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Snippy app for radioheads

Posted by Mikers On August - 11 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

This one might not fall directly into the music making category, but a few of us here have a background in radio, and this app is something we’ve been looking forward to someone developing for a long time. I’m sure it has some live performance applications in a musical line up too…

This is the ultimate tool for anyone wanting to “Snip” music, sound effects or any other audio for quick playback at the push of a button. It’s the perfect solution for radio, podcasting, theatrical performances, sporting events or any other live event where specific snippets of audio are required. Trim your audio file down to specifically play the section you want, it’s always keyed up and ready to go. Your existing audio files are now Snips!


• Import audio from iTunes in individual songs or a complete playlist.

• Import up to 480 audio files.

• Set start and end points for every audio file.

• Set fade rate for individual files or fade audio with the touch of a button.

• Search through your Snipset to find audio Snips or direct access to multiple pages via Quick Click.

• Modify the colour of each button to quickly find certain audio Snips.

• LED indication of playing Snips.

• Notification at the end of the audio Snip ensures you are never left “off air”.

• Ability to pause, stop or fade a Snip with a second tap.

• Ability to loop songs.

• Easily move Snips from one location to another.

• Display album art within Snip details.

• Enable or disable showing artist on Snip Block.

• Create in app playlists with built in continuous play option.

• Create placeholders to allow for Snip separation.

• Export Snip settings to DropBox.

Grab Snipster for iPad now –

Loopseque shows up on the radar

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We haven’t heard of the Casual Underground crew before now, but if this fresh approach to beat making is any indication, we’ll be watching them a lot closer from now on. This iPad loop and beat creation tool not only looks fun for anyone to use, but it offers some powerful features as well. Read on for their description –

Loopseque is an incredibly simple app for creating music. With Loopseque making music is like playing a game. Create beats, switch fast between patterns and arrange compositions. You can access your music instantly and everywhere.

* Designed for fun and improvisation
* Attractive for both newbies and professionals
* Suitable for all ages

* “Big Wheel” mode for easy pattern creation
* “Wheel Matrix” mode for fast switch between patterns
* “Tap” and “Sync” for team play
* Load/Save projects

* At Home: on your own, together with someone or even with the whole family.
* At a Party: it’s fun in any setting. Amuse your friends, make music together.
* On a Trip: on board of a plane, in a car, or on a train.
* On Stage: improvise during live performance, create new beats on the fly.

* 32-step circle sequencer
* 4 channels with 9 patterns per channel
* 14 professinally-designed electonic sample sets
* 5 sample sets for kids
* 11 preinstalled basic music compositions

Loopseque is created by Casual Underground international community which comprises of musicians, developers, designers, artists, journalists and producers.

Casual Underground is a creative laboratory that has been active in various multimedia fields for 10 years: creating music, movies, photography, graphics, hand-made art, ceramics, audiovisual art objects; developing and creating web sites, organizing and hosting events, supporting creative artists, performing experiments on live humans, and breeding Yorkshire terriers.

For more info head to – http://loopseque.com/

Grab Loopseque now –

NanoStudio touches down

Posted by Mikers On July - 22 - 2010 1 COMMENT

The latest music-making gem for the iPhone/iPad has finally arrived by way of Blip Interactive in the UK. We’ve only just got our hands on it for a quick play, so we’re looking forward to exploring the comprehensive sampling, sequencing, synth engine, drum machine, and even a mastering section this app offers. What I think strikes me most about the app is the great look and feel of the user interface, which is clean and informative.  It’s an outstanding first effort from this developer. Stay tuned for our more detailed report….

NanoStudio is a virtual recording studio for iPhone/iPod Touch. It has 4 virtual analogue synths, 16 sample trigger pads, a comprehensive sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer and 10 effects units all integrated into a single application.

NanoStudio is available at a special introductory discount of 25%!

Record samples using the built-in microphone*, resample NanoStudio’s own output or upload your own samples over WiFi using our NanoSync tool for Mac or Windows. NanoStudio comes with a range of samples, loops and drum kits to get you started.

