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At first glance, I’d written this new MIDI controller as quirky, and unlikely to serve as a serious music tool, but after seeing the demo clip (see video below), I was blown away. Obviously it would take some practice to get your head around it, but well worth the effort me thinks…


It allows you to draw a 3-dimensional controller and use it in two different and complementary ways. You can tap it like you would with your regular MPC or any other beatmaking device, but the best and most innovative use you can make of it is definitely by surfing your fingers along routes, colliding with objects, triggering samples or effects. It’s all about movement, and bringing back this intuitive way to make music.

It can control any MIDI-enabled device (Software, Hardware, or even selected iPad apps through Virtual MIDI), features a very intuitive in-app editing system and integrates seemlessly in any existing Studio or Live setup.

Objects Behaviours can be set to link objects together and multiply the available commands on the surface of the iPad.

It’s been developed by Herrmutt Lobby & Yaniv De Ridder.

It’s based on concepts Herrmutt Lobby developed for Hardware MIDI controllers (like the Beatfader and the MIDI scratch devices).

Released by VLEK.
PR & Communication coordination by Julien Fournier.


→ Draw your own controller
Work with the Controller you need, not the one you were given. Simply draw it on the screen with lines, polygons, circles and faders. Size, color, orientation and 3-Dimensional location are all yours to choose.

→ Surf!
Use the full potential of the iPad touchscreen: You can tap on the screen, but you better add the Surfing to your production and performance skills to integrate more of that human feel in your music.

→ Link any MIDI device
Dj, VJ, Production softwares, Hardware devices, and even selected iPad apps: you can route BEATSURFING to anything that allows for MIDI.

→ Objects Behaviours
Each object of your controller can be set to control the others. It creates a system of objects that allow you to add much more to a controller than what meets the eye.

→ Intuitive In-App editing
Forget about separated editing software, lenghty changes and whatnot. You can swap between the EDIT and PLAY modes at the tap of a finger. All your objects even remain playable when they’re be re-arranged!

Grab more info – http://beatsurfing.net/

 Great promo video

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MIDIProbe provides a simple, cross-platform (Mac, iPad, iPhone) means to capture and monitor MIDI events as they happen for working music professionals.  MIDIProbe provides logging, audio feedback, color coded  MIDI feeds, on screen event history, regex-based event selection and ignore, and allows unique settings for each individual MIDI source.  MIDIProbe can remain in the background tracking events while providing audio feedback leaving you free to use other apps or devices.

– View up to 300,000 MIDI events on-screen.
– Fast scrolling.
– Unique sounds for event arrival, matched MIDI events and port changes.
– Track four or more MIDI events per millisecond.
– Track and log MIDI activity while in the background.
– Activity color coded on screen by user-controlled colors.
– Hex, decimal, text, and SysEx display formats.
– Regular expressions for matching and excluding MIDI events.
– Event matching while port on- or off-line.
– Supports full, unlimited event logging to text file.
– Works with all iOS supported MIDI hardware and apps.
– Remembers settings across port disconnections.

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Meedee is a simple MIDI and drumpad Controller for your iPad. It works wirelessly with any MIDI-capable application on your Mac and PC. The include Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase and many more.

★ Works via WLAN, no cables or adapters needed
★ Works without any drivers or other third party software on the Mac (simple to setup on Windows as well!)
★ Supports almost any DAW out there (Ableton, Logic, Cubase, FL Studio etc.)
★ Fully supports the new iPad’s retina display (also works with previous iPads versions)
★ Full multitouch support
★ Provides a XY-Pad, 6 sliders and 21 knobs that can be freely mapped to any setting in your DAW Software

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MIDIMixer works as external MIDI-Controller providing 24 channel strips separated into 2 Mixer-Banks consisting of Mute- and Solo-Buttons as well as Stereo-Panorama-Fader and Level-Fader.
Free configurable text fields allow the individual labeling of each channel strip.
The app sends MIDI-Control-Change commands to be learned by your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (e.g. Logic, Cubase, etc.) running on Mac OSX or Windows (Apple’s Bonjour for Windows and rtpMIDI needs to be installed).

