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Beat Shuffler

Posted by Mikers On November - 29 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Beatshuffler is a music app that slices loops and allows you to trigger those slices, always on time. It is a great beat sketching tool where almost everything sounds interesting, since the slice triggering always falls on the beat. At its core, it is inspired by the mlrv app, for the Monome and other grid devices.

It features:
– 6 tracks for loops.
– Ability to import WAV and MP3 files.
– iOS File Sharing import for exchanging files with the app.
– A mixer.
– A master channel with effects.
– A separate channel for each of the tracks, with effects.
– Available effects: Delay and Low Pass Filter.

Among the upcoming features are Audio Clipboard support, to import loops from other apps and an expanded loop library.

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iLift for iPad

Posted by Mikers On November - 20 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

iLift is an app designed to help musicians learn from recordings. Whether you’re learning a fiddle tune, lifting changes for a gig, or playing along with classical performances, this app will help you develop your listening ability. iLift’s interface is simple and intuitive so you don’t have to read a manual and you can spend more time learning.


— Slow down to 50% of original speed and speed up to 150% without losing pitch
— Rewind and Fast Forward like a taperecorder
— Raise and lower key by up to 12 semitones
— Adjust fine tuning for out of tune recordings or instruments
— Loop sections or entire song and save loops
— See waveform of song
— iOS4: Import songs from iPod library or iTunes Drag and Drop
— Import songs from computer via Wi-Fi
— iOS4.2: Stream songs via AirPlay
— View tag and edit tag information within the app
— Add a note to songs
— Support for MP3, Unprotected AAC, AIFF, and WAV files

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Cut-Up Machine

Posted by Mikers On November - 14 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Cut-Up Machine takes your sound recording, cuts it up into pieces and plays them back in random order.

Record your voice and Cut-Up Machine will rearrange your words to make them say something totally different! Record tracks of noise to make beautiful glitchcore soundscapes. Record nature sounds and make your own rainfall machine that isn’t an annoying repeating loop.

You choose the length of the cuts — from three seconds long (several words) down to just a tenth of a second (a fragment of a syllable).

You can get really creative and play two cut-up tracks at the same time for some very cool effects. And if you want more, you can instantly upgrade to four tracks with in-app purchase.

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AmenBreak Generator

Posted by Mikers On November - 11 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Amen break – coming from the late 60’s is one of the most famous drum loops sampled and remixed in hundreds of jungle, drum’n’bass and hiphop records. This six-second clip spawned several entire subcultures and gained massive fame among DJ’s, producers and music fans.

We bring you the Amen Break Generator – a vintage-looking loop player designed for a real-time generating of infinite combinations of this famous break! You can remix the loop with your fingers, use three different randomizing algorithms and add various DSP effects.


* 44.1 khz, 16-bit low-latency audio engine

* beautiful vintage-looking graphics

* 16 buttons for manual tempo-synced triggering of the break

* 3 different randomization algorithms for automatic remixing

* single slice freezer and loop reverse mode

* high quality DSP effects including ring modulator, flanger, resampler and chorus

* 3 additional classic drum loops just for even more fun!

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Click Space lite

Posted by Mikers On October - 31 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Some kind of a glitch 5 track groovebox.
For each track you may assign volume, pan, gate, speed (pitch), attack and decay times.
25 samples.
Also there is a master effect unit with LP distortion, digital lofi effect, and a short delay.

The interesting thing (which differs this app from other grooveboxes) is shuffle editor. You may define overall shuffling pattern in addition to common beat pattern. So you could make some jazzy grace notes and non staight beats.
There is some kind of an automation for pitch. You could setup it’s variation to bring more life into your beat sequence.

The word “lite” means it has NO RECORDING (only pattern saving) and song editor yet.

Stay tuned for updates!

