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screen480x480 (9)Fugue is a 16-track MIDI sequencer that allows you to create complex sequences using a few simple controls.

To avoid any confusion, this app does not produce any audible sounds. It is designed to be used with MIDI-compatible apps on your iPad, a WIFI network session to control your DAW software or via a dedicated iOS MIDI interface (e.g. Line6 MIDI Mobilizer) to control outboard hardware.

MIDI is output to all available devices. By default, it will always output to a WIFI MIDI network session.

How does it work?
There is a single sequence of notes. There are 16 tracks that are capable of playing that sequence, each of which has its own independent set of properties.

Press ‘Edit sequence’
This is where you specify your 16-note sequence. The note range goes from A0 all the way up to C7 (the full range of a piano)

Press ‘Cycle track properties’
This is where you specify the properties of each of the sixteen tracks. Each column on the graphics represents track 1 to 16.
Pressing ‘Cycle track properties’ repeatedly switches between the following properties:
- Track Speed (bpm): choose the speed for each track from a range of 1 to 240 beats per minute.
- Track Note Length (%): choose the length of the note for each track. The note length is a percentage of time between beats. You could specify a high note length on a track with a low track speed to get some nice atmospheric held notes. Alternatively you could specify a low note length on a track with a high track speed and get some nice arpeggiator effects!
- Track MIDI Channel: choose the MIDI channel for the track. By default these are set from 1 to 16 for each track respectively.
- Track Velocity: choose the velocity (or force) that the sequence of notes is played on this track. The higher the velocity, the louder, or more emphasised the resulting sound. Do bear in mind that the app, virtual instrument or hardware synth must respond to velocity in order to hear the effect of this property.

Press ‘Play’
This plays your sequence. Pressing again will stop playback.
Note that when you press play, all of the tracks are bought back in sync with each other. A small graphical indicator beneath the columns shows you when each track is triggered and how far through the 16 note sequence each track is.

fugue (AppStore Link) fugue
Developer: Michael Aldridge
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here


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screen568x568 (1)An arpeggiator designed for MIDI hardware, iOS instrument apps and DAW environments, Arpist processes MIDI input to generate musical arpeggios and rhythms.

You can create rhythmic dynamics using the variable-step Rhythm Grid, in which you can create loud and soft steps, play chords for emphasis and skip steps altogether.

Arpist stores settings in snapshots, called Song Blocks. You can organize your settings across multiple Song Blocks to sequence through various patterns and rhythms while you play.

Key Signature and Transpose controls allow you to diatonically transpose your patterns, in any key, in real-time.

Advanced features include MIDI Remote Control and MIDI Clock Send and Sync. With MIDI Remote Control, you can manipulate Arpist’s controls from your keyboard, even when Arpist is in the background.

Note that Arpist is a MIDI generator, not a synthesizer. Enjoy Arpist with your favorite keyboard or iOS synth app!


Arpist (AppStore Link) Arpist
Developer: Jesse Jost
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

Musk MIDI Player

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screen480x480 (34)Musk MIDI Player: Your instant MIDI player – just add sounds and MIDI files!

* Load any MIDI file and sound library
* Play MIDI files up to 8 times slower or faster
* Follow the MIDI notes on the keyboard and distinguish different MIDI channels
* Read along the lyrics
* Let the app speak the lyrics during playback (requires the iOS 7 voices)
* Let the app announce the bar and beat numbers. So you can easier follow the notes in a printed score.
* Mute or solo tracks or use them to navigate

* Jump to a specific position using a slider
* To jump back to that position using the repeat button
* Jump to the position of certain meta-events (lyrics, markers, time signature, key signature and tempo changes)

Supported file formats and extensions:
* MIDI (mid, midi)
* MIDI karaoke (kar)
* Sound fonts (sf2)
* Downloadable Sounds (dls)
* Logic Pro EXS-24 instrument files (exs)
* Audio Unit Presets (aupreset)
* Zip files (zip)

