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iRig HD - High-quality guitar interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

ToneStack GO

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screen480x480 (1)ToneStack GO is the ultimate in signal processing: with the largest variety of amps & FX, the latest advancements in modeling technology, and an unbelievably powerful yet simple interface – it simply shreds all the other guys. 

Right away, enjoy a classic amp & cab, and 7 meticulously designed FX. Expand to a total of 24 amps & cabs, and 71 FX – the largest collection on iOS. 

Thanks to ToneStack GO’s state-of-the-art “Virtual Circuit” technology, each ToneStack GO unit is the digital mirror image of a real analog topology. Unlike other FX apps that try to copycat with EQing and other gimmicks, ToneStack GO recreates the intricate designs of the real thing. The result is a warm, responsive tone with the natural behavior you find in analog units. 

Amazing Selection of Pro Amps & FX 

ToneStack GO offers a huge range of amps, cabs & FX: sizzling tube amps, iconic stompboxes, pro-grade rack units, and high-end reverbs make ToneStack GO the most complete plugin suite on the iOS. 

ToneStack GO also brings many powerful guitar FX to the iOS for the first time: polyphonic octaver, harmonizer, realistic spring reverbs, virtual-reel tape delays are just a few examples.

The Most Versatile Signal Chain on iOS 

Why be limited with just 4 or 8 FX that other guys max you out at? ToneStack GO lets you run a whopping 64 amps & effects simultaneously* so you can let your imagination run wild. 

For even more power, ToneStack GO includes a unique ABY unit not found in other FX apps. Split your signal anywhere: run dual amp setups, switch or blend FX chains, or multiplex your signal via frequency splitting – countless permutations, all up to you. 

You can match any amp with any cab (all cabs have 3 mics with distance & position settings); you can insert any unit anywhere – even between amps and cabs like a true FX loop. Managing your signal chain is as easy as dragging and dropping an icon! 

All the Pro Features of iOS 

Enjoy the full power of the platform’s top MIDI and Preset systems. MIDI learn is super-intuitive thanks to ToneStack GO’s interface: all the amp & FX controls are MIDI-programmable. Effortlessly create UNLIMITED banks and presets – share them at the touch of a button. ToneStack GO is an Inter-App Audio effect, and works in any Audiobus slot. 


• “Virtual Circuit” amp & FX modeling technology 
• Units modeled after real-life topologies 
• ABY: split signal anywhere, use dual amp setups, blend, pan or switch FX chains & more 
• Complete collection: 24 amps & cabs, 71 FX, with stompboxes & rack-units and more! 
• 64 simultaneous amps & FX* 
• Independent amps & cabs 
• 3 mics per cab w/ distance & position setting 
• 8-Track recorder w/ 2 tracks free 
• Tapedeck w/ punch looping, sample-accurate rec, pitch/time manipulation, FX send & more
• Tuner w/ permanent & fullscreen modes 
• Metronome, tap tempo, settable time signature 
• BPM sync mods & LFOs 
• onSTAGE mode w/ quick preset load & FX toggle 
• Unlimited banks & presets; easy preset sharing & more 
• Extremely powerful MIDI: control any amp or FX parameter 
• Easy MIDI Learn 
• MIDI prog changes + bank & preset up/down 
• Audiobus: input, FX, output, state-saving 
• Inter-App Audio FX 
• Audio copy/paste, email, WiFi, iTunes sharing 
• And a lot more! 

ToneStack GO (AppStore Link) ToneStack GO
Developer: Yonac Inc.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here


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screen480x480Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, VITALtuner™ is simply the best way to tune your instrument. Why? Keep reading and we promise to not disappoint.

• Limited time Offer – 20% off! Download now and get all features for one low price with absolutely no hidden in-app purchases.
• Brought to you by Otreus, the makers of acclaimed hit app StudioMini®.

• Just bought your first mandolin and don’t have the slightest idea how to tune it?
• About to go onstage and perform Beethoven’s Violin Concerto?
• Want to down-tune your guitar and play along with Jimi?
• In the studio and the producer is asking for an alternate banjo tuning?
• Interested in exploring an obscure temperament for your harpsichord?

With VITALtuner the above scenarios are covered with ease. And there is so much more you can do.

VITALtuner was designed from inception for unsurpassed professional quality tuning accuracy that you can use seamlessly in any musical setting. A truly universal tuner for all instruments with a custom tuning engine designed from the ground up to cover a massive range of pitches. From a low C extension on a double bass to a high C on a piccolo, you’re covered.

