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Sample it VoiceKeyboard HD

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Whether it’s just for a laugh or more serious uses, this ‘sample and playback anything’ app is remarkably easy to use and the results can be pretty impressive. This HD version gives much better access to the various settings and keyboard.

Record any sound, and play it back on the keyboard as an instrument! Record anything and turn it into something musical and creative. For example, record one note from a guitar, and instantly you have a guitar piano. Replace your other Grand Piano, Cat Piano, Dog Piano, Bird Piano or Majestic Bug Piano (etc..) from the sounds you record.

VoiceKeyboard is a powerful, easy to use sampler. Import and export from your computer, manipulate the waveform with the touch screen, timeshift to sync all of the notes when playing chords… Record your performances, and play them back with the most dynamic and versatile piano on the iPad.


• Waveform Selection
Quickly drag your finger over the waveform to select the exact part of the recording to use on the keyboard.

• Reverse Sample Mode
Play samples in reverse, and use the waveform to customize the sample further.

• Web Sharing
Upload and download recorded samples to and from VoiceKeyboard with your home computer

• 30-Note Polyphony
Play with all 10 fingers, make your own custom high-quality uncompressed (48.0k 16 bit) samples.

• Sound Modes:
The Timeshifting (or Timestretching) option allows simultaneously played notes to be in sync and the same duration, making the samples sound harmonious and musical when played together.

• Automatic Sample Trimming
This version automatically recognizes and removes the silence or “dead air” at the beginning and end of the recorded sample, making the keyboard very responsive.

• Audio Normalization
Normalization increases the loudness of your recordings to a maximum level without introducing any new distortion.

• Sustain and Looping.
Control how the recorded samples are looped and sustained, when played on the keyboard.

• Fully Animated Keyboard with multitouch glissando (finger sliding).
• Save, Load, Preview, and Delete Samples.
• Save and load Song Performances with Tempo adjustment.

SampleLab video surfaces

Posted by Mikers On June - 10 - 2010 2 COMMENTS

This new iPad app surfaced today, via a post on our site to a Youtube video. I can’t find out anything else about it at this stage, so I’m afraid it remains a mystery until we can track down further details. Check out the video for a taste of what it offers.

Composing waves…

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WaveComposer is a pocketable studio for professional use where you can create music with flexibility and is offered at low price with a variety of functions, including rhythm machine, sampler, and wave editor functions.

★ An intuitive operating environment is offered. Rhythm machine equipped with 16 step sequencer (12 tracks or less)
★ Nondestructive and backing ground edit of audio data with waveform display
★ Real-time effect (reverse, gain, pitch, and pan) standard equipment that can be used in each track
★ Recording by built-in sampler anywhere
★ Mac/PC forwarding of audio data with built-in HTTP server
★ Pong it, reproduction with manual of sound source, and equipped with drum pad of high-speed response

As it comes with a function that allows you to export audio data, you can create audio loop and share with others on the spot.

It corresponds to all the main forms such as mp3, wav, aiff, alac, aac, and caf.

– Files including characters other than one-byte alphameric characters (eg. Symbols) may not be sent to the application. This application does not support proxy server (communication link with performance over 1Mbps for both sending and receiving is recommended).
– Read-in may not be carried out depending on memory resource you are using. This application does not support m4p format purchased at iTune Store.
– In case you release the audio data of your creation to the public, please be aware of the copyright that belong to the original creator of the audio source.
– We will be upgrading to fix bugs and troubles or add additional functions in the future. As with the terms and conditions provided by App Store, or the original provider, communication carriers, developers or parties concerned shall not be liable for compensation or damages of any kind whatsoever caused as a result of its download and use.


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ThumbJam is a brand-new musical performance experience. You get over 30 high-quality real instruments multi-sampled exclusively for this app. Hundreds of included scales allow you to effortlessly play in any style from rock to classical, whether you are a musical novice or a seasoned professional.

Jordan Rudess, the world-renowned keyboardist for Dream Theater says:

“ThumbJam stands at the very top of the overcrowded music app world. The sounds included absolutely rival those found in pro instruments and making music on the app is a total joy. The only problem I have with this app is that I did not make it myself! Luckily, I’m able to work with the developer and offer a few good feature ideas as well as some choice sounds from my personal collection!”

Two signature sounds from Jordan are featured in the latest version 1.1.0!


Even if you’ve only played air guitar, ThumbJam lets you sound like a pro. Pick an instrument and jam — with all the scales to choose from you’ll never hit a wrong note. The high quality instrument samples will make you sound like you just skipped years of music lessons.

For the performing musician, this app is awesome for soloing on an instrument you didn’t bring along. Play in any key, any style — go from a string ensemble to a wailing guitar. ThumbJam was developed and tested by musicians to feel and sound like a real instrument. You’ll be surprised at how expressive it can be, make sure to check out the videos and audio at thumbjam.com.

ThumbJam makes use of tilt and shake to add vibrato, tremolo, note bends, and volume swells for more realistic and expressive results. It supports up to five simultaneous touches and up to 16 voice polyphony. Delay and lush stereo reverb add depth to the sound. Put on your headphones or plug in to your home stereo and prepare to be blown away.