Importing files via:
* ITunes: transmission via Mac or PC
* ICloud: synchronizes the data on all your Apple devices. (Network connection required)
* Other Apps from the manufacturer this app: All of his apps access to the same iCloud directory. (No network connection required)
* Safari: search for a website that offers SoundFonts. Click on the file. Wait until it is downloaded. Then select this app in the “Open In” dialog.
* Mail: Select the attachment and select this app in the “Open In” dialog.
* Other apps: use the “Open In” dialog. (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive)

Musk MIDI Player (AppStore Link) Musk MIDI Player
Developer: Joerg Garbers
Rated: 4+
Price: $0.99 Download Here


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screen480x480 (27)The iPad becomes a super-expressive, easy-to-play wireless MIDI wind controller, using either keyboard or simple woodwind technique. (It also works as a breath controller.) Just blow into any iPhone headset mic or the optional pro mouthpiece and experience the soul-to-MIDI connection you’ve been missing.

Blowfinger Keyboard mode

• Velocity-sensitive keyboard allows you to glide between notes in a way not possible on a regular keyboard, making this an excellent musical performance addition to any set-up.
• Use the eight utility pads with user text labels to send program changes or keyswitches. Or use them to play drums and percussion – they’re velocity-sensitive.
• The XY pad offers additional expressive control in both axes, and it can be set to snap back to zero, to the center, or stay where you release it. Choose which MIDI controller is sent in each direction.
• Transpose octaves up or down with one tap (either or both keyboard manuals).

Blowfinger Wind mode

• Simplified fingerings based on recorder or Boehm system allow anyone who’s ever played a wind instrument to pick up Blowfinger right away. You switch octaves with your left thumb, so once you know one octave you know them all.
• One size fits all. The keys and the thumb pads can be resized, moved, and stretched all over the screen. Play the instrument on your lap or perhaps a desk in front of you, or move the pads to the sides and hold the iPad up to your belly.
• XY right thumb pad. This has the same features as the one in Keyboard Mode, with your choice of snap back behavior and MIDI controllers.

General features

• Blowfinger can work as a breath controller without sending notes; in Breath-only mode, blow without fingering and it sends a MIDI controller.
• Simultaneous support for Network MIDI over Wi-Fi, hardware MIDI, and inter-application MIDI to control synths running on the same iPad. Also supports rtpMIDI for wireless MIDI on Windows.
• While it feels great right away, you can personalize the breath response to suit your preference and also to adjust for noisy environments.
• Global transposition so you can play in the key of Cb without getting angry.

Blowfinger (AppStore Link) Blowfinger
Developer: Stefan Podell
Rated: 4+
Price: $17.99 Download Here

ME MIDI Sampler

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screen480x480 (16)“ME MIDI Sampler” turns your device into a sampler for professional audio special effects.
Will be able to:
- Create a polyphonic keyboard with 84 voices and a maximum of 84 different sound effects on the same keyboard (you can assign any key on the keyboard to a different audio sample)
- Save the configuration of the keyboard + audio special effects in infinite sound banks (BANKS) loadable and usable in real time (each bank can hold up to a maximum of 84 different audio samples)
- Have infinite keyboards for special effects (each saved on a BANK)
- Receive MIDI messages from an external MIDI keyboard or MIDI sequencer and play the corresponding audio special effects (manually or automatically)
- Turn any MIDI keyboard (MIDI keyboard controller) in one or more banks of special audio effects

The application is simple and immediate…
You can:
- Immediately play the default bank containing 39 special audio effects that come with the application itself
- Import audio samples from the device’s music library and assign them to the desired keys on your MIDI keyboard
- Create Your own banks using a standard wave editor (such as Audacity)
- Download new banks and assign them to MIDI keyboard

