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iRig HD - High-quality guitar interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC


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mzl.clbburoo.480x480-75MetroCorder is a precise metronome, a high quality stereo recorder, and a practice timer all rolled into one application. It also includes various tools for managing recordings as well as a nice, intuitive interface.

MetroCorder was created as an easy way to record my children who play an acoustic piano, guitar and violin. Soon the desire to have a simple way for them to control a metronome, record themselves, and manage their practice time materialized. The blending of these three functions became a good fit for an application.


◆ Metronome
◆ Stereo Recorder
◆ Practice Timer

Metronome Features:

◆ Precise metronome.
◆ Tap to set tempo.
◆ Flashes on the beat.
◆ Accent beat sound.
◆ 10 sounds including a human voice.
◆ Time signature editor.
◆ Setting range from 34 to 210 beats per minute.
◆ Large dial with reference tempo markings.
◆ Independent volume control.
◆ Metronome and recorder linking.

Recorder Features:

◆ Reverb with independent level control and 4 presets.
◆ USB microphone/audio input support.
◆ Realtime headphone monitor output.
◆ Independent volume control.
◆ Playback controls including a seek bar.
◆ CAF, M4A and AIFF file formats.
◆ 8 kHz, 22 kHz and 44.1 kHz sampling rates.
◆ Copy and paste to other applications.
◆ Rename recordings.
◆ Email recordings.
◆ Upload recordings to your Dropbox account.
◆ Transfer recordings with iTunes file sharing.

Practice Timer Features:

◆ Set any number of hours and minutes.
◆ Clearly displays the amount of time remaining.
◆ Pause, resume and restart the countdown.


MetroCorder (AppStore Link) MetroCorder
Developer: Lincoln Lydick
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here

Drum On

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Another week, and another drum app makes a splash in the app store. I must have about 20 drum apps on my iPad alone (although I am partial to playing real drums)!

mzl.bantogwz.480x480-75DrumOn is a professional mobile Drum Machine made by Tapgic Technology Limited.

DrumOn is designed for both pro drummers and other musicians. It turns your iPad into an advanced drum pad just like a real electronic drum pad, so you can Jam with your band anywhere just with your iPad.

DrumOn is developed with customized high-fidelity audio playback system and loaded with many great Drum kits and Sounds. All sounds are over 16bit/44.1kHz to 24bit/48kHz PCM quality which are produced in Tapgic Music Studio.

1, Better Operating Experience with the Multi-Touch Gestures disabled in iPad.
2, Better Sound Quality with Headphone or Speaker.

Supported Devices:
iPad1,iPad2, The New iPad,iPad4,iPad Mini

Main Features:
▪Over 16bit/44.1kHz to 24bit/48kHz PCM quality sound bank with maximum polyphony of 32-notes.
▪Each Drum Kit has a individual rhythm Demo playing in loop, you can change the drum kit when you play.
▪Realistic Choke Performance of Pedal Hi-Hat, Closed Hi-Hat and Open Hi-Hat.
▪Real Touch-Velocity let you play like a real instrument, the harder you play, the more dynamics and volume you’ll get.
▪Available to change the drum pad numbers from 8 to 12 or 16 to get bigger area or more sounds as you need.
▪Available to open or close the pad names.
▪Exclusive Function Side-Bars are available to open or close by the top-bar buttons or two-fingers touch gesture.
▪Full control of individual pad’s Level and Pan, each drum kit has a built-in setting and you can change it.
▪Full-featured built-in metronome which is absolutely accurate with the industrial quartz precision.
▪Hight quality effect module for the global output including OVERDRIVE, REVERB, DELAY (iOS6+ ) is fully user-defined. You can also the change the effects order to get different sound effect.
▪Music Player lets you import your music tracks to Jam with, you can change the Volume, Loop and Speed of the music tracks.

