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Unity Synthesizer

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mzl.yjpnzdsg.480x480-75Unity synthesizer can create professional quality synth sounds with on screen or external MIDI keyboard. The base configuration includes two synth engines (Retro AS-1 analog and Unity DS-1 sample playback) and twenty three audio effects, along with seven sound banks including General MIDI, Best of Retro AS-1, Pipe Organ, Rock Pop drum and percussion loops banks. An arpeggiator, sequencer, and scales can be used for real-time MIDI playback.

Additional in-app purchases include sound libraries and banks, synth and effects parameter editors, appearances, arpeggiators, sequences, and scales.

Fourteen synthesis engines along with twenty three audio effects are part of the complete package. All synthesizer, modulation, and effects parameter editing is supported to edit existing sounds, or create your own new ones. User banks can be stored to iCloud, allowing you to access your custom sounds from all of your iOS devices.

Standard MIDI file sequences are supported via the Document folder accessed via iTunes.

Synthesis engines:

AS-1 – analog model with three oscillators, ring modulator, two multimode filters, and portamento
DS-1 – sample playback with two stereo time-stretch oscillators, two multimode filters, and portamento
SP-1 – sample playback for AIFF or wave files
BW-1 – bowed string model with bow, position, and string parameters
CL-1 – clarinet model with breath, reed, mouthpiece, embouchure, and bore parameters
BR-1 – brass model with breath, mouthpiece, embouchure, and bore parameters
FL-1 – flute model with breath, embouchure, and bore parameters
EP-1 – electric piano model with hammer, tine, and pickup parameters
HS-1 – hammered dual string model with hammer, string, and filter parameters
GL-1 – glottal model with oscillator and two eight stage vocal tracts
FM-1 – eight oscillator frequency modulation with variable audio routings
VS-1 – four oscillator sampled vector synthesis
WS-1 – eight oscillator sampled wave sequencing
AS-2 – analog model with five oscillator, ring modulator, three multimode filter, and portamento

All synthesis engines include a complete modulation matrix. Modulation sources include MIDI controllers as well as the envelopes, LFOs, ramps, and random generators. Modulation destinations include volume and pan as well as synthesis engine specific ones such as the AS-1 filter cutoff, or CL-1 breath input. Modulation routings route a source to a destination by an amount with optional tables or smoothing.

Unity Synthesizer (AppStore Link) Unity Synthesizer
Developer: Steve O'Connell
Rated: 4+
Price: $4.99 Download Here

Poly synth

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It aint’ pretty, but this cheap Russian built sound maker could make a worthy addition to your collection of quirky music apps….

mzl.amrdnpwa.480x480-75A microtonal capable distortion synthesizer with an 11-string bass guitar layout with extremely low latency.
This App gives you:
Too much octave range
The ability to play totally out of tune
A small amount of help on playing in key
A somewhat ugly interface
A small set of features that you must combine to make variety.
No bitmapped images to make you drool over the eye candy
Not a font anywhere – other than a few begrudgingly penciled in note names
The settings (bottom buttons):
- Overall Volume
- Reverb
- Distortion
- Octave Harmonics
- FM Distortion
- Delay
- Pitch Rounding / Optional Frets
- Polyphony Adjustment
- Preset and Lock(slide right to un-lock AS FIRST STEP!)

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Mobile Music Sequencer = WOW

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Yammmy have coming out swinging in 2013 with this great all-in-one music creation station for iPad. It’s accessible for all levels of musicianship, but also offer some deep editing features too. Haven’t downloaded it yet, but it’s on my shopping list this week….

mzl.uqjdeqnz.480x480-75Yamaha’s new Mobile Music Sequencer enables composers to combine a range of phrase patterns and create musical compositions intuitively, following the flow of composition, from phrases to sections and from sections to songs.
Wherever you are, you can now sketch the outline of a composition. In addition, you can use the ingredients to delicately craft songs on a Yamaha synthesizer, or in Steinberg Cubase.

First, try loading the demo song (a number of demo songs are provided). Tap on the settings icon in the top right of the screen, select [Digital Sympathy] from the Presets under the File tab, and press the Load button to read in the song.

Create a song right away as follows:

Step 1-Create phrases
You can choose from a rich selection of 382 preset phrases (the phrase is the smallest unit in the structure of a composition). Under Phrase in the View screen, tap on a cell in which no setting has been made, then tap on the Select button on the left. To listen to a preset phrase, tap on its name. It is also possible to use real-time recordings made using the keyboard within an application, or user phrases which have been created using piano roll input. Using the powerful Loop Remix function, it is possible to divide selected phrases at specified intervals and then order them automatically insert rolls or breaks, and thus rework them into new phrases.