4 unique modes custom designed to cover any musical settings you may find yourself in, regardless of your skill level.
• Advanced Mode. Unmatched tuning accuracy with a virtual needle that has been perfected for fluid movement and intuitive tuning. 
• Easy Mode. Great for beginners, it offers extra help tuning. Virtual LEDs provide steadier movement for effortless and quick tuning.
• Stage Mode. Same feel and accuracy as Advanced Mode, but designed to be viewed from a distance. Always clearly visible, on a music stand or across the stage.
• Stage-Bright Mode. Designed for outdoor use when direct sunlight makes screens hard to see.

• Temperaments & ‘Sweeter’ Tunings. 100 thoroughly researched historical and contemporary temperaments, along with ‘Sweeter’ tunings refined for specific instruments. Create and save custom temperaments.
• Tunings. 130 standard and alternate tunings spanning 40 instruments included. Target Pitches display guides you to your notes.
• Concert A Calibration. Set concert pitch with 3 decimal point accuracy (e.g. A4=441.234)
• Pitches. Play highly accurate tuning reference pitches using familiar keyboard layout. A4 & Temperament settings adjust pitches accordingly.
• Concert Pitch Notation. See detected pitch displayed in standard music notation.
• Decibel Meter & Peak Meter.
• Custom high precision tuning engine available only with VITALtuner. Accuracy and pitch detection on par with piano technician tuners worth thousands for dollars.

VITALtuner is a Universal app supporting all iPhone, iPad, iPad mini & iPod touch devices on iOS 7 and higher.

VITALtuner™ (AppStore Link) VITALtuner™
Developer: Otreus Inc.
Rated: 4+
Price: $4.99 Download Here


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about-mock (1)ConoTune is a tuner application. You can check whether your instrument’s pitch is correct or incorrect with this application. In addition you can see wave line of your instrument’s sound.

——- Functions ——-

- Tuner
With tuner function, you can check whether your instrument’s pitch is correct or incorrect.
Well designed analog interface is available.

- Metronome
You can use metronome with tuner function.

- Wave View
You can see wave line of your instrument’s sound, also the spectrum of sound.

- Landscape View
Landscape view is supported. With landscape view, you can use Tuner easier on your music stand.

ConoTune (AppStore Link) ConoTune
Developer: conol, Inc.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

BIAS gets Expansion Packs

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Insane Power AmpPositive Grid (www.positivegrid.com) expands the popular custom amp modeler with three new dedicated expansion packs: Glassy, Crunch, and Insane. Guitarists and bassists will now be able to add further customization to their BIAS preamp, power amp, and cabinet modules by tone styles: from glassy clean tone, to classic british crunch, to insanely saturated distortion.

BIAS includes 36 of the most sought-after vintage and modern amps in rock ‘n’ roll history as a starting point for user customization. Now, along with the new Glassy, Crunch, and Insane packs, BIAS also includes a new easy-to-use 8-band EQ with the purchase of any pack, as well as a new BIAS store and better JamUp integration –another Positive Grid app consisting of several multi effect stompboxes-. As always, user can share it with other musicians on Positive Grid’s proprietary social network, ToneCloud.

Reaction From The Pros

Major recording and performing artists test drive BIAS with overall positive feedback about it’s endless amp customization capabilities.

“BIAS is an amazing amp creation app; being able to extensively modify any head ‘virtually’ and achieve these kinds of tones is incredible! Who would have ever thought you could turn your iPad into a monster guitar amp!” – Glen Drover, legendary former guitarist for Megadeth, King Diamond, and Testament.

“BIAS is the best option in quick studio and on tour recordings. It’s the best virtual amp you’ll find anywhere in this world and dimension.” – Charlie Parra, YouTube sensation with over 50 million views.

“BIAS is the best amp modeling app I have ever played. It’s really musical and I feel like I’m playing with a real tube amp.” – Jack Thammarat, fusion guitar virtuoso and 2009 Guitar Idol winner.

BIAS retails for $19.99; new Glassy, Crunch, and Insane Packs retail for $9.99 each. All are immediately available for download at the iTunes App Store. The app requires an iPad 2 or newer to operate.

For more details, visit www.postivegrid.com or follow the company via Twitter (@PositiveGrid) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/positivegrid).

