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Composer’s Piano

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mzl.gwnehrfm.480x480-75Composer’s Piano is not your regular Piano app. It is that and much more. Composer’s Piano includes unique features that even your favorite synth cannot match. Some of the highlights:
1. 15+ unique studio quality sounds (including Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Ethnic, Guitar among others).
2. Unique Layer mode to layer two sounds together. Create up to 100+ tones to experiment with!
3. Two different tracks intended for recording the lead piece and the chords as two different tracks
4. Packed with Pro features, yet simple to play: Pitch wheel, sustain, metronome, key size options, key sensitivity, saving recordings to file, easy to use help and glossary and many more.
4. Powerful playback mode to modify, at realtime during playback, the tempo, pitch, tone, volume, layering mode option, layer tone, layer volume and sustain for each track separately to completely revamp your tunes and experiment towards a final composition.

[appext 589829810]


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mzl.dqxyeykg.480x480-75Make your own Beats Electro, House, Hiphop, Minimal, Dubstep, Nujazz … and share a Jam with friends.
Loop-based music sequencer specially designed for playing live, it is associated with an innovative and powerful randomization tool.
WEJAAM allows you to take great pleasure in making music without being a musician.

It’s very simple to make a beat, just select from the Djaam library or you also can pick up from the World Jaam community the only think you have to do it’s to create you beat using the hit editor, add sound, delete sound that’s so easy…

Give you access to a 5 pads controllers instead than knob in this way you will control simple your feeling with your finger on the screen, we also record your live session.

WEJAAM’s complete mastering system in a single integrated app includes Limiter, Reverb, Delay, Flanger, Equalizer, Chorus, Distortion.
​Based on feedback and requests gathered from mastering professionals, Wejaam advanced includes exclusive controls and features.

Random your imagination
With this exclusive features you can easily have access to one million of possibilities, during your live performance run and tap to the random bar to bring up a new pattern idea.

share your jam head to head with friends it’s an unforgettable music experience.

Ready to go now ?
Make your own song within minutes and sound like a pro just record your live and create the best traxx ever. Then upload the song and share your mix all around the world.

• Sequencer 6 patterns of 32 notes.
• 6-channel instrument (synthesizer or sampler).
• 1 parametric Filter by channel.
• 2 effect sends per channel (Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Overdrive).
• 3-band equalizer.
• Output limiter.
• Export recordings and programs with iTunes.
• Bluetooth Synchronization allows you to play with another person and have the same audio output on each device.

Check http://www.wejaam.com for all the details

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Glitchamaphone = cute jamming

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mzl.hrfpdcyj.480x480-75Glitchamaphone is a music-making app for iPad built with love by the creators of Glitch in co-operation with the music game geniuses at gl33k.

Create and edit your own compositions with up to five animated characters playing a variety of fun instruments. Hand-drawn animations, natural materials in the background and environmental effects which change in response to your unique musical style. Comes with three settings and environments, each with their own unique sound.

[app 555790025]

Magellan Jr

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mzl.qoomemmu.320x480-75*** SPECIAL INTRO PRICE till 1/1/13 *** Magellan Jr is the bold new professional analog modeling synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Modeled after its acclaimed big brother, Magellan for iPad, you can now create powerful music wherever you go. With extensive MIDI capabilities and near-zero latency, Magellan Jr is a fierce live-performance machine.

Complete with a full FX rack, three oscillators, dual filters, multiple unison stages, extensive modulation matrix, arpeggiator, and a polyphonic step-sequencer – the aural possibilities with Magellan Jr are infinite! Magellan Jr and Magellan are completely compatible: presets, sequences and sound recordings are easily interchangeable.

