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Voice Analyzer

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screen480x480 (9)Visualize your voice!!! Check and develop your Singer’s Formant and vibrato, the most important measures for every singer!!!

Voice Analyzer is a real-time spectrum and spectrogram analyzer. It gives you a visual representation of your voice. You can also analyze the sounds of musical instruments, identify spoken words phonetically, or picture the calls of different animals. Generally speaking, the power of the Voice Analyzer is enormous.

The spectrum of musical sound can be represented as a composition of harmonics. The frequency of the first harmonic is called the fundamental frequency. Higher harmonic frequencies are multiples of that frequency, but each has a different harmonic intensity. This builds a visual representation of sound quality.

The spectral peaks of harmonics that are observed on the sound spectrum of the voice are called formants. They determine the vowels’ quality and they have different formant frequencies for different vowels.

The Singer’s Formant is a tonal ‘ring’ produced by a singer. It is visible on the sound spectrum of trained singers (around 2500 to 3500 Hz). This formant is absent in speech or in the spectrum of untrained singers. Its frequency strongly depends on the voice type.


- Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
- Spectrogram analyzer (color, black and white, fast response)
- Spectrum analyzer
- Zoom and pan
- Measure values
- Move back analysis (just tap on the spectrogram)
- PIP (picture-in-picture), allows the simultaneous analysis on the Spectrogram chart and Spectrum
- Audio input can be supplied via built-in microphone and an external microphone (via the headphone jack, USB audio interface or through the iPhone/iPad dock connector – many Core Audio compliant devices)
- Sharing charts (through mail, social networks, clipboard)
- Frequency scale: linear and logarithmic
- Amplitude scale: linear and logarithmic SPL/RMS (dBFS)
- FFT window sizes: 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384

Voice Analyzer (AppStore Link) Voice Analyzer
Developer: DEXUS Pawel Krzywdzinski
Rated: 4+
Price: $4.99 Download Here

Auto-Tune iOS

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screen480x480 (8)Auto-Tune iOS brings vocal pitch correction to live performance, using Antares’ world-class Auto-Tune® technology. Now Antares’ professional pitch correction recording studio technology is available for local performers to use live, on stage, on your iPhone / iPad.

Connect Auto-Tune iOS to your sound system between your microphone and your P.A. / speakers to use Auto-Tune iOS in a live performance setting. Use a microphone audio interface device to connect the 1/8 inch jack to your microphone line and the headphone output to your sound system. Turn on Audio Out on the Auto-Tune iOS app to get audio to pass through the system. If you turn on Audio Out without connecting to your sound system, you are likely to hear the internal feedback of the internal speaker to the internal mic. Adjust your mic and speakers so there is no feedback.

Vocals are corrected to the nearest pitch based on the key and scale of the song, or to a set of melody notes selected on the screen. Use the Chromatic scale when you don’t know what key or scale a song is in. This is the easiest way to correct your voice to the nearest pitch.

The meter visually indicates whether you are singing sharp or flat. The Retune speed is the time it takes for Auto-Tune to pitch correct your voice. The Normal Retune speed setting of 50 msecs gives a natural humanized pitch correction effect. This is appropriate for a moderate tempo song at about 120 bpm with eighth notes occurring every 250 msecs.

A funky or fast tempo tune, at say 240 bpm, requiring sixteenth note precision will have notes occurring every 62 msecs. The Fast Retune speed of 25 msecs is better for faster notes. For slow songs or ballads featuring long held notes, the Slow Retune speed of 75 msecs may provide a more natural sound.

In addition to natural sounding pitch correction, you can also apply the iconic Auto-Tune effect. This is done using the Retune Speed setting of 0. The Bypass button is provided as a quick way to stop and start adding the effect as you sing.

Auto-Tune iOS is Audiobus compatible, allowing Auto-Tune iOS to work with your other iOS music apps. Auto-Tune iOS acts as a filter in the “Effects” category, so you can apply pitch correction and the Auto-Tune effect to other Audiobus-compatible apps. (see http://audiob.us).

* Vocal real-time pitch correction designed for live performance
* Built with Antares Audio Technologies’ Auto-Tune® professional pitch correction
* Tested with Tascam iXZ and IK Multimedia’s iRig microphone audio interfaces.
* Made for musicians.

Auto-Tune iOS (AppStore Link) Auto-Tune iOS
Developer: Susan Marvin
Rated: 4+
Price: $4.99 Download Here


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mzl.oriobdgh.320x480-75Vio transforms your voice into a mesmerizing instrument. Morph and shape the sounds you create by exploring Vio’s entrancing interface.

