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screen480x480 (9)Build beats faster with MegaPad! Record loops while you just keep stacking epic beats, synths and samples into your track. Tap play to keep listening without recording.

– 64 Pads
– 64 Mixer channels to adjust volume of each pad
– Export Options like YouTube uploading, Email, Facebook, text your beats and more!
– Unlimited songs
– An awesome built-in demo to show you a beginner look at what is possible

Get more details here – http://www.xmeinc.com/new/index.html

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screen480x480 (7)The MKSensation is a player’s live gigging module designed to give you the bread and butter sounds needed for a live session, gig, church service, or studio session. The layout, ease of use, sliders, and simple functionality is what has made our PC version so successful. There is no fancy splash page and it’s not rattled with hundreds of sounds. It’s designed to be loaded and played for instant layering and inspiration. You could could call this your instant rompler full of the sounds you would use all of the time and given our reputation of sampling, you know the sounds will be very warm, thick, and realistic. You won’t even believe that these sounds are coming from your iPad!

Our roots stem from being gospel musicians. In the good ol’ days we would have our multi-tier stack of keyboards and modules all layered together with a very intricate MIDI routing setup with all of or presets ready for live worship. Our setup would consist of a warm acoustic piano; a CP80 type of semi-realistic piano; lush strings; warm pad with filter cutoff; a very expressive tine; phat synth brass; a nice buzz saw; and a good ol’ real brass sound. Between these few staple sounds, we were ready for any gig, service, studio session, or performance. Think about it….When you go to the music store to try out a new synth, what do you end up playing the most…? You play the pianos, keys, strings, horns, and synth sounds. That’s what this module is all about. You can layer as many sounds as CPU permits, for instant inspiration on your iPad.

Sounds Available:
1. Piano 1 – MKS Piano 1
2. Piano 2 – MKS Piano 2
3. EP 1 – MKS EP 1 with and without chorus (Sampled using the original chorus)
4. EP 2 – MKS EP 2 with and without chorus (Sampled using the original chorus)
5. Power Grand – Classic gospel grand piano
6. Acoustic Grand – Warm acoustic grand
7. Dyno – 80s type electric dyno
8. FM Tine – DX FM electric EP
9. Brass – Warm Brass Section with Mod Wheel LFO
10. Synth – Poly Synth with Mod Wheel LFO
11. Strings – Warm cinematic strings
12. Pad – Warm pad

(Note: 4 patches included free, the rest are IAP)

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LORENTZ Polyphonic Synthesizer

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Another juicy sounding analog synth to add to your musical arsenal! As with all icegear’s apps, the interface is simple but slick, and the sounds are very meaty indeed!…

Virtual Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer with Resonator.

* Oscillators : Saw, Pulse, Sub, Noise
* High Pass Filter
* Low Pass Filter
* Resonator
* Envelope Generator
* Effects
* Chorus
* Delay
* Programmable Arpeggiator
* Inter-App Audio
* Audiobus
* CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI Input
* MIDI Controller Mapping with MIDI Learn mode
* External MIDI sync

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bent.fm – circuit bending

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screen480x480bent.fm is a full FM model of a circuit-bent synthesizer. bent.fm allows the user to tweak classic circuit bending modifications like fine and octave-decimated clock bends, and experiment with more esoteric bends. Circuit-bent distortions and algorithmic sequences can be created by (im)proper connections on the bend matrix. Reroute digital serial information through the base chip set (a numerically controlled oscillator) and extra logic gates (NAND and XOR, binary counters), and experience architecture-level bit crushing. For anyone interested in circuit bending, glitch sounds, industrial music, and post-procedural art.

The soundtestroom walk through video –


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Seline Redux Synth

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screen480x480 (3)Seline Redux Synthesizer 3.0 is the revitalization and continuation of the Seline line. A feature rich synthesizer for hours of fun or making incredible tracks. MIDI and AudioBus 2 support included. Now with 3 keyboards, categorized sounds, and Dual Multi-FX controller.

