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BeatMaker: the mobile music creation studio for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Inspired by professional drum machines, samplers and sequencers, BeatMaker combines them into one inspirational instrument.

Ideally suited for live performance and intuitive composition, with ease, produce complete songs using trigger pads, sequencing tools, audio effects and much more !

Pick up samples from the original sound-bank, including many genres and special sound packs made by featured musicians and producers.
Record your own audio samples on-the-go and use them instantly into your composition!

Expand your sound library from your computer and other beatmakers through our growing user community.

For amateurs and professionals alike, BeatMaker unleashes your musical creativity !


★ 16 sample-based trigger pads, with multi-touch support (up to 5 pads at once)
★ Low latency playback and sample-accurate audio engine
★ Live pattern recording and arranging
★ Audio recording from microphone or headset (iPhone and iPod Touch 2nd gen only)
★ Step sequencer with different resolutions for easy and precise pattern creation
★ Change the volume, pan and pitch of each steps to compose rich melodies and beats
★ Multi track song sequencer: arrange your patterns into complete songs
★ Create unlimited number of patterns of different sizes (one to four bar)
★ Export your songs to Audio file (WAV) and MIDI score and share them with your friends
★ Original sound library provided with multiple genres: BreakBeat, Drum & Bass, Dub, Electronica, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock and more to come !
★ Featured artist/producer sound library: Richard Devine, Man Parrish, Jacque Polynice, Rafiralfiro, …
★ AIFF and WAVE audio file support (any sample rate, 8 to 24-bits resolutions)
★ Network sharing capabilities via BeatPack, to upload and download content
★ 2 effect channels, each with 4 effects
★ Synchronized delays with feedback and wet-mix control
★ 3-band Equalizers (Lo, Mid, Hi)
★ “Bit-Crusher” for down-sampling and bits resolution reduction
★ Lowpass, Hi-pass and Bandpass filters
★ Transport toolbar for quick playback control, with BPM, signature and metronome support
★ Handy selection mode to control multiple parameters on pads at once
★ Individual/multiple loading of samples
★ Automatic sample slicing over the pads (Chop)
★ Control volume, pan, semi-tone, octave, tuning, fade in/out and sample start/end positions on each pad
★ Velocity, Pitch, Pan spreading, allowing you to use the 16 pads as a mini-keyboard for easier melodic composition
★ Wave editor permits to manually selects your samples Start/End position markers
★ Automatic change of sample pitch to match a particular sample duration for each pad
★ Output channel selection (3 buses available: Main Out, FX 1, FX 2) for each pad
★ Mute and Reverse samples during your performances
★ X/Y Cross Controller for live manipulation of combined effect and sample parameters
★ Loading and saving of your kits & projects
★ File browser for file management (load, save, new files, directory and delete) and BeatPack content management (upload, download)
★ Auto discovery of local BeatPack servers (via Bonjour)
★ Sample preview within the browser
★ Auto-saving of your current project
★ and much more…

For more details and the latest features available on this app head to the developer’s website – http://www.intua.net


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SunVox is a small, fast and powerful music sequencer with modular synthesizers. it’s not only available for the iphone either; but also for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, pocket computers (Windows Mobile, PalmOS) and netbooks.

Here’s a list of the key features.

  • Modular interface.
  • Highly optimized synth algorithms.
  • Flexible architecture: SunVox can working on variuos devices. For example: PDA with slow CPU – 16bit sound (fixed point arithmetic); or big PC with powerfull CPU: 32bit sound (floating point arithmetic).
  • Built-in synthesizers:
    • FM synthesizer;
    • Generator (saw,triangle,square,noise waveforms);
    • Kicker;
    • Sampler (supported formats: WAV, XI);
    • SpectraVoice (FFT-based synthesizer for analog-like pads);
    • Delay;
    • Distortion;
    • Echo;
    • Filter (Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Notch);
    • Flanger;
    • LFO;
    • Loop;
    • Reverb (with DC Blocking Filter);
    • Vocal Filter;
    • Vibrato.
  • Supported systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, PalmOS, WindowsCE (Windows Mobile), iPhone.
  • Export to WAV.

Check out the vid.


