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i-jingle pro

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While this app is aimed at live broadcasting/theatre scenarios, it could have some great benefits for live music acts as well. It’s definitely worth a closer inspection anyway.

i-Jingle PRO for iPad is the long awaited STAND ALONE version of this popular Jingle Player for iPad.

i-Jingle turns your iPad into a professional jingle player. Easy to use controls let you either play up to 8 jingles simultaneously, cross fade 2 jingles, fade out the first jingle while starting the next or simply stop the first and start the next. So called 2nd touch settings allow you to stop, fade out or re-start a jingle. At any moment you have 35 jingles on screen and scrolling up and down through the jingles or quickly switching between presets allows you to access up to 300 jingles without leaving the main screen.

The biggest difference between the FREE version and the new i-Jingle PRO is that it operates in standalone mode. Audio files are now associated with the App by means of iTunes, cancelling the need for a web interface like jingleplayer.net. All you need is a computer with iTunes installed and a connection to your iPad to synchronise the App.

Although a large number of functions have been added, we’ve succeeded to make this next generation i-Jingle App as easy and intuitive to use as previous versions. Now our developers have added a brand new interface that handles all of the category and file management on one settings screen, right on your iPad. The main player setting controls have been improved, 3 presets per player column have been added and the complete app design is now retina ready.

i-Jingle PRO App for iPad is the cart player that makes every user sound like a broadcast professional.

For more details, head here – http://www.i-jingle.com/

i-jingle pro (AppStore Link) i-jingle pro
Developer: CamelWeb Creations SRL
Rated: 4+
Price: $10.99 Download Here



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Expect to get in touch with your ‘Zen’ side with this interesting new musical app from Holderness Media. I’ve been playing with it for the past week or so, and it really invites you to experiment with different combinations of sounds and loops, all along the theme of ambient soundscapes. It’s not complicated, and the interface invites you to experiment with layering sounds by dragging them around in the stereo field as well as adding them on top of each other. You many not crack a top 40 hit with Waviary, but you’ll definitely feel way more chilled out after a good session on it….

Waviary is a new, interactive musical artwork that is part instrument, part generative ambient music machine, and part virtual wind chimes.


Simple multi-touch control allows anyone to effortlessly create lush ambient soundscapes and environments, or simply listen as Waviary generates it’s own “forest-like” sonic environments.
The generative player can run while you play as well, allowing for a randomized ambient jam session.

A sleep timer is included…put on headphones and let Waviary’s weird, wonderful sounds lull you to sleep.

– Rich ambient tones and textures
– Multi-touch controls allow expressive creation of rich ambient soundscapes
– Generative mode creates endlessly evolving sonic environments
– Varied Tone sets (more tonesets added FREE with updates)
– pitch slider
– pitch ramp up/down buttons (new!)
– octave up/down buttons
– wow and flutter effect (new!)
– choppy/tremolo effect (new!)
– pitch glitch effect (new!)
– save settings as user snapshots
– lock button to lock orbs in place, or unlock to move freely
– Sleep Timer

Waviary is available for iPad, iPhone, and OSX.

For more details check the site – http://www.holdernessmedia.com/home/ios-applications/music/waviary

Quick demo of the features –

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triqtraq – jam sequencer

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And now for something completely different… get into the flow of triqtraq, and jam out your tracks in realtime!

Are you a DJ or electronic music producer? You will find dozens of possibilities inside triqtraq to compose and tweak your beats on the fly.
Or are you just starting out making electronic music? Triqtraq is straightforward enough to get you good sounding results quickly.

Grab your iPhone and start to improvise; live, in your studio or on your couch. Pick sounds from the included sample library, or import your own samples to get that unique sound.

Triqtraq strikes the right balance between musical possibilities and limitations and lets you focus on the most important part of making music… having FUN!
▪ create musical patterns fast and intuitively, by programming live or by using the ‘step edit’-feature
▪ automate parameters like pitch, filter, delay, decay and level in real-time
▪ change samples or sample kits on-the-fly while jamming
▪ edit multiple tracks simultaneously
▪ store up to 16 patterns and 32 samples per session
▪ specify the length of a sequence per track, or set the automation length for each parameter individually
▪ switch seamlessly between patterns
▪ use the loop range feature to create poly-rhythmic sequences
▪ use sounds from the 350+ factory sample library
▪ import your own sounds via iTunes file sharing

For more details, check the official site – http://www.triqtraq.com/

Demo of some of the features-

triqtraq - jam sequencer (AppStore Link) triqtraq - jam sequencer
Developer: Sebastian Schatz
Rated: 4+
Price: $3.99 Download Here

GlitchBreaks update

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Glitchbreaks is an iOS Universal manipulation tool for “Glitching” breakbeats. Manipulate beats to create new beats and record them.

What’s new in v.1.02 –
Glitch Pad – Made it more dynamic, now it glitches where the waveform is, and moving your finger changes the index.

Loop Modulation – Now it locks into the loop start, instead of letting the waveform play to catch up, also if you set loop start to the very end it will not cross over anymore.

An option to turn off Loop Modulation latching was also added.

Index Tracking – now when you Glitch, Cut, Loop Mod, or Reverse it remembers where you started, and when you are done, it drops you to where the sample would have played to on it’s own, making it so these functions do not take the sample off time.

Now supports Background Audio and mixing with other apps.
Bug Fixes in the File Loader.

GlitchBreaks (AppStore Link) GlitchBreaks
Developer: Alexander Matheu
Rated: 4+
Price: $2.99 Download Here

New GarageBand grooves

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Having already released a collection of patches and presets for NLogSynth PRO and NLogPoly Synth, and more recently for NanoStudio as well, Matthias at App Sounds has just released another new product called GB Inspirator, which is essentially 30 short patterns of fully arranged music in a handful of different styles, that are designed to be loaded into GarageBand for iOS, and used as ‘inspiration’ for your own original music.