To create a new keyboard sound effects (BANK):
1) record the audio special effects (using the record button of “ME MIDI Sampler”) or create it using any wave editor for Mac or PC (such as Audacity).
Audio sample formats supported by “ME MIDI Sampler”:
- MP3
- Apple Lossless (M4A)
- Core Audio Format (CAF)
2) import the audio samples recorded or created on your device:
- Through synchronization (using the iTunes software for Mac or PC)
- Using “iTunes File Sharing”
3 ) import audio samples using the “IMPORT” button and assign them to the 84-key MIDI keyboard by pressing the “WAVEFORM” button of each key on the MIDI keyboard (You can assign a different audio sample for every key on the MIDI keyboard).
At this point you can play live your special effects (polyphonic keyboard up to a maximum of 84 voices, 84 special effects for each BANK). You can adjust the sample start time, volume, pitch bender, sustain pedal, etc… for each audio sample that You have assigned to the keys of your MIDI keyboard.
You can also use together the virtual MIDI keyboard displayed on the screen of the device (MULTITOUCH) and/or any external MIDI sequencer or MIDI keyboard connected to your device using:
- IRig MIDI adapter
- A camera connection kit + MIDI to USB adapter (Apple compatible – generally used to connect an external MIDI keyboard to a Mac or PC)
- MIDI adapters compatible with Apple devices

They are also compatible
- iRig KEYS
- External MIDI keyboards over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
- Standard MIDI keyboards

The configuration of the multiple special effects created and assigned to the MIDI keyboard can be saved in a new BANK, in the archive of the BANKS of “ME MIDI Sampler” (infinite BANKS can be saved in the database, until the end of the physical memory of the device). The BANKS previously saved can be loaded and used in real time during live performances.

With “ME MIDI Sampler” You will have:
ME: Multiple Effects
MIDI: a MIDI expander for special effects capable of receiving MIDI signals from external devices and turn them into sounds (the application is also able to filter out unwanted MIDI IN messages)
Sampler: an audio sampler to create, edit and play Your audio samples in real-time

ME MIDI Sampler (AppStore Link) ME MIDI Sampler
Developer: Gianluca Natalini
Rated: 4+
Price: $2.99 Download Here

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth

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screen480x480 (11)MIDI connections between iOS devices have been a continual problem; hardware MIDI adapters are expensive and bulky, while MIDI over WiFi introduces too much latency.

With Apollo, MIDI can be sent over Bluetooth LE wireless connections, eliminating hardware adapters, and providing much lower latency than is possible with WiFi. Apollo uses Bluetooth LE: this is supported by the iPad3 and newer, the iPad Mini, the iPhone 4s and newer, and recent Mac desktop and laptop computers.

** Important ** Apollo is not compatible with the iPad1 and 2, and the iPhone4 and earlier. Please make sure that your device supports Bluetooth LE. The iTunes App store has no way for a developer to specify which devices can support an app, other than an iOS version restriction. In iTunes, the compatibility is listed as “any iPad” — this is not correct, and we have no way to correct it. While the app will install on older devices, they do not support Bluetooth LE, and the app will not function as intended. Before you purchase the app, please make sure that you have one which does support Bluetooth LE (iPad3 and newer, iPhone 4S and newer).

Install the app on two iOS devices, select an “A” endpoint for one, and a “B” endpoint for the other. Press the search button on both, and a Bluetooth connection will be established. After connecting, MIDI messages sent to Apollo running on one device will be forwarded to the other — and these messages can then be redirected to synthesizer or sequencer apps.

In addition to MIDI connections between iOS devices, Apollo can also be used to connect to Mac desktop and laptop computers. Recent iMacs and MacBooks support Bluetooth LE; for older Macs, a USB Bluetooth adapter may be required. The OSX version of Apollo is available in the Mac app store.

**Important!** Please read device compatibility details below! Seriously, please read it! Full technical details are available at http://www.secretbasedesign.com/apps/apollo

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth (AppStore Link) Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth
Developer: Patrick Madden
Rated: 4+
Price: $5.99 Download Here

Spectre Modular Midi Sequencer

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screen480x480The Spectre Midi Sequencer is a modular sequencing iPad app.

The modules used in this app are basic building blocks for generating sequences. The sequences can range from simple to complex in a very intuitive fashion.

