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IK Multimedia Introduces DJ Rig for iPad

Posted by Mikers On October - 1 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

IK Multimedia, the world leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories, announced today that DJ Rig for iPad® is now available on the App Store. DJ Rig for iPad takes mobile DJ mixing to a completely new level, providing a comprehensive suite of professional DJ mixing tools, all in one convenient iPad app. DJ Rig for iPad greatly expands the feature set from DJ Rig for iPhone, offering numerous new capabilities that previously have only been available on professional DJ software for the Mac and PC.

DJ Rig for iPad

With DJ Rig for iPad, mobile DJs will possess the virtual equivalent of a full professional DJ setup – two turntables or CD players, a DJ mixer, a DJ multi-effects unit, a phrase sampler and more, all in an portable package to take their spin to the next level, anytime and anywhere.

DJ Rig for iPad is a fully self-contained DJ environment that can be directly connected to a sound system, but even more functionality is available when it’s used in tandem with IK’s new iRig MIX ultra-compact mobile DJ mixer. iRig Mix offers complete physical track control, thanks to its full-length channel faders and crossfaders, additional EQs, and direct connections for headphones, microphones, loudspeakers or a PA system. When used together, DJ Rig and iRig MIX provide a comprehensive DJ setup that packs all the features the most demanding DJs need – all in an ultra-light combo rig that can be up and running in seconds.

Professional DJing for the first time on iPad

  • Familiar double Deck configuration with a triple twist – When first launched, DJ Rig for iPad looks and feels very familiar – its interface accurately replicates a full dual-deck hardware rig with each deck routed through the audio output jack on the iPad (split stereo). What’s different is that each deck has three visual modes: “Vinyl” for traditional creative scratch effects, “Digital” jog for a more traditional CD manipulation and the new “Waveform” view for accurate cue placement, synchronization and visualization of beats.
  • Sync, mix & scratch – DJ Rig for iPad with CloneDeck™ technology allows DJs to mix and scratch on their iPads, just like they would with hardware counterparts. The built-in dual-deck system with a crossfader allows them to mix with ultra-accurate precision, and the Tempo Sync, X-Sync and Beat Match functions automatically align the beats from any two sources for flawless transitions. The new AutoMix feature will automatically crossfade and mix music to keep the beat going even when the DJ steps away.
  • New creative DJ effects provide unlimited sonic possibilities – DJ Rig for iPad features 18 available BPM-synced DJ effects for customizing mixes and build-ups, always at the perfect tempo. Effects include Delay, Flanger, Crush, HP filter, LP filter, BP filter, Compressor, Wah, Phaser, Fuzz, Reverb, and Stutter, plus 6 completely new effects: Noise, Tail, Brake, Spin, Twist UP and Twist DOWN. The X/Y effects interface provides full creative control and real-time manipulation that will inspire DJs to be their creative best.
  • On-board sampler with expandable sound banks – DJ Rig for iPad features an “on-the-fly” sampler with 9 accessible and assignable pads for adding sound bites and samples to mixes. For even more creative flexibility, DJ Rig for iPad provides “live sampling” and “looping” functions for completely customizing and personalizing the mix.

DJ Rig for iPad features:

  • Customizable deck display with Vinyl, Waveform or Digital Deck interface with accurate scratching engine with CloneDeck™ technology
  • Waveform display mode for ultra-precise visual cueing
  • Fast BPM detection and beat map analysis with Tempo Sync and Beat Match
  • X-Sync mode detects the BPM from external audio sources and automatically syncs the audio/tempo of internal decks to external devices (when used with iRig MIX)
  • Advanced looping section with continuous loop surface; create loops with tempo divisions always to the beat; manual and slip mode available
  • 18 effects: Delay, Flanger, Crush, HP filter, LP filter, BP filter, Compressor, Wah, Phaser, Fuzz, Reverb, Stutter and more, with X/Y touch interface control
  • 6 new creative effects: Noise, Tail, Brake, Spin, Twist UP and Twist DOWN
  • On-the-fly expandable sampler machine with 9 pads and 4 banks slot
  • Live sampling functionality with volume and pitch control
  • 5 visual cue points per song and Auto Cue for automatic first beat positioning
  • 3 crossfader curves for customizing fades and crossfade filter
  • Direct access to iPod Music library and playlists
  • AutoMix Feature for automatic mixing of playlists or entire library
  • Live recorder allows recording of full mixing gigs
  • Supports/plays all major digital audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF
  • Multiple output configurations for virtually any audio setup
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Future DJ update

Posted by Mikers On September - 8 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Future DJ is a full-blown DJ software compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, that you can use to mix for an entire party. Future DJ stands out through features such as automatic BPM detection, beat-matching, seamless looping, powerful sample banks, XY effects pad, MIDI controller compatibility and more, thus making it a complete professional handheld DJ solution.