App Description – 

GB INSPIRATOR is like a journey between popular music styles in past and present times. You will be impressed by funky drumgrooves, house patterns, chill out motions, rock and jazz tunes or rnb and hiphop elements. Some of the designed layouts are really unique. You will see how much fun it is to start with GB for iPad for composing new tracks.

30 songs for Apple GarageBand iOS, each song contains a basic arrangement of mostly four tracks (drums, bass, keyboards, synths or guitar) with the length of 8 bars. You don’t find any audio track. All drum grooves, riffs and phrases are midi sequences for a high flexibility.

The entire collection will only set you back a few dollars/pounds/euros.

Here’s a demo of some of the patterns

For further details, and how to order, check the official site – http://www.app-sound.com/Apple.html

Loop Twister

Posted by Mikers On April - 13 - 2012 1 COMMENT

Loop Twister is the most advanced and intuitive beat-remixing app.

It turns your iPad and iPhone into a creative and powerful machine designed for playing and realtime processing of musical loops.

Easy to use, loaded with 64 fresh sounding loops and quality DSP effects gives you endless possibilities of new making sounds for using in your own beats or just for playing and having fun.

Enjoy a range of cutting-edge studio loops made by Marcin Cichy, co-founder of “Skalpel” music act that released several Eps and albums on famous Ninja Tune label. Marcin currently works as music producer and mastering engineer at PlugAudioMastering.


☯ Simple, easy to use and intuitive interface. It looks exactly the same on both iPhone and iPad.

☯ 8 high-quality DSP effects including LP & stereo HP filters, pitch bender, foldback distortion and bass booster/ring modulator, LO-FI resampler and more.

☯ 2 banks of factory loops ( 32 loops each) -great source of samples for electro house, dubstep, grime and hip hop tracks including drums, percussions baselines and chiptune sounds.

☯ 16-step programmable sequencer for adding effects to loops with optional randomization.

☯ Pattern manager for saving and loading sequencer settings.

☯ Built-in wav rendered that allows to record your own loops and export them for using in other music apps on your iPhone, iPad or a computer. Loop Twister supports Audio Pasteboard and iTunes file sharing.

☯ Import of custom loops for playing, processing and mixing with factory sounds.

☯ Fast and accurate crossfader.

☯ Tempo range : 60 – 240 BPM.

☯ Built-In help and a comprehensive user manual (available online).

☯ Universal app.

Slick promo video

Loop Twister (AppStore Link) Loop Twister
Developer: Jacek Dojwa
Rated: 4+
Price: $2.99 Download Here

Guitar Loops

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An easy to use looper station with slick design and great low latency audio engine.
Designed from guitarists for guitarists.

Record your guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or any other music line and play the new line on top of the recorded to evolve your music.
You can use your iRig, GuitarJack, Peavey AmpKit LiNK, Apogee Jam or any other similar device to connect your guitar for ultimate experience.

Perfect companion to create great solos over your awesome lead guitar riffs.


– Set BPM, BEATS, COUNT-IN seconds, number of LOOPS
– Set METRONOME SIGNATURE – 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
– INPUT and OUTPUT gain level
– TRIM your recording
– very accurate waveform

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Beat Slice

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Crush it, Mix it, Slice it, Shift it.
Take a perfect good song from your music library and destroy it with style!
Beat Slice is an expressive remixing tool that allows you to take your existing music and transform it in multiple creative ways.

Built in effects include:
• Reverser: Reverse a beat
• low n high: Play a beat high or low
• Slicer: Cut it up and slice and glue it back together
• Electricity: Electrify the song with some shocking grooves
• Lo-Fi: Good old vinyl sound…
• Mute It: Skip it off and on like a DJ

Grab Beat Slice now –


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With the festive season well and truly upon us, this seemed like a perfectly good time to give this app a plug, especially since it’s now FREE! (Note: Clearly, you’ll be needing an iOS device with a camera to get the most out of it though!)

Just in time for the holidays, Harmonix has announced that VidRhythm is going free on Tuesday, December 13! Join the fun and download the iOS app that everyone is talking about, and record your own holiday-themed music video masterpieces to share with your whole family!

New VidRhythm v1.1 features, available as a free update and in the all new, all freeVidRhythm:

  • ALL NEW SONGS! Get crazy creative with 12 fun new tracks, in addition to the 21 songs previously available. Make your own personalized holiday videos for your friends and family, with classics like “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls” now included in the mix.
  • SOUND LIKE A PRO! New pitch correction, powered by iZotope, means you’ll never have to worry about your VidRhythms being off-key.
  • NEW LOOKS! Six all new video styles, from the 8-bit video game inspired “Pixel Perfect” to a holiday theme that’s perfect for creating personalized musical holiday greetings!
  • VIDEOS NOW LOOK BETTER THAN EVER! Now you can export your clips in high quality, up to 720p using VidRhythm’s built-in YouTube uploading functionality.
Check out these new features in action in our latest trailer!


Beat Shuffler

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Beatshuffler is a music app that slices loops and allows you to trigger those slices, always on time. It is a great beat sketching tool where almost everything sounds interesting, since the slice triggering always falls on the beat. At its core, it is inspired by the mlrv app, for the Monome and other grid devices.

It features:
– 6 tracks for loops.
– Ability to import WAV and MP3 files.
– iOS File Sharing import for exchanging files with the app.
– A mixer.
– A master channel with effects.
– A separate channel for each of the tracks, with effects.
– Available effects: Delay and Low Pass Filter.

Among the upcoming features are Audio Clipboard support, to import loops from other apps and an expanded loop library.

Grab Beat Shuffler now –

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