Get a full rundown on this app – http://www.hotto.de/mobileapps/ipadmidimixer.html

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Shake MIDI Controller & Sequencer

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ShakeMidi has got to be one of the most innovative instruments for musicians and dancers around. Do you know why?

“ShakeMidi is a wireless music app with a difference.” — Voltage Controlled

✓ Turn your dance moves into an instrument. ShakeMidi enables you to use your body motion to create wireless MIDI notes. These notes can translate into any sort of tone, sound, bass or sample. Essentially, it’s a stage-ready wireless MIDI controller & sequencer that you can shake.

✓ Keep a perfect beat, no matter what. Turn on Quantize and your notes will snap to the nearest beat position, allowing for a flawless performance.

✓ Works with all the popular software. Fully compatible with Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reason, GarageBand, Logic and many other DAWs.

✓ Express your style. Customize patterns, notes, note length, pitch, velocity and randomization with the in-app dashboard.

✓ Forget about the hook up. ShakeMidi magically Auto Connects to nearby Core MIDI devices like Mac, Windows & Linux computers as well as iPhones & iPads.

✓ Forget about latency. With the Quantize option enabled you get 0ms latency thanks to MIDI packet scheduling.

✓ Useful in the studio. Yep, you can use it like a regular-old wireless MIDI controller. Launch clips, scenes, control pitch or just play some notes on the keyboard.

If you are serious about dancing or making music, you cannot miss ShakeMidi. Test it today and learn why it’s an app you’ll want to keep coming back to.

For more details, check the website – www.shakemidi.com

Demo of the features –

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inHarmony simplifies composing and playing music by enabling notes limited to the selected diatonic scale, which are always in harmony with the presented chords.
You don’t need to know much about chords because the app provides a “One Touch Chord” functionality for all seven main chords of the chosen scale.
Just connect your favorite Digital Audio Workstation via MIDI to play harmonic chords in conjunction with perfectly matching notes.
Because this is a MIDI-Master-Keyboard the built-in synthesizer is very basic!

– MIDI Master Keyboard:
First of all inHarmony is a new kind of a MIDI-Keyboard to be connected via WLAN or Bluetooth to your favorite Digital Audio Workstation either on Mac OSX or Windows (Bonjour for Windows & rtpMIDI must be installed). The single notes and chords can be sent to different MIDI-Channels.
– Music Theorie:
Learn more about the theory behind music by getting insights into the different scales (e.g. C-Major, g-Minor) and their related notes as well as chords.
– Very Simple Built-In Synthesizer:
The App provides a plain synthesizer with different wave shapes (Rectangular, Saw and Sinus) to play around without having a Digital Audio Workstation connected.

For more details on how this app works, check here – http://www.hotto.de/mobileapps/ipadinharmony.html

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Vestax VMIDI lands

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I missed the announcement of this interface earlier this year at Frankfurt’s Musik Messe 2012 in Germany, it looks like it’s hit the music store shelves in some parts of the world this month, so here’s the low down –

V-MIDI is a compact, easy to use Core MIDI interface for musicians, producers, artists and performers that enables connection between USB MIDI hardware and apps for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®.

It’s Simple

Simply connect  your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® and your iOS device will automatically identify V-MIDI. Next connect any USB MIDI device to V-MIDI and then plug in the power. Run your CoreMIDI compatible app of choice and your set! It’s easy as that. You can play music from apps with drum pads, MIDI synths, DJ controllers and more.

Dual Power

When you’re in your “zone” playing music, time flies by. So does the battery of your iOS device. V-MIDI powers your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, making sure you stay in your “zone”. V-MIDI also powers a range of USB MIDI devices which require external power.

Variety Of Apps

There are currently more than 100 apps available on the App store compatible with CoreMIDI. Either it being for DAW, synths, drumming  or DJing, there’s plenty to choose from.

Amp Your App

Audio output for iOS devices is limited to the headphone mini jack with small volume. This can be a problem if you want to record the output from the app. V-MIDI amplifies the audio from your iOS device and also enables volume control with the large scaled knob for a better monitoring and producing experience.