“…Gorgeous, futuristic music making app… one of the most ambitious apps I’ve seen on the iPad, period.” – Gizmodo

The Seline synth is a very powerful musical tool, for instant production of tons of first-class musical ideas. The melodies can now be recorded to .WAV/.M4A and MIDI simultaneously. Hardware, virtual, wireless MIDI in/out, as well as Audio Copy/Paste are fully supported. There are 14 bundled instruments, 3 drones, and 4 drum loops.

Seline is a great live performance and improvisation music instrument that will keep you playing for hours, even if you haven’t touched any synth before. The sound is altered on the fly with a dozen of subtle AI algorhythms that add unbelievable expression, character and life to your music. Drones (chorded synth pads) are generated on-the-fly based on the complex analysis of your melody line and provide an excellent background layer for your melody.

***** Seline 1.0 was the iPad App of the week by Gizmodo & CultOfMac *****
***** Seline 1.0 has been featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy *****

・Seline Redux Swing for incredible runs
・Standard Piano for trained musicians
・Seline Ultimate Ergo for the classic users

Fully adjustable 16-note scale is divided into 2 parts (odd and even), which are then mapped top/bottom (Redux Swing) and on the left/right (Seline Ultimate Ergo). Such way of note mapping is beneficial to the existing linear scale mapping solutions as it allows many more improvisation possibilities. And, of course, the player is never out of tune.

Symbiosis of research, technology, and passion… Seline is the latest, most innovative and best-sounding music instrument for the iPad, aimed at easy creation of complicated, soulful, intricate melodies, backed with lush soundscapes. Record them all, and you’ll never run out of musical ideas!


+ Advanced CrystalClarity HD sound engine
+ ioGrid 2.0 – ergonomically designed playing surface
+ 30 factory instruments, 6 drones, 8 drumloops
+ More than 1 GB of instruments are available for purchase
+ Easy note-to-note pitch bends and velocity/filter controls
+ Playing expressive, soulful melodies has never been so easy before
+ Automatic backing track – drones (chorded pads) generation
+ Support of playing drumloops for overdubbing or just having fun
+ Instant transposition controls, A/B setup switching
+ 4 FX: Grand Stereo Reverb, Dub Delay, Filter, Lush Chorus
+ MeloDist – Advanced “singing distortion” feature
+ 30 included scales + custom scale creation
+ Record to .WAV/.M4A/MIDI, overdub, file manager
+ Find your recorded files in iTunes / Apps / Seline Ultimate page
+ Full MIDI compatibility (Record to file/Hardware/Virtual)
+ Advanced File Manager
+ Audiobus2

official link – http://www.zcage.com/seline.html

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MiniReview – Cyclop

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screen480x480German based developer of all things innovative sounding, Sugar Bytes, continues the platform porting of its highly respected desktop audio mincing software to the iOS space. The low frequency, speaker popping, bass synth, Cyclop, is the latest arrival for iPad.

At its core, Cyclop for iPad is pound for pound a replica of its older brother for desktop pcs, released a few years back. It’s a monophonic bass synth, meaning only one note is playable at a time, and although gritty basslines are not the sole function for this synth engine, that’s definitely where it’s subby pounding heart is at.

The Cyclop plug-in has already seen plenty of coverage since it was first released, such as the great overview by the soundtestroom here, so I’m not going to delve too much into the inner workings, for the sake of repeating what has already been reported and reviewed elsewhere online.

But at the very least, for those that still aren’t too sure what Cyclop is, here’s a brief overview of the key features.

At the top left of the app, is the first of four unique dials, the wobble knob, which is a controllable parameter allowing Cyclop to generate complex LFO modulations. Of the 12 available slots here, up to 16 different waveforms can be selected, one in each slot.

At the bottom left side are the two main sound makers, which are both packed with 6 synth engines each, including Saw Regiment, Analog Sync, FM, Transformer, Spectromat, and Phase Stressor. Further tweaking of each synth can be made with a series of colourfully labelled knobs such as Syncfreak, Stab, and Digitize. My favourite it the transformer synth, which is combo of a granular synth and wavetable synth, which has some cool vocal samples you can mess around with.