Visit YONAC.COM for video demos and Magellan Jr’s *full* spec list

\\\ Synth ///

• 3 oscillators w/selectable waveforms
• Osc unison stage w/ adjustable detune & width, up to 12 simultaneous wave generators for super-saw type effects
• Realtime PWM Modulation for osc 1 & 2
• FM module w/ dedicated blend, ADSR envelope, adjustable contour
• Oscillator 2>1 ring modulation
• Noise generator w/ adjustable tone
• VCA ADSR envelope
• Separate voice unison stage w/ settable stereo spread, detune
• Dual Keyboards
• Dual Touch Pad controls w/ settable key & scale, adjustable step-to-step glide & individual voice parameterization
• Polyphonic, Monophonic, Poly/Mono Legato operation modes
• Glide
• Matrixpad modulation w/ configurable x/y destinations and optional snapback
• Realtime oscilloscope displaying output signal (iPhone 4S, 5, and iPod Touch 5)
• Audio backgrounding
• Tap tempo
• 8 voice polyphony (4 voice for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4)

\\\ Filters ///

• 2 filter banks, configurable in series or parallel
• Dedicated ADSR envelope for each bank; selectable envelope curve, adjustable contour
• 11 Filter types for each bank:
• “Magellan” 24dB Resonant Low Pass
• “Victor” 24dB Resonant Low/High/Band Pass
• “Voyvoda” 12dB Low/High/Band Pass
• Formant, Comb, All-Pass, Notch filters
• True bypass

\\\ Modulation ///

• Dual LFO’s
• Up to 3 freely assignable destinations per LFO
• Dedicated amp setting for each LFO destination
• 3 phase reset modes
• Adjustable phase & delay
• Frequency tracking & BPM Sync

\\\ Arp ///

• 10 arp patterns; Settable note value & gate; swing
• 6 octaving modes, plus settable note and octave repeats

\\\ Sequencer ///

• Analog inspired 16/32 step polyphonic sequencer
• 8 track poly output per pattern in 16-step, 4 track poly out in 32-step “link” mode
• Settable pitch, velocity, gate, octave per step
• 6 sequence algorithms for each pattern
• Swing
• Timeline for creating song length sequences w/ patterns
• Import/Export song files containing sequences

\\\ Chordmaker ///
• Create/save chord progressions, played by pressing a single key

\\\ FX ///

• Comprehensive FX rack: Reverb, Stereo Delay w/ BPM sync, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Waveshaper/Distortion, Bitcrusher, Sonic Expander

\\\ Recording & Sharing ///

• Built in tape deck for recording app audio
• Metronome
• Export audio files via SoundCloud
• Export/Import audio files via email, WiFi, Intua or Sonoma Audio Copy/Paste

\\\ MIDI ///

• CoreMIDI
• Virtual MIDI, both vMIDI In & Out ports
• Control Magellan w/ external MIDI controllers
• Synth-wise MIDI In channel select
• MIDI Out w/ settable channel or omni
• MIDI Learn w/ over 250 control destinations
• Save MIDI CC maps to file for later use
• Sync w/ external MIDI clocks to control sequencer, arp modules
• WIST integration

\\\ Presets ///

• Over 300 factory presets
• 2 banks & a song designed by Sunsine Audio
• Export/Import presets, banks via email or iTunes; Create/save unlimited banks & presets

\\\ Requirements ///

• iPhone 4 or later
• iPod Touch 4th Gen or later

[appext 581728336]

MINT.io Groovebox

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mzl.jjnpdhbv.480x480-75MINT.io (Music In No Time) is a scale-based, intelligent Groovebox, aimed at live Techno, House, Dubstep and Breakbeat performances, built under the paradigm of one-screen interface in order to achieve maximum realtime tweak ability.

You don’t have to spend ANY time preparing for your jam session. MINT.io is designed to produce original electronic tunes literally in SECONDS after you start the app, even in the Free mode. There is an unlockable Premium mode (via in-app purchase) for maximum fuinctionality.

Features pristine audio quality (CrystalClear 5.0 Ultra-Precision Audio Engine) and the amazing ability to randomly generate great-sounding drum and synth patterns. MINT.io is packed with modern sounds and offers many endless hours of instant music-generation fun, even for those who are new to making music.


