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BIAS Pedal

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screen480x480For over half a century, distortion has defined the sound of Rock ‘n’ Roll. From the first fuzz stompboxes to the latest high performance distortion racks – that unmistakable sound of an overdriven electric guitar has conquered millions generation after generation. With this heritage in mind, BIAS Pedal reinvents distortion in a whole new way, changing the way musicians perform, record, and create on the guitar.

BIAS Pedal uses the same logic of our revolutionary BIAS Amp designer, allowing you to virtually create your own distortion, overdrive, fuzz and booster pedal from circuit guts to the transistors. It’s seamlessly integrated with BIAS FX, now you can add your custom distortion to your BIAS FX pedalboard.

Design your dream pedal
For the first time ever, you can easily design and modify your custom distortion pedal at the most detailed level – from the input volume, to the distortion stages and gain control, to pre and post EQ and much more. You can even change the pedal’s virtual guts as they would do with a real life analog distortion pedal, like modifying their boost pedal’s germanium transistor or tweak their fuzz pedal’s silicon transistor. For the utmost ease of use, BIAS Pedal comes with 17 factory presets, from blues to rock, to alternative and metal, to everything in between.

BIAS FX Integration
You can easily open your custom distortion pedal into BIAS FX’s dual signal effects and rack chains and dual BIAS Amps for a whole new level of tone creation. Now stunning distortion pedals can be used in the same signal chain as amp match profiles as boosters, distortion, or fuzz pedals for live or studio use. And with its cross platform design, BIAS Pedal can be synced all across Mac, Windows and iOS devices for instant use access.

– The most accurate, thorough and versatile pedal modeling software available in the world.
– 17 component-level emulation of distortion, overdrive, fuzz and booster pedals included with the introductory release.
– Tone Match Technology captures any distortion pedals or recorded track and creates a matched model.
– Fully customizable clipping stage, output stage, power stage, parametric EQ, graphic EQ and studio EQ.
– Seamless integration with BIAS FX,create and add custom distortion to dual signal path.
– Customize the look and feel of your own pedal; change the name, box, panel and knobs.
– Works the way guitarists think: tweak gain and overdrive, swap out silicon and germanium transistor, and shape the tone with different equalizers
– Included noise gate and amp room simulator
– Create a virtually unlimited number of custom pedals
– Quick preset facility recalls each of your 8 favorite settings in turn with just one mouse click
– Coming soon: Share and download Tone Matched pedals created by signature artists and your fellow guitarists on ToneCloud.

BIAS Pedal (AppStore Link) BIAS Pedal
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

BIAS FX gets New Studio Racks Pack

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2015-08-19 23.47.32Positive Grid (www.positivegrid.com), today announced the new Studio Racks Pack for the already popular BIAS FX iPad amp-and-effects processor. Now BIAS FX iPad users will find five of the most sought-after studio racks including new professional modules based on the LA2A® Compressor, PSA-1® Preamp, Manley® EQ, Echoplex® and Dual Spring Reverb. The new racks can be integrated with BIAS Amp models, run into two different signal chains, and share and download on ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s tone sharing platform. The new BIAS FX Studio Racks Pack is available now as in-app purchase.

Professional Boutique Compression

The new effect racks in BIAS FX includes a professional studio compressor based on the  Teletronix® LA-2A® studio compressor. It’s considered one of the finest compressors in many circles and it provides warmth and transparent all tube circuit compressor effect. It’s great to use as preamp module to drive more gain, or as a rack unit for tube compression.

Studio-Ready Preamp and EQ

The Studio Rack Pack also includes a drive preamp based on the Sansamp® PSA-1 preamp, this rack provides a full range of control parameters for your drive channel, you can dial in from a mellow blues lead to a punchy hard rock power chord. We also included a studio EQ based on the Manley® Massive Passive EQ, this boutique studio EQ contains 2 adjustable individual channel and each has 3 band EQ to shape the tone.