The Spectre Midi Sequencer is a modular sequencing iPad app. This app is built to emulate the way analog modular synthesizer sequencing systems operate. The modules used in this app are basic building blocks for generating sequences. The sequences can range from simple to complex in a very intuitive fashion. The main feature of this app that allows for creative sequences is the virtual “CV” and “GATE” Features. In this app, CV refers to the pitch or note and GATE refers to the actual triggering of a note. When the CV and GATE are running on patterns independent from each other and are combined at the output, magic happens.
The basic components of this app are: 4 sequencers, 2 clock dividers, 2 sequential switches, 2 logic modules and one output module which is used to generate midi notes. I will go into detail on each component, but a Google search may prime you before reading the rest of the manual. Like real modular synthesizers, they are connected with patch cables between components. The cables can be added, removed and arranged in any way you can think of.

For more details - http://sectionfourteen.com/page/spectre

Spectre Modular Midi Sequencer (AppStore Link) Spectre Modular Midi Sequencer
Developer: Anthony Henderson
Rated: 4+
Price: $7.99 Download Here

MIDI Editor – Music Sketchpad

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screen480x480 (13)MIDI Editor turns your iPad into a music sketchpad. Quickly and easily compose melodies, chord progressions and even drum patterns. It works with your favourite synths and music apps that support MIDI input. Once you are done, export the MIDI clip to other apps.

• No complicated editing modes.
• Simply tap anywhere on the grid to create a note.
• Tap on the existing note to remove it.
• Press and hold a note for a split second to select it, then drag your finger to adjust the note’s length, position or pitch.
• Precisely edit a note’s position and length on the timeline by zooming in to its exact location.
• Velocity Mode: Select a note and drag your finger vertically to adjust its velocity.
• Adjust vertical and horizontal zooms independently on the grid.
• Export the MIDI files to other apps such as Dropbox, Cubasis and Mail.
• Change which app the MIDI Editor controls by selecting a MIDI Output.
• Background Audio Mode: MIDI clip continues looping in the background while you tweak synth’s parameters.
• Adjustable Tempo and MIDI Clip length.
• Supports landscape and portrait modes.

Note that the app itself does not produce any sound. It sends MIDI note messages to Core MIDI compatible apps.

MIDI Editor - Music Sketchpad (AppStore Link) MIDI Editor - Music Sketchpad
Developer: Nikolozi Meladze
Rated: 4+
Price: $9.99 Download Here


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Not a great deal of info on this retro looking sequencer. But if you like making MIDI the old school way, this will be right up your alley!

screen480x480 (11)R960BSeq turns your iPad into a classic step-sequencer

- Supports Core MIDI
- Can control any background MIDI enabled App
- Runs in the background
- MIDI input for External Clock and MIDI Sync
- Compatible with iOS MIDI interfaces
- Supports MIDI clock and Transport

Note R960BSeq does not generate audio, but rather send MIDI to Synthesizers.

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MIDI Designer XW

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screen480x480 (7)MIDI Designer XW is the official MIDI controller for the XW Solo Synth. This groundbreaking, six-oscillator, monophonic solo synth is an innovative, digital hybrid sound engine available in all Casio XW keyboards. Total and direct control of the Solo Synth, both for live performance and sound creation, is now just a touch away.

◎ Forget about edit menus! Over 500 controls access all Solo Synth parameters
◎ Live performance pages with XY controls for filtering and volume blending
◎ “Ganged controls” (supercontrols) allow for manipulating multiple parameters simultaneously
◎ Detail pages allow you to explore the world of possibilities offered by the XW’s six oscillators
◎ Global presets get you started: create your own presets and switch between them instantly
◎ Connect any way CoreMIDI can: use Wi-Fi or hardware such as the Line6 MIDI Mobilizer II, iRig, iConnect, and others

Want to customize further? MIDI Designer XW is built on MIDI Designer. Upgrade to MIDI Designer Pro to create your own pages, reorganize, and redesign to make your own XW layout. Then share it with the vibrant MIDI Designer Community.

MIDI Designer is easy to use, infinitely flexible and customizable, and battle-tested in performance. It’s the most-respected MIDI controller platform for iOS.

* * * * * dream | create | play * * * * *

Find out more: midiDesigner.com

MIDI Designer XW: Casio XW Solo Synth Controller (AppStore Link) MIDI Designer XW: Casio XW Solo Synth Controller
Developer: Confusionists
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here
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