Step 2-Create sections
Combine multiple phrases together to create a section. Phrases are arranged in a vertical block and playback is turned on and off using the Section button at the bottom of the screen. The phrases can be managed as a single unit.
By specifying codes for individual sections, you can easily create variations. Using the Create command you can also create a succession of new sections based on the phrase that is currently being played back, which allows production to proceed smoothly.

Step 3-Create Songs
Put together complete songs by pasting together sections. This is easily accomplished by touching the Section area and then just dragging and dropping sections into the data area. Naturally, you can also input sections by recording in real time or by using the piano roll screen.

• Built-in software synth with 92 high-quality sounds (including 9 types of drumkit) enables faithful rendering of sequence patterns.
• Sound editing using filters, EG, and other effects
• Mixer function for each part
• Effects including reverb, chorus, and variations
• Additional phrases and sounds
Four additional voice and phrase datapacks can be purchased directly using the application. (Dance Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop, R&B)
• File export
As well as a function for outputting standard general-purpose MIDI files, the application also includes a function for exporting files in an even easier-to-use format designed for Yamaha synths, in which characteristic sounds are specified in advance. (MOTIF XF, S90XS/S70XS, MOX6/MOX8, and MOTIF XS)
• Mix-down
Audio mix-down of a song or a phrase and conversion of the song or the phrase to an audio file can be performed in real time.
• Compatibility with SoundCloud
Audio files can be made compatible with SoundCloud and uploaded.

Demo of the features

Mobile Music Sequencer - US (AppStore Link) Mobile Music Sequencer - US
Developer: Yamaha Corporation of America
Rated: 4+
Price: $15.99 Download Here

Cubase iC Pro

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mzl.iwwksrzk.480x480-75The most advanced Cubase remote control app!

Connecting deeper to Cubase than any other app, Cubase iC Pro is the most advanced Cubase control app with a clear focus on recording, making it your very personal recording assistant. The project overview page and the mixer allow you to see your project as you know it from Cubase, while the key command page gives you a powerful tool to set up your most-used keyboard shortcuts and macros. Up to four dedicated cue mixes can be set up with Cubase iC Pro, giving musicians the freedom to adjust their own mix with a iPhone or iPad. Cubase iC Pro is Cubase’s perfect companion!

Please note that being a remote control, this application provides no use or function without a connection to Cubase 7/6.5, Cubase Artist 7/6.5 or Cubase LE AI Elements 6.
Some functionalities (e.g. the Cue-mix features) work only in combination with Cubase 7/6.5 and not with Cubase Artist 7/6.5 or Cubase LE AI Elements 6.

Key features
• Project page with project overview
• Mixer with up to 4 independent cue-mix
• Customizable key commands and macros

Cubase iC Pro technical support


The Steinberg SKI Remote extension must be installed and is available at http://www.steinberg.net/ski

Grab the full details here - http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/ios_apps/cubase_ic_pro.html

Cubase iC Pro (AppStore Link) Cubase iC Pro
Developer: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Rated: 4+
Price: $16.99 Download Here

bip code giveaway

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mzl.bbjozlif.320x480-75If you haven’t yet tried, let alone heard of this excellent groove creator and performance app, here your chance to grab a free download code.

Steph has been kind enough to throw a promo code my way to offer as a prize, and here’s all you have to do….

Answer this simple question – What other music app has soh.la made? Post your answer and contact email below this, and the first correct entry will be emailed the promo code.

If you need a refresher on what bip is, read on……

bip is a fantastic creative tool for playing, recording and performing musical rhythmic patterns. Starting with the simple idea of a programmable generated beat, touch and hold gestures are used to select beats and patterns. Patterns can be mixed and matched along with a touch-strip controller for transforming beats. Choose from track templates for quickly creating tracks or spend the time importing and tweaking beats with your own samples.
bip offers hours of creative composing and live performance.

Features :
• create a variety of rhythm’s while touch hold and slide finger across beats
• all beats can be programmed to play in time including complex sub-divisions
• a touch strip for changing parameters of any beat, loop or entire track
• record beats and parameters to create expressive musical patterns
• arrange patterns on the fly for each track
• use to compose, arrange AND perform live
• load track presets for quick music making
• over 200 samples included
• import samples using audio paste or iTunes file sharing

bip (AppStore Link) bip
Developer: Steph O'Hara
Rated: 4+
Price: $3.99 Download Here

Composer’s Piano

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mzl.gwnehrfm.480x480-75Composer’s Piano is not your regular Piano app. It is that and much more. Composer’s Piano includes unique features that even your favorite synth cannot match. Some of the highlights:
1. 15+ unique studio quality sounds (including Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Ethnic, Guitar among others).
2. Unique Layer mode to layer two sounds together. Create up to 100+ tones to experiment with!
3. Two different tracks intended for recording the lead piece and the chords as two different tracks
4. Packed with Pro features, yet simple to play: Pitch wheel, sustain, metronome, key size options, key sensitivity, saving recordings to file, easy to use help and glossary and many more.
4. Powerful playback mode to modify, at realtime during playback, the tempo, pitch, tone, volume, layering mode option, layer tone, layer volume and sustain for each track separately to completely revamp your tunes and experiment towards a final composition.

