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bleep!BOX is an electronic drum / synth box for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It features NO SAMPLES. All sounds controllable and synthesized in realtime on the iPhone.

Here’s the list of features.

  • – 10 Synth / Drum parts (aka voices)
  • – Emulations of ‘classic’ x0x drum sounds (snares, hihats, claps, bassdrums, toms, cymbals)
  • – Ringmod, FM, Phase Modulation, Sync
  • – 50+ Parameters
  • – Global delay FX
  • – Soft / Hard distortion FX
  • – 8 Waveforms – Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle, etc
  • – Save patches and presets
  • – Live performance modes – Loop / Stutter, Mute
  • – Step sequencing + recording modes
  • – Parameter automation
  • – Realtime processing – NO SAMPLES
  • – Song Mode – make songs from multiple patterns
  • – .WAV export
  • – Pattern export / import

Get more info here www.bleepboxapp.com


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SoundGrid aims to be the most advanced matrix sequencer for iPhone / iPod Touch to create stunning audio-visual performances in a moment and wherever you are. It was inspired by famous Yamaha Tenori-On and popular ToneMatrix webapp by André Michelle.

Even if you never composed music you will find SoundGrid simple and exciting to play with and will start creating brilliant compositions in minutes with just the tips of your fingers. Then easily share them with other users and in turn browse, download and rate their creations. Or you can record composition to audio file, upload it directly to SoundCloud or export via email. You can even create your own unique ringtones!

For more experienced users SoundGrid offers advanced features such as multiple patterns, switchable musical scales, song mode, control over looping, tempo adjustment and real-time filters and effects to create unique sounds (note that number of simultaneous real-time sound effects limited by iPhone/iPod Touch hardware) and much more. SoundGrid has everything you need to create longer and rich compositions and live performances.

For more info, go to www.mifki.com/soundgrid/


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technoBox is your virtual techno studio on the go featuring stunningly accurate emulations of three classic boxes: The legendary 303 bass machine together with the smooth 808 and punchy 909 drum machines. technoBox has easy to use sequencing capabilities which lets you tie together patterns, or use it live by improvising pattern switches on the fly!

Based on the award winning 303 emulation engine from AudioRealism developed by Mike Janney.

Please visit our site for demonstration videos and manual!

– Authentic 303 emulation based on the ABL2 engine
– Drum module with selectable 808 or 909 sounds
– Shuffle with variable amount for drum module
– Transpose and randomizer for synth module
– 24 patterns per session (12 for 303, 12 for 808/909)
– Pattern sequencer with up to 1000 bars
– Session manager with realtime switching
– High contrast GUI for use in clubs etc.
– Supports autorotation to your preferred landscape orientation
– On board quickstart manual
– Supports multi-touch for knobs

Grab technoBox now –


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Nanoloop for iPhone combines sequencer, synthesizer and sampler in one package. Features include:

– Six channels, each can be synth or sampler
– Fast and easy to use stepsequencer
– Synthesizer with envelope, filter, LFO and other parameters
– Sample external audio or nanoloop’s own sound output
– Song editor with loop function
– Save function
– Works on 1st gen iPod touch and 2.2 software
– Send and receive projects via e-mail, using the iPhone’s / iPod’s e-mail program


The sequencer displays the pattern as a grid of 4 x 4 rectangles. Notes can be set, removed and edited just by tapping and swiping. This editing without mode-changes and the straight, generous layout ensure a smooth workflow.
Unlike the Game Boy versions, nanoloop for iPhone only allows to set pitch and one additional value step-wise in the sequencer. All other sound parameters are controlled channel-wide through the synth panel.


The simple but powerful synthesizer allows to create a great bandwidth of sounds, including beats, noises, basses and pads. Available synthesis types are:

– rectangular wave with filter
– FM
– LFSR noise generator

Rectangular wave and LFSR sound similar to the Game Boy’s and other console’s soundchips but offer more fine control and additional effects (lfo / envelope for pulse width or filter, simple phaser for noise).
The FM synth is the simple type with two sine wave oscillators, with fixed base frequency and variable modulator frequency. An envelope / LFO can be applied to modulation amplitude or frequency. For a sweeping spatial effect, the modulator can be slightly detuned, with inverted phase for left/right.
Each synth channel is two-voice polyphonic and a stereo effect can be applied.