Powerful Delay And Reverb Racks

BIAS FX iPad users can now find the classic delay echoplex based on the famous Echoplex® tape delay unit, first made in 1959. the Echoplex set a standard for the effect in the 1960s—it is still regarded as “the standard by which everything else is measured.” Also included is an analog sounding dual spring reverb, based on the RCM-2R® Dual Spring Tube Reverb. It uses 2 tube simulated channel to provide warmth and wide range of analog spring reverb, adding much juice to your tone and make it swirl and rich.

For more details click here – http://www.positivegrid.com/2015/08/introducing-new-studio-racks-pack/

BIAS FX (AppStore Link) BIAS FX
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+
Price: $29.99 Download Here

Tone Room

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screen480x480 (4)VOX Tone Room iOS edition is an application that allows you to edit various parameters of the VOX products from your iPhone/iPad, and allows you to manage your programs and transmit/receive them with your computer. The edits that you make are immediately sent to the VOX products so that you can check the sounds as you edit them. Since VOX Tone Room can graphically display many parameters at once, all the capabilities of the VOX products can be handled more easily. VOX Tone Room is also useful as a librarian for managing all your sounds and settings.

Tone Room 1.0.0 support “VOX modeling guitar amplifier VX II”

To use this software with your VX II, you need a USB cable to connect with computer, and you need an Apple genuine USB camera adapter to use this software with an Apple iOS device.

Tone Room (AppStore Link) Tone Room
Developer: Vox Amplifications LTD.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

New pedal packs for BIAS FX iPad

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unnamedPositive Grid (www.positivegrid.com), expands the already popular BIAS FX iPad amp-and-effects processor with three new fully fledged effects expansion packs: Essential Analog, Classic Effects, and Effect Powerhouse. With this update, BIAS FX iPad users will be able to add some of the most sought-after guitar effects and stompboxes in the industry, add them into BIAS FX’s dual signal chain, integrate them with BIAS Amp models, and share and download their custom pedalboards on ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s tone sharing platform. The new BIAS FX Expansion Packs are available now as in-app purchase.

Essential Analog Pack

This collection of greatest hits from guitar-pedal history gives users ten time-proven effects: three different overdrives, four modulation pedals, analog delay and a noise gate. Effects models are based on the ISP Technologies® Decimator G, Keeley® 4 knobs compressor, Klon® Centaur, Electro Harmonix® Big Muff, Fulltone® OCD v4, Voodoo Lab® Micro Vibe, Demeter® Tremulator Tremolo, Electro Harmonix® Small Clone Chorus, MXR® EVH117 Flanger Pedal and the Boss® Dm-3 Analog Delay.

Classic Effects Pack

Emulations of ten rare pedals from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80 lather your guitar tone with vintage cream. Included are two vintage overdrives, four classic modulation effects and hard-to-find delay, booster, compressor and noise gate pedals. Effects models are based on the MXR® Noise Filter, BBE® Opto Stomp, Vox® v810 valve tone, Marshall® ShredMaster, Mu-Tron® Mutron III Envelope Filter, Univox® Uni-Vibe, Moog® Moogerfooger MF-103 Phaser, Boss® CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and the Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man Delay Pedal.

Effect Powerhouse Pack                                                                                      

Positive Grid rounded up the very best boutique pedals from several guitar-effects categories and rolled them into one dynamite collection. Nine pedals—a booster, fuzz, overdrive, pitch shifter, octaver, ring modulator, phaser, reverse delay and reverb—catapult your tone beyond the ordinary to create ear-grabbing tracks that demand attention. Step into the spotlight with these best-of-breed guitar effects. Effect models are based on the TC Electronic® Spark Booster Guitar Pedal, Zvex® Fuzz Factory, Bogner® Ecstasy Blue Overdrive Pedal, Digitech® Whammy 4, Electro-Harmonix® POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator Pedal, Moog® Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator, BK Butler® Tube Driver, MU-TRON® Phasor II, DigiTech® Supernatural Ambient Stereo Reverb Pedal.