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LoopMash HD

Posted by Mikers On October - 28 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

LoopMash HD is an innovative virtual instrument for blending up to eight four-bar loops together by juggling similar elements across looped beats and tunes. Now ported to the iPad platform, this sizzling- hot instrument lets you choose from over 30 presets and 258 included loops ranging all the way from ethno to electro. Quality content, 19 cool live performance effects such as tape stop and stutters, intuitive control and 3-D navigation for effortless page browsing make this app a must-have for party-goers, music aficionados and pretty much everyone in between. LoopMash HD for iPad brings the future of music technology to your fingertips.

• More than 250 addictive audio loops included
• Over 30 presets to get you started right away
• Intuitive 3-D swipe-page navigation
• Load and play with up to 8 loops per scene
• 24 scenes available per preset
• 19 stunning live performance effects including stutters, reverse playback, tape stops, scratches, etc.
• 4 studio-grade effects for more sound control

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Loopy HD

Posted by Mikers On October - 7 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Create music by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile new looper that totally reinvents the formula.

This is a looper that’ll come out to play, but get down to work when you want to get serious.

While other music creation apps tend to be either powerful but difficult to learn, or easy to use but limited in features, Loopy doesn’t compromise. Loopy offers a sleek, expressive, instantly understandable interface that beginners can start using effectively straight away. It’s fun, right from the start.

More advanced users, however, will not be disappointed by Loopy’s rich feature set, with extra features many other loopers just don’t have. Plus, a sophisticated interactive tutorial system lets users discover Loopy’s more advanced features at their own pace.


– Six, nine, or twelve beautifully rendered circular loops, with simple yet powerful controls.
– Count-in, count-out and record chaining lets you keep your hands free to play an instrument.
– Overdub, to build beautiful, complex soundscapes from many layers.
– Support for tracks of any multiple or fraction of a beat, for flexible and expressive looping.
– Sophisticated audio or visual metronome to keep you in time – no matter what time signature you choose.
– Perfectly synchronized, low latency audio engine.


– Import loops from your computer via iTunes, with support for AIFF, WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF and more.
– Bring in audio from many other audio apps with integrated MAPI AudioPaste, with support for Intua general pasteboard format.
– Imported loops are automatically fit to your beat, no matter what tempo.


– Full stereo audio, with pan controls for each track to create custom stereoscapes.
– Fix up timing by twisting tracks around to line up the beat, or make funky sound effects with dynamic time shifting.
– Drag a track onto another track to merge tracks, and clear up a space.
– Live, dynamic tempo adjustment to speed up or slow down your creations, without altering the pitch.


– Record whole performances with in-app session recording facilities.
– Upload performances or single loops straight to SoundCloud, and post to Twitter or Facebook.
– Email audio clips (with automatic conversion to compressed AAC audio).
– Share audio with many other audio apps with MAPI AudioCopy.
– Transfer loops or performances to your computer via iTunes.

Here’s a video demoing how it works -

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8-bit Music Generator

Posted by Mikers On September - 18 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

The 8-bit Music Generator creates an endless supply of music that’s inspired by the glory days of 8-bit gaming! It’s simple to use, requiring no musical knowledge, and can run on its own to create great tunes all day long without any interruption.

How to Use 8-bit Music Generator:

NEW SONG – Tap this to randomly create a new song. Don’t like what’s playing? A new tune is right at your fingertips!

EQ – Changes which parts of the current song that you can hear. Toggle through these options to see how the song is affected.

VOLUME – In-app access to its own volume control lets you keep your overall device volume separate from the music.

EVOLVE – When on, the song will automatically change over time, letting the music stay fresh even if SHUFFLE is off.

SHUFFLE – Determines the speed at which new songs are automatically created.

SAVE – Lets you save the current song, including its EQ setting, to any one of the available slots.

LOAD – Lets you load a song that you had previously saved.

START VISUALIZER – Enables an 8-bit-inspired visualizer that matches whatever music is playing.

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Soundboard for iPad

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Soundboard for iPad provides a quick way to enhance your live events, podcasts, or broadcasts with sound clips, effects, or musical accompaniment. Bring your production studio with you on your iPad, just plug it in, and tap away for instant access to all of your audio assets!

