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Music Studio 2.0 inbound

Posted by Mikers On September - 29 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Music Studio has been around since 2009, and the team at Xewton have keep the updates coming on a regular basis ever since. Music Studio 2.0, however, see’s some significant new features which brings the app up to date with many of useful abilities recently introduced for making music on iOS devices. Here’s what to expect when it arrives shortly –

Major new features include:

    • Audio tracks
      • Microphone recording
      • AudioCopy & AudioPaste
      • iPod library and wav/mp3/AAC/ogg file import
      • Waveform and audio region editing


    • A new look & feel
    • 35 new instruments: 24 synths, 9 orchestral and 2 drum kits
    • Drum pads, chord pads and chord programming
    • Virtual pitch wheel and filter wheel
    • File sharing via email and SoundCloud


  • Extensive hardware support
    • iRig, iRig Mic, Ampkit Link, Apogee Jam, Alesis IO Dock, iConnectMIDI and MIDI Mobilizer II
    • Keyboard split point setting
    • MIDI Thru
    • Muted tracks can now be sent to MIDI OUT
    • Improved CoreMIDI compatibility
Sizzle reel of the new feature

Density for iPad…inbound

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iDensity for iPad brings all the powerful Density/Pulsaret (Mac/Win standalone) Granular Synthesis tools to the world’s most popular tablet.

iDensity is a new real-time software designed for asynchronous sound file granulation, a genuine granular playground able to generate a wide range of usual and not so usual effects: time/pitch shifting, time/pitch jittering, intricate textures, grain fountain/pulverizer, recording and manipulation of buffers, complex scrub pad exploration, dynamic envelope shape and many more. iDensity for iPad will give you all the basic and advanced tools you need to manipulate sound in subtle and surprising ways.  All these features are packed in an optimized, user-friendly, visually sharp interface that is easy to access when fast-improvising live, composing in a studio, or sound designing at home and on the go!  You will have the power, freedom, and flexibility to create like never before – on your iPad!   iDensity allows you to record audio directly with your iPad mic and load up to nine built-in sound sample or add your own WAV, AIFF, CAF, MP3, M4A or MP3 files via iTunes. With iDensity it is possible to record the stereo output (of granulation) into the documents folder while scrubbing in the wavepad or moving granulation parameters in real-time. The mixdown/audio results can then be syncronized with/in iTunes.

Control and shape grains, anytime, anywhere with Density for iPad.

nine built-in sound samples

record audio directly with iPad mic

add WAV, AIFF, CAF, MP3, M4A or MP3 files via iTunes

capture audio output- up to eight shapes for the grain envelope

record the granulation audio output

wavePad zoom selection- wavePad scrub

wavePad peak normalize- etc.

Grab more details here – http://www.densitygs.com/


Soundboard for iPad

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Soundboard for iPad provides a quick way to enhance your live events, podcasts, or broadcasts with sound clips, effects, or musical accompaniment. Bring your production studio with you on your iPad, just plug it in, and tap away for instant access to all of your audio assets!

Soundboard lets you create libraries of your favorite audio clips, all instantly available by tapping on your iPad’s screen. Switch between banks of audio clips with ease, and organize, name, and color code them to your heart’s content. You can import Soundboards from the Mac version of Soundboard, or choose any audio clips from your iTunes Library, and then tap away.

Soundboard was designed for live performances – the interface is intuitive at a glance, and in no time triggering your favorite sound effects will be automatic. You have control over each individual sound’s volume, as well as master volume and ducking controls at your fingertips.

The iPad’s portable form factor and intuitive touch-screen interface are a natural match for storing and trigging sounds from your library of audio clips.


Grab Soundboard for iPad now –

Overdub = delightfully retro

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Overdub is a sampler sequencer. Use the microphone on your iPod/iPhone/iPad to record and layer drums, base, vocals etc. Perfect for musical “sketching”, beatboxing, rapping, or remixing/experimentation.

– Record and play at the same time.
– Tracks have separate Volume/Pan/Mute controls.
– Audio clips (dubs) can be Cut/Reversed/PitchShifted/Stretched.
– Song (tape) resizes automatically to fit all dubs.
– Multiple selection/operations.
– Metronome/countdow
– Undo/Redo.
– Flexible zoom.
– Export to .m4a, email out.