Drum On (AppStore Link) Drum On
Developer: Tapgic Technology Limited
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here


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Ok, so this doesn’t shine a patch on GarageBand to name just one, but for the asking price, it’s probably not a bad app to add to your collection..Especially if you cash strapped.

mzl.xzyllaag.480x480-75This is a simulation software of drum,guitar and paino,all in one ,you can learn some simple rhythm by the Teaching function.
Step by step and you will be able to play it in very little time.
Also,you can collocate rhythms for music that you like.
All the tones are sampled from the real environment. Connect with loudspeakers for creating shocking effect
Fantastic sound quality you will get when with the headset.Sound data is conveyed into the hardware sound card directly without any delay.
have built-in metronome

Built-in 2,000 chords at 5 Positions
Major functions of v1.0

* Touch response. Pluck the central place on the screen to make the loudest sound.
* Tone button. Press the strum to simulate the effect of mute string raking.
* Fingerboard Model is used to create melody
* 7 pieces of samples with the distributed functions, available for playing immediately.
* User-defined chords and chord families

Band4U -  Piano Guitar Drums - All in one (AppStore Link) Band4U - Piano Guitar Drums - All in one
Developer: YuSheng Zhang
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

Metronomics HD Metronome

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mzl.qiqbtyrr.480x480-75Meet Metronomics HD, the full-featured practice suite big brother of the popular iPhone metronome Metronomics — the perfect practice tool for beginners, to seasoned professionals needing the most complex rhythmic options. Now available for iPad and OSX.

The Metronomics apps are the only metronomes that give you complete control over how subdivisions are played — use custom subdivisions (such as 5/7), custom samples, preset patterns, random intervals, sequenced grooves, silent measures, or anything else you can think of to help drive your practice routine.

Metronomics HD not only features a beautiful innovative interface optimized for the larger screens, but also a new set of features, including the “Inspector” mode. When activated, the Metronomics Inspector listens to and records your playing (either from a microphone or via MIDI input from the camera connection kit) an graphs it next to the metronome output, showing you how in time you are compared to the metronome. It will also analyze your playing and attempt show you how far away you were from the beat (measurements are precise when using MIDI input and based on audio analysis when using the microphone). With this feature, Metronomics HD moves beyond the normal one-dimensional metronome and becomes an even more useful practice tool, with interactive feedback on your playing. You can also choose to play back or export your practice session to listen back to what you played while watching the visual analysis from Metronomics.

Whether in Inspector mode or not, you have access to over 40 different samples for each subdivision, plus the ability to import your own WAV files to use as custom sample sounds. Use any of these samples for any type of subdivision, including common types like quarter notes or eighth note triplets, sequenced grooves like claves or ride cymbal patterns, or a “custom subdivision,” such as 7/5 or 25/4. Then, save your preferences and have everything synced over iCloud, allowing you to stay in sync with Metronomics HD on OSX if you also practice with your Mac.

– Generate patterns using random or sequenced variations of different subdivisions
– Include preset patterns such as claves (including odd-meter claves)
– Choose any number of beats per measure for your time signature, including mixed meters such as (4 + 3 + 5), where the segments of the bar get accented automatically
– Choose from 40 different included samples, or import your own WAV files
– Use any type of subdivision, including custom numbers (5/7, 13/4, etc)
– Move rhythms to unusual parts of the measure with the “offset feature” — think quarter note triplets, starting on an offbeat
– Sync your saved metronomes and presets between the iOS and OSX versions of Metronomics HD using iCloud
– Email saved metronomes back and forth with other Metronomics users
– “Inspector” feature graphs your playing alongside the Metronome, using microphone or MIDI input
– Play back or export your playing with the metronome
– Swing feel, with customizable swing amounts
– Metronome stays playing while in the background
– Use iOS multitasking remotes to control playback

Find more information, including video samples of Metronomics in action at http://metronomicsapp.com

Metronomics HD Metronome (AppStore Link) Metronomics HD Metronome
Developer: John Nastos
Rated: 4+
Price: $7.99 Download Here


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mzl.lbygybor.480x480-75All you need to do is import your favorite music from iPod music library, various audio files, etc., and tap the pad!
According to your preference, you can use S4-Pad in many ways such as the following:
– Making sound effects
– Using as drum pads
– Using as an acoustic device in stage

– Available 256-patterns audio files (16 pads x 16 banks. For iPhone and iPod Touch: 9 pads x 9 banks = 81 patterns)
– This app allows you to make backup/restore 256-patterns audio files up to the limit of your storage device.
– Each pad allows you to…
>select three patterns of Play mode
>trim the position to play
>set loop mode
>set fade-in, fade-out (Only when loop mode is invalid)
>set volume and pan
>set Mute Group
– You can import various audio files from iPod music library and iTunes. In addition, you can import audio files from AudioPaste into pad.