Samples of one second length @ 44 kHz, mono (or about 5.5 sec @ 8 kHz mono or 0.5 sec @ 44 kHz stereo) can not just be used in a drum-machine style, but also be pitched and played as notes.
Recording sources for samples are the built-in microphone (iPhone only), a headset microphone (iPhone, iPod touch 2nd gen only) and nanoloop’s own sound output. The latter allows to create new samples from scratch, using up to five channels to create one single sound. Typical applications would be percussion (claps, snares etc), chords, arpeggio and microrhythmic / microtonal elements.


With nanoloop for iPhone, you can send your saved projects to other nanoloop users via e-mail. If nanoloop is installed on the recipient’s iPhone / iPod, she/he can simply tap on the file name in the received e-mail to start nanoloop and import the attached file so that it is available for editing. This makes collaboration very easy, multiple users around the world can work on the same project by simply e-mailing the file back and forth. This function may also be used to backup projects on a PC.
This does not mean that files are sent as audio, data are in the native nanoloop format which can be read only by nanoloop. An export function to wav or mp3 is planned for future versions.

For more info, go to www.nanoloop.de/


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The interface of Randgrid is based on classic analog synthesizers, drum machines and step sequencers.

You have a very powerful setup at your fingertips with two monophonic virtual analog subtractive synthesizers and fourteen sampled drum parts.

Note that the synthesizers are real and not based on samples, they are calculated in realtime and every parameter change immediately affects the sound generation.

We dare to say that the drum machine in Randgrid is the most advanced currently available for iPhone/iPod Touch. Use parameter locks to change it’s parameters for each step in the pattern (the same goes for the synthesizers of course). This lets you build the most dynamic complex beats you ever could dream of. You can alter parameters like panning, volume, flam, start/stop position of the sample (making it possible to play parts of the samples both forward and reverse), or the amount of delay/echo you want on each step in the pattern.

The advanced step sequencer is the heart of Randgrid, it lets you control virtually every aspect of the drums and synthesizers. Use parameter locks to change cutoff, resonance, envelope modulation, panning and many more parameters of the synthesizers for each step in a pattern.

Some of the great features are:

– 2x dual oscillator subtractive synthesizers
– 14x sampled drums
– stereo delay effect
– distortion effect
– Song sequencer
– Multiple patterns
– File manager
– Solo/mute groups
– Pattern randomizer
– Copy/Paste operations
– Parameter locks

For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s website – http://www.randgrid.com/

Grab Randgrid now –


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OctoPod™ is an amazing and fun to use mini recording studio that’s right in your pocket! It has a simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t require an engineering degree to figure out, and does it all without skimping on pro features:

– 44.1 kHz / 16 bit studio quality audio, the standard for CDs
– Multitrack recording on 3 audio tracks + 1 drum groove track
– 78 built-in cool drum grooves, with more coming in the future
– Metronome
– Tuner (keyboard)
– Automatic count-in for recording keeps you in perfect time
– Record and save as many songs as you want, OctoPod remembers all your settings
– Pro audio synchronization and latency compensation
– Wi-Fi Εxport songs to your Mac or PC
– Color coded tracks, you always know exactly where you’re recording and what you’re mixing
– Metronome
– Tuner (keyboard)
– Input level monitoring during recording so you know how hot your signal is
– Record enable switch with LED, no recording over something you need to keep
– Confirmation checks for track and song deletes, no erasing something by mistake
– Timeline slider enables you to move back and forth to any spot in the song
– Drum groove selection wheel makes picking drums super fast and easy, includes BPM counter
– Mixer with faders for adjusting track audio levels

For the latest on this app, head to the developer’s site – http://octopod.me


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BeatMaker: the mobile music creation studio for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Inspired by professional drum machines, samplers and sequencers, BeatMaker combines them into one inspirational instrument.

Ideally suited for live performance and intuitive composition, with ease, produce complete songs using trigger pads, sequencing tools, audio effects and much more !

Pick up samples from the original sound-bank, including many genres and special sound packs made by featured musicians and producers.
Record your own audio samples on-the-go and use them instantly into your composition!