Soundboard lets you create libraries of your favorite audio clips, all instantly available by tapping on your iPad’s screen. Switch between banks of audio clips with ease, and organize, name, and color code them to your heart’s content. You can import Soundboards from the Mac version of Soundboard, or choose any audio clips from your iTunes Library, and then tap away.

Soundboard was designed for live performances – the interface is intuitive at a glance, and in no time triggering your favorite sound effects will be automatic. You have control over each individual sound’s volume, as well as master volume and ducking controls at your fingertips.

The iPad’s portable form factor and intuitive touch-screen interface are a natural match for storing and trigging sounds from your library of audio clips.


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studio.M – The free music maker

Posted by Mikers On July - 3 - 2011 2 COMMENTS

studio.M is the multitrack music creation app for songwriters, producers and musicians on the go. Based on the top-selling studio.HD app, it offers 4 audio tracks, mono or stereo (upgradeable to 8) with recording, editing, an extensive loop library plus automated mixing and effects all controlled by a fast and creative touch interface. Get ideas down fast and work with them anywhere!

Grab a beat and throw down a rap, capture the spark of a song before it’s gone or produce dance tracks on the go. It’s even great for making custom soundtracks for your next YouTube movie!


studio.M gives you up to 4 tracks (stereo or mono) of playback, upgradeable to 8 tracks (via in-app studio.MX edition upgrade). Choose a drum loop, play a guitar part, add some overdubs and layer-on the textures. More cowbell!

Want to use loops at different tempos than your song? Need to speed-up the tempo to dial in that perfect groove? studio.M automatically conforms audio BPM to the Projects tempo.

Loop Sets logically group instrument parts (drums, bass, guitars, keys, etc.) that work well together. Audition loops at current Project tempo playing with the current arrangement.

Get access to over 100 loops as remixable Loop Sets spanning Trance, Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, Drum ’n’ Bass, Minimal, Progressive House, Reggaeton, Industrial, Rock, Pop, Funk and Country styles. Upgrade in-app to the studio.MX version and get access to another 130 loops.

Hit a creative wall? Buy some new loops and get the juices flowing or grab one of the free sets on the store. Loops available from major 3rd party plus smaller boutique dance producers!

RECORD YOUR BEST … then make it better!
Hit Record, listen to the count-off and jam! Use Loop Record to lay down a few takes and choose your best or edit together a hybrid. Touching the track multiple times switches between Record, Play or Mute mode.

Grab your audio parts and Edit away! A fast, touch interface makes it all easier.

Zoom in and out of your arrangement quickly. studio.M even “Auto-Zooms” the whole composition in view with a double-touch.

All operations intelligently snap to Bar/Beat based on Zoom level. The LOOP CONTROL BAR lets you change the region you want to loop PLUS lets you Cut/Copy/Paste whole verses/choruses. LOOP/repeat a part to play it longer. SPLIT feature lets you cut longer files into smaller pieces. CROP feature lets you make your current edit into a new, truncated, loopable file. Plus 10 levels of Undo!

Each track has volume control and can be assigned up to 4 effects with automation. studio.M includes, Compression, Pan, Low/Hi Pass Filter and Reverb. Buy the MX upgrade to add Delay, Flanger, Gate, Stutter, BitCrusher and Glitchy Repeater! An X-Y touch pad controls the effects and faders control volumes.

New recordings associated with your project can be seen in the Arrange view. Delete recordings by simply dragging them off the timeline. Mistakes? Just hit “Undo”. Archive recordings, Projects, mixdowns and user-created custom loops to the computer.

Import your 44.1/16 bit WAV files via iTunes Shared Documents. Edit recordings and add them to “My Loop” sets for reuse across multiple Songs/Projects.

Create a 16/44 WAV mix and save it to your Mac/PC via iTunes. Wow your friends with a mix of your latest song!

Record a cool synth performance in Gruvtron or other ACP-compatible apps and paste it into studio.M as an audio file.

For more info – http://www.soundtrends.com/apps/studiom/

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