+ Oktane: 8-Track Drum machine
+ Menthol: Ultra Bass Synth with B.E.A.S.T. Analog-Modelled LP Filter, Wobble Control, + Slide and Octave
+ Raindrop Vibe Twins: Unique “Pond” Synth with “Freeze” feature
+ Chiller: Automatic Chord Synth with 7 Trancegate patterns and Sidechain Simulation
+ Noise Machine: Comes as an extra Master FX


+ Extra-quality, fast access LP/HP filters on each channel
+ Randomize Drum & Synth tracks by tapping twice on the ABCD buttons
+ Randomize ALL feature
+ Automatic Drum & Synth Pattern Sequencer with Polyrhythm ability


+ 5 Master FX: Glitch, Synced Repeater, VibeGlitch, Noise Machine, BitCrusher
+ Channel FX: Synced Delay & Mega Reverb
+ Realtime adjustable Tempo & Swing
+ 3 Drum Styles for random generation: House, Breakbeat, Dubstep


+ 20 Modern Drumkits (House, Breakbeat, Dubstep)
+ 20 Menthol Ultra Bass sounds
+ 32 Fresh Raindrop Vibes sounds
+ 16 Lush Chiller Chord string & pad sounds


+ 20+ Built-in Scales, Edit/Transpose/Shift Scale
+ Save Menthol Synth presets
+ 4 Drum & Synth slots to save patterns
+ Solo Mode for all channels



PREMIUM MODE gives you:

1) Editable settings, channel FX and scale
2) Edit Menthol/Oktane parameters
3) Enable Automatic Pattern Sequencer
4) Record your performances
5) Much more instruments and presets
6) Randomize All will work much better (due to lots of scales & presets)

[appext 585905223]

KeyZ Free

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mzl.fgvatxkv.480x480-75KeyZ takes advantage of your mobile device’s power & portability. KeyZ is the most fun & high quality iPhone & iPad sequencer.

– Beautiful & Easy-To-Use Interface
– Sequence with beautiful SoundKits, high quality Reverb & Delay effects for each track.
– Export Your Songs as mp3s, Keyz project files to collaborate with friends (full version), upload to YouTube and Facebook & open into other apps.
– Edit each individual note in the “Sequencer”
– Tap the tempo of your choice for each song
– Unlimited Songs in Full Version
– Tap+Hold to Mute a track
– Single Tap to Solo
– Copy/Paste Note Recordings from one track to another
– Tap the counter box to activate the Metronome
– Set a note Pattern then just hold your fingers to the notes and let KeyZ play the pattern for you.
– Quantize settings place your recorded notes on beat/in sync automatically.
– 28 Key sliding keyboard
– Several Polyphony Settings

Sound Kits:
-Chamber Staccato String
-Piano 1

[appext 581015747]


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This could be the chrissy present some of you have been waiting for….

Cubasis is Steinberg’s streamlined, multitouch sequencer for the iPad. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze. Record tracks in CD audio quality, and edit your music with the Key and Sample Editors, while the included mixer and audio effects polish your song to perfection. Cubasis comes loaded with dozens of virtual instrument sounds which can be played in real time using the virtual keyboard and drum pads. Cubasis’ projects can be even opened in Cubase under Windows and OS X! Cubasis places touch-intuitive production tools in your hands, opening up a new world of possibilities for your creativity.

Key features
• Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks (depends on the device used)
• Over 70 virtual instrument sounds based on HALion Sonic
• MixConsole with over 10 effect processors
• Over 300 MIDI and audio loops
• Virtual keyboard and virtual drum pads
• Sample Editor and Key Editor
• Export projects to Cubase, Dropbox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy and email
• Core Audio and Core MIDI compatible hardware supported
• Sequence other CoreMIDI apps (MIDI recording only) and run Cubasis simultaneously via background audio
• Audio import from iTunes music library, AudioPaste, Wi-Fi server and iTunes file sharing
• Audio mixdown and MIDI export

Grab more details @ http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/ios_apps/cubasis.html

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SessionBand for iPad

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Now anyone can create pro quality music in minutes with the world’s only chord-based loop app. With over 80,000 perfectly played audio loops created by the UK’s best session musicians and producers, SessionBand instantly converts the chords you select into great sounding music – wherever you are and whatever your level of ability.