What’s new in V1.1

– now for iPad too with brand new interface
– supports MIDI hardware controllers on iPad (Akai LPD8, Numark DJ2Go) — you will need the Camera Connection Kit
– automix complete playlists
– 8-bank sampler (play, mix, beat-match small sounds – iPad only)
– whole-track waveform display (iPad only)
– effects XY pad (with 9 different effects you can combine, iPad only)
– multiple hot-cue points (iPad only)
– advanced loop features (iPad only)
– EQ kill switches (iPad only)
– record your mixes
– external mixer support
– several bugs fixed

Demo video

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Review: Numark iDJ Pro Controller

Posted by Mikers On June - 27 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

In a first for PromusicAPPS, we’re delighted to present our inaugural ‘contributor review’ from Steve, who is as passionate about all things music on iOS as we are. So read on for his take on Numark’s new iPad friendly DJ controller. 


I recently had the pleasure of taking the new Numark iDJ Pro for a spin: literally. I was extremely excited at the prospect of taking nothing but the controller and my iPad to a set and still being able to express myself rather than just mixing one track to the next. I was however quite sceptical as Numark’s first attempt at an iPad based controller, the iDJ, was well… a toy. BUT by appearances alone it’s clear that this isn’t the case with the iDJ Pro, with Numark claiming that it is the first iPad based controller to offer professional features and controls… Sounds good to me!


If you’re familiar with Numark controllers, or any CD deck for that matter, there’ll be no uncertainty with the layout. It’s got two touch-sensitive platters that are used for cueing and scratching effects, but also for looping in and out with the option of ½ and 2X loop length. The rest is pretty much as you’d expect with the pitch fader and bend controls etc, so I wouldn’t exactly describe it as feature rich, but definitely sufficient. To be fair though, if you’re paying this sort of money, a traditional controller wouldn’t have much more features.


Now to the interesting bit… With the iPad firmly planted in the centre of the controller, it adds an element of uncertainty. As you’d expect the iPad is the control centre of the unit, including the music library. You’re app of choice is down to you and there’s no shortage of options, however I would highly recommend the partnered Algoriddim djay app. In normal circumstances this wouldn’t be my preferred choice but both app and controller seem really in sync and well coordinated and just that much easier to use.


One of the most unique features, excluding the iPad of course, is the Airplay compatibility, which I think subtly indicates Numark’s intentions. Imagine going to a house party and seeing the iDJ Pro pumping out tunes wirelessly to you’re compatible speakers, with no wires or setting up required. This combined with its robust, brushed aluminium casing should stop even the drunkest of idiots from harming you’re controller. In contrast to this, however, the iDJ Pro does contain balanced XLR outputs for secure and feedback free connections to PA systems. Although in all honesty, I wouldn’t DJ a venue any larger than a bar with it.


So you’ve got to look at the Numark iDJ Pro for what it is, it’s not a top of the range, feature rich Numark Controller, and it was never going to be at £350. But it is great fun and really convenient, and is the perfect setup for a home or bar. If you already have an iPad then I would highly recommend it, but for the price of both iPad and controller combined then I would invest in something better.

Guest Contributor – Steve


Check the official website for full specs – http://www.numark.com/product/idjpro

DJ Studio

Posted by Mikers On June - 17 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Got 2 minutes to make some noise? DJ Studio is built to help you find – and release – your Inner DJ.

The idea is simple: we built a powerful DJ App which requires no skill to use and we packed it full of great Loops & Samples from top Artists & DJs. Then we folded in some advanced features and premium content options which you can unlock at your own pace.

The result: you’re officially a DJ!

DJ Studio for iPad brings DJ-ing to a different level, for beginners and professionals alike.

• Browse builit-in library of Loop & Samples and drop onto your 4×4 Deck
• Tap Pads to play – auto-sync means you’re always on the Beat
• Manipulate Level, Mute and FX Send for each Pad
• Mixer provides Level/Mute, EQ and FX Send on 4 independent channels
• Delay FX Unit provided will autoset its parameters to match Tempo
• Save your Sets and Record your Live Performances
• Absolutely no experience required
• It’s FREE!

Grab more details here – http://www.rocudo.com/

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Deckadance Mobile

Posted by Mikers On June - 17 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Deckadance Mobile will turn your iPad into an interactive DJ mixing desk. Take any music from your iTunes collection and mix, scratch or loop it as you wish. Using our automix feature you can just let Deckadance take care of mixing the playlist you selected. The integrated Sampler, Cue, Loop & FX modules will boost your set to new levels.