Related videos

BIAS – Glassy Expansion Pack – http://youtu.be/dTX3NNrX9Xg

BIAS – Crunch Expansion Pack – http://youtu.be/_QPMX-O0Ysg

BIAS – Insane Expansion Pack – http://youtu.be/68-koaki2DE

BIAS - Guitar Amp Designer and Modeler (AppStore Link) BIAS - Guitar Amp Designer and Modeler
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+
Price: $19.99 Download Here

BIAS - Guitar Amp Designer and Modeler for iPhone (AppStore Link) BIAS - Guitar Amp Designer and Modeler for iPhone
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+
Price: $19.99 Download Here

StompBox Band

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StompBox Band – Dual Effect Racks for your iPad, specifically designed for Bands on a Budget and Guitarists who require a dual rack setup. 

You can use StompBox Band Edition to provide two separate effect racks for different band members and output either a mix or separate outputs to your amps. 

You can even pass a single guitar through both effect chains and morph between the two depending on how loud you play! 

Band Edition also has a built in Chord Explorer and Song Mode, allowing you to save commonly used patches and chords to song files. Use the Chord Explorer to audition your patches whilst making modifications. 

screen480x480 (1)StompBox Band supports AudioBus and Apple’s Inter-App Audio making it an excellent general purpose audio processing tool for all musicians, not just guitarists. 

Simply listen through a pair of headphones, or attach external amplification to truly experience the program in all its glory! 

StompBox and StompBox Free Owners can quickly and easily share their In-Apps Purchases with StompBox Band, no need to buy them twice. 

Guitar and Bass Multi FX Processor 
Process 2 Effect Racks at the same time 
Dual Channel Mode (Dynamic Switching) 
18 Unique Effects available 
Chain upto 12 Simultaneous Effects 
Media Player with Time Stretching 
4 Track Loop Recorder (In-App Purchase) 
Metronome/Chromatic Tuner 
Supports Audio Multi-Channel Interfaces 
Save 12 banks of 6 patches 
Virtual Foot Controller 
Virtual Whammy Pedal 
Tap Tempo 
Compatible with range of hardware interfaces 
3 Unique Skins 
Programmable MIDI Control 
Chord Explorer 
Song Mode 

StompBox Band (AppStore Link) StompBox Band
Developer: Limelight Software
Rated: 4+
Price: $21.99 Download Here

AmpliTube Orange

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screen480x480 (5)Turn your iPad® into the ultimate mobile Orange guitar/bass multi-FX processor and recording studio! Use the iRig HD, iRig or iRig STOMP interface to connect your guitar to your iPad, and use iRig MIDI to control AmpliTube with your floor controller. 

AmpliTube Orange was developed with careful guidance from the tone gurus at Orange to ensure the authenticity of the sound. Derived from the award-winning desktop recording studio version, AmpliTube Orange for iPad lets you choose from 6 Orange amp models and 3 stompbox models. 

AmpliTube Orange for iPad is now Audiobus compatible, meaning it can be opened inside the Audiobus app (a 3rd-party app that requires a separate purchase) and connected to other compatible apps, opening up many more creative options. 

The built-in Speed Trainer is a robust practice tool that lets you import audio and change tempo without affecting pitch. Load songs, backing tracks or loops from the Music library on your device, or from a computer, and play along. Slow down material (-50%) to learn complex riffs, or speed up material (+200%) to enhance your playing skills.

As a multi-FX processor for guitar, bass or any instrument, you can build your Orange rig with 4 simultaneous stompbox effects that go into an amp head, speaker cabinet and mic. Each element has full and separate controls for ultimate ‘tweak-ability’. 

AmpliTube Orange is also a recording and production studio with a built-in single-track recorder with re-amping ability, which you can expand to a full-featured 8-track recorder with master section via in-app purchase. The new AutoFreeze feature lets you add separate effects chains to each track and tweak them later, if desired. A new 2-measure preroll feature makes it much easier to come in on time when recording.

Capture ideas quickly and share your work by exporting high-quality audio files or M4As. Record your band or produce full songs directly in AmpliTube Orange.

