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screen480x480 (11)CONDUCTR is the first Ableton Live controller for iPad SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR LIVE PERFORMANCE: a whole new concept, based on functionality, adaptability and intuitivity.
CONDUCTR is ERGONOMIC (4 different view modes: you only see what you want to see), MODULAR (you can create as many User Modules as you want), EXPANDABLE (upcoming System Modules to customize it to the max) and SMART (it takes maximum advantage of multitouch technology: you can even play it without watching the iPad).

CONDUCTR’s interface is ergonomic: it ADAPTS TO YOUR NEEDS and can be changed up to 4 different view modes at any given time, even while playing live.

CONDUCTR features 3 System Modules (Clips, Mixer and Master) and as many User Modules as you want. You can control up to 5 parameters from any device and any track featured in your Ableton Live set on each User Module.

CONDUCTR IS EXPANDABLE: it will grow within a short time with upcoming new System Modules.

Oh, and you can even play it… WITHOUT WATCHING THE IPAD!

WARNING: CONDUCTR is a software controller. It doesn’t produce any sound by itself.


• Ableton Live 8.2.6 or higher.

• Mac OSX 10.6 or higher / Windows XP or higher.

CONDUCTR WORKS WIRELESS, so you will need to install the Conductr Server software in your computer. Download it for free at conductr.net/downloads.


When you are playing live, you don’t really need to see EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. The CONDUCTR interface is flexible and can be adapted to your specific, moment-to-moment needs in order to show only the elements you want to focus on.

• 4 different view modes: 4, 3, 2 or 1 views on screen.

• View modes can be changed on the fly according to any momentary need.

• Each view can contain 1 module.

• Modules can be changed on any view while playing.

• Clear and simple clips grid with scene side launchers and both individual tracks and master stop buttons.

• Simply drag the grid with two fingers to find the clips you are looking for!

• Clip and loop evolution bars.

• SHIFT mode to give you fast access to tracks and Master Volume and Mute.

• LINK function to hook up the Clip module and the Mixer module’s horizontal touch scroll.

• Clear and simple control of each track’s Volume and Mute.

• Smart faders.

• High-resolution clip peak meters with ultra-low latency.

• SHIFT mode for fast access to each track’s Pan smart crossfader and Solo and Record buttons.

• LOCK/UNLOCK Master Volume function.

• Track’s volume LIMITER function.

• LINK function to hook up the Mixer Module and the Clip Module’s views.

• Clear and simple Module including: Master Volume, Cue Volume, A/B Crossfader, and transport controls.

• Create as many User Modules as you want.

• Each User Module can contain up to 5 parameter controllers from any device on any track featured in your Ableton Live set.

• 4 different control interfaces: faders, crossfaders, buttons and quantized scales.

• User Modules can be created on the fly by surfing and selecting any of your set’s parameters on the iPad or through the LEARN feature.

• User Modules can be quickly edited at any time, even while playing.

• RESET feature: create parameter’s values memories and recover them whenever you want.

Fastest and easiest module set up ever!

• Add any parameter to any User Module by simply moving it on your desktop software set.

Play your User Modules without watching the iPad!

• Control different User Module parameters depending on how many fingers you use anywhere on the screen.

• Impulse and acceleration detection system.

• Automatic snap to 0 dB and silence.

• Upcoming new System Modules.

Check the official site – http://www.conductr.net/

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Musix Pro Video Contest

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Rainboard_01Shiverware has just launched a video contest (http://woobox.com/g9vrfx) for their iPad / iPhone musical instrument Musix Pro. The contest winner will have a chance to win a one of a kind hand made Rainboard, an iPad, an iPad Mini, and one of several t-shirts. In order to qualify all that you need to do is submit a video 30 seconds or longer that shows you using Musix Pro. You can be playing it by yourself or in a band. Submissions can be of any genre. The doors are wide open for everything including original pieces, covers, folk, classical, electronic, etc.

Please check out and vote on existing contest videos and be sure to post your own.
The contest is open until October 1st and voting closes October 10th. Any comments or questions can be directed to contest@shiverware.com
This contest was made possible through the support of the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Government of Saskatchewan, through the Ministry of Parks, Recreation, and Sport.


