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This is not a virtual instrument, this is not a drum machine or a sequencer: this is RGBSOUND!

By tapping the colors you play sounds and you launch infinite electronic loops, by shaking the device you change your music pattern.

The main features of the applications are:
– Play a sound by tapping different colored buttons
– Start music loop at different speeds
– Handle the pitch and volume control of each single sound
– Shake of the device to change the set of electronic sounds
– The creation of a rhythm is visually associated with movements of colored squares inspired to ’80’s videogames like tetris. This effect can be for example projected from the Ipad to a tv or projector screen to generate a suggestive atmosphere associated with the music.

RGBSOUND is simple, fast and intuitive; create your groove and surprise yourself!

This video does a good job of showing what this app is all about!

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Step Seq

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No musical experience necessary!

Create beautiful music by tapping out beats, melodies and harmonies on your iPad.

NEW : Now you can share your creations online with Step/Net! An integrated cloud based sharing system.

Step Seq allows you to immediately compose a piece of music you’ll be proud to call your own.

It’s simple and accessible yet the results of your creations will be sure to surprise you.

Features 8 unique tones to choose from (and many more coming in future updates)

Change the key, scale, and tempo of your track in real time automatically.

Control the FX: Create awesome delays and reverbs with the outboard effects.

8 Pages of step sequencer fun to create a full tune

Save your creations for later with space for 18 compositions on your device.

The focus of Step seq is ease of use. If you’ve never touched a piece of music software before or have never considered yourself a musician, well it’s time to prove yourself wrong and create something great!

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Touch Band Pro

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The Touch Band application is a lifesaver in so many ways: a) It would help you get that new tune in your head out anywhere and everywhere. b) It would replace the absent band member or instrument when you jam c) It makes your music a whole lot cooler!
Touch Band is the one application that will give you high quality sound effects while you play five different instruments and not all of them you might be a master of: the piano, drums, guitar, bongo drums and ocarina! Each of the instruments comes with the highest degree of sophistication and sound quality. You can jam anywhere you want and record your songs with great sound clarity and nowhere do you have to feel that you are not using the real instruments! Why? Mostly because Touch Band gives you the freedom to explore each instrument to the fullest. You automate the bass drum, play any of the 192 chords on the guitar and switch to piano or the electric keyboard with almost 80 keys in each! You can experiment with the melodic sounds of the ocarina and bongo and create real music using your portable device!

Check out all the features of the instruments available in Touch Band:
* Drum
– Five Drum Skins: Acoustic, Electronic, Glow, Pot Drum and Thumb
– Ten Drum Sounds: Studio Heavy, Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Seventies, Dance, Road House, Pot Drum
– Vibration Effect for real drum effect
– Auto-Bass Drum Play: 15 ~ 240 range BPM selection
– Record / Play / Recording list
* Guitar
– 192 Chords
– Preset for Major Chords
– Own chord selections: Up to 12 chords
– Chord instruction: Real image chord
– Record / Play / Recording list
* Piano
– Piano Selection: Piano (88 keyboards) / Electronic Piano (76 keyboards)
– Keyboard Selection: 1 or 2 lines, width
– Easy control for keyboard position
– Record / Play / Recording list
* Bongo Drum
– Consisting of a pair of larger drum and smaller drum
– Two different sounds: Head and Edge
– Record / Play / Recording list
* Ocarina
– Eight different sounds
– Four Ocarina Skins
– Record / Play / Recording list


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Music creation and recording app with samples provided by Loopmasters.

Create your own music with 4 track types:

– Drum track. Sample based track for making beats
– Sound track. Sampler/synthesizer track for making bass lines and melodies
– Chord track. Play and record your favorite chords with the sampler/synthesizer
– Audio track: Record your voice or guitar, with multi-take recording.

Arrange your beats in to Intro, Verse, Chorus etc for easy remix and arrangement of new songs.

energyXT for iOS is the perfect companion for your music creation software on your desktop computer or laptop. Sketch down and work with your ideas and finally export your tracks to Dropbox, either as a mixdown (audio/MIDI) or as one (audio/MIDI) file per track.

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Learn from MusicTech Focus

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While dedicated eBook readers still haven’t yet reached the lofty heights in popularity as the multipurpose iPad and its extended family of apps, the iPad is a highly capable eBook reader in itself, with thousands of best sellers, education, and entertainment titles available to download.

Helping serve the needs of electronic musicians, Anthem Publishing, who handle MusicTech magazine, have been busy producing iOS friendly versions of their special Music Tech Focus issues.