So whether you’re making music for a living or just for the love of it, you’ve got everything you need to create, play, practice, jam and share in one amazing app.

A simpler way to make great music
•Start by selecting a musical style from a choice of 71 (20 diverse styles are included with the initial download)
•Select any chords in any key and watch them instantly turn into pro quality musical audio loops
•Stretch or shorten loops as you wish
•Build up your songs…in minutes. Any chord. Any key
•Hit ‘Play’ at any time to hear SessionBand play your track

Mix and ‘Flip’ tracks in real time
•’Flip’ your track instantly between totally different musical styles – and listen to your R&B track with a Reggae vibe or your Deep House track in Dubstep
•Mix and arrange your track on the go
•Speed it up with the touch of a button
•Slow it down just as easily

Get the UK’s best musicians and producers working on your songs!
•Draw on the talents of the UK’s leading session musicians and producers
•Benefit from the people who record with some of the world’s biggest stars including Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, Mel C, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Sugababes and Cheryl Cole
•Get access to over 80,000 audio loops they have created exclusively for SessionBand

Make music where you want. When you want
•Now you can create, play, record, rehearse, jam, sing and share wherever you are
•Once you’ve downloaded SessionBand, you don’t need internet access to make full use of it. It’s truly designed for the mobile user on the go
•Create the music you want, from cutting-edge Guetta-style Pop/Dance, through authentic Deep House to Britpop or Bluegrass
•Save your songs and share them with the world

Anyone can sound great with SessionBand!
•Creating your own pro music really is easy with SessionBand
•You don’t need any musical knowledge to create professional tracks with it
•A simple and intuitive interface makes the process of building up songs child’s play. (We should know – we tested it on them as well!)
•Chord preview function lets you audition the chord of the loop you are about to insert. If it doesn’t sound right, simply audition another one until you’ve got the one that suits your song
•Use copy and paste to speed up the song-building process
•Help tutorials on every screen overlay clear instructions if you do get stuck

Get more for your money
•The initial download includes 20 full sets of audio loops covering a wide range of 20 different styles. These range from Acoustic, Blues and Dance all the way through to Hip Hop/Rap, Rock and Urban/R&B

•All SessionBand loops are copyright free so you can include them freely in your music whether its for commercial release or just for fun

•Fall in love with SessionBand then choose additional multiple loop sets from a wide range of add-on ‘Style Packs’ available via in-app purchase

•’Style Packs’ range in price and are available in the following broad genres: Acoustic, Blues, Country/Folk, Dance/Electronic, Hip Hop/Rap, Latin, Piano, Pop/Electropop, Rock and Urban/R&B

Downloading SessionBand

Initial download size is large. You will need to download it over a Wi-Fi connection.

Once that’s complete, you will be able to enjoy the app on your iPad without internet access

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Novation Launchkey

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Launchkey includes 60 exciting synth sounds for you to use straight away in your performances and productions.

Launchkey gives you a fast and fun way to play with sound. Change each sound instantly using the interactive and hands on graphics to take your music to new dimensions. Just play a note and start moving things!

Touch it. Move it. Hear it.

Launchkey is an iPad app and is not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch.

Launchkey requires iOS5 and above and is recommended for iPad 2, iPad Mini and Retina iPad.

[app 583375833]

Mini review – Synergy Studio

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Development studio, 4PocketsAudio has been steadily making a name for itself in the serious iOS music making app world, and by that I don’t mean they take themselves too serious (at least I don’t think they do), but rather that their growing collection of apps are aimed at music makers that are looking for comprehensive features, and expect decent results.

If you aren’t up with 4Pocket’s back catalogue, it’s worth a look as there is something in there for most musicians, from tone generators and spectrum analysers, to virtual guitar amp and effect boards, multitrack DAWs, and music composing and sequencing software. The later genre was initially represented by 4Pocket’s Aurora Sound Studio, which appeared back in 2010.