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Own the Alesis Micron? This app might come in handy then… (if you can afford!)…

mzl.bpxywhop.480x480-75megamicron is the perfect companion for your Alesis Micron, quickly access the 150+ configurable parameters on your synthesizer and hear the results immediately.

This application is hand-knitted to fit the microns specific MIDI implementation, once the synthesizer is plugged in, choose a bank in “programs” mode on your synthesizer and see the entire patch and all of its parameters laid out on your iPad.

*The application requires an iPad compatible MIDI device to connect to your Alesis Micron, we recommend the XP Midi Mate combined with the Camera Connection Kit for iPad.


Still wondering what the Micron is? Check here – http://www.alesis.com/micron

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BlindControl is the first MIDI controller for the iPad that you can really use on stage. Its unique interface allows you to control ten parameters of your Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer blindly with a single hand.

You control two parameters via horizontal and vertical movement with one finger, another two parameters with two fingers, three, four, five… The starting point isn’t important, only your finger movement matters.
It’s a simple idea. You will be amazed by how powerful it is.


– control TEN parameters BLINDLY with ONE HAND
– SEAMLESS integration with the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer
– NO MIDI HASSLE: conveniently select what you want to control from a nicely grouped list of parameters
– KEEP/REVERT: choose if you want to revert to the original value when you release your finger off the screen
– ADJUST SENSITIVITY ON THE FLY by moving only some of the fingers that touch the screen
– eight COLOR CODED presets
– load presets, turn knobs on your Blofeld, do whatever you want – BlindControl JUST WORKS.

You can connect your iPad with your Blofeld using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit and a USB cable. MIDI interfaces for the iPad will work, too, if your interface supports SysEx message. THE ALESIS iO DOCK DOESN’T. Only Alesis can fix this. Note that you must use a USB cable on the Blofeld Desktop version since only the Keyboard version has a MIDI out. You can also connect BlindControl with your Blofeld via your Mac and Bluetooth or Wifi.

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Mira Controller

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mzl.ejttbzyg.480x480-75Mira is the easiest way to control a Max application from an iPad. Launch Mira and it will automatically connect to Max and display the part of your patch you want to control remotely. When you change a button or slider on the iPad, the corresponding Max object changes, with zero setup or network configuration. It is truly a mirror of your Max patch.

Mira controls any number of Max patches on any number of computers. You can also use multiple copies of Mira to control a single patch.

There are no OSC messages to wrangle, and everything you do in Max is immediately reflected in Mira.

Check out cycling74.com/mira for videos, examples, and more.

Mira Features:

+ Automatically control any number of patches from your device

+ Use mira.frame objects to define viewable regions in your patch. Each frame shows up as a tab in Mira.

+ Support the majority of standard Max UI objects, with more to come.

+ New mira.multitouch object allows for gestural control

+ New mira.motion object sends accelerometer data from your device

+ Multiple instances of Mira can control a single patch for collaborative performance

+ Works over WiFi or an ad-hoc network

We wanted to make it easier to connect your iPad to Max, so you could focus on the important part – using your patch! Mira handles all networking details so you can start controlling your Max patches in two easy steps. First, place a mira.frame object in your patch — this represents the screen of the iPad. Then, drop UI objects onto the frame, and they instantly appear on your device, ready to use.

Each mira.frame you add in Max creates a new tabbed view in Mira, so you can organize the control of your patch into multiple pages.

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C-Mark controller for iPad

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Seen the new CDM12 digital mixer from C-Mark? Nope? Neither had I, but it looks pretty sweet. Here’s a brief run down –

CDM12 digital mixer

It is the first universal type digital mixer in the world, filling the gaps of core digital products terminal in sound reinforcement field, and leading a new digital revolution in pro audio industry.