BIAS FX Expansion packs are available for $9.99 each as in-app purchase on the BIAS FX store.

Further Information: www.positivegrid.com

BIAS FX (AppStore Link) BIAS FX
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+
Price: $29.99 Download Here

Jam Maestro

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screen480x480 (10)Jam Maestro – guitar tab sequencer

Jam Maestro is a powerful music composition tool for musicians interested in making guitar-centric music.

Sequence up to 16 instruments together, including Guitar, Bass and Drums, and compose songs in guitar/drum tab format.

Midi sequence and play background apps in your compositions using the Midi and Inter-App Audio instrument types.

Easily construct harmonies and see the relationship between notes thanks to a unique interface. Instantly share tab ideas with friends and bandmates via Dropbox. Playback with highly realistic samples. Export tabs to PDF/TXT and render tabs to wav/m4a format.

Full version features:
– 5 Instrument types: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Midi, Inter-App Audio.
– Inter-App Audio Host and Node support.
– Connect up to 4x Inter-App Audio Effects.
– Effects: Reverb, Delay, EQ, Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Tremolo.
– Full Midi In/Out compatibility
– Midi Sequencing
– Export/Import Midi files
– Export tab to PDF/TXT file
– Create your own Drum Kits.
– Audiobus 2.0 support, including State Saving that captures tab information (share your songs in Audiobus presets!)
– AudioCopy support.

• Load up to 16 instruments, all midi in compatible.
• 5 Instrument Types: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Midi, Inter-App Audio
• Realistic sound, OVER 4000+ (painstakingly) recorded samples.
• Full guitar fretboard (22 frets).
• Palm muted equivalents for every guitar note for that heavy CHUG sound.
• Any custom guitar tuning in the range of Standard to Drop C possible (in most cases alternative tunings have been fully resampled for most realistic sound). Even wider ranging tunings now possible.
• One-touch Chords allow you to forget tricky finger position (+ define up to 25 of your own).
• Unique interface allows dynamic key changing as you play.
• Use guitar fretboard or drum pads as a midi controller to play background apps/midi devices.
• iPad version ‘Dual Mode’ allows you to play 2 instruments simultaneously, including 2 separate midi compatible apps/devices.

• Use own samples or background midi app sounds.
• Up to 20 pads, each which can be assigned with 2 sounds for cut off (eg. Open and Closed Hi-Hat).
• All custom kits fully compatible with internal sequencer
• Drum Kits using local samples are fully Midi In compatible.
• Create Interfaces for background midi drum apps and sequence using internal sequencer.
• Easily import and export your custom drum kits and share with others.

All Soundpacks now come unlocked in the Full Version.
• Guitar: Acoustic, Metalcore, Shimmer, Stoner Doom, Bright Clean, Epic lead.
• Bass: Studio Tone, Blacklisted, Hazzard.
• Drum: Metal Drums, Rock Drums. Metal Drums Pro, Rock Drums Pro, Power Drums, Punk Drums, Vintage Drums, Jazz Drums, Vinyl Drums, Bongos, Tabla, Drum Machine 808, Industrial, Atmosphere, Percussion Kit, Timpani

• Guitar/Bass/Drum Tab Sequencer.
• Midi Sequencer
• Intuitive interface – program in notes just by touching them, rather than messing around with a numpad.
• Play in almost any time signature.
• Key analysis tools.
• Jam Mode means you can record all instruments to tab simultaneously as you jam over your backing instruments.
• Tempo/Repeat/Mixer/Panning Control.

• Save tabs in .jam format – export via iTunes or straight to Dropbox to share with friends/bandmates instantly.
• Share tabs as PDF/TXT file.
• Export tabs as midi file.
• Render tabs as wav/m4a files.
• Audiobus 2.0 Support
• AudioCopy Support

Note: iPhone 4s or higher recommended. Some users experience problems with iPhone 4.