  • Core MIDI in/out interface
  • Connects to any USB MIDI device to control more than 100 CoreMIDI compatible apps available from the App store
  • The only CoreMIDI interface compatible with iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®
  • Charges iOS devices and USB MIDI devices at the same time
  • USB host IC connector for MIDI USB devices
  • Stereo headphone output
  • Headphone amplification & volume control
  • MIDI send (iOS / Hardware) LED indicators
  • Mini DIN(6pin) to USB convert cable included

Brief product demo –

For more details, here’s the official site – http://www.vestax.com/v/products/detail.php?cate_id=190


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…Another quirky app to round out the end of the week!

MIDIWriter is a simple app that transmits MIDI note messages by hitting keys on a keyboard.

You can use either the on-screen software keyboard or a Bluetooth/Dock-connected hardware keyboard for iOS.

To actually hear sound, a CoreMIDI sound generator app must be running in the background. Compatible sound generator apps include ThumbJam, Animoog, NLog MIDI Synth, NLog Synth Pro, bs-16i, SunrizerXS synth, Sunrizer synth, and Anaphobia Mini. You can also play sounds via an app running on another iOS device, or via a MIDI Network Session running on a Mac.



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Midi Studio

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Midi Studio it’s great midi controller for your home or professional studio. WIth this application you can play on a virtual keyboard, move faders, knobs, play with drums pad. One of the best feature of this application, it’s playing your notes with velocity sensitivity, you can hit the screen, stronger or weaker. Also you can change modulation using the surface of the keys, you can change a pitch, you can use built-in arpeggiator and many other interesting features.

Midi Studio Features:
-[True Velocity Sensitive ] (with the force of impact)
-[Touch pads]
-[Two Keyboards]
-[Different Keys Size]
-[Custom Key Scale] – (Like: Major, Minor, Klezmer, etc…)

For set up and configuration details, check the developer’s site – http://www.wiksnet.com/

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DAW Remote HD

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DAW Remote received many 5 star reviews. Now, for better experience, we introduce a well-designed HD version for iPad.

DAW Remote HD is a wireless DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) software controller just like your hardware control surface. Instead of getting stuck in front of your computer to compose, record, and produce music/audio, you can use your iPad with DAW Remote HD to control DAW functions anywhere in your studio (wirelessly). Why? Because let’s face it, wires suck!
DAW Remote HD supports Logic Control Protocol, HUI protocol and Mackie Control protocol and compatible with both MAC and Windows.. It works with almost every DAW softwares. It provides three especially optimized control surface for Apple Logic®, AVID ProTools® and Ableton Live®.

DAW Remote uses Network MIDI with Apple Bonjour over WIFI network and Ethernet, you DON’T need to install ANY softwares or drivers in your Mac to enable it. For Windows user, you should install rtpMIDI to enable MIDI Network function.

By using DAW Remote, you can:
1. Forget about messy complex-functioned studio controller, focusing on your inspiration.
2. Easy to control tracks.
3. Get creativity in an environment away from the computer
4. Remotely control your DAW softwares from onstage in live performance without messy cable runs.
5. All functions just like hardware control surface.

=== DAW Remote HD Features ===
★ Supports Logic Control Protocol, HUI protocol and Mackie Control protocol
★ Three optimized control surface layouts for Logic, ProTools and Live.
★ Cross Platform. Compatible with MAC and Windows.
★ Well designed.
★ Supports the new iPad Retina display.
★ Powerful Instructions, Help and FAQ to help you setup connection much easier
★ Use Wi-Fi to connect with host computer
=== Supported DAWs ===
★ Apple Logic Pro/Express
★ AVID ProTools
★ Ableton Live
★ Steinberg Cubase
★ Steinberg Nuendo
★ FL Studio
★ Reason
★ MOTO Digital Performer
★ Adobe Audition
★ Cakewalk Sonar
… and any DAW supports Mackie Control Protocol
For more supports please visit our website:

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