Full Digital Processing Engine

Ø         professional audio DSP processing core and algorithms
Ø         24bit AD/DA ensures high quality sound
Ø         Enriched analog and digital input/output interfaces. Supports optical fiber, coaxial and AES/EBU.
Ø         3 band Parameters EQ input and 9 band Graphical EQ output
Ø         12 mixing channels, supporting Main output, AUX output, sub output, preview and monitor output
Ø         Built-in digital effector
Advanced HMI Interaction (Human–Machine Interaction) and Easy Operation
Ø         5” TFT true color LCD Display
Ø         Multi-languages menu, Chinese and English optional
Ø         More intuitive and user-friendly design of buttons and knobs
Ø         Virtual interface display and input level indicator
Ø         Simple and easy control method suitable for any professional and amateur
New Experiences in Digital functions
Ø         20 scene settings and tune out, fader tracking mode
Ø         Contains a wealth of EQ library and sound effects library for users ‘ free choices
Ø         USB memory interface, supporting real-time recording to the U disk, including linear and MP3 formats
Ø         Built-indigital player, one-key play memory music
Ø         IEEE 802.3 network interface, connected LAN or WIFI network, realize remote control viaTCP / IP
Unparalleled Price-Performance Ratio
Ø         Easy installation, it can replace the traditional analog mixer directly
Ø         Portable and stylish design
Ø         Comprehensive after-sales service, zero customer maintenance cost
Ø         Can be widely used in performances, conferences, schools,intelligent buildings and personal studio
Oh, so yeah, there is also a free iPad app to control this new mixer, which I assume lets you access all the mixer’s controls remotely!
[app 661536487]

iTRIGGER inbound

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POJ Studios enter the app world with iTRIGGER, a grid-based MIDI controller for iPad. It is designed specifically for use with Ableton Live but also works with other music software. iTRIGGER allows bi-directional communication to mix music, launch clips, change parameters like levels and panning, and provides feedback to the user through the multi-coloured grid display.

When the user first connects iTRIGGER to their computer either by WIFI or a compatible iPad midi accessory iTRIGGER becomes a standard x-y midi controller allowing the user to assign the buttons as they wish. Once iTRIGGER is correctly synced with Ableton Live all of the buttons are automatically assigned and lit up by the software in 4 separate modes, selectable within the app:

  • ‘CLIPS’ mode: The 8×8 grid is assigned to an 8×8 area of clips from Live’s ‘Session View’ with the buttons lighting up to signify whether a clip is loaded, playing or empty. The user can navigate their way around Live’s ‘Session View’ using the directional buttons in the top corner of iTRIGGER and press the corresponding button to play clips or scenes using the scene play buttons at the end of each row.
  • MISC’ mode: A miscellaneous set of controls including track levels, panning, effect levels, enable/disable track, cue track and track record.
  • ‘D.RACK’ mode: For playing instruments using the 4×4 drum rack layout.
  • ‘X-Y’ mode: For custom assignment using an X-Y layout.

image-6-768x1024iTRIGGER supports AirPlay to stream video performances live to compatible devices via WiFi. The app’s background and button colours can be changed and the button images can be completely hidden against a black background for light shows.

iTRIGGER will be available in all regions from JUNE 22, 2013 exclusively on the iPad App Store. iTRIGGER will have a special week long launch price of $2.99 USD (priced accordingly in other regions) returning to the standard price of $7.99 USD on June 29.


  • Control Ableton Live and other midi enabled software with your iPad!
  • MIDI over WiFi
  • MIDI over USB with iPad camera kit and most iPad midi accessories (accessories not included)
  • AirPlay Support – Live Video Streaming
  • Customisable Background Colours
  • Customisable Button Colours
  • Hide buttons completely for a light show
  • Clip Mode
    • Play Clips
    • Play Scenes
    • Navigate Clips and Tracks
  • Drum rack, x-y mode
  • Misc mode
    • Track Levels
    • Left/Right adjustments
    • Effect Levels
    • End Tracks
    • Enable Tracks
    • Cue Tracks
    • Set Tracks to record
  • No Flickering
  • Bright Colours
  • Rotating Display
  • Highly Responsive

More details @ http://pojstudios.com/


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mzl.wxqjkbhv.480x480-75LIVKONTROL aims to deliver the best possible experience controlling Ableton Live remotely.