On the opposite side, also at the bottom of the screen, are two filters and a routing section. The router can send the two synths to independent filters, or plus there’s parallel or series mode. There are 10 filter types to choose from, plus the usual cutoff, resonance, and wet/dry mix controls. A unique feature in the filter section is the ‘vowel’ option, which can give bass sounds that ‘mouthing’ style bass effect.

screen480x480 (2)Another key sound shaping component is the distortion knob next to the sub-oscillator, with its 9 different modes, which can really drive new character into a sound. Playing with the sub-osc and bass controls let you dial in additional lows, and the stereo knob, as it sounds, adds a widening effect.

Naturally, modulation is the main drawcard of Cyclop, and the centre of the screen offers access to a customisable envelop, LFO and step sequencer as sources for synths and filters. The same area is where you assign modulation targets for the wobble and sound knobs.

For anyone already familiar with Sugar Bytes previous products, you’ll know they excel at pattern-based effects sequencing, check out Effectrix if you need a refresher. So they’ve been kind enough to pack this same functionality into Cyclop. The dial in the top right corner, in combination with the effects sequencer section in the middle of the screen, allow you to add a variety of programmable effects, ranging from phasing, chorus and looping, to vinyl effects and classic delays and reverbs.

And like all of the key knobs and parameters in Cyclop, these can all be automated for finite control over your sound.

As I said, this was merely a brief overview of the key features of Cyclops, and I haven’t even touched on the excellent preset browser and the cool arcade game style patch preview option.

screen480x480 (1)Most importantly for iOS users are the features that have been included with the iPad version of Cyclop. These include a wonderfully slick touch user interface, and  full MIDI support for using external controllers. You can also access audio from your devices music library. iTunes File sharing is available for importing/exporting files, and last but not least the all important Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support for talking with other music making/recording apps.

If a bass line is serious business for you, from cranking EDM to gritty dubstep, there isn’t a better iPad app for creating truly original, sub-ulicious sounds, with almost limitless possibilities, that Cyclop.

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Update for Music Studio

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Another golden iOS oldie, but favorite iPad music making gem of mine, has received some welcome enhancements.

Music Studio v2.6 brings full Inter-App Audio and iCloud Drive support to your audio production workflow!

The free update is available on the App Store as of today.instr_iaa_1136
Here is the list of new features:
• Inter-App Audio audio recording, instruments and effects
• iCloud Drive support
• Music Studio is now a 64-bit app
• Akai SynthStation is no longer supported
• Minimum iOS requirement is now iOS 7.0
• Bug fixes and stability improvements
For further details, check the xewton official website – http://www.xewton.com/musicstudio/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2605
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New sounds for NanoStudio

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Good ol’ Nanscreen480x480 (29)oStudio has been on the iOS scene coming up to 5 year now, and still holds fond memories in my music making heart as one of the early virtual synths/workstations I fell in love with first. You can find out more about this great app by typing ‘NanoStudio’ in the search bar at the top of this page, or heading over to http://www.blipinteractive.co.uk.

While NanoStudio’s collection of on-board sounds and patches are great, additional sound banks are always welcome. In the past, Matthias from app-sound has offered up his own contribution, and now there are two extra collections available courtesy of sound designer, Harison Zamperla.

Harison has created 2 collections of 64 patches/presests that cane easily imported into NanoStudio.

nanoHarision describes his first release, CrystalMATH, as 64 patches created from scratch, covering a broad spectrum of sounds from beautiful soaring appeggiators to broken carousels to grimey bottomed out leads. The collection is US$3.99, and can be downloaded from https://sellfy.com/p/KPCy/.

Harison’s latest release, SINElanguage, offers another 64 sounds, which he describes as dreamy ambient synths, pads, complex arpeggiated synths, organ and gritty bitcrushed basses. All instruments have XY functionality and we’re made specifically for IOS music making needs. This collection is also US$3.99 and can be downloaded from https://sellfy.com/p/Ii0m/

Each page offer a video, demoing the sounds, thanks to the team at the soundtest room.

If you like both collections, you can save money by purchasing them as a bundle on the same website.

Note: Just in case it’s not obvious, you will need to own NanoStudio before you can use these, or any other, patch libraries.



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AIRA Modular Customizer

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I’ll bet we all wish we had these bad boys in real life, but if you do, then editing just got a whole easier with this new app from Roland….

screen480x480 (28)With AIRA Modular Customizer you can fully re-program the internal signal path of Roland AIRA Modular effects. Compatible with TORCIDO, BITRAZER, DEMORA and SCOOPER, the AIRA Modular Customizer lets you re-patch an array of virtual sub-modules for complete control of each effect’s signal path.