Key features:

Beat detection and autosync – Tap the SYNC button on a deck to sync its tempo to that of the opposite deck.
Left / Right deck faders & Tempo control with nudge – Individual deck volume faders and X-fader.
Cue points – Add up to 4 cue points per-track per-deck. Select CUES from the mode window. Tap Rec and a cue memory slot to save the current playback cursor position. Alternatively, with the track stopped press the CUE button to set a cue point. When playing the CUE button jumps back to the cue point and pauses.
Automix – Select the AUTOMIX tab and music source to hear your selected music automixed.
Equalizer – From the EQ mode window adjust Low, Mid and High equalization.
Waveform view – Inspect beat alignment from the WAV mode window.
Loop – After Deckadance mobile automatically detects the beat, from the mode window select 32 to 1/32nd beat loops
and tap the Loop button on the deck to engage.
Sampler – 5 assignable sampler slots per deck. Play from included sample libraries from the mode window.
Play effects – From the mode window hold Stutter, Turntable, Censor, Break or (back)Spin to add the effect.
X/Y effects – From the FX tab choose Ring-Mod, Lo-Pass, Hi-Pass or Tap-Delay effects
and control them from the X/Y pad.

Grab more details at – http://www.image-line.com/documents/deckadancemobile.html

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iRig MIX arrives..

Posted by Mikers On May - 24 - 2012 1 COMMENT

iRig MIX, the first ultra-compact DJ and audio mixer for the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch is now available and shipping worldwide. When used with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, IK’s DJ Rig app and other DJ apps, it is a complete, highly portable DJ system for practicing, rehearsing, performing and recording.

DJs can choose either a traditional setup with two devices (one plugged into each of the independent channels) OR a single iOS device. This flexibility, combined with iRig MIX’s portability gives aspiring and pro DJs a compact system that can be used everywhere… anytime.  iRig MIX is also versatile enough to provide the perfect mixing solution for solo musicians or small ensembles that use one or more iOS devices to play live. It includes an extra guitar/microphone input that can be processed with other IK popular apps like AmpliTube and VocaLive or any other app that offers real-time audio processing.

iRig MIX features

  • 2 stereo inputs with gain, bass, treble and volume controls, independent cue on each channel with LED indication and channel crossfader
  • Instrument/microphone extra input, with volume control, can be processed by iOS real-time effects apps (such as AmpliTube, VocaLive)
  • Stereo output with RCA connectors, master level and LED meters
  • High quality, pristine sound
  • Quality headphone output for master or cue monitoring with independent volume control
  • Input switch splits Input 1 into dual-mono for use with DJ mixing apps on a single iOS device
  • “X-Sync” mode allows auto-sync with any audio source using the included DJ Rig free app
  • Can be powered with the included AC adapter, battery pack and laptop USB ports
  • Includes 4 free apps: DJ Rig, AmpliTube, VocaLive, GrooveMaker

Pricing and availability

iRig MIX costs $99.99/€74.99 (excl. tax) and is available now from electronic and music retailers around the world , or direct from the IK Multimedia online store.


Posted by Mikers On May - 21 - 2012 1 COMMENT

MixVibes delivers a unique iPad DJing experience with a user friendly yet professional and feature rich layout. This application allows all DJs to enjoy the pleasure of performing quality sounding mixes on an iPad.
CrossDJ for iPad was developed by the same professional software team who developed CrossDJ. No other iPad application has ever received such professional expertise and attention to ergonomics and user feedback.
Not only complete DJing software, CrossDJ for iPad is also a fully equipped DJing controller. A full 2-channel mixer with 3 bank EQs and kills, preset Loops, 6 Locators, High precision audio FX with X/Y control pad, smart seek and much more are what makes this application a reference in the DJing Market.
In addition, CrossDJ for iPad takes advantage of the iPad/iPhone media management paradigm with a fluid, rapid and intuitive browsing and loading. You can access easily all iTunes playlists and filter the media collection using a smart Dynamic Triple Criteria Filter.
With CrossDJ for iPad music monitoring is possible thanks to the ‘split Mono’ routing mode.
Clean mixes and clear sound is what you are getting with CrossDJ for iPad!

★ Improved graphics for the new iPad and Retina Technology

✔ 2 vinyl decks
✔ Realistic scratch
✔ Ultra-accurate synchronization and ultra-fast beat matching
✔ Direct access to iPad library and iTunes playlists
✔ Smart collection browsing with multi-criteria sorting
✔ Professional Audio FX: Low-Pass, Hi-Pass, Echo, Delay, Phaser, X-Phaser, Flanger, Jet, Chopper, Crush, Brake, Roll, Cut, Bliss
✔ X/Y control pad for FX
✔ Live Beat grid edit
✔ Auto-Loop (1/8 to 16 beat) with Slip mode
✔ 6 Cue points per deck
✔ Monitoring with headphones (using optional split Cable such as MixVibes’ DJ Cable)
✔ Pitch-Bend with pitch variation from 4% to 100%
✔ 3 band EQ
✔ Support all major audio formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, …

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CrossDJ for iPad inbound

Posted by Mikers On April - 26 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

