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Monle has been released!

This little multitrack editor looks wonderful.

get all the details here

MIDI Memo Recorder

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Note: This free application requires Line 6’s MIDI Mobilizer hardware accessory, the world’s first MIDI interface for iPhone and iPod touch, to utilize the MIDI recording and playback features. MIDI Mobilizer is the perfect addition to any MIDI musician’s toolkit. More info can be found at www.line6.com/midimobilizer.

MIDI Memo Recorder simply records and plays any MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) data any time, any place. Its streamlined design makes it easy to store, find, recall and even email all your synth sounds, Line 6 effect patches, musical inspirations, and more.

MIDI Memo Recorder and MIDI Mobilizer are compatible with every single MIDI-capable keyboard, amplifier, effect, and miscellaneous piece of audio gear.

For more details head to – http://line6.com/midimobilizer/

Line6 MIDI Mobilizer

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Together with an Apple iPhone or iPod touch, and the free MIDI Memo Recorder app, MIDI Mobilizer can play, record, and backup MIDI information any time, any place. Whether you want to capture a quick musical idea or back up the settings of all your MIDI gear, MIDI Mobilizer is the most simple and compact solution for everything MIDI.

MIDI Mobilizer™ is the fastest, lightest and easiest way to manage all your sounds, sequences and other MIDI data.

Capture inspiration –

Inspiration is spontaneous, and MIDI Mobilizer™ can capture inspiration the moment it strikes. Just hook up the MIDI Out from any keyboard, and you can quickly record your idea. Connect the keyboard’s MIDI In, and instantly play back what you just created. Or email it to yourself or a collaborator as a Standard MIDI File (SMF) which can be opened and edited within virtually any Mac® or PC-based digital audio workstation.

Easily backup all your MIDI parameters from Line 6 gear and more. Want to transfer your settings into a friend’s POD® xt, or import your settings into rental gear? It has never been easier.

Rescue yourself from dreaded on-stage equipment failures. MIDI Mobilizer can import your MIDI sound data into any classic or modern MIDI equipment, including replacement keyboards.

MIDI Mobilizer is compatible with all models of iPhone and iPod touch.

For details head to – http://line6.com/midimobilizer/iphone_ipod_touch.html


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Gigbaby! is a practice, rehearsal and performance tool for musicians that play solo or in groups. It comes with:

four track recorder
drum machine
set list manager
Share songs with others

Free Mac and PC transfer utilities available! Import your recordings into desktop applications:

Use it anywhere and any time to practice harmonies, capture and record ideas, compose new music, and share your music with others over the network. Great for karaoke, remix, and jamming with friends or strangers!

Gigbaby! includes a precision metronome with dozens of rhythm patterns, multi-track digital audio record and playback, Set list management to quickly recall the setup for any song, and network sharing to exchange audio tracks with other members of your band or with friends, family, or fans! With GigBaby! each member of the group can record their own tracks, then swap tracks to bring together the whole song.


Audio Tracks
Record and layer multiple audio tracks with CD quality sampling rates (44.1kbps). Monitor any mix of tracks (including the rhythm pattern) during your recording sessions. Use separate tracks to layer harmonies, guitar, bass, keyboard, backup vocals, etc. Independent volume controls let you set the mix, and individual mute buttons to quickly cut out specific instruments.

Automatic latency compensation ensures that the audio tracks and rhythm pattern are always in sync – including tracks that others send you over the network.

Recording on the iPod touch requires the use of an external microphone.

Rhythm Patterns
The rhythm patterns (beat pattens) cover many of the basic musical styles including Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Waltz, Hip-Hop and Latin. During audio recording and playback the selected rhythm track is automatically started and synchronized with the audio tracks. Selections in early versions of GigBaby! are limited, but future versions are expected to include dozens more. Visit our web site to learn how to submit your own midi rhythm patterns for inclusion with future versions of GigBaby!

The GigBaby! metronome includes a “tap” feature to quickly set the tempo by feel. Or you can easily move to a known tempo with the calibrated slider bar, or enter a tempo to microsecond resolution using numeric keyboard. The beat pattern volume is adjustable, and can be muted with a quick button tap. The display shows current beat based on the time signature of the selected beat pattern, and time in seconds based on the starting time of the beat pattern. Tempo is adjustable from 30 beats per minute to 210 beats per minute.

The setlist manages all of your settings for the songs you perform. The configurable settings include the song name, the associated beat pattern the tempo, any backing tracks that you previously recorded, volume settings for the beat pattern and audio tracks. You can quickly move through your setlist using presets. No fiddling with knobs and buttons! From the setlist detail view you can share tracks with your bandmates, friends, family, and fans.

For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s site – www.iometics.net/GigBaby!

Grab GigBaby! now –


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This must-have electric guitar application combines a great-sounding guitar amp simulator, a super-accurate tuner, and a song practice partner which lets you upload your original ideas, jam along to hits, and slow down riffs and solos to learn them — note-for-note.

PRS Jam Amp is a tireless guitar tutor that lets you load, loop, and slow down audio clips until you’ve got them nailed. Upload and play back popular riffs and songs in MP3 or ACC (unprotected) formats using the onboard web interface.

Change the speed and / or the pitch of songs independently. You can easily match the tuning of popular songs to your guitar within seconds.

