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DJ DEX – The DJ Mixing App

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“DJ DEX is not a DJ game or gimmick, it’s the real deal,” says Digital 1 Audio’s Product Manager, Ryan Sherr. “We made it our mission to include features that seasoned DJ’s and hobbyists can really use and rely on in a live mixing environment, leaning on our 13 years of experience in the Pro DJ software field. You can easily sync the beats of two tracks with the press of a button, grab the on-screen waveform and scratch, spin and tweak. You can really make the music your own, even drop in effects to add that extra layer of excitement to your mix. With a very high resolution GUI, DJ DEX looks brilliant on the new iPad with Retina display, it’s candy for your fingertips. While I don’t expect DJ DEX to replace high-end DJ software solutions such as our PCDJ DEX 2 any time soon, the App would allow a DJ or Hobbyist to easily tackle most gigs – from backyard sessions with friends, to small bar or club events. We’re really excited to bring DJ DEX to the masses via iTunes.”

Here are some of the notable features included in DJ DEX:

2 DJ DECKS and a Mixer

Split headphone cuing (using splitter cable)

Hands-on manual mixing or hands-free automation

Pitch/Tempo Control

BPM Snap-To-Beat Mixing

Seamless quantized looping

Automatic Beat-Grid based BPM detection

High-Quality effects (Break, Flanger, Echo)

Interactive waveforms that allow you to scratch, pitch bend, reverse play, backspin, etc

iTunes library browsing and search

3 hot cues can be set per deck, with cue-play

MotionPlaying™ – place your iPad on a turntable and scratch any song (requires an iOS device with a gyroscope – like iPad 2, the new iPad)

Numark DJ2GO and Akai LPD8 controllers supported (no configuration needed, but you do need the iPad Camera Kit connector)

Many settings and built in help

For more details on DJ DEX, head over to – www.djdexapp.com

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Loop Twister

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Loop Twister is the most advanced and intuitive beat-remixing app.

It turns your iPad and iPhone into a creative and powerful machine designed for playing and realtime processing of musical loops.

Easy to use, loaded with 64 fresh sounding loops and quality DSP effects gives you endless possibilities of new making sounds for using in your own beats or just for playing and having fun.

Enjoy a range of cutting-edge studio loops made by Marcin Cichy, co-founder of “Skalpel” music act that released several Eps and albums on famous Ninja Tune label. Marcin currently works as music producer and mastering engineer at PlugAudioMastering.


☯ Simple, easy to use and intuitive interface. It looks exactly the same on both iPhone and iPad.

☯ 8 high-quality DSP effects including LP & stereo HP filters, pitch bender, foldback distortion and bass booster/ring modulator, LO-FI resampler and more.

☯ 2 banks of factory loops ( 32 loops each) -great source of samples for electro house, dubstep, grime and hip hop tracks including drums, percussions baselines and chiptune sounds.

☯ 16-step programmable sequencer for adding effects to loops with optional randomization.

☯ Pattern manager for saving and loading sequencer settings.

☯ Built-in wav rendered that allows to record your own loops and export them for using in other music apps on your iPhone, iPad or a computer. Loop Twister supports Audio Pasteboard and iTunes file sharing.

☯ Import of custom loops for playing, processing and mixing with factory sounds.

☯ Fast and accurate crossfader.

☯ Tempo range : 60 – 240 BPM.

☯ Built-In help and a comprehensive user manual (available online).

☯ Universal app.

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