– Each effect
>Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Low Pass Filter, Varispeed

– Others
>CoreMIDI is supported(MIDI in only)
>Supported background playback.

S4-Pad (AppStore Link) S4-Pad
Developer: Sobal Corporation
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here

Drums by Asrodot

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mzl.txrctuhj.480x480-75Ask a drummer or a percussionist what a wooden coffee table sounds like. He or she will reply that every inch of the table sounds differently. Some parts of the table will sound somewhat like a bass drum. Other parts of the table will sound more like a rimshot. Parts in-between will sound like a mixture of both.

A drummer or a percussionist placed behind a wooden coffee table will soon discover many different sounds the table has to offer and use it to create stunning rhythms. Much to the joy of the drummer/percussionist, and possibly to the annoyance of the other people sitting at the table. The table metaphor has been used in the creation of Drums by Asrodot. Using the real estate of the iPad screen it has been made sure that every pixel sounds just a little bit different, which makes drumming on the iPad come to life. Want to create drumrolls with subtle accents every third note? Now you can.

This does not mean that Drums by Asrodot sounds like a coffee-table. The app comes loaded with six drum kits tailored for various styles of music.


– Expressive: Quick and responsive action. Every pixel sounds just a little different.

– 6 Drum Kits: Cajón, Xylophone, Jazz, IDM, Drum&Bass 1 + 2.

– Distortion: Increase gain to add a tube-like distortion that can dramatically change the sound.

– Delay Module: With tweakable time, feedback and mix settings.

– Customizable: Designed for both right-handed and left-handed drummers

Drums by Asrodot (AppStore Link) Drums by Asrodot
Developer: Arno VAN GOCH
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here


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alesis_dm_dock_pro_kitCumberland, R.I. (January 24, 2013) – Alesis, the world’s fastest-growing electronic drum brand, announces the DM Dock Kit and the DM7X Kit, two innovative new electronic drum sets. Alesis will exhibit the DM Dock Kit and the DM7X Kit at Booth 6700 at the 2013 NAMM show, January 24-27 in Anaheim, California.

The DM Dock Kit is a six-drum, four-cymbal drum set based around the DM Dock, a revolutionary drum module for iPad unveiled by Alesis in 2012. The set features four toms, a snare, the Alesis StealthKick drum trigger, a hi-hat, two crash cymbals with choke, and a three-zone ride cymbal with choke. The DM Dock Kit’s rugged steel rack is instantly adjustable with hinged quick-release clamps holding the drum pads and integrated cymbal arms that are easily converted in seconds from boom-style to straight.

Building upon the widely acclaimed design of the Alesis iO Dock, the DM Dock drum module harnesses the power of iPad for drummers, giving them a stage-ready device with 13 professional trigger inputs and balanced ¼” stereo main outputs. Thanks to the WiFi, Bluetooth®, AirPlay®, and 3G wireless connectivity of iPad, the DM Dock empowers drummers to change and enhance their sound library at a moment’s notice. With a compatible app, drummers can download new drums, cymbals, even a complete kit to suit any musical style or venue. Alesis will exhibit the DM Dock Kit along with DM Touch, a percussion app specifically designed by Alesis for the DM Dock. The app allows drummers to create new kits in seconds by simply dragging and dropping drum icons onto a virtual drum kit.

“The power and flexibility of the DM Dock Kit can hardly be overstated,” said David Gill, Alesis Engineering Manager. “We encourage any drummer to come by the booth and try it out; the DM Touch app is the easiest way to customize and experiment with different drum sounds and configurations. Drummers have never had this easy of a workflow, and the DM Dock Kit itself is bulletproof!”

Alesis will also exhibit the DM7X Kit, a premium six-piece electronic drum set. With its ultra-quiet rubber drum and cymbal pads, the DM7X Kit is ideal for professional drummers who want an electronic kit for quiet practice or for electronic percussionists looking to upgrade to a higher-quality kit with a professional module. The DM7X Kit features four 8” dual-zone toms, an 8” dual-zone snare, the Alesis StealthKick 2 compact drum trigger, a 10” hi-hat, a 10” crash cymbal with choke, and a 10” ride cymbal. The DM7X module is the newest module from Alesis and comes with 385 drum and percussion sounds arranged into 40 vintage and modern kits.

iPad and AirPlay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG.