Grab Overdub now –

RecTools Unlimited…(well almost)

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Yudo inc. has just sent word that their the latest instalment of the RecTools professional audio recording app has arrived. What started out as a single track recorder, went to a stereo track recorder, and then up to an 8-track recorder, is now capable of ……wait for it…. 500 tracks of audio, with around 100 playable tracks simultaneously! At least that’s the claim of the developer, so who am I to argue. If you don’t mind an exceedingly red coloured interface, along with a few unique UI quirks, this is one very serious DAW app aimed at pro users. Let’s hope they consider universal iOS support in the future, if only for the added screen real estate on the iPad!

A multitrack recorder with support for an unlimited number of tracks is now here! Finally exceeding the functionality of portable MTRs.
Each track has it’s own 3 band Equalizer and the possibility to record and edit up to 3 hours of uncompressed high quality audio in mono or stereo.

The most powerful version of rectools, Rectools Unlimited is now available!
Plays around 100 channels at the same time with the iPhone 3GS and even more with the iPhone 4 and devices with higher performance.
Rectools Unlimited supports 500+ tracks so feel free to push your iPhone or iPod touch to the limit!

* Import audio files easily using iTunes
* Adjustable metronome delay (fast, slow and normal)
* Loop and repeat function
* Import audio files through WIFI
* Improvements to the engine has made it possible to record up to 3 hours of audio per track.
And more…

Rectools Unlimited is the perfect tool for music creation and also the first multitrack recorder for the iPhone / iPod Touch! It is perfectly suited for band recordings or chorus recordings. It is also tested and compatible with the iPhone microphone and several external 3rd party iPhone/iPod microphones. and records in 44.1kHz / 16bit top quality. Thanks to the wave edit feature it is also possible to edit and process your recorded data afterwards.

More features:
* Unlimited multitrack recording (500+ number of tracks).

* Wave edit function
Edit & process your recorded data.

* Equalizer
Each track has it’s own 3 band equalizer with frequency ranges from 20hz to 20kHz, ±12dB.

* Mixer
Like a real mixing console all channels have a volume fader, pan knob, equalizer and can be muted or soloed. The overall output volume can also be adjusted.

* Audio Pool
Manage all the audio clips in your project, import and delete.
See how many times an audio clip have been used in the project.
Import files with iTunes (supports 44.1khz, mono or stereo wav-files)

* Metronome
Helps you to keep the beat when recording.

Send your recordings to a computer in the same local network as your iPhone / iPod Touch via WI-FI.

Recording format: Linear PCM (WAV) 44.1kHz / 16bit in stereo or mono.

For further details check out – http://www.yudo.jp/en/music/rectools

Grab Rectools Unlimited now –

BeatMaker 2.1 now hearts iPad

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It’s been a few months since Intua’s Beatmaker 2 launched, and the latest update brings some big new features, including an improved workspace environment for iPad owners of the app. Intua has stated that iPad 3G owners should hold off for the next update patch which is due soon.

Here is a list of new features and changes for this update:

– New native iPad interface, specifically designed to take the best off the iPad’s screen size.
– Support for MIDI controllers through CoreMIDI, with MIDI learning and templates
– Instruments parameters automations (LFOs, envelopes, pads settings, etc.)
– New Master track with volume, pan, and 3 FX slots
– Audio input monitoring while recording
– New “Note Repeat” mode
– Pad Copy & Paste on the Drum Machine
– Improved memory management, reduced application memory footprint for loading more samples
– Info window for monitoring CPU and memory usage
– Supports A2DP bluetooth speakers & headphones (output only)
– Many improvements in every aspect of the application

Checkout the product page to learn more about BeatMaker 2.1!


Fostex release AR-4i

Posted by Mikers On August - 12 - 2011 2 COMMENTS

I saw this teased at a trade show earlier this year, but not much was know about the full features. Now the AR-4i is available, it looks like it would have a range of applications for musicians and field recorders. Here’s a basic run down on the specs, but the quirky promo video Fostex has produced is also worth checking out, for a giggle.

New from Fostex is the AR-4i – a device which turns the iPhone4 into a handheld video camera with professional stereo sound recording. A perfect easy seller to target iPhone users, and something which will appeal to a very broad range of customers. Everyhing’s included in the box, like 2 x plug in condenser microphones, a hand-grip for easy shooting, and even 2 x AAA batteries, which will power you for roughly 8 hours of use.

The AR-4i has 3 mic inputs, facilitating vertical or horizontal use, which feed the high quality A/D. Monitor your work using the high spec D/A through the inbuilt headphone out. An extensive amount of control is available using the dedicated iPhone APP. The AR-4i even features standard threaded mounting points and a cold shoe to integrate with your existing video equipment.