Build your own loops from the ground up or import your favorites and jam from there. Layer as many loops as you want, with different instruments for each. Export your loops as audio files or Ardour DAW sessions via WiFi. Copy and paste audio from other apps using Sonoma Wire Works AudioCopy/Paste as well the general pasteboard used by BeatMaker.

Want to jam with your friends? ThumbJam lets you broadcast tempo, key, and scale to other nearby devices via Bluetooth so you can play together live.

The app includes a huge variety of scales, from western to eastern. Save your favorites for quick access. You can even import new scales in the Scala format for complete flexibility.

To expand the power of ThumbJam, new instruments andn loops are available for download from our server right within the app. Be sure to check often to see if new content is available. We encourage the community to contribute their own high-quality instruments and loops via the forum!

You can also record your own samples using a built-in or attached microphone and play them instantly. Create your own presets with different settings, scales and keys based on the existing instruments. You can even import samples from other apps using audio copy and paste!

Included instruments:

+ Cello
+ Violin
+ Upright Bass (plucked and bowed)
+ Drum set
+ Darabukka
+ Djembe
+ Electric Guitar
+ Electric Bass
+ Trumpet
+ Trombone
+ Tenor Sax
+ Flute
+ Low Whistle
+ Acoustic Guitar
+ Hammered Dulcimer
+ Mandolin
+ Cittern
+ Grand Piano
+ Drawbar Organ (2 types)
+ Rhodes
+ Pipe Organ
+ Melodica
+ Scottish Smallpipes
+ Synth Strings
+ Synth Choir
+ Theremin
+ Sawtooth Waveform
+ Sine Waveform
+ Triangle Waveform

For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s site – http://thumbjam.com/

Grab ThumbJam now –


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StompVox is a high-quality (44.1kHz, 16bit) real-time vocal effects application for the iPhone and iPodTouch which is designed to look and feel like effects pedals, or ‘stomp boxes’ as they are often called. StompVox combines a Gate, Looper, Reverb, Echo and Mixer to create a range of fun vocal effects.


StompVox comes with 10 factory Presets that showcase a variety of different effects using each pedal.  Presets may be created, edited and even e-mailed other StompVox users!


There are five effects pedals:


The Gate pedal controls how much signal is passed to the other pedals from the microphone input. If there is a lot of ambient background noise, it’s useful to be able to ‘shut’ the audio gate so that no sound passes through to the other pedals until the sound level has reached a chosen threshold. The rate at which the gate responds to the audio input and how the gate opens and closes are adjustable.

Controls: Input, Threshold, Attack, Hold, Release and Bypass


The Looper pedal can record continuous audio loops of up to 60 seconds. Use this pedal to create interesting sonic loops and practice vocals against another vocal or instrument. The Looper never gets tired!

Controls: Seconds, Level, Play, Record, Erase and Bypass


The Reverb pedal models the sound characteristics of an enclosed space. When a sound is made in an enclosed space, the original sound is heard along with a number of echoes which build up due to the shape of the space. The echoes decay as the sound is absorbed by the materials in the space.

Controls: Pre-Delay, Room Size, Damp, Level, Dry/Wet and Bypass


The Echo pedal models a sound reflection that is heard some time after the original sound has been made. The echo delay and the rate at which echoes subside can be controlled.

Controls: Delay, Feedback, Level and Bypass


The Mixer combines the overall or Master level along with the unprocessed Direct level.

Controls: Master, Direct and Bypass

For more info, go here www.completesoftware.co.uk


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Sampletoy is a radical new musical instrument/plaything; part sampler, part granular synthesiser. Use it to capture sounds through the microphone, then play, loop, pitch and distort them live on the screen.

There are plenty of features under the hood, such as resonant filters, delays and envelope. You can enable “stepped” mode to play your sounds like a traditional keyboard, or keep it in “free” mode for some microtonal madness.

Once you’ve recorded a sound, use the main area of the screen to play it back at different pitches (up to 5 fingers at a time). You can crop the sound by dragging a selection over the waveform. The crop area is also multitouch and you can adjust the crop while playing the sound too.

The y-axis is pitch of the sound, and the x axis is configurable to control filters or envelope.

You can record your performances on Sampletoy and send them via email within the app as a CD-quality wav file (mono or stereo)

* Create your own instruments out of any sound.
* Email your performances as audio files straight from the app.
* Built-in resonant filters, delay and envelope.
* Auto-saves current recording and state and recalls it again on next launch.
* Stepped mode allows chromatic, major, minor, pentatonic and whole-tone scales to be played.
* Totally multitouch – play up to 5 notes at once.
* 44kHz/16bit – professional quality sound.
* Built-in comprehensive manual.

Sampletoy requires audio input, so works only with the iPhone (built-in mic or headset mic) and iPod Touch 2G (headset mic)

For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s site – http://www.mrkbrz.com/sampletoy/

Grab Sampletoy now –

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