With more than a dozen releases already, each issue is a perfectly digitised version of the 132 page magazine. The aim of each issue to is focus on one particular software package such as Reason and Ableton Live, or an area of music recording, such as Mixing and Mastering.

Like the magazine, the iOS app features workshops, tutorials, software and hardware reviews, and expert tricks and tips, ALL specific to the music software or recording technique.

Of course, one of the immediate benefits of these apps, is being able to carry around any number of issue of Music Tech Focus either on your iPad /iPhone/iPod Touch, and fire them up in a flash.

We’ve been using an iPad to check out the Ableton Live 8, Logic Pro 9, and Mixing editions over the last few weeks, and it’s a real convenience having them right there, rather than having to dig around for the magazines.

The apps work in portrait or landscape view. The difference being, in landscape view you see two pages at a time, and with the iPad upright, you see one page in a larger scale.

Like a real magazine, flipping the pages, via the iPad, offers an animation of the page turning, which could probably be a little faster for my liking, but it’s a cool effect anyway.

Double tapping the display zooms into the area of the page you tap, and can then be dragged around, or double tapped to return to full page view. Pinching the page in and out also does the same thing.

Where these digital versions come into their own, is being able to quickly and easily bring up thumb nails of the pages, as well as a main index offering main features, and then to go to a specific page instantly. And naturally it’s possible to ‘add’ and view saved bookmarks of pages you want to visit regularly. This is really the killer feature of any eBook.

I haven’t tried any issues on a smaller screen, but I dare say it’s not nearly the pleasant experience of the iPad screen, which the issues look super crisp and sharp, even when zooming into the pages.

At US$9.99 per issue, these apps are certainly cheaper than the real magazine (and so they should be), although I know some of us find great value in the BONUS DVD of Software/Audio goodies that also come stuck to the front of the magazine. Maybe in the future, they can even look at a way of offering a discount on the app for those that buy the magazine, mainly for the DVD.

While the type of content on offer here isn’t nearly as interactive or fully featured as say The Daily, or even Wired magazine iPad apps, they  still serve a purpose for those that warm to the idea of carrying around digital versions of magazines they are likely to use on a regular basis.

Check out the growing collection of Music Tech Focus apps in the App Store.


NodeBeat HD

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Created by Seth Sandler and Justin Windle, NodeBeat is an experimental node-based audio sequencer and generative music application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

By combining music and playful exploration, NodeBeat allows anyone to create an exciting variety of rhythmic sequences and ambient melodies in a fun and intuitive fashion. From the professional to the novice, NodeBeat lets anyone explore creative music.

Features Include:

-Adjustable Node Physics
-Add & Remove Nodes
-Pitch Shift Audio
-Adjustable Pulse Rate & Beat Sync
-Creative Sound Sculpting: Echo, Attack, Decay, Release
-Audio Waveform Display
-Landscape and Portrait Views

*What NodeBeat is and what NodeBeat isn’t*

NodeBeat is aimed for general playful and toy-like usage. NodeBeat is not a utility or professional instrument. NodeBeat includes simple audio adjustments and features to appeal to kids and adults alike more-so than the audiophile. We do not currently include advanced audio functions with hundreds of features in order to keep the interface intuitive, simple, and easy to use.

Grab further details about this one at – http://nodebeat.com

Grab NodeBeat HD now –

Sound Cells

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Sound Cells is an interactive generative music app. Just touch the matrix to create some moving cells and see them interact with each other and generate sound in realtime.

If a cell hits the wall, it creates a sound. If a cell ends up in the same location as another one, they change directions. You can remove cells by touching them or by hitting the cell removing button.

The app comes with the 2 different sounds, which can be controlled in realtime for very expressive effects.
Also the app can generate MIDI output, so you can hook up a midi capable instrument for endless possibilities.

This is a universal app and on the iPad, it will use the full available resolution for a rich visual experience.


Grab Sound Cells now –

Symphonix Evolution Player

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Symphonix Evolution Player is a basic MIDI file player that supports General MIDI files using the GM/GS specification with up to 16 tracks. It also allows you to play Symphonix Evolution files created in our Symphonix Evolution iPad app on your iPhone using a suite of over 150 wavetable instruments!

Open MIDI files directly from Safari or Mail, or drag them into iTunes on your PC and sync to your device.