  • Exceptional audio quality – record/playback via Dock connector with built-in AD/DA converter
  • Equipped with 3 x stereo inputs (Line/Mic) for using 2 of the 3 simultaneously for vertical or horizontal use
  • 2 x plug-in powered condenser cardioid type microphones with pop-shields supplied.  Third-party microphones can also be used.
  • 4-dot LED level meter for input monitoring
  • Thumb wheel input gain control
  • Setup App supplied free from App Store for setting Pan (L/C/R), Low Cut Filter, Limiter, etc.
  • Headphone output for recording & playback monitoring
  • Long operation time with 2 x AAA alkaline batteries for 8 to 10 hours
  • Supplied with a sturdy hand grip
  • 2 x threaded tripod mounts on the bottom and side for use with tripod, camera rigs, etc.
  • Cold shoe for use of third-party camera options

Hokusai Audio Editor (Free)

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Hokusai is a multitrack audio editor for iPhone or iPad. Record or import a track, and make it sound the way you want it to: not just trimming the ends, but full cut, copy, paste and delete, and a suite of filters and special effects available.

Edit many tracks side-by-side, mix them together, and export to wave or mp4 format — then transfer them to your computer via USB or Dropbox, or send them to another app on your device.

Hokusai is streamlined to give you a clean, clear view of your tracks. Use the familiar pinch and swipe gestures to zoom right in and fiddle with fine detail, or step back to see the big picture. And just like selecting text in other apps, you can select pieces of audio. Live “scrubbing” means you can hear the sound under your fingertip as you make your adjustments. And you needn’t fear a bad edit with our full undo/redo support: as many levels as space allows.

Hokusai comes free with a set of useful tools such as fade in/out, normalise volume levels, reverse time, and basic synthesis. If you need more power, you can upgrade from inside the app to add new tools and effects, including: AudioCopy/AudioPaste, grain synthesis, noise gating, time-stretching, pitch-bending, echo, reverb, modulation (AM & FM), resonance, distortion, grunge, vocal levelling, monster voice, high/low/band-pass/notch-cut filter and more

More details – http://www.wooji-juice.com/products/hokusai/




FiRe Studio touches down

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The All New FiRe Studio is based on our industry leading FiRe 2 – Field Recorder, widely recognized by audio professionals as “best in class.” With FiRe Studio, we decided to take things to the next level and create an 8-track recorder geared for musicians and recording enthusiasts.

FiRe Studio was created for audio professionals by audio professionals. It’s powerful enough for the most experienced musicians and recording engineers, and its efficient workflow and intuitive interface makes it a breeze for business and casual use.

FiRe Studio is built exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch and is brought to you by the minds at Audiofile Engineering. Combining powerful, elegant and uncluttered audio utilities with unparalleled technical support, Audiofile Engineering is one of the most innovative and experienced audio software developers for OS X and the iOS.

Other features include:

– Record in mono and stereo, 16-bit, 48 kHz
– Live waveform view including rectified view
– Live overview for easy navigation
– Scroll waveform with touch
– Navigate waveform via double-tap with configurable behavior
– Moveable Playback Head
– Tap Playback Head handle to add markers
– Editable Markers and Regions
– Detailed Mixer (rotate to landscape view in a mix)
– Click track
– Beautiful and accurate VU Input Meters
– Unlimited number of mixes
– Global notes and track notes
– Configurable track colors
– Pause gracefully when interrupted by phone call
– Countdown with gorgeous graphics
– Screen rotates 180 degrees for better control of the iPhone’s internal mic
– Broadcast WAVE metadata
– Searchable Projects list
– Sorting options for the Projects List
– Ability to lock tracks
– Snapping
– File export via iTunes File Sharing & FTP
– SoundCloud (http://soundcloud.com)
– DropBox (http://dropbox.com) integration
– Choice of export file formats: WAVE, AIFF, CAF, AAC, Apple Lossless, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC

For more details – http://www.audiofile-engineering.com/firestudio/

Grab FiRe Studio now –


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GrainBender will be on sale at 50% off for a limited time!

GrainBender is a new iPad synthesizer that makes designing new sounds easier than ever before. Just tap the bend button and sculpt your new sound directly in realtime. GrainBender is capable of making a wide range of sounds, from traditional analog favorites to exotic digital effects.

Key features:
– unique, intuitive sound design interface
– versatile oscillators with analog & digital waveforms
– audio clip recording and export to other apps via AudioCopy
– extensive but easy-to-use modulation
– effects ranging from chorus and delay to digital grunge

Grab further details here – http://www.burgerkone.com/grainbender/

Grab GrainBender now –

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