Mini Review – BIAS FX

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positive-grid-bias-fx-pedalsAdding to Positive Grid’s growing collection of stellar apps aimed at guitarists, comes what fans may call a natural evolution of their guitar amp simulator offerings, but none the less, it once again raises the bar on what can now be done with just a trusty guitar in one hand and an iPad in the other.

Released just a few days ago, BIAS FX, is a one-stop-shop for creating your own customised, signature virtual guitar rigs to die for. It includes a dozen amps, more than 2 dozen effect pedals, and for the first time, a handful of professional rack processors, and heaps more. Some of these features have been available in varying degrees across Positive Grid’s previous offerings. Jamup Pro – with its combination of amp heads and stomp boxes, then followed by BIAS with its near surgically precise customisation of tweakable amp head settings.

What the new BIAS FX iPad app does is consolidate many of those features into Positive Grid’s now familiar user-friendly interface for both editing and performance scenarios, while introducing some much wanted new features as well.

Arguably the app’s best sound-worthy new addition includes the dual signal ability, adding the option for a second amp head for an even chunkier/fatter/ballsier/sweeter sound as both amps run in parallel. You can also control the mix of those two amp outputs. Think of it as the equivalent of having your guitar running through two separate guitar stack simultaneously.

BIAS FX doesn’t offer the same option to tear the back off the amp head and tweak the amp’s inner workings, like its predecessor, however if you happen to also own the original BIAS app, you will have the option to slickly switch between the two apps and have that same customisation options, enabling you to still fondle with every last setting of your amp’s pre and post amps, transformer, tone stack and more.

As the name suggests, the new BIAS FX, focuses on delivering a performance environment, where your amp and stomp boxes are right at your finger tips. Any given performance  settings allows you to pick an amp head, and then string any number offer effects pedals before or after the amp, including noise gates, boosters, overdrive, distortion, fuzz, equalizers, tremolo, phaser, flanger, chorus, octaver, compressors, delays and spring and plate reverbs. It’s like JampUp Pro on steroids! Introducing the handful of new studio FX processors adds an extra level of quality for recording options too.

Saved patches can be viewed in either the pedalboard view, which I’d say work best in the home/studio environment, and then there is the familiar Live View mode which appeared in JamUp Pro, and is ideal for those guitarists waiting to use this app live on stage, thanks to its simple user interface.

Of course,  Positive Grid has continued their cloud-based community feature in BIAS FX, enabling users to both upload and download unique guitar rig settings. So whether you’re struggling to come up with a decent sound, or want to share your killer rig with the world, this social-friendly feature is a fantastic option that sets this apart from any other app.

MIDI Learn is something also worth noting, and for those with all the right gear, you will appreciate the added support for this hardware feature.

Last and by no means least, Positive Grid is going down the cross-platform path with BIAS FX, so later this year expect a PC and Mac version BIAS FX, in the form of a plug in for DAWs. So iOS users can expect an even bigger community, as this app goes cross-platform and the users base grows even bigger.

I must confess, I’m not a seasoned guitarist, but a hack drummer and well-oiled professional studio engineer, so I got a good friend (and excellent guitarist) over to test drive BIAS FX, where we recently spent a rainy weekend going through many of the sounds, patches, and unique features of BIAS FX and he came away suitably blown away with the features, while I can commend the impressive sound quality Positive Grid have delivered with their latest offering.

Yes, to get the utmost out of BIAS FX, you probably should also own BIAS, but it is not essential. The new app itself still offers  great sounding amps, ample collection of stomp box effects, and unique cloud-based features. And if that’s all you need, bravo, you’re set! What are you waiting for?

