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GarageBand iOS gets its MIDI on!

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Obviously the entire world is well aware of the new iPad due for launch next week!  Some of the other news Apple parted with during the unveiling this week, included an update of some of its own iPad apps, namely GarageBand.

OK, so it’s not a massive overhaul by any means, though the ‘free’ update does add some welcome features, including MIDI note editing which is one of the single most requested feature from users, which now allows the tinkering with performances once they’ve been recorded.  Other additions include a new Touch Instrument called Smart Strings, which brings the sound of string sections to the one finger players! Another new features is the sync’d jam session option which allows up to 4 people with iPads to play along while the tempo, key and chords of the ‘Smart’ will all stay in beat and tune….Finally, there is now iCloud support and new social network sharing options to let your music be more easily heard by the masses.

Like most app updates, this is free for existing owners of GarageBand.

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The first guitar social network! Tune your guitar, and when it is ready, record your favorite riffs and share them with the world.

Play your favorite versions of Eric Clapton or Carlos Santana, share with the world your guitar skills and become a new riffer.

Follow other riffers, value their music, make comments or just look around to find new tunes.

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Guitar Loops

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An easy to use looper station with slick design and great low latency audio engine.
Designed from guitarists for guitarists.

Record your guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or any other music line and play the new line on top of the recorded to evolve your music.
You can use your iRig, GuitarJack, Peavey AmpKit LiNK, Apogee Jam or any other similar device to connect your guitar for ultimate experience.

Perfect companion to create great solos over your awesome lead guitar riffs.


– Set BPM, BEATS, COUNT-IN seconds, number of LOOPS
– Set METRONOME SIGNATURE – 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
– INPUT and OUTPUT gain level
– TRIM your recording
– very accurate waveform

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BEHRINGER Launches iAxe Guitar

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The iAxe is much more than an electronic controller or user interface for the iPad; which sits snugly inside the body of the guitar. Designed around an open eco-system of apps, the iAxe Guitar is based on BEHRINGER’s concept of “progressive discovery” to unlock the joy and fun of making music without the frustration that many beginner’s experience. Bridging the gap between games such as Guitar Hero and a real guitar, the iAxe is the perfect entry point for aspiring guitarists.
iAxe ships with a range of free apps, allowing a user to start playing right out of the box; learn to play the guitar, add percussion, bass tracks and even build and control a whole band. “Air Guitar” mode allows anyone to play classic songs with skill, while “On Stage” can trigger other instruments and let you play your own complex composition live. A second dock located on the headstock area allows the player to read music or lyrics from an iPod or iPhone while playing.
As a classically trained pianist who’s played on stage with some of the world’s best guitarists (such as Lee Ritenour) company founder and CEO Uli Behringer is listed as the patent’s Inventor and has been the key driving force behind the product’s development. “With the iAxe Guitar, I wanted to make a product that introduces everyone to the lifelong pleasure of making music by not only providing instant musical gratification but to also guide and grow the musician’s talent toward becoming a sophisticated guitar player. The iAxe Guitar uses the power of a tablet computer and the creativity of our partner developers to become a truly open platform for musical expression,” stated Uli Behringer.

Keep up to date on the details at – http://www.behringer.com/EN/Home.aspx


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Get ready to shred like never before with GUITAR APPRENTICE from ION.

GUITAR APPRENTICE is a full-scale, electric-guitar-style controller that transforms iPad into an amazing guitar-learning experience. Simply place your iPad into GUITAR APPRENTICE’s fitted holder, open the GUITAR APPRENTICE app, and you’re ready to go. GUITAR APPRENTICE can be played anywhere as it requires no cables or external connections. GUITAR APPRENTICE’s strings can be strummed together or plucked individually, and its 14 fretboard-fret buttons mean you can easily play thousands of songs.

Learn guitar faster than ever before: Using the GUITAR APPRENTICE app, you can follow the lighted LED’s on GUITAR APPRENTICE’s neck and become a skilled guitarist in no time. The GUITAR APPRENTICE app even includes built-in effects, so you can make your GUITAR APPRENTICE sound classic, heavy or just plain outrageous as you mix and match distortion, reverb, flanger, delay effects and more. GUITAR APPRENTICE is Core MIDI and is compatible with dozens of popular iPad apps, including GarageBand®.

Learning guitar on iPad has never been this much fun: GUITAR APPRENTICE from ION.

For more info – http://www.ionaudio.com/products/details/guitarapprentice

HardWire HT-6 FastTune

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Tune your guitar faster than ever with the HT-6 FastTune App. Based on the best-selling HardWire HT-6 Polyohonic Tuner, the HT-6 FastTune allows you to up to six strings at once. One strum and you’re done.
Don’t get stuck plucking each string to tune your guitar, wasting your time you have to play. With the HT-6 FastTune you simple strum your guitar and the app will show you the tuning status of all 6 strings at once. You’ll know which ones are sharp, flat, or perfectly in tune. The easy to read display that has been designed to look like guitar tablature shows you how far out of tune each string is, making it even easier to get back in tune.