MixVibes is proud to present the most exciting DJing application we have ever made: CrossDJ for iPad. MixVibes brings a comprehensive iPad DJing experience with a user friendly yet professional and feature rich layout. This application allows all DJs to enjoy performing quality sounding mixes on an iPad.
CrossDJ was developed by the same professional software team who developed Cross, awarded best DJing software in 2010 and 2011 at Paris MIXMOVE awards. MixVibes has been providing DJs with professional solutions for over 10 years. Hence, no other iPad DJing application has ever received such expertise, attention to ergonomics and user feedback in its development

A complete DJing tool, CrossDJ is a full-fledged DJing controller. It features a full 2-channel mixer with 3-band EQs and Kills, preset Loops, 6 Locators, High-precision audio FX with X/Y control pad and much more. These professional features are what will no doubt make this application a reference in the DJing Market.

In addition, CrossDJ takes advantage of the iPad/iPhone media management paradigm with a fluid, rapid and intuitive browsing and loading. You can easily access all iTunes playlists and browse media using a Dynamic Triple Criteria Filter.
The audio stream can be split in order to be able to monitor tracks with headphones which is essential for a professional mix.

Grab the full details here – http://www.mixvibes.com/content/crossdj-ipad

DJ Rig update drops

Posted by Mikers On April - 26 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

IK Multimedia’s new dance music mixing app, DJ RIG, has not only received an update this week, but has also been released in FREE ‘lite’ version as well, and with the upcoming release of the company’s iRIG MIX DJ mixing controller, now is the time to pick up this app and get some practise in.

The key updates for version 1.0.2

– Fixed issues that caused the app to crash on some devices
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the app to crash when managing large song libraries
– Fixed orientation issues when rotating the device
– Fixed an issue with cue positioning
– Fixed an issue with no space left on the device
– Optimized filters and search song library functions
– Improved kill EQ response
– Background Audio disabled by default
– General reliability improvements

DJ Rig FREE is missing some of the key features in the full app. although these can be unlocked with in app purchases

An upgrade to the full version is available as in-app purchase for $4.99/€3.99 and includes looping, 5 effects (Band Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Delay, Stutter, Phazer)? and 7 sound banks (Drones, Hoovers, Instrument Hits 1, Stabs 1, Synth 1, Vocals 1, Classic FX). The regular paid version of the DJ Rig app with all these features already included is also available in the iTunes store for the same price.

A Pro bundle pack is available for the users of the full version as in-app purchase for $4.99/€3.99 and includes: multiple cues, digital deck skin, 6 effects (Flanger, Comp, Fuzzy, Reverb, Auto Wah, Crush) and 7 Sound Banks (Atmo FX, Animals FX, Instrument Hits 2, Instrument Hits 3, Synth 2, Stabs 2, Vocals 2).

For more details, check the official site – www.djrig.net

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Mashup is out for DJs

Posted by Mikers On April - 22 - 2012 2 COMMENTS

Waves and Musicsoft Arts join forces to create Mashup, the first pro DJ iPad app.
Technical Grammy® award-winning Waves Audio and Musicsoft Arts join forces to bring you Mashup, the first iPad DJ app made by professionals, for professionals. Featuring an advanced playback engine and effects controlled by an intuitive interface, Mashup lets you play and mix songs directly from your iPad music library and download exclusive tracks from leading DJs like Junior Sanchez, Kris Menace and Jason Nevins. No need to spend thousands of dollars on gear, lug around records, turntables, labtops and mixers.
Fire up Mashup, a complete mobile DJ booth, with studio-quality EQ and analog-style resonant filters, Vinyl Touch™ glitch-free scratching, and independent time-stretch and pitch-shift for each of its two stereo decks. From the app store to the dance floor—with Mashup and an iPad, you’ll rock the house.
Dual stereo decks with studio-quality EQ and FX
Independent time-stretch and pitch-shift for each deck
Analog-style resonant high pass/low pass filters with exclusive touch ribbon control
Free downloadable music from top DJs and producers
Vinyl Touch™ glitch-free scratching
Record your stereo mixes, then drag and drop into your computer
Play back any track in your library
Use your iPhone or iPod to monitor on headphones and cue the next track over a WiFi or Bluetooth connection

Want to make your Mashup mixes sound even better? Maximize the performance of your headphones and external speakers with MaxxVolume and MaxxBass, powered by the same Technical Grammy® award-winning Waves technologies used by the world’s leading DJs, producers, engineers, and musicians. For loud, clear, steady output levels and enhanced bass response, mash it up with Maxx.

MaxxVolume all-in-one dynamics control dramatically increases output levels.
MaxxBass psycho-acoustic bass enhancement delivers deep, rich lows you can really feel.
Preset sound modes for earbuds, DJ headphones, docking station speakers, home stereos speakers and club systems

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