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mzl.dqxyeykg.480x480-75Make your own Beats Electro, House, Hiphop, Minimal, Dubstep, Nujazz … and share a Jam with friends.
Loop-based music sequencer specially designed for playing live, it is associated with an innovative and powerful randomization tool.
WEJAAM allows you to take great pleasure in making music without being a musician.

It’s very simple to make a beat, just select from the Djaam library or you also can pick up from the World Jaam community the only think you have to do it’s to create you beat using the hit editor, add sound, delete sound that’s so easy…

Give you access to a 5 pads controllers instead than knob in this way you will control simple your feeling with your finger on the screen, we also record your live session.

WEJAAM’s complete mastering system in a single integrated app includes Limiter, Reverb, Delay, Flanger, Equalizer, Chorus, Distortion.
​Based on feedback and requests gathered from mastering professionals, Wejaam advanced includes exclusive controls and features.

Random your imagination
With this exclusive features you can easily have access to one million of possibilities, during your live performance run and tap to the random bar to bring up a new pattern idea.

share your jam head to head with friends it’s an unforgettable music experience.

Ready to go now ?
Make your own song within minutes and sound like a pro just record your live and create the best traxx ever. Then upload the song and share your mix all around the world.

• Sequencer 6 patterns of 32 notes.
• 6-channel instrument (synthesizer or sampler).
• 1 parametric Filter by channel.
• 2 effect sends per channel (Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Overdrive).
• 3-band equalizer.
• Output limiter.
• Export recordings and programs with iTunes.
• Bluetooth Synchronization allows you to play with another person and have the same audio output on each device.

Check http://www.wejaam.com for all the details

Developer: Dan Armandy
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here

Glitchamaphone = cute jamming

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mzl.hrfpdcyj.480x480-75Glitchamaphone is a music-making app for iPad built with love by the creators of Glitch in co-operation with the music game geniuses at gl33k.

Create and edit your own compositions with up to five animated characters playing a variety of fun instruments. Hand-drawn animations, natural materials in the background and environmental effects which change in response to your unique musical style. Comes with three settings and environments, each with their own unique sound.

Glitchamaphone - Music-making app from the creators of Glitch! (AppStore Link) Glitchamaphone - Music-making app from the creators of Glitch!
Developer: Tiny Speck, Inc.

Rated: 4+
Price: $1.99 Download Here

Magellan Jr

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mzl.qoomemmu.320x480-75*** SPECIAL INTRO PRICE till 1/1/13 *** Magellan Jr is the bold new professional analog modeling synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Modeled after its acclaimed big brother, Magellan for iPad, you can now create powerful music wherever you go. With extensive MIDI capabilities and near-zero latency, Magellan Jr is a fierce live-performance machine.

Complete with a full FX rack, three oscillators, dual filters, multiple unison stages, extensive modulation matrix, arpeggiator, and a polyphonic step-sequencer – the aural possibilities with Magellan Jr are infinite! Magellan Jr and Magellan are completely compatible: presets, sequences and sound recordings are easily interchangeable.

Visit YONAC.COM for video demos and Magellan Jr’s *full* spec list

\\\ Synth ///

• 3 oscillators w/selectable waveforms
• Osc unison stage w/ adjustable detune & width, up to 12 simultaneous wave generators for super-saw type effects
• Realtime PWM Modulation for osc 1 & 2
• FM module w/ dedicated blend, ADSR envelope, adjustable contour
• Oscillator 2>1 ring modulation
• Noise generator w/ adjustable tone
• VCA ADSR envelope
• Separate voice unison stage w/ settable stereo spread, detune
• Dual Keyboards
• Dual Touch Pad controls w/ settable key & scale, adjustable step-to-step glide & individual voice parameterization
• Polyphonic, Monophonic, Poly/Mono Legato operation modes
• Glide
• Matrixpad modulation w/ configurable x/y destinations and optional snapback
• Realtime oscilloscope displaying output signal (iPhone 4S, 5, and iPod Touch 5)
• Audio backgrounding
• Tap tempo
• 8 voice polyphony (4 voice for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4)

\\\ Filters ///

• 2 filter banks, configurable in series or parallel
• Dedicated ADSR envelope for each bank; selectable envelope curve, adjustable contour
• 11 Filter types for each bank:
• “Magellan” 24dB Resonant Low Pass
• “Victor” 24dB Resonant Low/High/Band Pass
• “Voyvoda” 12dB Low/High/Band Pass
• Formant, Comb, All-Pass, Notch filters
• True bypass

