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Causing a Riot!

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Causing a riot and making a racket is RiotFX from Riotmode.

RiotFX is a guitar processor for iphone/ipad with a stack of tasty effects.

Here’s what Riotmode has to say.

RiotFX can be used with both acoustic and electric guitars:

For electric guitars, an adapter cable such as the PRS Guitarbud™ can be used to connect your guitar directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

For acoustic guitars, use a microphone-equipped headset with the microphone placed near the guitar.

Application Features

  • Nine high quality effects:
    • Quad-Tap Delay
    • Distortion/Fuzz
    • Chorus
    • Expander
    • Pitch Shifter
    • Reverb
    • Flanger
    • AutoWah
    • Tone
  • Low-latency audio processing gives no noticable delay
  • Ability to freely configure your effects chain
  • Three audio quality settings
  • Antialiasing option

Grab RiotFX now –

Sound Yeah

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Just saw this over at creativeapplications.net. A new app called for the ipad currently in development by Henry Chu.

Check out the vids, it looks awesome.

Musical DNA

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Musical DNA is a new app that takes a completely different approach to making music. there’re no keyboards or strummy things here.

Instead the notes are laid out in a circle. A lot like a circle of fifths chart. It looks very cool and educational at the same time, as it show you the relationships between notes in a way that may be easier to grasp for some people.

Here what the developers have to say.

Musical DNATM is the translation of music and sound into an easily understandable visual code. Although music is auditory, Musical DNA’s proprietary system maps the relationships between musical notes visually using precise geometric shapes and colors. By revealing the structure of music with this dynamic and intuitive approach, Musical DNA presents an exciting innovation in the way people can learn, experience, create, and interact with music.

In two dimensions, Musical DNA represents music in the form of a circle. Connecting every point on that circle creates a rainbow colored pattern that we call The Master KeyTM.  In three dimensions, music forms a spiral. Connecting every point on this spiral creates a rainbow-colored helix, which depicts patterns of music distinctly across the octaves.

While there are infinite ways to combine sounds to make music, there is a single, fundamental language that underlies all music. Musical DNA ‘cracks’ the musical code by offering a way to visually experience and access this language using basic shapes and colors. In so doing, the Musical DNA system harmoniously retunes how the world perceives music – how music is taught, learned, composed, experienced, and ultimately SEEN.

Grab Musical DNA now –


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Just came across this amazing new app over at Palmsounds.


This is surely one of the most advanced music apps for the iphone/ipod touch platform.

Not sure when it’s being released, but we’ll definately keep you posted.

Meanwhile, you can salivate over this video. cover your screen in clingwrap!

There’s a stack more info over at blip interactive.

Aurora sound studio

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If you haven’t checked out the video for Aurora Sound Studio for iphone/ipod touch yet, you must.

It’s an impressive little beast.

And coming soon, Aurora Sound Studio HD for iPad!

Grab Aurora Sound Studio now –

Rebirth for the muthafreakin’ iPhone!

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So, there i am surfing the net. I might be addicted. You too? How the hell did we get by without this thing?

Anyway, i’m checking my favourite sites and BOOM! there it is. Rebirth for the iPhone!

Man talk about taking a trip back in time.

If you’re not familiar with Rebirth, it’s an emulation of 3 classic roland boxes.

The awesome tr-909 and tr-808 drum machines, and the mighty tb-303 bassline.

These machines are revered for their sounds and still fetch big bucks on ebay.

When Propellerheads released rebirth in the mid 90’s, it was a revolution.

The sound of Rebirth was superb and suddenly anyone could make filthy acid tracks with these machines; albeit virtually.

Development of Rebirth ceased in 1999, and in 2005 Propellerheads made the program freely available to everyone via the rebirth museum.

I highly recommend checking out the museum and discovering the impact Rebirth had on the music making community.

But back to the iPhone. Rebirth is on the freakin’ iPhone!

As soon as i saw it, my legs gave way and my wallet got a little lighter.

check it out!

Grab Rebirth now –


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Just when you thought you’d seen every kind of interface, along comes O-Gawa.

Yudo are no slouches in the music app world, having brought you Matrix Music Pad, 8Bitone, Rectools and Vocoder SV-5 amongst others.

And now they drop O-Gawa for iPad.

What amazes me about all the apps coming out are the innovative interfaces people come up with, and this one is awesome!

Grab O-Gawa now –


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The highly anticipated iHolophone from Amidio is now available in the app store.
iHolophone has a really interesting interface and comes with stacks of sounds.
Here’s what Amidio has to say…

Holophone is a new amazing music instrument for effortless live performing over fully programmable sequencer beats.
Truly futuristic and soulful, iHolophone addresses the two most important aspects of the music – the melody and the rhythm, and is packed with 250 mb of impressive sounds.
No music education is needed to play iHolophone, but even serious musicians will find it fun and useful. Powered by the all-new CrystalClarity 64-bit sound engine, iHolophone takes your creative potential to the max, and the HoloDiscs touch technology lets you explore the sonic horizons of melodies which exist only in your imagination, and remain always in tune.

iHolophone ships with a massive factory set of 40 factory scenes with 160 factory sequencer patterns, and you can easily build your own scenes, choosing from 60 modern instrument sounds, 800 hi-quality percussive and melodic sequencer samples, and 70 background pictures. Coming up with new melodies has never been so quick and easy before – instead of random travelling across pre-defined music scales, this application represents a totally different and fresh approach which finally brings you simple yet total control over your own melodic progressions.

Initially a daring concept, iHolophone is very different from any other music applications. Place your thumbs on the two HoloDiscs and make the magic happen. The rhythms, sounds and harmonies produced by the player blend with the changing screen backgrounds to become more than just music, but a deep atmospheric morphing kind of art that will immerse you into evocative realities.

* No musical skills required to achieve great results.
* The most enjoyable way to make up new melodies from scratch even for serious musicians.
* Premium selection of 60 modern music instruments, powered by the supreme-quality CrystalClarity 64-bit sound engine.
* 40 amazing factory Scenes (Melodic and Beats), demonstrating the power of iHolophone.
* HoloDiscs touch technology allow unprecedented sound control (attack, release, vibrato, volume, portamento) by just changing the finger position inside the HoloDiscs.
* Accelerometer note-bend control and switching between instruments.
* Fully programmable 8-track stereo drum machine/rhythm sequencer with support for triplets and swing.
* 800 stereo sequencer drum, percussion and melodic samples, with 160 demo factory sequencer patterns.
* Adjustable lush stereo reverb and delay effects.
* Advanced functionality: supports Intua Pasteboard, sample pitchshift/timestretch, Twitter/Facebook intergration.

Can’t wait to get my fingers on it!

Grab iholophone now –


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Monle has been released!

This little multitrack editor looks wonderful.

get all the details here

Grab Monle now –


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Just saw this via synthtopia.

Mixr.  A new DJ app coming for iphone/ipod touch and ipad

Looks very cool. mixr

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