Build sonic universes from your own voice. The innovative audio engine behind Vio goes far beyond existing voice effects to create novel, futuristic vocal styles. Vio’s sound spaces vary in character from edgy and energetic to mellow and relaxing. Whether you are an amateur or seasoned professional, Vio’s pitch correction technology ensures that everyone sounds in tune and is beautifully harmonized.

Get lost! Explore each sound space by touching Vio’s swirling particle vortex. Move the vortex around the screen and change how your voice is transformed–harmony is added or subtracted, melodies emerge and disappear, and reverberations shape shift.

Double-tap the screen, loop what you have just sung or hummed, and focus on morphing your sound with the particle visualizer.

Record your performances and share them via email, SoundCloud, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing. Choose between compressed and high quality audio files.

Visit transformyourvoice.com to learn about advanced features like changing keys and recording high quality audio.

Vio (AppStore Link) Vio
Developer: Boon, LLC
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download Here


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smartlav_iphone5RØDE Microphones has announced the release of the smartLav, a new lapel microphone that connects directly to the headset jack of Apple iOS devices. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, smartLav delivers premium quality audio capture in a compact and accessible form factor.


The smartLav is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of fi lm, television and broadcast scenarios, or wherever professional quality audio is required in a discreet, portable format without the complication and expense of additional wireless equipment, particularly where multiple talent is involved. With the smartLav the user simply mounts the microphone on the talent, connects it to the iOS device’s headset jack and records via the RØDE Rec or RØDE Rec LE apps.


By employing a high quality omni-directional condenser capsule the smartLav captures sound in a forgiving 360 degrees, allowing for versatility when mounting and ensuring a high degree of user-friendly operation.


“The smartLav is an exciting solution that makes professional quality audio available to anyone with access to an Apple iOS device,” explained Damien Wilson, RØDE’s Marketing and Sales Director. “For filmmakers or wedding videographers that have struggled to simultaneously record multiple talent this product truly is an incredibly simple and cost effective solution.”


A foam pop shield is included to minimise wind noise and vocal plosives (hard ‘b’, ‘t’ and ‘p’ sounds), as well as a durable mounting clip with in-built cable management. The smartLav has been designed to pair perfectly with the RØDE Rec app for Apple iOS devices, and is also compatible with any iOS audio app that accepts input from the headset connection. RØDE Rec turns the user’s iOS device into a fully-featured field recorder, with a wide range of equalisation pre-sets to suit various recording situations, in addition to professional editing functions and the ability

to publish to SoundCloud and Dropbox directly from the app.


“Both the smartLav and the recently announced RØDE iXY stereo microphone showcase the possibilities of the RØDE Rec app as more than an isolated piece of software,” Mr Wilson explained, “but also as a platform and hub for a range of professional grade audio devices. This platform leverages the portability and popularity of Apple’s iOS devices to make content creation easier than ever.”


The smartLav is shipping to authorised RØDE retailers worldwide this month, at a suggested retail price of US$60. For more information please visit www.smartlav.com.

Singing Teacher

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Singing Teacher is a powerful application that lets you analyze your voice in deep resolution anywhere you go. Contains several impressive features together in REAL TIME like: – singing note analyzer text and on keyboard – oscilloscope – voice chart – level meter in dB – stop/start button – noise treshold control – mic boost Application exports .csv table file to iTunes and can make screenshot directly to your gallery. Hobbyist or singers, this application can give you exact image about your singing skills. Recommended for singing teachers to test and help teach their students.


Singing Teacher (AppStore Link) Singing Teacher
Developer: Lubomir Havran BINARTS

Rated: 4+
Price: $2.99 Download Here

Auto-Tune Star HD

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Auto-Tune® Star includes the official, original and REAL Auto-Tune® technology, don’t be fooled by imitations! Best selling music app in 40 countries!

Ever wondered how your favorite music stars get that cool effect on their voice? They all use Auto-Tune®. Now you can get the same effect as your favorite music star by using this app!

Includes 2 modes:

FIRST, record a “dry” vocal, THEN adjust Auto-Tune to that recording as you listen.
- Record your voice. (Don’t save yet, just listen)
- Press play and choose the best Auto-Tune® sound with the slider.
- Add Alien and/or Choir effects!
- Adjust pitch shift!

A more advanced mode, requires more skill.
Sing and adjust Auto-Tune and RECORD in real time.
(External speakers or headphones required)

Auto-Tune Star HD (AppStore Link) Auto-Tune Star HD
Developer: Tropisounds Corporation
Rated: 4+
Price: $2.99 Download Here

Harmony Voice

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Transform your voice into a choir with up to four voices !
Harmony Voice is a pitch shifter and harmonizer with professional features including automatic tuning correction.