Symphonix Evolution Player also contains a Piano Roll viewer and editor that allows some basic note editing and quantization to be applied (Use our Symphonix Evolution app for full notation editing and MIDI recording). Core MIDI output is supported for the iPad using a suitable interface connected to the USB Camera Connection Kit.

samplerSequencer HD

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SamplerSequencer turns your device into a sampler sequencer for professional musicians and composers.
Just record a single sound / voice / special effect “LA notes,” using the samplerSequencer audio recording feature (using the internal microphone of the device) or import the sound into the device through synchronization (using the iTunes software for Mac or PC) or using copy / paste using the technology “iTunes File Sharing” and samplerSequencer will create for you the whole scale of sounds and assign them to the virtual keyboard (n octaves) of samplerSequencer, at which point you can record an audio track using the sequencer recording feature of samplerSequencer (the sequencer record for you every note played by you).
SamplerSequencer operates with seven independent sound tracks, each with its own sampled sound (assignable to a track).
You can then record a track at a time (using the virtual keyboard or by writing different notes by hand) and then listen all the tracks together using the sequencer play feature.

The sampleSequencer “all tracks view” and “selected track view”, the ability to manually enter a note or put it through the virtual keyboard, the ability to delete unwanted notes through the hash function, to touch a note and change its position, length and the type of the note (note shift), the possibility of including sequencer events such as pitch bending and many other features make samplerSequencer a professional sequencer like the most popular sequencers for Mac or PC.

The software is able to read the common audio files (WAV, MP3, CAF, etc. …) so you can create your own sound (you only need one audio file) using standard wave editor for Mac or PC and samplerSequencer will create automatically for you the musical instrument.
You can also import a song from the iTunes library on the device and by controlling “SAMPLE START POSITION” you can select a sound by extracting it from the same song: samplerSequencer will automatically create the complete musical instrument for you.
You can import a song from iTunes and assign it to a track, and using the other tracks you can play your track over the imported song… the sequencer will play the song combined with your sound tracks.

With samplerSequencer you will have in your pocket the smallest sampler and sequencer that exists!

– Import any sound and samplerSequencer generates for you the entire scale of sounds (n octaves)
– Storing infinite sound samples using the archive of sound (“Samples Archive”) of samplerSequencer
– Virtual Keyboard
– Control for increase / decrease the keyboard octave (usable in real time)
– “Bending control” to change the sound in real time
– “Sample Start Position” control:
you can remove the initial part of a sample (ex. silence) by specifying the start time instant of the sample (CUT FEATURE)
– “Sustain Pedal” control
– Multi keyboard voices (64 entries)
– Default “GRAND PIANO”sample
– Possibility of “registration” of musical patterns during live performances:
enabling the recording, samplerSequencer record to an audio file the music played with the keyboard by the user (pressing a key on the keyboard to play, after registration, your live performance)
– sequencer with 7 independent tracks (you can assign to each track a different sampled sound)
– MUTE function to turn off unwanted tracks (PLAY MUTE feature)
– Independent VOLUME for each track (SEQUENCER MIXER)
– View “all-track view “: it will display all the tracks simultaneously
– View “PIANO ROLL”: it will display the notes for the selected track
– Function touches a note and change its parameters of position, duration, and type of the note
– Function touch / drag to remove one or more notes
– Function touch / drag to remove unwanted events (pitch bending etc…)
– Metronome
– Beat control for the sequencer (it can be disabled)
– “samplerSequencer internal archive” to collect all the user-sampled sounds (infinite sound presets)
– Infinite number of projects can be saved into the “projects archive” of samplerSequencer

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Brainwave Sequencer

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Brainwave is a clip based MIDI sequencer. Bring your melodies and drum beats into life with the streamlined and intuitive MIDI clip editor. Assemble and arrange entire songs with the Arrangement editor. Control up to 16 instruments using the built-in sampler. Use the built-in audio samples to quickly get up and running, or use your own samples for even more creative sounds. Then produce and export MIDI files to be imported to your favourite Digital Audio Workstation software. All this inside of an ergonomic and minimalist user interface that will help get your inspiration to fruition.

Drive up to 16 instruments
* built-in sampler with 16 voices
* volume envelope
* loop points and loop modes (once, loop, ping pong)
* transpose offset to tune samples
* built-in samples or user samples, through iTunes sharing
* drum pad mode allowing for 16 individual samples to be mapped to drum pads
* mixer interface to solo/mute and adjust track volume

MIDI Clip Editor
* 16 ticks per beat
* up to 256 clips per song
* sequence melodies and beats in the clip editor
* sequence all instruments in the same clip
* fine control over note length and velocity per note or for a selection of notes
* copy a note sequence from one instrument to another
* make a copy of a MIDI clip to create new variations
* unlimited length
* looping mode to easily iterate on a clip

Song Arrangement
* quick start with built-in templates
* sequence and layer MIDI clips
* reorder clips to organize the visual layout

* export as multi-track MIDI file to your favourite DAW
* manage songs and samples via iTunes sharing

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