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Impaktor inbound…

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Bleep Street, the creator of a growing line of top flight music apps, including Sunrizer synth, iSequence for iPad/iPhone, Pro Keys, and GyroSynth have teased their next app on the horizon, which is a unique drum synthesizer called Impaktor. Rather than list the features, check out the video below which more or else shows you what to expect….

Keep an eye on http://beepstreet.com/ for the latest details


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Not just a super cool looking drum pad but a professional drum pad machine with almost all the drum sounds you would ever need and with lots of tweakablity. Almost 100 sounds to choose from ranging from rock and dance drums, bongos and maracas, special effects and more. You can edit each pad’s sound, level, pitch and decay. Store up to 4 custom drum kits. Velocity control on each pad depending on where you hit the pad. Ergonomically designed for either one-handed use or using both thumbs with ease. With visual feedback and lighting effects that add more enjoyment especially in the dark. Pad 3 is linked to pad 4 so you can mute an open high hat on pad 4 with a closed hat on pad 3 if you wish.
All sounds designed exclusively for this app and created from real drums and high quality drum synthesisers.
Zero latency so no annoying little delays.
Creating a custom drum kit is easy. Select a drum pad, edit settings and then after you press the red coloured save/load button to go into save mode, press one of the 4 memory locations to store and that is it. The save/load toggle mode will automatically switch back to load mode after you save.

Drumatron: The Futuristic Drum Pad (AppStore Link) Drumatron: The Futuristic Drum Pad
Developer: Rob Wilmot
Rated: 4+
Price: $0.99 Download Here

Drum Machine Legends

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Drum Machine Legends brings you six kits from the most legendary drum machines of all time. The Lin Drum, SP1200, TR 808, Obrhm DX, MPC 60 and the TR 707.

DML is easy to use for full production with sounds that One Glove Apps has handpicked and processed to get the most out of their original machines. Quantize your beats, mix, choose tempo and layer sounds from different kits. One Glove has also added some new original sounds for the sampler kits (MPC and SP1200). Save your beats, share, and email as wav files. It’s simple to set your loop length, tempo and quantize your beats. Just open up Drum Machine Legends and begin producing now!
*12 touch pads
*6 drum kits (Lin Drum, SP 1200, Roland TR 808, Oberhm DX, MPC 60 and the Roland TR 707)
*Easy to use interface
*Quantizer with 1/4, 1/8, or 1/16 setting
*Mixer to adjust the levels of each pad
*Tempo adjust in real time
*Save/Open beats
*Share beats by emailing a wav file
*Custom high quality and processed sounds
*Metronome in record mode
*Count in 1 bar or 2 bars
*Interchangeable skins to correspond to each kit
*Set your loop length to 1, 2, 4, or 8 bars
*Sounds created by Producer/DJ Oligee.

Drum Machine Legends (AppStore Link) Drum Machine Legends
Developer: Oliver Goldstein
Rated: 4+
Price: $0.99 Download Here

SampleTank update

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IK Multimedia is proud to announce the 1.2 update to SampleTank® for iOS, the universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, through the iTunes App store. The update, for both regular and free versions, is available as a free download to existing users that adds support for MIDI Program Change and Controller editing of all edit strip knobs for enhanced expression and performance in any environment from the studio to the stage. The 1.2 update also now provides free instruments in every category so users can create instantly anytime and anywhere.
SampleTank is the first pro-quality, sample-based sound and groove workstation available for the iOS mobile platform. It can be played directly from the app or can be used live with any MIDI keyboard or pad controller with the iRig™ MIDI interface adapter from IK Multimedia. Use any MIDI controller with knobs, sliders, wheels or pedals to adjust volume, pan, filter, envelope and FX settings on the fly for each instrument independently. Users can then save their edited settings as Presets and recall them from an external controller such as a keyboard, pad set or pedalboard via MIDI Program Change. Together with iRig MIDI, SampleTank offers the most portable and best quality sound and groove production solution for mobile musicians to date.

SampleTank features
4-part multi-timbral professional quality sound and groove workstation
Expandable sound library with more than 500 instruments in 16 categories
Over 1,000 melodic and rhythmic patterns for groove creation or accompaniment
Included 4-track MIDI recorder with audio export
Built-in insert effects and master reverb
Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
Sound and effects editing with multiple parameters
Support for MIDI Controllers and Program Change
Play interface with piano keyboard, scale-based keyboard and drum pads
Compatible with iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS, iPod touch 4th and 3rd generation, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 2 and iPad with iOS 4.3 and newer
Designed in concert with iRig MIDI interface for iOS devices
Free version also available with 20 instruments (16 + 4 after registering)
Pricing and availability

SampleTank 1.2 is a universal app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and is now available on the iTunes App store for only $19.99/€15.99 with 136 high-quality instruments and over 1,000 patterns included. A free version of SampleTank is also available with 8 sounds plus their selection of patterns. An additional 22 expansion sound packs are available for in-app purchase starting from as low as $4.99/€3.99 each or all together for a competitive bundle price. Owners of iRig MIDI will also get an exclusive sound set of 48 sounds for free simply by registering. The 1.2 update is free to existing users.