Whether you want to create full pro sounding tunes or simply need a musical sketchpad, NanoStudio can do it all. To hear the results for yourself head on over to our website where you can listen to the demo tunes and download the Mac and Windows versions for free.

* – iPod Touch requires external microphone


4 subtractive synths with 8 voice polyphony. Each synth has two dedicated insert effects and can use samples or dual oscillators in mix, ring or sync configuration (choice of 36 different waveforms). Each voice has a 2 pole resonant filter, 3 envelope generators and 4 LFO’s, all configurable via a patchbay. Perform and record controller movements using dual X/Y pads, a pitch bend wheel and accelerometer. NanoStudio comes with 128 ready-made synth presets to get you started.


Edit your samples using NanoStudio’s built-in wave editing tools (with multiple undo/redo) and record your performance using the synths or the 16 sample trigger pads. Adjust pitch, pan, volume and envelopes and assign each sample to one of the 3 output busses, each with its own effect sends and filter setup.


Record performances in real-time using the keys and trigger pads or create patterns and controller sweeps by drawing them in the piano roll editor. Arrange your patterns into a complete song using the track editor. You can edit while the song is playing and every operation has multiple undo/redo.


Use Nanostudio’s mixer to monitor levels and get your final mix just the way you want it. The mixer’s two global effects sends allow you to individually apply reverb and delay effects to each track. When you’re ready to share your mix with others, use NanoSync to copy the exported .wav file to your Mac/PC over Wifi.

FEATURE SHORTLIST (full specification at www.blipinteractive.co.uk)

* 4x Eden synths, TRG-16 trigger pads, 6 track sequencer, 7 input mixer with two sends
* Insert Effects – 2 per synth (waveshaper, chorus/flanger/delay)
* Send Effects – 2 (reverb, chorus/flanger/delay)
* Total polyphony – 48 stereo 44.1kHz voices, Buffer latency – 10ms
* Highly optimized code for good battery life and no audio stuttering
* Sampling and resampling
* Transfer samples and final mixes to or from your Mac/PC over WiFi
* Sample editor with 4 levels of undo/redo
* Real-time performance and recording with single or dual keyboards, trigger pads, XY controllers and pitch bend wheel
* 128 global synth presets and 64 per-project synth presets
* 16 trigger pads with configurable loop direction, trigger mode, mute groups, volume envelope and much more
* Realtime record with undo
* 6 track song editor with up to 250 parts/patterns
* Pattern editor with up to 500 events per pattern
* Record unique parts or turn them into patterns for repetitive loops (100 patterns supported)
* Draw note and controller events
* Editing functions include delete, merge, copy, move, note length, transpose, clean and quantize
* Controller editing and automation
* Time signatures 2/4 – 7/4
* 4 levels of undo/redo on every song/pattern editing operation
* Built in help

Audio cut and paste and MIDI export are coming in the first update.

Grab the latest on this app from the developer’s site –http://www.blipinteractive.co.uk/index.php

Grab NanoStudio now –

Sound Yeah

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Just saw this over at creativeapplications.net. A new app called for the ipad currently in development by Henry Chu.

Check out the vids, it looks awesome.

soundTable looks tantalising

Posted by Mikers On July - 12 - 2010 2 COMMENTS

I’d like to give this a try, as it ‘sounds’ like a lot of fun. Rather than explain it myself, the developer’s description is far more entertaining!

The SOUND TABLE is the new amazing App to make music by senses:

– LOOK FOR the best loops and the most suitable effects
– GET & MOVE the objects by your fingers
– LISTEN the sounds through headphones or speakers

Easy to use with a clean and simple interface, the SOUND TABLE allows you to make music as never before.

Pump up the volume, there is a party in your hands!


. Move objects, adjust frequency, tempo and amplitude…
. Sync loops with a single tap…
. Link cascade filters…
. Record your sessions and layouts…
. Enjoy!! 🙂

We will move forward based on your feedback!
Just use: soundtable@gluak.com to set the course!

New loops available daily!!