Expand your sound library from your computer and other beatmakers through our growing user community.

For amateurs and professionals alike, BeatMaker unleashes your musical creativity !


★ 16 sample-based trigger pads, with multi-touch support (up to 5 pads at once)
★ Low latency playback and sample-accurate audio engine
★ Live pattern recording and arranging
★ Audio recording from microphone or headset (iPhone and iPod Touch 2nd gen only)
★ Step sequencer with different resolutions for easy and precise pattern creation
★ Change the volume, pan and pitch of each steps to compose rich melodies and beats
★ Multi track song sequencer: arrange your patterns into complete songs
★ Create unlimited number of patterns of different sizes (one to four bar)
★ Export your songs to Audio file (WAV) and MIDI score and share them with your friends
★ Original sound library provided with multiple genres: BreakBeat, Drum & Bass, Dub, Electronica, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock and more to come !
★ Featured artist/producer sound library: Richard Devine, Man Parrish, Jacque Polynice, Rafiralfiro, …
★ AIFF and WAVE audio file support (any sample rate, 8 to 24-bits resolutions)
★ Network sharing capabilities via BeatPack, to upload and download content
★ 2 effect channels, each with 4 effects
★ Synchronized delays with feedback and wet-mix control
★ 3-band Equalizers (Lo, Mid, Hi)
★ “Bit-Crusher” for down-sampling and bits resolution reduction
★ Lowpass, Hi-pass and Bandpass filters
★ Transport toolbar for quick playback control, with BPM, signature and metronome support
★ Handy selection mode to control multiple parameters on pads at once
★ Individual/multiple loading of samples
★ Automatic sample slicing over the pads (Chop)
★ Control volume, pan, semi-tone, octave, tuning, fade in/out and sample start/end positions on each pad
★ Velocity, Pitch, Pan spreading, allowing you to use the 16 pads as a mini-keyboard for easier melodic composition
★ Wave editor permits to manually selects your samples Start/End position markers
★ Automatic change of sample pitch to match a particular sample duration for each pad
★ Output channel selection (3 buses available: Main Out, FX 1, FX 2) for each pad
★ Mute and Reverse samples during your performances
★ X/Y Cross Controller for live manipulation of combined effect and sample parameters
★ Loading and saving of your kits & projects
★ File browser for file management (load, save, new files, directory and delete) and BeatPack content management (upload, download)
★ Auto discovery of local BeatPack servers (via Bonjour)
★ Sample preview within the browser
★ Auto-saving of your current project
★ and much more…

For more details and the latest features available on this app head to the developer’s website – http://www.intua.net

JR Hexatone Pro

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Imagine a 6-directional drum machine/rhythm sequencer where only your imagination is the limit. Every sequence can be totally chaotic, random, or strict and controlled. Hexatone is capable of producing constantly changing, insanely addictive rhythms. You only choose the best and then export them to Intua Beatmaker / desktop DAW via the built-in Wi-Fi server.

You can easily upload your custom samples, thus Hexatone can be used to produce any kinds of rhythms or melodic sequences. Hexatone comes with a massive library of 400 high-quality original samples (bassdrums, snares, hihats, toms, synths) and 40 factory sessions (pre-installed rhythms).

Here’s a video running through the factory presets.


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iSequence is a complete mobile music production environment designed to play and compose real music. 
Thanks to intuitive, single screen sequencer and 55 instruments built-in you can easily create, edit and mix your compositions just like in a “big” audio creation software.


★ 110 professional instruments: drum kits, synths, leads, pads, basses, effects, classical instruments (and more coming soon)
★ Pattern sequencer: 5 tracks, 3 octaves, up to 99 patterns (similar to Mod Tracker)
★ Full featured mixer and effect bus
★ Easy pattern editing: select / copy / paste / transpose / mixer – all can be changed in real time, so that you can jam live over your songs.
★ Low latency audio engine (44.1 kHz, bi-cubic sample interpolation)
★ Save and load your compositions
★ Single screen based, optimized for usability, wonderful user interface
★ Midi / Wav / ioLibrary / project export (WIFI)
★ Project import (WIFI)

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