\\\ Modulation ///

• Dual LFO’s
• Up to 3 freely assignable destinations per LFO
• Dedicated amp setting for each LFO destination
• 3 phase reset modes
• Adjustable phase & delay
• Frequency tracking & BPM Sync

\\\ Arp ///

• 10 arp patterns; Settable note value & gate; swing
• 6 octaving modes, plus settable note and octave repeats

\\\ Sequencer ///

• Analog inspired 16/32 step polyphonic sequencer
• 8 track poly output per pattern in 16-step, 4 track poly out in 32-step “link” mode
• Settable pitch, velocity, gate, octave per step
• 6 sequence algorithms for each pattern
• Swing
• Timeline for creating song length sequences w/ patterns
• Import/Export song files containing sequences

\\\ Chordmaker ///
• Create/save chord progressions, played by pressing a single key

\\\ FX ///

• Comprehensive FX rack: Reverb, Stereo Delay w/ BPM sync, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Waveshaper/Distortion, Bitcrusher, Sonic Expander

\\\ Recording & Sharing ///

• Built in tape deck for recording app audio
• Metronome
• Export audio files via SoundCloud
• Export/Import audio files via email, WiFi, Intua or Sonoma Audio Copy/Paste

\\\ MIDI ///

• CoreMIDI
• Virtual MIDI, both vMIDI In & Out ports
• Control Magellan w/ external MIDI controllers
• Synth-wise MIDI In channel select
• MIDI Out w/ settable channel or omni
• MIDI Learn w/ over 250 control destinations
• Save MIDI CC maps to file for later use
• Sync w/ external MIDI clocks to control sequencer, arp modules
• WIST integration

\\\ Presets ///

• Over 300 factory presets
• 2 banks & a song designed by Sunsine Audio
• Export/Import presets, banks via email or iTunes; Create/save unlimited banks & presets

\\\ Requirements ///

• iPhone 4 or later
• iPod Touch 4th Gen or later

Magellan Jr (AppStore Link) Magellan Jr
Developer: Yonac Inc.
Rated: 4+
Price: $4.99 Download Here

MINT.io Groovebox

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mzl.jjnpdhbv.480x480-75MINT.io (Music In No Time) is a scale-based, intelligent Groovebox, aimed at live Techno, House, Dubstep and Breakbeat performances, built under the paradigm of one-screen interface in order to achieve maximum realtime tweak ability.

You don’t have to spend ANY time preparing for your jam session. MINT.io is designed to produce original electronic tunes literally in SECONDS after you start the app, even in the Free mode. There is an unlockable Premium mode (via in-app purchase) for maximum fuinctionality.

Features pristine audio quality (CrystalClear 5.0 Ultra-Precision Audio Engine) and the amazing ability to randomly generate great-sounding drum and synth patterns. MINT.io is packed with modern sounds and offers many endless hours of instant music-generation fun, even for those who are new to making music.


+ Oktane: 8-Track Drum machine
+ Menthol: Ultra Bass Synth with B.E.A.S.T. Analog-Modelled LP Filter, Wobble Control, + Slide and Octave
+ Raindrop Vibe Twins: Unique “Pond” Synth with “Freeze” feature
+ Chiller: Automatic Chord Synth with 7 Trancegate patterns and Sidechain Simulation
+ Noise Machine: Comes as an extra Master FX


+ Extra-quality, fast access LP/HP filters on each channel
+ Randomize Drum & Synth tracks by tapping twice on the ABCD buttons
+ Randomize ALL feature
+ Automatic Drum & Synth Pattern Sequencer with Polyrhythm ability


+ 5 Master FX: Glitch, Synced Repeater, VibeGlitch, Noise Machine, BitCrusher
+ Channel FX: Synced Delay & Mega Reverb
+ Realtime adjustable Tempo & Swing
+ 3 Drum Styles for random generation: House, Breakbeat, Dubstep


+ 20 Modern Drumkits (House, Breakbeat, Dubstep)
+ 20 Menthol Ultra Bass sounds
+ 32 Fresh Raindrop Vibes sounds
+ 16 Lush Chiller Chord string & pad sounds


+ 20+ Built-in Scales, Edit/Transpose/Shift Scale
+ Save Menthol Synth presets
+ 4 Drum & Synth slots to save patterns
+ Solo Mode for all channels



PREMIUM MODE gives you:

1) Editable settings, channel FX and scale
2) Edit Menthol/Oktane parameters
3) Enable Automatic Pattern Sequencer
4) Record your performances
5) Much more instruments and presets
6) Randomize All will work much better (due to lots of scales & presets)

MINT.io Groovebox Synth - Make House, Dubstep, Techno, Breakbeat (AppStore Link) MINT.io Groovebox Synth - Make House, Dubstep, Techno, Breakbeat
Developer: Ilya Plavunov
Rated: 4+
Price: $9.99 Download Here
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