Or just send your own to: soundtable@gluak.com, reporting:
. Tempo
. Genre
. Author – your name
…and we will do the rest!! 🙂

ADD: maybe there is something you should know 🙂
. You can sync loops start/pause by dragging one over another and placing a tap on it.
. If you sync to a playing loop, your playback will change status when the other one crosses the zero – or when you pause it.
. Tap on Tempo control – while in pause – will reset it to 1.0!
. Tap on mixer will pause everything, so, if you will face with a big freezing… maybe you hit the mixer 🙂

We are really happy to share with you new features, improvements and bugs.

For now, thank you!

Not a great deal extra to go on, but here’s the developer’s site – http://sx.gluak.com/st/info

Grab soundTable now –

Aurora sound studio

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If you haven’t checked out the video for Aurora Sound Studio for iphone/ipod touch yet, you must.

It’s an impressive little beast.

And coming soon, Aurora Sound Studio HD for iPad!

Grab Aurora Sound Studio now –

Composing waves…

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WaveComposer is a pocketable studio for professional use where you can create music with flexibility and is offered at low price with a variety of functions, including rhythm machine, sampler, and wave editor functions.

★ An intuitive operating environment is offered. Rhythm machine equipped with 16 step sequencer (12 tracks or less)
★ Nondestructive and backing ground edit of audio data with waveform display
★ Real-time effect (reverse, gain, pitch, and pan) standard equipment that can be used in each track
★ Recording by built-in sampler anywhere
★ Mac/PC forwarding of audio data with built-in HTTP server
★ Pong it, reproduction with manual of sound source, and equipped with drum pad of high-speed response

As it comes with a function that allows you to export audio data, you can create audio loop and share with others on the spot.

It corresponds to all the main forms such as mp3, wav, aiff, alac, aac, and caf.

– Files including characters other than one-byte alphameric characters (eg. Symbols) may not be sent to the application. This application does not support proxy server (communication link with performance over 1Mbps for both sending and receiving is recommended).
– Read-in may not be carried out depending on memory resource you are using. This application does not support m4p format purchased at iTune Store.
– In case you release the audio data of your creation to the public, please be aware of the copyright that belong to the original creator of the audio source.
– We will be upgrading to fix bugs and troubles or add additional functions in the future. As with the terms and conditions provided by App Store, or the original provider, communication carriers, developers or parties concerned shall not be liable for compensation or damages of any kind whatsoever caused as a result of its download and use.


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Just when you thought you’d seen every kind of interface, along comes O-Gawa.

Yudo are no slouches in the music app world, having brought you Matrix Music Pad, 8Bitone, Rectools and Vocoder SV-5 amongst others.

And now they drop O-Gawa for iPad.

What amazes me about all the apps coming out are the innovative interfaces people come up with, and this one is awesome!

Grab O-Gawa now –


Posted by dazz26 On April - 11 - 2010 1 COMMENT

The highly anticipated iHolophone from Amidio is now available in the app store.
iHolophone has a really interesting interface and comes with stacks of sounds.
Here’s what Amidio has to say…

Holophone is a new amazing music instrument for effortless live performing over fully programmable sequencer beats.
Truly futuristic and soulful, iHolophone addresses the two most important aspects of the music – the melody and the rhythm, and is packed with 250 mb of impressive sounds.
No music education is needed to play iHolophone, but even serious musicians will find it fun and useful. Powered by the all-new CrystalClarity 64-bit sound engine, iHolophone takes your creative potential to the max, and the HoloDiscs touch technology lets you explore the sonic horizons of melodies which exist only in your imagination, and remain always in tune.

iHolophone ships with a massive factory set of 40 factory scenes with 160 factory sequencer patterns, and you can easily build your own scenes, choosing from 60 modern instrument sounds, 800 hi-quality percussive and melodic sequencer samples, and 70 background pictures. Coming up with new melodies has never been so quick and easy before – instead of random travelling across pre-defined music scales, this application represents a totally different and fresh approach which finally brings you simple yet total control over your own melodic progressions.