Here’s a rundown on the Key Features –

– Extremely intuitive operation
– Unrivalled, component-level simulation, analog-like sound quality
– 12 classic BIAS amps, import any amp models from BIAS AMP
– 25 high-quality effect pedals with brand new sound-processing algorithms
– 5 ultra-professional rack processors that sound like high-end analog gear
– Full integration with BIAS AMP gives you unprecedented control over designing your own fully customized amps
– Dual signal path and dual amp processing
– Brand new splitter switches between and combines dual signal paths, adjusting the level and frequency range for each path to give you more tone-shaping possibilities
– Live View mode lets you recall any preset with a single tap and toggle on/off any single effect or category of effects
– Pedalboard View shows all the effects and amps in the currently loaded preset at once
– Global Settings optimizes BIAS FX’s output to sound the best in any environment—including sending to a mixer, amp head or combo or stack power amp—by letting you EQ and selectively deactivate the app’s preamp, tone stack, power amp and cab separately for each destination.
– Full MIDI compatible

Grab all the latest details on BIAS FX here – http://www.positivegrid.com/bias-fx

BIAS FX (AppStore Link) BIAS FX
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+
Price: $29.99 Download Here

jgEffects – unique effects

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screen640x640 (1)Unique effector app for guitar named “jgEffects” is now on AppStore !
6 distinct types of effector help to escape from humdrum guitar sounds.
supported audio interfaces are iRig, TASCAM iXZ.
the app supports “Inter-App Audio” which works together with GarageBand that kind of apps.

++ about Effectors ++
You have a choice between three different effectors and use concurrently with them.

The contents of the effectors are as follows.
note : some effectors are in-App purchase item. we have plans adding new effectors in the future.

Crazed Fuzz
a featured effector. Fuzz which is characterized by overflow oscillation.
controls:CRAZE, VOLUME

Auto Revolving Wah
a featured effector. it automatically rotates filter that makes wah-wah sounds.
controls:DEEP, SPEED, TYPE

Harmonic bot
a featured effector. it changes tone color like a robotic sounds. it’s also awesome for vocalist.
controls:DEPTH, RATE, MIX

Dry Dryve
Over-Drive which is characterized by dryly harmonic tone.

Noize Gate
it is a noise-reduction effect.

we provide standard Delay effector.

jgEffects - Multi Effects Pedals (AppStore Link) jgEffects - Multi Effects Pedals
Developer: JUMPEI GOTO
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

Positive Grid apps On Sales

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ipadsSan Diego, CA (Feb 12, 2015) — Positive Grid (www.positivegrid.com) today announced deep discounts for its mobile and desktop products to celebrate this year’s Presidents Day. Starting this Thursday Feb 12 until next week, JamUp, BIAS and Final Touch iOS apps are now just $4.99, a hugely discounted price from the original $19.99. Both BIAS Desktop and BIAS Professional plug-ins for Mac/PC are now $25 off. The offers are available worldwide.

JAMUP, BIAS and Final Touch

Transform your iOS into a complete guitar studio! The popular iOS apps JamUp Guitar Multi-Effects, BIAS Amp Designer, and Final Touch Audio Post Production offers the most complete and professional solution for mobile recording: create breath-taking custom amplifiers with BIAS; add stunning vintage and modern effects with JamUp Pro; and when you are done recording, polish your final mixes with Final Touch. All right in your iOS at a greatly reduced price!

In addition, users can get 50% OFF for JamUp Expansion Packs via in-app purchases, offering the best price of the year for more than 40 different JamUp vintage and modern amps plus 50 studio quality effects.

BIAS Desktop

Instead of providing a fixed number of amp models, BIAS Desktop (AAX/RTAS/AU/VST) represents an entirely new concept: Using its simple and intuitive interface, you can design your own amp models, use Amp Matching Technology to capture the sound of any tube or solid-state amplifier, and share and download amp models from ToneCloud.

The Presidents Day Sales are immediately available on Positive Grid’s website, on the iTunes App Store and as in-app purchase on the JamUp and BIAS Store.

For more details, visit www.positivegrid.com or follow the company via Twitter (@PositiveGrid) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/positivegrid).