SampleTank (AppStore Link) SampleTank
Developer: IK Multimedia US, LLC
Rated: 4+
Price: $19.99 Download Here

A+ HandDrumKit

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Hand Drum Kit is THE iPad designed Drum Kit (A+ Apps)

Have you ever played with your finger on the table?
This app is designed to give you a real drum set experience with your iPad.

Is hard to play a drum kit with the Tablet! That is why we build features like Autoplay, so you can stay with the beat while you show your drummer skills!

-Play along your favorite song from your iPod library
-5 different Drum kits to chose from

A+ HandDrumKit : Full Version (AppStore Link) A+ HandDrumKit : Full Version
Developer: Inspike s.r.l.
Rated: 4+
Price: $0.99 Download Here


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Voxkit is a MIDI drum controller with a twist. In addition to touch pads on the screen, you can trigger notes with sound. Clap your hands, tap a pencil on a desk, or use your voice — Voxkit detects the tone of the sound, to trigger a sample from the app, or a MIDI note.

You can customize the sounds that Voxkit makes — add WAV format samples through iTunes File Sharing, to make the drum kit of your dreams.

Record your playing with the app, and then export the results as a WAV file (with Audio Copy, iTunes File Sharing, or by email). MIDI events are recorded too, with the same sort of export options.

With Audio Paste, you can import a song that you’re working on with another app, and then add a track of live drumming.

By listening to external sounds, rather than just the touch on a screen, Voxkit can capture the subtle velocity and rhythm variations of real drumming.

There are hundreds of apps that will let you program drums on a grid — and you wind up with something that sounds stale and mechanical. Break free with Voxkit!

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Drum Clinic HD

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From the same guys that brought out Drum Loops HD, comes a series of tutorials for drummers, all conveniently contained in an app.

Drum clinic HD is the first real clinic by a pro drummer, purpose built for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch!
If you wanna learn more about grooves, fills, improvisation, rudiments, independence and brushes…….this is simply a must have!

Hans Eijkenaar is a well known and much sought after
session drummer in the Netherlands with a successful career both in Holland and abroad. His list of tours and recorded albums is huge and he is considered to be a specialist studio drummer. He is well known for being a versatile, creative and explosive drummer with a personal style………..best known for his pop and rock career………but with a history in jazz and fusion.
Hans is a Conservatory teacher (Codarts, Rotterdam) and has developed a powerful and transparent method for drummers of any style and of multiple levels.

He unleashes all of his knowledge and has developed some very special views on studying drums, studying rudiments in a unique independence system, playing in all types of meter, improvising and playing fills in a creative, rather than a standard way…..
He also is known for having a distinguished brushes technique for pop and rock which he demonstrates in several clips in a separate brushes chapter.

Hans has decided to go the extra mile in terms of recording a fully featured, HD audio and video clinic app with over 60 clips,
presentation videos, instruction videos and play alongs. And he has recorded a separate chapter with drum solos………
All filmed with 6 XD HD cams to capture for once and for all every angle you wanna see as a drummer. Everything recorded in one of the finest recording studios around, Soundvisionstudios, Arnhem, the Netherlands.

‘Drum clinic HD’ needs (after downloading….) no further internet connection as all the videos are to be found within the app itself, enabling you to watch, listen and study anywhere you like.

For more details, click here http://www.drumclinichd.com/

Drum Clinic HD (AppStore Link) Drum Clinic HD
Developer: G.I. Records (Go Independent Records)
Rated: 4+
Price: $10.99 Download Here

Drum Loops HD

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Not everyone has access to a great session drummer, or can program a half decent drum groove. These guys have come to the rescue with a large collection of drum loops that have been recorded by..wait for it… a real drummer. Worth checking out if your ‘chops’ aren’t up to scratch…

approx. 700 recorded loops and samples to paste into your multitrack app or to play along to for practicing/warming up or fun!

If you are serious about making songs, tracks or music in general on the iPad or iPhone, this is a clear and simple must have! A real drummer on your songs with a smashing sound!

• complete drum loop library for anyone making music on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!!
• copy-paste to your favorite multitracker!
• perfect drummer to play along with endlessly if you want to perfect your timing on any instrument (all grooves loop automatically within the app itself).
• performed, recorded and built (may 2012) only for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Main points of interest:

• many styles in many bpms (check content list).
• two sounds for all loops and fills in every style and tempo (modern and vintage).
• 4/4, 6/8 loops and shuffles, brushes loops, loops in straight time and shuffled time.
• uncut, not time stretched, not chopped but actual high end recordings.
Audio quality: 44.1 khz, 16 bit (cd).
• All loops and fills actually played in all bpms, a living and breathing drummer!

You get 7 styles all based on what is needed to program
a great track, the bpms have been carefully chosen and are commonly used tempi in modern music production. If you need to stretch or compress a loop you will thus always be very close to your desired bpm! All loops fills and hits can be
copied directly to your pasteboard for use in any multitrack app.