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Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder –

Rectools08 is a recording application by Yudo who also is the creator of the in japan top ranked (all categories) Matrix Music Pad and 8 Bitone.
Rectools is different from other normal recording applications. You can make high quality recordings without compression, record up to 8 tracks, edit your audio clips directly in the application and more! For more information please watch our homepage. If you are looking for a voice recording application please look up our Rectools02 chich can record up to 12 hours!

A version up with the following new features is in review:

* The delay of the click is now adjustable (fast, delayed, normal)
* Looping
* Import audio from your PC via WIFI.
* With some fixes to the engine the project max time has been extended to 15minutes and we plan to extend it further)

Yudo Rectools08pro with it’s easy-to-use interface is the perfect tool for music creation . It is also the first 8 channel multi track recorder for the iPhone / iPod Touch! Perfect for band or chorus recordings.

Furthermore rectools is tested and compatible with the iPhone microphone and several external 3rd party iPhone/iPod microphones. and records in 44.1kHz / 16bit top quality. Thanks to the wave edit feature it is also possible to edit and process your recorded data afterwards.

* 8 channel multi track recording (note that mono track takes up 1 channel and a stereo track takes up 2 channels)

* Wave edit function
Edit & process your recorded data.

Comes with a 3 band equalizer one for each channel.
Frequency range of 20hz ~ 20kHz and gain ±12dB.

Like a real mixing console volume fader, panning pot and equalizer, mute, solo is supported for all channels also input and output channels can have their volume and panning position adjusted (note that the input channel volume is done in software)

Audio Pool:
Lets you access all the recorded data in your project, delete and upload to your computer in the local network is also possible.

Helps you to keep the beat when recording.

Send your recordings to a computer n the same local network as your iPhone / iPod Touch via WI-FI.

Compatible with 3rd party microphone:
Tested and works with various 3rd party microphones.

Recording format: Linear PCM (WAV) 44.1kHz / 16bit in stereo or mono.
Recording length: max 7 min

FiRe – Field Recorder

Posted by Mikers On January - 19 - 2010 1 COMMENT

FiRe is the world’s first professional field recorder built exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch, brought to you by the minds at Audiofile Engineering. Combining powerful, elegant and uncluttered audio utilities with unparalleled technical support, Audiofile Engineering is one of the most innovative and experienced audio software developers for Mac OS X and the revolutionary iPhone.

FiRe was created for audio professionals by audio professionals. It’s powerful enough for the most experienced musicians and recording engineers, and its efficient workflow and intuitive interface makes it a breeze for business and casual use.

FiRe will revolutionize what you expect from a portable recording application. It’s the first iPhone recorder to display an accurate audio waveform in real time, the first to support markers, Broadcast WAVE metadata, and the instant downloading of files in multiple file formats. FiRe was the first application on any platform to offer native SoundCloud integration. FiRe 1.3.0 brings even more firsts including input processing effects Powered by iZotope and the ability to publish a Podcast directly from your iPhone, even converting markers to chapters.

– Record in mono and stereo
– Live waveform view including rectified view
– Live Overview for easy navigation
– Scroll waveform with touch
– Navigate waveform via double-tap with configurable behavior
– Moveable Playback Head
– Tap Playback Head handle to add markers
– Editable Markers list
– Preference to add markers at time intervals
– Overdub mode with playthrough
– Beautiful and accurate VU Input Meters
– VU meters change to output in playback
– Configurable time units display
– Tag Recordings with location data
– Pause gracefully when interrupted by phone call
– Countdown with gorgeous graphics
– Record for… settings
– Record until… settings
– Record over threshold… settings
– Quality settings: Low (11.025 kHz), Medium (22.050 kHz) and High (44.1 kHz)
– Preference to automatically move to end and/or add marker when recording starts
– Preference to limit recordings to 2GB
– Screen rotates 180 degrees for better control of the iPhone’s internal mic
– Broadcast WAVE metadata
– Preference for amount of info displayed in Recordings List
– Ability to lock recordings
– Searchable recordings list
– File export via local web server and FTP
– Choice of export file formats: WAVE, AIFF, CAF, AAC, Apple Lossless, AAC, Podcast, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC
– SoundCloud integration (http://soundcloud.com), now including location, picture, email notification, public/private download and SoundCloud metadata

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