AmpliTube Orange for iPad features:

- Real-time guitar and bass mobile + recording app
- Full rig with 4 simultaneous stompboxes + amp with effects + cabinet + mic
- Inter-App Audio support (available on iOS 7 only)
- Audiobus compatible: works in any of the 3 Audiobus “slots”
- 4 stompbox models — Highway Drive, The Shaker, Echo Trip (by registering), and Noise filter
- 6 Orange amps with matching Cabinets — OR50™, Rockerverb 50™, Thunderverb 200™, Tiny Terror™, AD 30™, AD 200 Bass MK3™
- Dynamic + condenser mic models
- Ultra-realistic tones derived from the AmpliTube Orange™ Mac/PC software
- Single track recorder (with re-amping and preroll) expandable to 8-track studio with master effects through in-app purchase
- AutoFreeze allows for separate, tweakable effects per track on the multitrack recorder 
- Import songs/backing tracks directly from your Music library on your device or from your computer
- Export via E-mail, SoundCloud, FTP or File Sharing
- NO VOICE feature removes the lead vocal or guitar solo from imported songs
- Change the tempo (-50% to +200%) of imported songs without affecting their pitch
- Digital audio in/out 
- MIDI controllable 
- Powerful preset system
- Includes tuner and metronome
- Low-latency for real time playing
- Can be incorporated into AmpliTube 3 for iPad app via in-app purchase

More details at – www.amplitube.com/orangeipad

AmpliTube Orange for iPad (AppStore Link) AmpliTube Orange for iPad
Developer: IK Multimedia US, LLC
Rated: 4+
Price: $14.99 Download Here

Flying Haggis – Guitar Amp

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screen480x480 (3)Put the fun back in your playing with Flying Haggis – the distinctive guitar amp for discerning guitarists.

Simply plug in your guitar via any iOS compatible interface (eg IK Multimedia iRig, Apogee Jam) and start playing. Or, connect via Audiobus for additional multi-fx possibilities!

Flying Haggis is an all-original amp design with great tones, a nice selection of vintage fx, and a no nonsense interface with all the pick-up-and-play appeal of real hardware. There are no complex menus or screens to navigate. There are no in-app purchases or advertising to distract you. Just start up the app, plug in your guitar, and play.

Don’t take our word for it – visit our website to hear examples of Flying Haggis in action!

With a realistic vintage tone stack, multi-stage preamp, 6 speaker cabinets and 4 mic positions, you can quickly dial in a massive range of amp tones. The vintage style stompboxes (drawn from db audioware’s extensive fx library) and stereo reverb complete your sound.

Audiobus compatibility lets you record Flying Haggis output directly into any compatible app, or process your synths or drums using Flying Haggis as an Audiobus effect.

Flying Haggis can also be controlled from any iOS compatible MIDI device. This lets you easily switch presets and manually control any amp parameter from real knobs or sliders.

For mor details check here – http://www.db-audioware.com/flying-haggis

Flying Haggis - Guitar Amp (AppStore Link) Flying Haggis - Guitar Amp
Developer: db audioware ltd
Rated: 4+
Price: $6.99 Download Here

BIAS for iPhone

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unnamedIt’s only been a few months since Positive Grid unleashed its impressive guitar amp modeler and designer iPad app, BIAS, to the world of strummers and shredders. And now you can carry the mighty power of the app around in your back (or front) pocket, thanks to the launch of the iPhone and iPod Touch version.

Any fears of this being a ‘lite’ version of the iPad app can be removed as the iPhone version offers access to every single feature found in the original. Due to the difference in screen sizes, some changes have been made to the user interface to accommodate the host of options, menus and settings, but that’s about where the differences end.

The iPhone version, looks the same, sounds as good (if not better), and if that’s not enough, it is half the price of the original.

You have the access to the same 36 authentic amp models, spread across different musical genres, from clean and blues, through to crunch and metal, and then some amps designed for bass and acoustic guitars as well.

However the real magic happens when you go virtually ‘inside’ any given amp head, where almost unlimited customisation and tweaking of the preamp, EQ, poweramp, transformer, cabinet type, and more are at your fingertips.

You get the same icing on the cake, with cross compatibility with Positive Grid’s Jamup Pro app, enabling you to switch seamlessly between the two apps for even more functionality. Plus access to the pioneering Tone Cloud feature, which is incorporated into the app, offering access to an online community of users who share their unique amps freely, and can leave comments for each other.

For guitarist always on the go, this is definitely the app to own. While you may not always have your iPad handy, your iPhone is usually never far away should the amp modelling mode suddenly strike you!

Read on for the full details –


BIAS is an Amp Designer, Modeler and Processor. It’s warm, accurate and more versatile than any other modeler, processor in hardware or software ever created.