Furthermore, all loops have been cut into in eighter 2 or 4 bar
loops and have been recorded simultaniously in two explicitely
different microphone settings; a ‘modern’ (close miking with room ambience) setting of 14 mics and a ‘vintage’ mic setting of in total 5 mics around the set.
This means that you can use different sounds for
verse/chorus/bridge/intro (with fills to glue it together) by eighter using the same loop in different sounds, or using different loops for the respective parts of your song.

A seperate chapter has been included with cymbal hits, cymbal hits with kick, cymbalrolls and endings (big fills) to complete a full drum part played by a real drummer!!

All loops were performed by Hollands first call session drummer, Hans Eijkenaar in the very best of recording studios on offer, Sound Vision Studios in Arnhem. Recorded with state of the art modern and vintage mics.

Drum Loops HD (AppStore Link) Drum Loops HD
Developer: G.I. Records (Go Independent Records)
Rated: 4+
Price: $9.99 Download Here

Synth Arp & Drum Pad

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Synth Arp & Drum Pad is an iPad app with arpeggiator and drum pad that allows you to easily play the internal synthesizer or any connected MIDI device and produce music with phrases having an abundant variety of musical styles.
(The arpeggiator automatically plays the individual notes of a chord in a selected pattern.)

There are 342 arppegiator patterns that can play phrases from all kinds of music genres like dance music, hip-hop, rock, pops, with one finger.

Use Synth Arp & Drum Pad to easily create fabulous phrases and enjoy a performance freely!

* This application is Core MIDI compatible. Wi-Fi communication possible with Yamaha MOTIF XF (body version 1.2 or above) Alternatively, use the MIDI Interface i-MX1 to communicate with all MIDI devices.
* A USB Wi-Fi adaptor, sold separately, is necessary for Wi-Fi communications.

Software Synthesizer
- Choose from 61 high-quality voices from a variety of instruments including 7 drum kits.
- Cutoff, resonance, attack, release, and portamento can be adjusted with the knob control. Setting tonal qualities is easy.
- Reverb, chorus, and variation effects can also be applied individually.

Keyboard Arpeggiator & Scale
- Choose from 342 arpeggio patterns from a variety of instruments.
- Control the swing, note length, octave range, and other characteristics for each arpeggio phrase in real time.
- Select and change the scale being played. That allows you to use Touch Control Function and you can modify the sound by sliding your finger vertically or vibrating your finger horizontally on the Keyboard.
- The velocity can be changed depending by adjusting the strength of the tap on the iPad screen, or use the ribbon controller displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.

Drum Pad
- For each of the 16 drum pads, you can assign 5 notes at a specific velocity which allows you to play chords with one finger as well as multiple percussion instruments.
- Separate notes can be assigned to the left and right sides of a pad along with their velocities for more intricate performances. The velocity can be controlled by the strength of the tap on the iPad screen.
- You can also use the built-in step sequencer of each pad, to easily create a rhythm track.
- The Learn function can be used to easily assign a chord to a pad using the keyboard displayed at the bottom of the screen or using the keyboard of an external MIDI device.
- There are 64 user templates that can be customized and saved.

MIDI Loop Sequencer/Recorder
- Overdubbing enables the blending of various layers of sound in one recording.
- In addition to standard recording, you can also record loops of varying lengths.
- Quantizing and recording speed can be adjusted, and a pre-count can also be set.
- It can be stored up to five songs.

Ribbon Controller
- Use the ribbon controller to change velocity, pitch, and assignable parameters.

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Give you iPad the….Clap Box

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Now you can put the legendary Simmons Clap Trap right in your pocket or backpack! The Clap Trap was an iconic 1980s “Handclap Synthesizer” whose unique sound can be heard across much of early electronica.

Clap Box is a perfect emulation of the original that includes modern enhancements like full Core MIDI support, microphone triggering and BPM matching. Just clap your hands or stomp your feet in real-time to trigger it! Simple, fun and intuitive, Clap Box is a great way to drop some instant retro into your productions.


• Authentic emulation of the original Simmons Clap Trap made with real samples

• Audio Trigger via your device’s built in mic – just clap your hands in realtime to trigger!

• Full MIDI support over WiFi, USB camera connection kit or a dedicated MIDI interface such as IK Multimedia’s iRig MIDI.

• Hi resolution Retina Display graphics

• “Humanize” function creates random variations

• Quick “Tool Tip” pop ups from info button

Some Fun Clap Box Tricks

• Turn AutoTrigger Sensitivity all the way up, turn the volume up and put Clap Box on a hard surface. The vibrations will create a feedback loop. Enable humanize and Auto Speed for more craziness.

• Create all kinds of snare drum sounds using combinations of “Balance” and Crash “Decay”

• Use the MIDI input to sequence fast rolls and electronic sound design effects.

Clap Box (AppStore Link) Clap Box
Developer: Micah Frank
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here
    Designed by Midnight Publishing