Boasting an extremely simple yet functional design, all the main control features are at a distance of a finger. Alternative application views are toggled via multitouch gestures for a even simpler usage experience.

LIVKONTROL is also considered by users as the easier and most responsive Ableton Live remote controller for mobile devices due to it’s plug & play connection to Ableton Live, using LKBRIDGE.

PRO version includes all the STANDARD FEATURES and PRO FEATURES:



– Optimized layout and interactivity for iPad and iPhone
– Remotely control Ableton’s clips, tracks faders and knobs
– Easy to set up
– Interface lock feature
– Draggable viewport for full scene access
– Scene launch buttons with scene name
– Advanced clip composer for clip editing
– Clips reflect color, name, play status and position
– Up to 20 MIDI sliders for custom MIDI assignment
– Up to 16 MIDI pads
– Output level indicator for all tracks and Master channel
– Mute, stop, solo and arm tracks
– Control track volumes and pan easily in a and space saving format
– Song play, stop, record and tempo control
– Metronome control
– Tempo tap up and down
– Quantization selection
– Prevent sleep function
– Overdub and back to arranger control (iPad version only)
– Pitch control (+10%/-10% / Bend up / Bend down)


In order to use LIVKONTROL, it is necessary to download and install LKBRIDGE, the required connection software.

Windows and Mac OSX version are available. Always ensure you use the latest version of LKBRIDGE, free to download at www.livkontrol.com

For further information visit:


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Rocket Control

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Not much to say about this one, except if you are lucky enough to own one of these http://www.waldorf-music.info/en/rocket-synthesizer.html, then get this app!!



Rocket Control is an assistant App for the Waldorf Rocket hardware synthesizer. Manage your patches, play Rocket with the keyboard, see your edits onscreen or edit directly on your iPad.mzl.ymegnvuv.480x480-75






Rocket Control (AppStore Link) Rocket Control
Developer: Waldorf Music GmbH
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

Roland M-300 Remote

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One day there won’t be a single product that can’t be controlled via an iPad, and I’m sure Roland are leading the charge!

mzl.xrbdcmgi.480x480-75M-300 Remote is an application for remotely controlling the Roland M-300 V-Mixer live mixing console.

●This applications makes it possible to adjust mixing parameters from a variety of listening points on stage or around the room, away from the M-300 positioned at a fixed location.

●Combined with the easy operation afforded by the iPad’s large screen and Multi-Touch interface, this application makes it easy to remotely view and adjust settings.

It is also equally useful as a sub-display and controller when placed beside the M-300 V-Mixer.

Controllable parameters:

– Preamp Gain
– Pan
– Solo
– Mute
– Fader
– Sends on Fader
– 4-Band Parametric EQ and HPF
– EQ Copy/Paste/Undo

– Pan
– Solo
– Mute
– Fader
– 8-Band Parametric EQ
– EQ Copy/Paste/Undo

– 31 Band Graphic EQ
– GEQ Copy/Paste/Undo
– Solo Clear
– Scene Recall/Store/Clear

Viewable-only parameters:

– Phantom Power Status
– Pad Status
– Gain Reduction on Gate
– Gain Reduction on Compressor
– Name and Color
– Meter

– Gain Reduction on Gate
– Gain Reduction on Compressor
– Name and Color
– Meter

– Scene Lock/Filter/Fade Status
– Meter Overview

Important notes:
*Use with the most recent firmware version of the M-300.
*A wireless USB adapter (Roland WNA1100-RL) is required.

*A Wi-Fi router (wireless LAN router, etc.) is recommended but if not available, connection can be made directly to the wireless USB adapter in ad-hoc mode.

*Because the wireless USB adapter occupies the M-300’s USB port, functions that use a USB flash key (such as recording, playback, and backing up settings) are not possible while the wireless USB adapter is connected.
*A single iPad can be connected at one time. This application cannot be used concurrently with the M-300 RCS PC/Mac remote application software.

For more details and updates – http://www.roland.com/apps/m300remote/

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