This app has been joined in the same category by the recently release, Synergy Studio for iPad. And while there are certainly similarities in the look and features of both apps, this new release offers greater musical creativity and advanced options, while at the same time still being accessible to musicians at all levels of experience.

Rather than draw direct comparisons between the apps, here are my initial thoughts on Synergy Studio since I’ve been playing with it for a few weeks now.

Anyone familiar with the grid-based or step-time sequencing, or in fact Yamaha’s ill-fated Tenori-on digital instrument, will already feel right at home with Synergy’s main interface which is mostly made up of rows of dots, with the vertical lines representing beats in a bar, and the horizontal lines representing notes on a scale. By touching a dot it turns blue and becomes active, so if a sound has been assigned and you hit play, you hear it. It’s a highly visual way to create music since you can not only ‘see’ the music gradually coming together as you activate more and more dots, but it encourages experimentation because if a note is off or out of time, simply touch the dot to remove it.

The main idea behind building musical arrangements this way, is you create individual ‘patterns’ or ‘loops’ such as an intro, verse, chorus, solo section, break down, etc. Once these smaller sections have been created, you can easily put them into a longer song format, by playing around with the order of the patterns until you find a combination that works best.

Synergy Studio allows you to create up to 64 unique patterns per song file, and each pattern can be up to 64 notes in length, which is more than enough to let your creative juices flow.

Like Aurora Sound Studio before it, Synergy Studio includes a library of instruments, including 11 drum kits covering most genres of music. The collection of musical sounds are divided into three main categories – analogue synth sounds, sampler instruments, and synth pad sounds. The main difference between them being the way the sounds have been created and the available editing options to not only adjust the existing sounds, but also to create your own new patches.

In addition to over 100 included sounds and patches, 4Pockets will be offering free downloadable instrument packs (the first pack is already available), plus additional sounds will be available as optional in-app purchases. At the moment there doesn’t appear to be any to purchase though.

In addition to entering notes on the grid one by one, there is also a two octave virtual keyboard and a dozen pads you can opt to use for more real time performance based pattern construction.

Two other main features, that I’ve yet to really play with, are the arpeggiator feature which of course if perfect for producing unique and intricate note sequences, and then there’s the controller section where you can quickly and easily automate a wide variety of settings across the instruments, mixer and effects section.

The mixer takes the form of a traditional 16 channel in line mixing board, offering the standard volume, mute, solo, and pan controls, plus 3-band Parametric EQ, and 3 effects sends per channel. I haven’t played a great deal with the effects section, but there is a chorus, tremolo, stereo delay, reverb, resonant filter, and atomiser which are all tweakable and some include a handful of presets, though I haven’t found anywhere that you can save your own custom settings.

Couple of other features of note include MIDI support for controlling external digital sound sources, giving you the option of just using the sequencing features of the app to control other MIDI compatible hardware. Plus there is also support for WIST, should you wish to sync Synergy with other compatible apps on other iOS devices wirelessly, such as 4Pocket’s own Meteor. You can use the app in master mode to control start, stop, and playback speed.

There are some handy exporting and audio copying options for getting your mixes out to services like SoundCloud, Dropbox and into other apps, but’s that’s being coming standard in most music creation apps now anyway.

I really haven’t drilled too much further down into Synergy Studio’s other finer details at this stage, but this about covers most of the key selling points. Which brings me to the price next. 4Pockets Audio hasn’t been shy in the past about putting premium price tags on their music apps, with Aurora Sound Studio HD still hovering around the $40 mark. While the true value of apps can really only be accessed at a personal level by the user, in my opinion, Synergy Studio at $19.99, presents great value for money. It offers an all-in-one music creation environment, that is accessible for budding music makers, yet still houses some powerful features for those looking for additional tools to finely tune their musical masterpieces.

If you’ve downloaded the app, I’d like to hear your thoughts. So feel free to post a comment below.

For the latest on Synergy Studio, hit the official site

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