast? Then maybe Music Loom is the app for you! With Music Loom you can create pieces of music of different character and length, with a few taps of your fingers. Choose a music length and in seconds your music is created matching your chosen time with no fade out! There are 18 different music themes to choose from and the music can be shared via mail, SoundCloud or opened in other apps such as iMovie, Pinnacle Studio, Dropbox etc.
The music you create is free to use and publish. No attribution required.

Music Loom (AppStore Link) Music Loom
Developer: Karl Malbert
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here


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screen480x480rrarrow is the experimental modular audio effect and noise machine for the iPad featuring extended feedback capabilities.

Key features:
- Simplicity. The interface is simplified for faster assembly and more flexible connectivity — you can assemble your effect very fast and control all the processing parameters with the audio signal!
- Feedback capabilities. You can add feedbacks to the audio chain to get some chaotic noise sounds .
- Twelve blocks for audio processing:

- Sine generator. Basic oscillator with sine waveform
- Signal multiplier
- Delay
- Frequency shifter
- Envelope follower
- “Lorenz attractor”
- Quantizer
- Sample-and-hold
- Reverb
- Special Lowpass filter
- Clipper
- Nonlinear shaper (for self-oscillating circuit)

- Audiobus support. Now you can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps! See http://audiob.us for more information. Works as input and filter.
- Background audio support: enabled when connected to Audiobus and user switchable otherwise.

rrarrow (AppStore Link) rrarrow
Developer: Alexey Nadzharov
Rated: 4+
Price: $3.99 Download Here

AudioTools Wireless

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screen480x480 (12)AudioTools Wireless is a pro-caliber SPL Meter, with A and C weighting, and also includes an audio signal generator that can produce sine waves, square waves, and white and pink noise.

It also can send the microphone audio wirelessly to other Studio Six Digital apps running on another iOS device over a LAN.

In addition to sending the uncompressed digital audio, AudioTools Wireless also sends the calibration data to the host application, so that the dB value on the host application will match the value on the AudioTools Wireless device.

When linked to a Studio Six Digital audio app, AudioTools Wireless can also be used as a remote generator, so that you can control the generator output signal wirelessly.

AudioTools Wireless is compatible with the Studio Six Digital iTestMic. Since iTestMic stores its calibration internally, when you plug it into AudioTools Wireless that calibration is extracted and transmitted to the host device.

Data is sent in full 48kHz 16-bit format, uncompressed for full fidelity. You can control the latency to account for local network performance.

Currently the following Studio Six Digital apps are supported for wireless communication with AudioTools Wireless, more coming soon:

* RTA — Real Time Analyzer

* FFT — Fast Fourier Transform audio analyzer

* SPL Meter — Sound Level Meter

* Smaart Spectrum — FFT-based audio analyzer

* AudioTools — Requires AudioTools 6.6 or later

AudioTools Wireless (AppStore Link) AudioTools Wireless
Developer: Andrew Smith
Rated: 4+
Price: $24.99 Download Here

Transfer Function

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screen480x480 (11)Transfer Function is a dual-FFT acoustic analysis app that is used for sound system audio analysis. Since it can operate with music as the signal source, it can be used during a musical performance to monitor and turn the system equalization during the show.

Transfer Function requires a two-channel audio interface to run, such as the Studio Six Digital iAudioInterface2.

With Transfer Function, you can make changes to a sound system without having to run pink noise or swept sine waves through the system. This allows you to monitor system performance, or make adjustments, while the system is in use and the crowd is in the room.

Transfer Function is by definition a dual-channel measurement, and so to use it you need a two-channel input device. iAudioInterface2 was designed specifically with Transfer Function in mind, since it includes a microphone input, and a second line input for the reference signal.

You can also use other two-channel interfaces, such as the original iAudioInterface.

For more details - http://www.studiosixdigital.com/


Transfer Function (AppStore Link) Transfer Function
Developer: Andrew Smith
Rated: 4+
Price: $79.99 Download Here

Room Impulse Response

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screen480x480 (5)Room Impulse Response measures audio characteristics of a room or loudspeaker.

Start by recording an impulse, such as a handclap or balloon pop, or record a swept sine and use the built-in deconvolution to create your Impulse Response (IR).

Now, view the ETC, with RT60 decay cursors, apply windowing if you wish, or trim the IR.

Next, see these other graphs:

** Impulse, where you can play back the actual IR

** ETC, which includes cursors to read out RT60 times directly, and allows pinch-zoom gesture for trimming the file. Apple a window, and see the effects of the window on the ETC plot.

** Schroeder curve, with EDT, T10, T20, and T30 markers

And then see these charts, all in either in Octave or 1/3 Octave bands:

** T20 or T30 (RT60) times

** Reverb Early Decay Times (EDT)

** Clarity C50

** Clarity C80

** CT times

** Definition

** Signal / Noise

And then you can also do spectral analysis, using our FFT, which can be windowed, for analyzing loudspeaker response without reflections, or see the 3D waterfall plot to view the decay of sound in the room by frequency, over time.

Works great with the internal iOS device microphone, or attach or iTestMic or iAudioInterface2 for fully professional results.


Room Impulse Response (AppStore Link) Room Impulse Response
Developer: Andrew Smith
Rated: 4+
Price: $59.99 Download Here

Stereo Designer

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screen480x480 (4)Stereo Designer is an easy to use multi-purpose stereo shaping tool for Audiobus and Inter-app Audio. Create unique wide stereo images, “stereoize” a mono sound source, apply mid/side processing, independent high and low pass filters per channel, and more.