Related images: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x950b0ztf4o97n7/ipads.jpg?dl=0

About Positive Grid: Based in California, with satellite operations in Germany, Italy and Taiwan, Positive Grid focuses on delivering superior and highly creative mobile music experiences. Since 2008, the company has designed and developed a core technology base and is currently expanding it to various applications. Positive Grid’s best-known product range, featuring the JamUp multi-effects guitar app and interface, is now distributed in over 60 countries around the world.

BIAS Amp (AppStore Link) BIAS Amp
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+
Price: $9.99 Download Here

Million Licks

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screen480x480 (15)Are you ready for an amazing breakthrough in Guitar Lick Technology?

What if someone told you they could easily teach you how to play 100 consistent, structured awesome sounding blues/rock licks? How about a 1000 or 10,000, but why stop there? This insane ground-breaking app can show you a virtually unlimited number of licks, way beyond 1,000,000+ licks! Pick a key, tempo and a backing track – then run the blues-inspired random lick generator to see the app play endless variations. Hear something you like? Save it to the library or tweak it first. Everything you save can be called up later to be practiced at slower (or faster) tempos or in different keys. Want to build something from scratch? Easy! Just pick from the list of licks and experiment away.

How do they do that?

Million Licks is based on the knowledge that so many great solos are created from back to back 8-beat (2 measure) phrases, and that the building blocks of these larger phrases are small 1 and 2 beat improvisational ideas. We take some of the best classic guitar lick ideas from the blues and rock shuffle world, teach them to you, and then show you how to spontaneously recombine permutate and modify them in any order to ultimately create your own original phrases and licks. Mark has composed dozens of 8-beat licks that are included with the app beyond the millions possible! And even more, Million Licks is designed and built to be upgraded, so new licks will be available periodically.

What goes into making a great solo?

Million Licks is a radical departure from learning a phrase by rote and then moving on because it actually shows you the finer details of what goes into a well crafted phrase, demonstrates hows these phrases are connected, and teaches you how to create variations within that phrase. Why? Because the really great improvisers know how to take a good idea and construct variations built upon spontaneously recombining their smaller pre-learned bits to create larger ones as well as morphing into new ones. And of course they’re doing all this while executing clear, concise, longer articulate phrases which have a definitive beginning and end.

When soloing are you randomly running notes across the neck, and every once in awhile playing something you think might have sounded pretty cool? It happens! The problem is when you have no idea what you just did, why it worked, and even worse how to duplicate it. If you’re like most guitarists first starting to improvise your solos probably seem to have little or no form and you feel like you’re just rambling.

Open your ears and fingers to the endless possibilities!


– Tablature for all licks in all keys
– Ability to slow down, speed up to desired tempo; ability to loop
– Several professionally-recorded backing tracks to chose from
– Virtually unlimited number of licks musically created for you
– Dozens of Mark’s pre-crafted licks
– Ability to compose or modify any licks
– Ability to save you own library of licks
– Several backing tracks to choose from

Million Licks (AppStore Link) Million Licks
Developer: Dave Chura
Rated: 4+
Price: $9.99 Download Here

electric guitar professional

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screen640x640this is a special professional application that simulates the electric guitar musical instrument
this app is completely different with other apps and i promise that you won’t see any app like this with real sound , effects and easy to use

the app specifics are :
– has up to 24 pop / rock rhythm styles
– has 12 accords that are used in this type of music
– has the special vibration and pitch effects that makes this app real
– has 3 different tunes for 3 types of pop / rock
– has ability to change the rhythm speed
– transpose ability from -20 to +20 percents
– real sound that is made in professional studio
– 6 voice pads that has sound such as Scream.. OH… Applause… YEAH… voices
– pitch ability to pitch the notes during the playing

electric guitar professional (AppStore Link) electric guitar professional
Developer: masih vahida
Rated: 4+
Price: $14.99 Download Here
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