Initially a daring concept, iHolophone is very different from any other music applications. Place your thumbs on the two HoloDiscs and make the magic happen. The rhythms, sounds and harmonies produced by the player blend with the changing screen backgrounds to become more than just music, but a deep atmospheric morphing kind of art that will immerse you into evocative realities.

* No musical skills required to achieve great results.
* The most enjoyable way to make up new melodies from scratch even for serious musicians.
* Premium selection of 60 modern music instruments, powered by the supreme-quality CrystalClarity 64-bit sound engine.
* 40 amazing factory Scenes (Melodic and Beats), demonstrating the power of iHolophone.
* HoloDiscs touch technology allow unprecedented sound control (attack, release, vibrato, volume, portamento) by just changing the finger position inside the HoloDiscs.
* Accelerometer note-bend control and switching between instruments.
* Fully programmable 8-track stereo drum machine/rhythm sequencer with support for triplets and swing.
* 800 stereo sequencer drum, percussion and melodic samples, with 160 demo factory sequencer patterns.
* Adjustable lush stereo reverb and delay effects.
* Advanced functionality: supports Intua Pasteboard, sample pitchshift/timestretch, Twitter/Facebook intergration.

Can’t wait to get my fingers on it!

Grab iholophone now –

Looptastic HD arrives for iPad

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If beat mixing and groove mincing is your thing, then this up-sized version of Looptasic’s family of apps is looking right on the money.

To entice earlier birds,  Sound Trends is running a thank-you special for current Looptastic owners who’ve bought Loop Sets already for the iPhone version. They will be able to download them again for free, plus any ones in the current lineup they’ve missed, except Electro.

Looptastic HD is currently available for the special launch price of $9.99 until Monday April 5th, when it will retail for $19.99

Here’s a run down on the new features –

Looptastic HD, the new large-screen version of Sound Trends’ flagship Looptastic Producer iPhone app, is now available in the iTunes App Store, where Apple is featuring it as a New and Noteworthy iPad app.

The iPad’s larger screen puts all of Looptastic’s realtime performance controls into a single window, making mixing more intuitive and tactile than ever. Now the loop browser, X-Y effects pad, scratch strip, crossfader, and tempo control are always at hand, and the elastic mixer provides fingertip control over 22 loops at once, up from 10 on the iPhone.

The powerful new processor in the iPad expands Looptastic HD’s performance capabilities as well. Mobile musicians can now load 25% more audio loops at once.

To harness that potential, Looptastic HD includes almost every Loop Set in the Sound Trends Loop Store — 900 high-quality audio loops, nearly 80 minutes in total length. Genres include Ambient, Breakbeat, Drum ’n’ Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Minimal, Progressive House, Reggaeton, and Trance. The loops are available via free download from within the app.

Sound Trends President Aaron Higgins says, “Customers who saw the sneak video preview on our site were amazed how much the iPad’s huge new canvas enhances the Looptastic mixing experience. And we’re just getting started. People who step up to Looptastic HD today can expect some fantastic new features soon via free upgrades.”

Looptastic HD Features

  • Widescreen mixer holds 32 loops with 22 on screen; cue up to 26 while the music plays.
  • Free download access for 900 loops — nearly 80 minutes of samples.
  • Nine realtime effects with X-Y touch pad control, including Bit Crusher, Multimode Filtering, Flanger, Delay, and Glitchy Repeater.
  • Automatically time-stretches all loops to fit the master tempo.
  • Triple-zone mixer with crossfader for cues and breakdowns; apply effects to any zone.
  • Unique scratch strip retriggers a loop from anywhere in the waveform.
  • Import original loops and sound bites in AIFF, WAV, or OGG format using an easy Web interface. (Requires a Wi-Fi connection to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer)
  • Capture and export performances to Mac or PC as 16-bit stereo AIFF files.
  • Import audio loops from compatible applications via Sonoma Wireworks AudioPaste.
  • For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s site – http://www.soundtrends.com/apps/looptastic_hd/

    Grab Looptastic HD now –

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