Process synths, drum machines and hundreds of other apps by connecting through Audiobus. Use Stereo Designer as an effect inside Garageband, Auria, Cubasis, and AudioShare using Audiobus or Inter-app audio.

Stereo Designer features two distinct modes:

● PERFORM mode is focused around four XY touch pads. Touch to control LOW PASS, DELAY, PAN and OUTPUT gain independently for left and right channels.

● TWEAK mode features large expressive sliders and additional effect parameters, allowing you to fine tune your sound.

In addition to Audiobus and Inter-app Audio support, Stereo Designer can also process external instruments such as guitar, voice and synths by connecting a microphone or professional audio interface such as the Apogee Jam, ONE, or any iOS compatible USB audio interface.


● Control individual Left/Right channel volume, panning, filter and more.
● Mid/Side (M/S) processing mode lets you adjust the volume, high and low pass filters for Mid and Side independently.
● Widen or reduce the stereo width of an input signal.
● Independent panning position of each channel, allowing for interesting stereo placement.
● Individual High and Low Pass filter per channel for additional stereo shaping.
● Phase (polarity) invert Left/Right channels.
● Isolate the Left or Right channel and manipulate the resulting mono signal.
● “Stereoize” mono inputs using individual channel delay + High and Low Pass filters.
● Sum Left and Right channels to mono.

● requires iOS 7.0 or later
● iPad Mini/iPad 2 or newer
● Audiobus compatible (Effect,Input)
● Inter-App audio compatible (effect node)
● compatible with USB audio interfaces

For more info and video demos visit: http://stereodesignerapp.com





Stereo Designer - Stereo Shaper and Mid/Side Processor (AppStore Link) Stereo Designer - Stereo Shaper and Mid/Side Processor
Developer: Holderness Media
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here

Mini review – Effectrix

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screen480x480It’s no secret now that the ‘other’ highly popular platform for developers of audio editing and music creation tools for Mac and PC, is now iOS, as more and more ‘made for computer’ software finds its way into Apple’s App Store. The success of the iPad has cemented iOS as the logical platform to add to a developer’s portfolios.

And no developer knows this more than Berlin based, Sugar Bytes, as their impressive library of audio mincing tools steadily makes its way onto the iOS platform.

The latest German made gem to make the leap onto iPad, is the company’s intuitive audio manipulation tool, Effectrix, offering over a dozen both familiar and unique audio treatments to spice up your loops and live performances.

While you can play around with the app’s included loops (which are actually pretty sweet), or bring your own audio into the app from your iTunes library, as well as using the AudioPaste option to grab sounds from other apps, the killer feature for many with be utilising Effectrix with AudioBus so its effects can be used on an audio single from one app, and then recorded on another. This is what excites me most anyway. I will point out at this stage there still some kinks to iron out with this later features, but I’ve been advised the team is working on it, along with some other compatibility options with other apps, and aim to have a more seamless experience with other apps and overall functionality when the next update arrives.

While I am yet to try out the original computer based version of Effectrix, my first experience with it on iPad felt like it was always designed for the touch screen environment. From the user interface to the logical controls for editing sounds via the touch screen, it just feels like this is the way it was always meant to be used, rather with a mouse and keyboard.

I must admit, there is not a lot in the way of instructions/tutorials to assist if you’re new to the audio manipulation world on this grand scale (I mean this is some of the deepest and customisable audio mashing I’ve seen all in the one app), but thanks to over 200 presets that Sugar Bytes has included, it doesn’t take long to see what they’ve done, and how they’ve come up with the effects, and how easy it is to tailor your own unique tweaks.

While I can see the main use for this app in my studio during post production duties, Effectix is geared up for live performance too, and thanks to MIDI trigger support, which allows you to assign presets to notes on a keyboard, you could easily incorporate the app into a live performance, for some improvising music mashing.

If there was only one thing I take away from Effectrix that many apps fail to get right it’s that you get an incredible amount of flexibility and creative power, yet it remains highly accessible, whereas some apps may have a killer list of features but if it’s takes a bachelor’s degree in computing to get your head around, which is not the case here.

While there is no demo version currently available for iPad, if you are keen to see what it can do, grab a demo copy of the computer version from Sugar Byte’s website. You’ll be inspired, I assure you.

Read on for a full list of the app’s features.



Effectrix is a professional multi-effect sequencer for the iPad.

The game-changing tool for creative and effective music production is now available on the App Store: scatter 14 intelligent effects across a sequencer matrix and create unheard-of sound patterns and cheeky loop collages.

A playful workflow, refined algorithms and carefully parameterised effects lead to outstanding results – fast! The effects, each exceeding conventional wisdom, cover a wide spectrum from classy standards to scandalising splatter sprees.

This iOS port faithfully recreates the desktop engine, today’s de-facto standard of finest audio manipulation.

- quickly create variations and mutations for productive sound design
- 20 fine audio samples installed
- 230 factory presets (100 global, ca. 9 per effect)
- 14 high-quality effects
- redesigned GUI for a smooth iOS workflow

- manipulate each individual effect with up to eight parameters
- two modulator tracks per effect
- Seamless iOS integration: full MIDI, IAA, Audiobus
- save your own presets & use them on your desktop version of Effectrix

Effectrix (AppStore Link) Effectrix
Developer: Sugar Bytes GmbH
Rated: 4+
Price: $17.99 Download Here
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