BIAS starts with stunning replications of 36 of the most sought-after vintage and modern amps in rock ‘n’ roll history and then lets you customize them to respond perfectly to your unique touch and feel. Swap out the tubes, preamp, transformer, tone stacks, cab and mic—even change the tube’s bias—to create your dream amp and distinctive signature sound. Tap once to open your BIAS amp in JamUp and add awesome multi-effects.

Close your eyes, and you’ll swear you’re hearing the real thing. With BIAS, you own a complete virtual collection of the most coveted and unique guitar amps of all time—some dating as far back as the 1940s. Every amp model is meticulously engineered to respond to your playing with immediacy, sensitivity and realism that make you not only sound better but also play better. And BIAS sounds great on bass guitar, too.

But BIAS doesn’t stop there. Create totally new sounds by designing your custom dream amp. It’s as easy as tap and drag. Using BIAS’ highly intuitive and lightning-fast interface, it’s child’s play to instantly swap out colorful tube preamps, lush distortion circuits, classic tone stacks, boutique power stages, custom-built transformers and cabs loaded with specially matched speakers. The result is a depth and range of tones not possible using traditional guitar amps or other modelers. Whether you’re a classic rocker, metalhead, jazz player, bluesman or singer-songwriter—and whether you understand how amplifier electronics work or not—you’ll be dialing in killer, exclusive tones in a heartbeat.

BIAS integrates seamlessly with Positive Grid’s free JamUp XT and optional JamUp Pro XT guitar multi-effects apps, expanding BIAS into a powerful and completely unified professional guitar system for live use, recording and jamming. Simply tap the JamUp icon on BIAS’ upper bar to open your current BIAS amp setup directly in either JamUp XT or JamUp Pro XT. JamUp XT adds 1 amp and 6 effects to your BIAS rigs. JamUp Pro XT adds fully 6 amps and 16 stomp-box and premium rack effects – including distortion, compression, tape delay, tremolo and spring reverb. Both JamUp XT and JamUp Pro XT include Jam player, 8-track recorder and phrase sampler, tuner and metronome, effectively turning BIAS into a recording studio and top-of-the-line practice utility.

BIAS works with GarageBand and other audio apps using iOS 7’s Inter-App Audio and Audiobus. Whether recording, songwriting, or honing your chops—at home or on the road—BIAS places unequaled tone at your fingertips.

• The most complete, accurate, and versatile amp modeling available in the world
• 36 amp models included with the introductory release
• Factory categories organize amps by music genre and sonic impact: clean, blues, twang, crunch, metal, acoustic and bass
• Fully customizable preamps, tone stacks, power amps, transformers, cabinets and mic selection and placement—mix and match!
• Customize the look and feel of your own amp panel, change name, tolex, panel and knobs.
• Works the way guitarists think: tweak gain and overdrive, swap out tubes and transformers, change the cabinet and mic position, and shape the tone with different tone stacks and two 8-band equalizers
• Included noise gate and room simulator
• Create a virtually unlimited number of custom amps
• Quick preset to recall each of your 8 favorite settings in turn with just one tap
• Seamless integration with JamUp XT and JamUp Pro XT, open and save your amp models inside JamUp with one tap
• Works with GarageBand and other audio apps via Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.
• Designed for iOS 7, requires iPhone 4S, iPos touch 5th gen or newer

Head to www.positivegrid.com for the latest on BIAS

BIAS - Guitar Amp Designer and Modeler for iPhone (AppStore Link) BIAS - Guitar Amp Designer and Modeler for iPhone
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+
Price: $19.99 Download Here

BT-2/BT-4 Bluetooth MIDI Foot Controllers

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YAN&YH_-_Pedal_2_copyPositive Grid, maker of the leading mobile guitar apps BIAS and JamUp, proudly announce the release of two amazingly robust, fully-programmable Bluetooth MIDI foot controllers with I/O features for iPhone, iPad and Mac: the BT-2 and BT-4 foot controllers. Guitarists, bassists, pianists, vocalists and music producers will now have hands-free control over their iOS and Mac apps using either a two- or four-button wireless foot controller designed to provide total freedom and reliable operation in any live performance, studio recording or rehearsal situation.


“Mobile devices have changed the landscape and brought new possibilities to many working musicians,” said Jaime Ruchman, Marketing Manager at Positive Grid, “and they’ve been asking for a foot controller that is extremely solid and easy to use and which provides a live-ready solution. The BT foot controllers are the answers for that.”