The HT-6 FastTune uses both chromatic and polyphonic tuning. This means you can tune your guitar string by string with the chromoatic mode or tune all six strings at once in the polyphonic mode. The HT-6 FastTune app makes it even easier to tune your guitar because it automatically detects what tuning mode you’re using. The HT-6 app seamlessly switches between the two modes without changing the display. The display will show you the tuning status of each string you strum, if that’s just one or even all six. The HT-6 FastTune works like six tuners in one; one for each string.

The HT-6 FastTune app works with acoustic and electric guitars, and bass guitars with up to 6 strings. The app will work using the mic, headphone jack, or 30-pin connector on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to get the most accurate signal for tuning your guitar.

* Single note or full strum tuning capability
* Works with acoustic and electric guitars, 4, 5, 6-string bass guitars
* Works with device mic input, headphone jack, or 30-pin input
* Unified polyphonic and single note display
* Uses familiar guitar tab layout making it easy to read
* Incredible accuracy in both polyphonic and chromatic tuning modes
* Available Tuning Modes (Standard, Drop D, 4-String Bass, 5- String Bass, 6 String Bass)
* Includes Guitar Drop-D Tuning Mode
* Adjustable tuning reference A440, A, A♭, G, G♭ F, E, and 436 Hz to 445 HZ
* Automatic fret detection for tuning with a capo
* Normal and strobe mode-chromatic tuning only

For more information:

Grab HardWire HT-6 FastTune now –


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iRig STOMP is based on the wildly popular AmpliTube iRig interface and is compatible with any iOS guitar/amp/instrument app. For the first time, guitar and bass players can now integrate their favorite iOS signal processing apps into their existing live pedalboard setup for enhanced tone shaping and effects processing.

iRig STOMP Features Summary

  • Compact, durable yet lightweight, aluminum-cast enclosure integrates easily into any traditional pedalboard.
  • Can be used inline with other effects pedals, or directly connected to amplifiers or PA systems using regular ¼” guitar cables with no need for adapters.
  • Allows precise adjustment of the signal for perfect guitar and bass levels with its large input gain knob.
  • Active battery-powered output circuit improves headroom, especially when used with high-gain amplifiers in the AmpliTube app reducing feedback and crosstalk when recording.
  • The bypass switch allows engaging or bypassing the AmpliTube app chain of effects – like a traditional stompbox – for seamless integration into any existing rig.
  • Ultra-compact form-factor can be easily carried on the road.
  • Features a 3.5mm/1/8″ jack for silent practicing with headphones.
  • Includes AmpliTube FREE app and can be used with any other guitar processing app that uses the iOS mini-jack

Pricing and availability

iRig STOMP costs only $59.99/€44.99 (excl. tax) and will be available in early 2nd Quarter of 2012 from electronic and music retailers around the world.

DigiTech Introduces The iStomp

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HARMAN’s DigiTech today announced the introduction of the iStomp pedal, an entirely new concept in guitar stompboxes that allows musicians to program the effect pedal with any sound they want – and change it at any time. Offering almost limitless sonic possibilities, the iStomp connects to an iPod Touch®, iPhone®, or iPad® enabling musicians to load the effect of their choice into the iStomp.

“The iStomp ushers in a new era in effects pedal functionality,” said Rob Urry, vice president, HARMAN Professional Division and general manager of Signal Processing and Amplifier Business Units. “Until now, guitarists and musicians had to buy a separate pedal for each effect they wanted and a separate pedal for different tones of the same effect.  Now, musicians can buy an iStomp and configure an effect exactly the way they want, and later, they can simply download a different tone of that same effect or download an entirely different effect if they want to try something new.”

The iStomp pedal connects to an Apple iOS device using the DigiTech Smart Cable that comes with the iStomp. Once connected, the DigiTech StompShop provides two of the most popular requested effects, the DigiTech Total Recall Delay and the DigiTech Redline Overdrive with the initial purchase. The app also offers access to additional effects that iStomp owners can browse, try out, and purchase for their stompbox. The iStomp pedal has four knobs to control effects parameters, which change their function according to which effect is loaded.

iStomp makes trying out new sounds easier than ever. Instead of having to go to a music store or look for online demos that might have been done with unfamiliar gear, a guitarist can try any pedal in the iStomp online store for free for up to 10 minutes – in their own home, using their own guitar and amp. Approximately 24 pedals will be offered initially, and the selection will expand to include exclusive pedals from DigiTech, officially licensed pedals from other manufacturers and classic legacy DigiTech and DOD products.