Simple Input boost, reverb, crunch/overdrive, and tone controls make PRS Jam Amp a joy to use and play. Whether you’re practicing, recording your latest idea, or just killing time, true inspiration and killer tone is finally as close as your iPhone.

More info on the PRS site www.prscables.com/prsjamamp/


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This must-have accessory allows you to plug your guitar directly into your iPhone and 2nd Gen iPod Touch (simultaneously with your headphones) for use with all guitar applications.

The guitarist’s interface fuses your instrument with your iPhone – Now the possibilities are as endless as the apps on your phone. With the Guitarbud even the simple Voice Memos™ app (that comes with your phone) can be used to record riffs or songs anywhere – instantly email your track to your friends. All your apps become more powerful – use your iPod tuner in a noisy crowded bar, record your next tune on the 4-track recorder that’s as close as your iPhone.

This powerful, portable guitarist’s interface, is designed specifically for musicians by Bond Music Research in conjunction with PRS Guitars; makers of PRS Signature Series Cables Guitar Cables. Guitarbud is lightweight, flexible, and easily fits in your pocket. More than a simple adaptor, this 6 foot special instrument cable allows freedom of movement when you play, and links your headphones with your instrument.

There’s more info at www.prscables.com/guitarbud

Everyday Looper

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Everyday Looper : The loop station tailor-made for the iPhone.

Here is what we’ve got :


New In Version 1.1

• Merge one track with another one in real-time, with limiter.


• Tap or swipe on displayed waveforms to play / pause / stop / record / change volume / erase.

• Auto-normalization of each track to reach their maximum non clipped volume by the swipe of a finger.

• Master Limiter to not worry about clipping after tracks mixing.

• Metronome track generator to create a X clicks at Y BPMs base track.

• Quantized to loop recording, as an option.

• Arm a track before recording, to not overwrite unintentionally, as an option.

• Load/Save your loops manually when you want. Auto-save between sessions.

• Export your tracks to your computer over WiFi in 44100Hz/16Bits Wav format.

• Up to 45 seconds of recording for each track.

Videos available, check on our website or directly on YouTube (search for “Everyday Looper”).

To be noted : This app is all about recording. No pre-recorded samples are included and iPod Touch users will need on external microphone.

For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s site – http://www.mancingdolecules.com/

Grab Everyday Looper now –


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FingerBeat is a virtual instrument designed for creativity & self-expression inspired by retro synthesizers & samplers.
A homage to Dance Music & Pop Culture from the last decades. A classic for absolutely everyone to enjoy!
You dont need to know a single musical note to create beats or draw melodies using your finger.
Annotate your idea instantly by recording exterior sounds directly into the pads… Available on iPhone & iPod Touch*
This is a great little app. Check out the video.


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FourTrack multitrack audio recorder is a songwriting and practice tool for singers, guitar players, piano players, and others who want to capture musical ideas and record songs on the iPhone and iPod touch.
Some Features Include:
• Multitrack recording: use bounce for more than 4 tracks (eg. 8, 12, 16 tracks or more)
• 16 bit, 44.1 kHz recording quality
• Pan Control: move tracks from left to right
• Timeline: seek to anywhere in a song instantly
• Latency Compensation: accurate to within 1ms
• Compressor-Limiter: fattens sound of output mix
• Bounce: mix song to track 1 and 2 of a new song to record as many tracks as you want
• Metronome: select tempo by number or tapping. Record along with real drums, including beats by celebrity drummer Jason McGerr
• Wi-Fi sync to a computer & import into any recording software
• Wi-Fi sync to RiffWorks T4 free to add effects, mix to WAV or OGG, post to RiffWorld.com for an MP3, capture pain and gain settings and more
• (New) MasterFX: sweeten the sound of your recordings with a compressor-limiter and a 4-band parametric EQ
• (New) AudioPaste: paste audio from compatible AudioCopy apps including InstantDrummer, DopplerPad, VOX 3000, Reverb and Equalizer
• (New) PromoTracks: download individual PromoTracks from a variety of artists directly into a FourTrack song to add more tracks, mixdown with effects, export and more.

For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s site – http://www.sonomawireworks.com/iphone/fourtrack/


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The power of a studio quality multitrack recorder in the palm of your hand.

Release your creativity with 16 high quality audio tracks. Record multiple takes, harmonies, solos, and experiments. No more worrying about bouncing tracks – each instrument can have its own. More cowbell? No problem!

Easily transfer files to your computer using the built-in WiFi web server. MultiTrack gives you the flexibility to upload and download single tracks or final mixes. You can import audio files in mp3, wav, aif, aac and m4a formats.


– 16 stereo audio tracks
– 44.1kHz, 16 bit, CD quality sound for each track
– Metronome with Time Signatures
– Ruler showing bars/beats/divisions/ticks or timecode
– Individual controls for pan, volume, mute and solo
– Low latency recording, with selectable input monitoring
– Recorded material perfectly synced with other tracks
– Snap – snaps the timebar to ruler lines
– Punch in/out – automatically starts and stops recording
– Auto Input – allows monitoring the track underneath until punch points
– Crossfading uses cubic interpolation to eliminate clicks and pops
– Song management with WiFi for uploading and downloading tracks
– Beautifully rendered waveforms of all tracks at multiple zoom levels
– Multi-touch pinch/zoom support down to the sample level
– VU meters for each track
– 24 bit internal pathways

For the latest on this app head to the developers site – http://www.harmonicdog.com

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