– Flexible and infinite signal path
You can fully customize the internal signal path of AIRA Modular effects with an array of virtual sub-modules. Saving and recalling patches is possible in realtime and you can even share patches with other AIRA Modular effect users.

– Variable virtual sub-modules
AIRA Modular effects include 15 virtual sub-modules with more available through future expansion.
They include:

– Re-patch via audio signal
Connect the headphone jack of your tablet to the REMOTE IN jack on any AIRA modular effect module and you can customize the signal path in realtime. Make sure to set the volume level of your mobile device to maximum.

Please note the maximized volume level of your mobile gear.

*Make sure your model is updated with the most current system program. The latest system program and setup instruction can be found at the support pages at www.roland.com.

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I know is not strictly a noise making app, but it is one of the most original apps I’ve seen this year, and is sure to be a handy tool to any budding synth app users. As the name eludes, it teaches users how to go about crafting synth sounds, by breaking down how sounds are constructed and tests users on how certain sounds have been created. It’s a refreshing approach to teaching and on top of that, you get to try a bunch of ‘lessons’ for free!

screen480x480 (27)Syntorial is video game-like training software, that will teach you how to program synth patches by ear. By combining video demonstrations with interactive challenges, you’ll get hands on experience programming patches on a built-in soft synth, and learn everything you need to know to start making your own sounds with ease.


– Interactive Learning: Syntorial doesn’t just show you how synth programming works. It engages you in Interactive Challenges in which you program patches on a built-in synth. You aren’t just learning how to design sound, you are becoming a sound designer.

– For Musicians, Not Physicists: Instead of talking about the science and physics behind synthesizers, Syntorial will show you how each control effects sound, as well as when, why and how you would use them when designing sounds. This is information that you can immediately apply to real-life situations.

– It’s All About The Ear: One step at a time, Syntorial trains your ear to recognize how each control shapes and manipulates sound. By the end of the program you’ll be able to take the sounds you hear and re-create them, completely by ear.


– Challenges: Learn by doing! Complete challenges by programming patches with Syntorial’s built-in synth.

– Videos: Everything is taught through video demonstrations using the same synth that you’ll use in the challenges.

– Patches: Program, program, program. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right? By the end you will have programmed tons of patches, from simple to complex, familiar to strange.

– Quizzes: Multiple choice questions to help you retain and remember everything you learn.

– On Your Own: Syntorial will give you periodic tasks to be carried out on your own with whatever synth(s) you use.

– Subtractive synthesis
– Three Oscillators (Two with Waveform, Pitch, Pulse Width, and Mix controls, and a Sub oscillator with Waveform and Volume controls)
– Saw, Pulse, Triangle and Sine waveforms
– FM knob
– Noise Oscillator
– Oscillator Sync
– Filter (Low, Band and High Pass) with Resonance and Key Tracking
– ADSR Filter Envelope
– ADSR Amp Envelope
– AD Modulation Envelope
– LFO with four waveforms, seven destinations, rate, amount, trigger, and mono/poly modes
– Mono and Poly Voice Modes
– Portamento
– Unison with Voice, Detune and Spread controls
– Ring Modulation
– Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, and Reverb effects
– Mod Wheel, Pitch Wheel and Velocity controls
– Audiobus, Inter App Audio, and Virtual Midi enabled.


The free app comes with the first 22 lessons, as well as Syntorial’s fully featured synth (see above). Upgrade to get:

– All 199 Lessons, including 129 Challenges, 147 Videos, and 706 Patches covering the most common synthesis parameters.

– Additional Lesson Packs covering Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 and Minimoog Voyager, each containing 30+ videos. More Lesson Packs planned for the future.

– Pay once and get access to all of the above on iPad, Mac and PC. Sync your progress across all 3 platforms. Train where you want, when you want, and how you want.

– Plugin version of Syntorial’s synth, Primer. Program, record and play Primer in your favorite desktop recording software. VST (Mac/PC) and AU (Mac).

For more details – http://www.syntorial.com/


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