Every musician wants to create his or her signature sound, and many buy, sell and trade pedals constantly in their quest for the ultimate tone. With iStomp, users simply pay the cost of a download if they want to get something new. Multiple iStomp pedals can be authorized to the same iTunes account, allowing customers to purchase an effect once from the in-app store, and then load it into any iStomp pedal registered to them. All purchases are saved within the app, making it easy to build up a wide ranging effects collection.

The DigiTech iStomp will begin shipping in January 2012 at $229.95 suggested retail. The iStomp pedal comes with an iOS authorization cable, power supply and the two initial downloads. Additional downloads are available starting at $4.99 each.

For more details, head to http://www.digitech.com

DigiTech Stomp Shop

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DigiTech® Stomp Shop™ is your connection to all the pedals available for the iStomp™ stompbox. Using your iPod touch®, iPhone®, or iPad® you can turn the iStomp in to a completely different pedal with a completely new sound. In about the same time it takes to download a song you can change your iStomp from a distortion to a chorus, a flanger to an overdrive, a delay to a reverb, and more. There are more than 20 different pedals available in the Stomp Shop with many more to come.

** Stomp Shop **
Stomp Shop allows guitar and bass players to load different pedals to the iStomp and try them with their own rig. You can load a new pedal whenever you want. Try it for up to 5 minutes before you buy it. The Stomp Shop app allows players to demo new sounds and new gear without having to make a trip to the store or borrow one from a friend. From the app you can listen to audio demos and learn more about the history of each pedal including which artists made the effects popular. Download new pedals for as little as $4.99.

** My Pedals **
The iStomp includes two free pedals, the Total Recall™ digital delay and Redline™ Overdrive. The first time you connect to a new iStomp pedal you can download an additional DigiTech pedal for only $0.99. Stomp Shop remembers all the pedals you purchase. You can reload the pedals you’ve purchased at any time. The Stomp Shop protects you from misplaced or forgotten pedals as well as from those friends who seem to permanently borrow your gear.

** Custom LED Color **
From the app you can pick a custom color for the 9-dot LED light to associate with any pedal loaded to the iStomp. It is a great way to differentiate your iStomp pedals when they’re on stage or in low light.

** Current Stomp Shop Pedal Selection **
-Redline Overdrive (included)
-Total Recall-digital delay (included)
-Red Compressor
-DOD FX25-Envelope Filter
-Screamer-Tube Distortion
-Amp Driver- Tube Distortion
-Glimmer Drive-Overdrive
-Rock It Distortion
-Rodent-Metal Distortion
-Death Metal
-Face Fuzz
-CE Chorus
-Blue Pearl Chorus
-Jet Flanger
-Flanger Affair
-Phaser Beam
-Opto Tremolo
-DM Delay
-Vintage Tape Delay
-Continuum Reverb
-240 Plate Reverb

** iStomp Stompbox **
iStomp is a single effect stompbox for guitar and bass players. It looks and works like all other stompboxes. Kick the footswitch to turn the effect on and off. Turn the knobs to dial in the perfect sound. What makes the iStomp so incredible is the ability to turn it into any pedal from the DigiTech Stomp Shop. You do not have to have your iPod, iPhone, or iPad connected to the iStomp to use it. You only need to connect your device to the iStomp when you want to load a new pedal to it. All the effect processing is done inside the iStomp using DigiTech’s proprietary AudioDNA2 processor to ensure zero latency as well as provide studio-quality effect processing and sound quality. It uses the same signal processors found in many of the world’s best selling studio equipment and other effect pedals. Check digitech.com to find an authorized online retailer or retailer closest to you.

For more information:

Grab DigiTech Stomp Shop now –

GuitarToolkit 2.0 update

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One of the earliest apps aimed at guitarists, has received a much welcomed update including a handful of twaeked and new features, which are free to upgrade for existing owners. Read on –

What’s new

– Beautifully implemented iPad interface takes full advantage of the power and larger screen of the iPad to deliver an even more incredible GuitarToolkit experience. Free upgrade for existing GuitarToolkit users.

– The GuitarToolkit+ in-app purchase adds interactive Chord Sheets, Custom Instruments, and Advanced Metronome. Advanced Metronome is available now for iPad and coming soon to iPhone and iPod touch.

– Now with arpeggios, in addition to chords and scales. Arpeggios are available for all instruments and tunings; Arpeggio Boxes show playable arpeggios at specific fret positions, ideal for practice.

– Dramatically improved instrument audio for all instruments including multiple acoustic and electric guitars.

– More and better metronome sounds.

– Capo support: apply and slide a capo to any fret: chords, scales and arpeggios automatically adapt!

– Scale Boxes show playable scales at specific fret positions, ideal for practice.

– Scale and Arpeggio Finders: touch notes on the on-screen fretboard and GuitarToolkit identifies matching scales and arpeggios.

– On iPad, jump between scales or arpeggios and matching chords with a single tap.

– Dozens of other improvements.

Grab GuitarToolkit now –

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