Hands-free solution

Users of JamUp, BIAS and virtually all other MIDI-supported apps will be able to switch any parameter in the way they need without connecting cables: Guitarists can change stomp box effects in real time, bassists can smoothly switch their volume, and vocalists can quickly turn sheet music on a screen. The BT foot controllers allow JamUp users to virtually stomp on JamUp’s live screen and switch between dozens of studio-grade amp and stompbox effects — all hands-free. They also allow them to control Jam Player’s iTunes song-playback functions, trigger various sampler recording and dubbing options, and even control the built-in metronome and tap out the tempo — all without the need to touch the device screen.


How it works

Positive Grid’s BT-2 and BT-4 foot controllers are MIDI foot controllers based on Bluetooth 4.0 technology. They allow users to assign MIDI messages to the controllers by using an iOS app that edits the assignments. Each and every MIDI-compatible iOS app supports a standard communication protocol that enables them to be controlled wirelessly. These apps can be from the Positive Grid family of products – JamUp XT and JamUp Pro XT — or any other MIDI-compatible app or desktop software such as GarageBand, OnSong, Auria and so forth. Both BT pedals can be expanded by adding an expression pedal or footswitch using a ¼-inch phone-type jack, allowing musicians to control rotary functions like whammy and wah effects, keyboard sustain, amp gain and volume, EQ and more.


Superior and unique design

The option of having two differently sized Bluetooth controllers allows musicians to choose between a 4-button controller set for full wireless performance when recording and performing or a convenient, ultra-portable 2-button controller set for backstage use and day-to-day rehearsing. Both controllers are designed to fit in a backpack or even a laptop bag, and with its solid metal structure — this is unique in this product category — both controllers will withstand any live performance demands even in the most extreme situations. Independent LEDs are also included for each of the controllers’ footswitches, making visual monitoring easily visible under any lighting conditions, including dark stages.



Technical specs


B2 two-button set                           B4 four-button set

  • Connection:                                       Bluetooth 4.0                                     Bluetooth 4.0
  • Buttons:                                               DPDT switch x 2                                DPDT switch x 4
  • Guitar input:                                      None                                                     ¼-inch phone type x 1
  • Output:                                                None                                                     L: mono ¼-inch phone type x 1
  • Headphone output:                        None                                                     R: stereo 1/8” phone type x 1
  • Expression pedal support:           ¼-inch phone type x 1                   ¼-inch phone type x 1
  • iOS audio connection:                    None                                                     1/8-inch phone type x 1
  • Battery:                                                AA battery x 2                                   AA battery x 2
  • Size:                                                       160 mm x 100 mm x 35 mm          280 mm x 100 mm x 37 mm
  • MIDI messages:                                Control Change                                 Control Change

Program Change                              Program Change

Bank Change                                   Bank Change


Positive Grid’s new Bluetooth foot controllers retail for $99.99 (BT-4 four-button set) and $79.99 (BT-2 two-button set) and will be available in Spring 2014.

For more details head here – http://www.positivegrid.com/bt4/

Mini Review : BIAS

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BIAS_1_HomeBIAS is a brand new app from Positive Grid, the creators of the JamUp Pro series of guitar amp apps and the JamUp Plug audio interface for guitars.

Building on the already richly featured Jam Up apps which include a range of mix and matchable virtual guitar amp heads, speaker cabinets, and effects pedals (not to mention multitrack recording and jamming modes as well), comes Positive Grids grounding breaking new iOS app, BIAS, which takes guitar amp modelling to a whole new level of customisation and possibilities. Not only can you personalise the external look of each amp, but more importantly, you can tweak a wide range of tonal settings inside the amp in a way that hasn’t be possible until now.

If you’ve played around with any guitar amp apps in the past, you’ll be instantly familiar with BIAS’ main home screen. In the centre of the screen is the selected amp head, below this are some signal I/O settings and user defined presets, and at the top of the screen are nine categories or styles of sounds, each with four factory presets. The styles range from clean and glassy, to blues, crunch, plus there’s a group of settings for acoustic and bass guitars as well.

Pulling up any one of these 36 different amps, you have the familiar options of shaping your guitar sound by adjusting the EQ, gain, presence and master controls on the front of the amp.

Where BIAS treads new ground, is by allowing you to go virtually inside the selected amp head and tweak an unprecedented amount of tonal settings, from the preamp and power amp stages to the tone stack and even the type of power transformer.