A realtime visual intonation-display gives you feedback of the tunes you sing.

You can sing and Harmony voice will add up to four voices
according to the chords you play with the piano keyboard.

Instead of playing the chords yourself you can let Harmony Voice play the chords automatically to enrich the sound of your voice in a musically pleasant way.

The voice character can be adjusted in a way that you can turn a female voice into a male voice and the other way round.


• Four part realtime Harmonizer / Pitch corrector
• Different Harmonizer modes:

- Manual harmonization by playing chords with up to four notes while singing
- Automatic harmonization ( Kraehenbuehl )
- Play base note and Harmony Voice adds appropriate chords
- Directly play the tunes for up to four voices with the keyboard.

• Select key note and scale for harmonization and pitch correction.
• Harmonies can be in just ( Barbershop ) or tempered tuning.
• Mix your original voice with the harmonized parts.
• Change the voice character.
• Play background track from your iTunes library.
• Hi-end reverb effect for room simulation.
• Chorus and Delay effect.
• Use a CoreMIDI compatible Interface to control Harmony Voice with a MIDI Keyboard.
• Audio recorder with Metronome.
• Upload to SoundCloud and File Export.
• Audio pasteboard for exchange with other Apps

Headphones are required to avoid feedback. Headsets with mic work great, for best quality we recommend IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic.

Harmony Voice (AppStore Link) Harmony Voice
Developer: VirSyn Software Synthesizer
Rated: 4+
Price: $4.99 Download Here

Voice Builder

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Your voice is an instrument right? Well why not give it the same coaching and refining any other instrument deserves! This appears to be a proven technique for vocal training, that is now available for iOS. Let me know if you’ve used it, and if it works a treat…

Voice Builder™ is a breakthrough iOS application for bringing power, resonance, range, flexibility, and endurance to the singing or speaking voice. It is the only application of its kind to be based on The Catona Voice Building System™, the revolutionary vocal exercise program for developing the muscles of the human voice.

The Catona Voice Building System is the brainchild of renowned voice builder Gary Catona, who has trained many of today’s most successful singers and entertainers, including:

- Whitney Houston
- Andrea Bocelli
- Babyface
- Sade
- Seal
- Usher
- Shakira
- Lenny Kravitz
- Tony Bennett
- Lionel Ritchie
- And many others


- Neutral Tone Technology™: Instead of vocalizing to a pre-recorded human voice (and its imperfections), you instead vocalize to a tone that is always in perfect pitch.

- Voice-building exercises play automatically with a simple touch of a button.

- Volume & pitch guides provide an effective visual aid in performing voice-building exercises in the correct pitch and volume.

- Over 20 voice-building sessions for both male and female singers and speakers. A setup wizard makes choosing the right voice-building session quick & easy.

- Gary Catona guides you every step of the way with audio commands and numerous video demonstrations.

- A short video tutorial gets you up to speed quickly on both The Catona Voice Building System and the Voice Builder application.

Long considered a well-guarded secret in the entertainment industry, Voice Builder now makes the Catona Voice Building System available to the world by means of an elegant, innovative, and intuitive application which is a pleasure to use, whether it be at home or on-the-go.

Voice Builder (AppStore Link) Voice Builder
Developer: Gary Catona
Rated: 4+
Price: $4.99 Download Here


First update for Rockmate

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Still one of my fav music apps on iPad, Rockmate is so refreshing and fun to play, especially with a bunch of….mates! Apart from an expected Retina visual update, there’s some new sounds, plus singers can now join the jam!

What’s new

Fingerlab is very proud to announce the new version of Rockmate V1.1 with the addition of new super cool features: microphone, Retina graphics, new sharing options, new drum kits and new keyboard kits, for an even better music experience with your iPad.

V1.1 spec:
-Retina graphics
-New exports: FaceBook, SoundCloud, AudioCopy
-6 new drums kit
-8 new keyboard kit
-3 octave keyboard
-Minor bug fixes

Rockmate (AppStore Link) Rockmate
Developer: Fingerlab SARL
Rated: 4+
Price: $2.99 Download Here


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Voco is a touch-controlled phase vocoder for manipulating sampled sound.

The sound is mapped onto the screen, with time running left to right, and pitch up and down. By touching the screen the sound can be manipulated and played like an instrument.

Sounds can be loaded as wav files through iTunes or sampled directly via the microphone or input socket.


Voco (AppStore Link) Voco
Developer: Jonathan Mackenzie
Rated: 4+
Price: $2.99 Download Here
    Designed by Midnight Publishing