For more details – http://www.alesis.com/percussion

Groovy Beats

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mzl.tjzfzxfj.480x480-75Groovy Beats is a fun way to create beautiful music when you have time to kill. Waiting in line? On the train? These are perfect times for trying out your creative genius! Use a range of instruments, tap out a pattern and listen how they sound together. It is like having an orchestra of your own to experiment with.

The idea is based on some original research on how music can be “seen” and how children can use patterns to make music. But the effect is amazing on both adults and children! It is a great way to introduce children to use their creativity in music, it teaches the fun of experimenting and at the same time helps with their visualization skills development – since effectively they are thinking of the effect of the pattern they are creating. It is equally fun for adults to play with it and find their hidden talent with music.

You just have to play with it once to know!

And to bring your genius to people the app comes with the ability to share with the world. There is a space to see what other people are creating, like them and follow them. Or you can just share with your friends on Facebook.


– 10 instruments to select from (including chords)
– Unlimited number of use of the instruments in different tunes
– Solo/Mute to play and perfect tune by tune
– Unlimited play by ability to extend the board
– Volume control for each tune and instrument
– Share with people
– Rate and get rated

Create music with patterns - Groovy Beats (AppStore Link) Create music with patterns - Groovy Beats
Developer: TapMafia LLC
Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here


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mzl.dqxyeykg.480x480-75Make your own Beats Electro, House, Hiphop, Minimal, Dubstep, Nujazz … and share a Jam with friends.
Loop-based music sequencer specially designed for playing live, it is associated with an innovative and powerful randomization tool.
WEJAAM allows you to take great pleasure in making music without being a musician.

It’s very simple to make a beat, just select from the Djaam library or you also can pick up from the World Jaam community the only think you have to do it’s to create you beat using the hit editor, add sound, delete sound that’s so easy…

Give you access to a 5 pads controllers instead than knob in this way you will control simple your feeling with your finger on the screen, we also record your live session.

WEJAAM’s complete mastering system in a single integrated app includes Limiter, Reverb, Delay, Flanger, Equalizer, Chorus, Distortion.
​Based on feedback and requests gathered from mastering professionals, Wejaam advanced includes exclusive controls and features.

Random your imagination
With this exclusive features you can easily have access to one million of possibilities, during your live performance run and tap to the random bar to bring up a new pattern idea.

share your jam head to head with friends it’s an unforgettable music experience.

Ready to go now ?
Make your own song within minutes and sound like a pro just record your live and create the best traxx ever. Then upload the song and share your mix all around the world.

• Sequencer 6 patterns of 32 notes.
• 6-channel instrument (synthesizer or sampler).
• 1 parametric Filter by channel.
• 2 effect sends per channel (Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Overdrive).
• 3-band equalizer.
• Output limiter.
• Export recordings and programs with iTunes.
• Bluetooth Synchronization allows you to play with another person and have the same audio output on each device.

Check http://www.wejaam.com for all the details

Developer: Dan Armandy
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

Pocket Beats

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mzl.cexmmcwa.480x480-75Pocket Beats is the #1 easiest beat maker in the world for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Powered by our proprietary mobile-optimized Dream Audio Engine, you’ll be simply amazed at the beat-making power right at your fingertips.

To use, just tap on the grid of squares and hit play. That’s it–no massive menu system, no complicated controls, just a dead simple way to make crazy, off-the-charts beats. No musical background necessary!

Export raw .wav loops to use in almost any other music app, and you can also export sick beats for ringtones. Pocket Beats is the perfect companion for the 21st Century Digital DJ–just plug it into the PA and drop a massive beat.

Made by MIT and MIT Media Lab graduates with sounds designed by a Berklee alum, Pocket Beats is the funnest, easiest, and most powerful way to make beats.


✔ Tempo control
✔ Rapid-fire drum sequencer
✔ 2 FX pads
✔ Multiple drum kits available
✔ Multiple genres available: hip hop, glitch, IDM, industrial, electro
✔ Export ringtones
✔ Export .wav files
✔ Universal app – works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
✔ FREE to start
✔ Even more features and sounds coming soon!

Pocket Beats Drum Machine (AppStore Link) Pocket Beats Drum Machine
Developer: Dream Engine Interactive, Inc.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here
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