One of the much talked about feature of BIAS’ deep customisation is the ability to switch between various tubes, which affect the gain and harmonic tone of the amp, just like they do on real guitar amps.

BIAS_1_PreampThe preamp stage features, 12AX7, 12AT7, and 12AU7 tubes, which can be customised in two groups of pairs. The tubes have their own gain, distortion, and hi/low frequency cut controls, plus you can adjust the number of tube stages, and there are pre and post EQ stage for even further tone shaping. And last but not least, you can alter the amount of harmonics, by adjusting the bias from hot to cold. For those a little overwhelmed by the number of possible settings, or just not sure where to even start, there are a handful of factory presets to get you up and running. And naturally you’re able to save and recall any customised settings you manage to come up with of your own.

Moving left of the preamp, is the tone stack stage. Here you’ll find a collection of more than a dozen styles of EQ, which have been inspired by classic eras in music history, from early 50’s tweed amps, and the British invasion sound of the late 50s, through to the unmistakable tones of bands like Van Halen and ACDC. And just like with the preamp, you can tweak any of these existing presets to come up with you own sounds, and save these for later use.

Then to the left of the tone stack, is arguably the most crucial stage, the power amp. This also has switchable tubes, including 6L6GB, 6V6GT, EL84, and EL34. Here you can also choose the way the power amp processes the signal, whether it’s a single ended, split load, push pull or even solid state type of amp. Other controls include the usual distortion, gain, tonal adjustments, and again the bias can be set between hot and cold.

The other key aspect of tonal customisation involves the transformer stage. There are three transformer types, which are identified simply as British, American, and fat style, each offering slight tonal differences. The other main option in this stage is the choose between solid state or tube rectifier, with GZ34 and 5Y3GT tubes to pick from. You can adjust the compression of the signal here as well. And as with all the amp and tone stack stages, here there are a few presets to get you started, and you can save and recall any of your own personal settings.

BIAS_5_CabThere’s also a cabinet section, featuring twenty different boxes with varying speaker arrays, from single 12s, up to 8 x 10s. Here you can also choose the exact mic placement in front of the grill, as well as using either a Shure SM57, or AKG C414.

The final tonal adjustment you can make, is the option of two eight band EQs that can be literally dropped anywhere along the signal path in between any of the aforementioned amps, transformer, tone stack, and cabinet. Whether you need these or not after all the tone shaping already on tap, it’s still nice to have them available anyway.

Of course, what’s a killer sounding guitar amp you’ve just created, without an equally unique look to go with it? So head to the custom panel area where you can name your amp, and customise the grillcloth, panel, the knobs and even use a photo as a background.

There are two other key features of BIAS that are sure to secure its success.

The first, and not so unexpected feature being, that any amp you create in BIAS can be opened up and instantly ready to use in Positive Grid’s free JamUp XT or JamUp Pro XT guitar multi-effects apps. A JamUp icon is present at the top of the screen at all times in BIAS, so at any time you can fire up your customised amp by tapping the icon, thereby giving you access to all of recording and jamming features of JamUp, with your newly customised amp.

The second, and more surprising new feature that BIAS offers is called ToneCloud. This social sharing platform is build right into the app, and is designed to let users not only share their custom creations with others simply by uploading them, but also lets you download unlimited new virtual amps created by others from all over the world. And it’s a free service.

Users are invited to preview one another’s uploaded presets before deciding to download them, plus you can leave comments and ‘like’ a particular sound. Presets are filed into familiar genres, plus there is a ‘latest’ and ‘popular’ section, which is determined by the amount of ‘likes’ a preset gets from users. You can even share a patch on Facebook.

BIAS_9_JAMUP_IntegrationToneCloud is ideal for those still new to BIAS and are keen to build an instant library of great sounds, as well as seasoned amp modelling gurus, who just want to showcase what they have come up with.

But getting back to the roots of this app, BIAS really is an amp tweakers dream come true. Until I’d seen it first hand for myself, I wouldn’t have even considered this depth of virtual amp customisation was possible on iOS, let alone incredibly intuitive for end users to play with. Positive Grid has raised the bar with BIAS, by putting true power and untapped creativity in the hands of guitarists for the first time. Don’t let the initial daunting 30 minutes you first spend with BIAS put you off. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or even just getting into playing electric guitar for the first time, this is one tool worth having in your musical arsenal.

For the latest info on BIAS, check the official site – http://www.positivegrid.com/bias/

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