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Pianist Pro heading to iPad

Posted by Mikers On March - 30 - 2010 3 COMMENTS

From the makers of the original iPhone Piano app, comes the iPad’s very first piano app.

Due to go live on the App Store this Saturday, the day the iPad launches as well (in case you’ve been hibernating in a cave somewhere), is Pianist Pro from MooCowMusic. Not much is known about the full and final features of this app, but it’s fair to assume the core features will include everything available in the existing Pianist app, which offers a slick, easy to use interface, a metronome, multi-track recording, and more.

Here’s some screenshots to wet your appetite. (CLICK each images to see a full size version)

For more details, keep an eye on then developers site – http://moocowmusic.com

AC-7 Pro coming for iPad

Posted by Mikers On March - 28 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Saitara Software has just released an update for it DAW wireless control software with, AC-7 DAW CONTROLLER V2.0.

However, we’re even more excited to see the developer is working on a ‘Pro’ version specially for the iPad. Aside from the obvious benefits of the larger display offering more room for additional controls, we’re not sure at this stage what other features this new Pro version of the app will include.  If the look of the user interface is anything to go by, its shaping up very nicely indeed.

Head to the developers website for the latest on this app – http://www.saitarasoftware.com/Site/AC-7_Pro.html

bleep!BOX heading to iPad

Posted by Mikers On March - 28 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

It’s exciting stuff to see developers of music apps already focusing on new releases for the iPad before it’s even released!  The team behind bleep!BOX claims ver 1.2.0 has been submitted to Apple and hopefully it will be amongst the list of iPad launch titles.

There have also been some new features added in addition to the new interface that takes advantage of the bigger display real estate.

Most pleasing to learn is, that existing owners of the app won’t need to pay again for this ‘iPad-friendly’ update, and in fact can run it on both an iPhone/Touch as well as an iPad

For further details head to the developers site – http://www.bleepboxapp.com/


Posted by dazz26 On March - 27 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Monle has been released!

This little multitrack editor looks wonderful.

get all the details here

Line6 MIDI Mobilizer

Posted by Mikers On March - 22 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Together with an Apple iPhone or iPod touch, and the free MIDI Memo Recorder app, MIDI Mobilizer can play, record, and backup MIDI information any time, any place. Whether you want to capture a quick musical idea or back up the settings of all your MIDI gear, MIDI Mobilizer is the most simple and compact solution for everything MIDI.

MIDI Mobilizer™ is the fastest, lightest and easiest way to manage all your sounds, sequences and other MIDI data.

Capture inspiration –

Inspiration is spontaneous, and MIDI Mobilizer™ can capture inspiration the moment it strikes. Just hook up the MIDI Out from any keyboard, and you can quickly record your idea. Connect the keyboard’s MIDI In, and instantly play back what you just created. Or email it to yourself or a collaborator as a Standard MIDI File (SMF) which can be opened and edited within virtually any Mac® or PC-based digital audio workstation.

Easily backup all your MIDI parameters from Line 6 gear and more. Want to transfer your settings into a friend’s POD® xt, or import your settings into rental gear? It has never been easier.

Rescue yourself from dreaded on-stage equipment failures. MIDI Mobilizer can import your MIDI sound data into any classic or modern MIDI equipment, including replacement keyboards.

MIDI Mobilizer is compatible with all models of iPhone and iPod touch.

For details head to – http://line6.com/midimobilizer/iphone_ipod_touch.html

Argon updates

Posted by dazz26 On March - 13 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

The Fantastic Argon synth has had two updates in the last couple of months.

this is becoming my go to synth. it’s just awesome.

ARGON v1.2.0 update available!

  • Intua Clipboard support
  • Easy-move menu
  • Freq.Mod (OSC3 -> OSC2)
  • Pattern-Copy and Paste button in Step-Sequencer

ARGON v1.1.0 update available!

  • Loop Recorder (included WiFi Export)
  • New filter type (LP6, LP18)
  • Fast Shifting Button

argon website iphone.icegear.net


Posted by dazz26 On March - 13 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

StompVox is a high-quality (44.1kHz, 16bit) real-time vocal effects application for the iPhone and iPodTouch which is designed to look and feel like effects pedals, or ‘stomp boxes’ as they are often called. StompVox combines a Gate, Looper, Reverb, Echo and Mixer to create a range of fun vocal effects.


StompVox comes with 10 factory Presets that showcase a variety of different effects using each pedal.  Presets may be created, edited and even e-mailed other StompVox users!


There are five effects pedals:


The Gate pedal controls how much signal is passed to the other pedals from the microphone input. If there is a lot of ambient background noise, it’s useful to be able to ‘shut’ the audio gate so that no sound passes through to the other pedals until the sound level has reached a chosen threshold. The rate at which the gate responds to the audio input and how the gate opens and closes are adjustable.

Controls: Input, Threshold, Attack, Hold, Release and Bypass


The Looper pedal can record continuous audio loops of up to 60 seconds. Use this pedal to create interesting sonic loops and practice vocals against another vocal or instrument. The Looper never gets tired!

Controls: Seconds, Level, Play, Record, Erase and Bypass


The Reverb pedal models the sound characteristics of an enclosed space. When a sound is made in an enclosed space, the original sound is heard along with a number of echoes which build up due to the shape of the space. The echoes decay as the sound is absorbed by the materials in the space.

Controls: Pre-Delay, Room Size, Damp, Level, Dry/Wet and Bypass


The Echo pedal models a sound reflection that is heard some time after the original sound has been made. The echo delay and the rate at which echoes subside can be controlled.

Controls: Delay, Feedback, Level and Bypass


The Mixer combines the overall or Master level along with the unprocessed Direct level.

Controls: Master, Direct and Bypass

For more info, go here www.completesoftware.co.uk


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This must-have electric guitar application combines a great-sounding guitar amp simulator, a super-accurate tuner, and a song practice partner which lets you upload your original ideas, jam along to hits, and slow down riffs and solos to learn them — note-for-note.

PRS Jam Amp is a tireless guitar tutor that lets you load, loop, and slow down audio clips until you’ve got them nailed. Upload and play back popular riffs and songs in MP3 or ACC (unprotected) formats using the onboard web interface.

Change the speed and / or the pitch of songs independently. You can easily match the tuning of popular songs to your guitar within seconds.

Simple Input boost, reverb, crunch/overdrive, and tone controls make PRS Jam Amp a joy to use and play. Whether you’re practicing, recording your latest idea, or just killing time, true inspiration and killer tone is finally as close as your iPhone.

More info on the PRS site www.prscables.com/prsjamamp/


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This must-have accessory allows you to plug your guitar directly into your iPhone and 2nd Gen iPod Touch (simultaneously with your headphones) for use with all guitar applications.

The guitarist’s interface fuses your instrument with your iPhone – Now the possibilities are as endless as the apps on your phone. With the Guitarbud even the simple Voice Memos™ app (that comes with your phone) can be used to record riffs or songs anywhere – instantly email your track to your friends. All your apps become more powerful – use your iPod tuner in a noisy crowded bar, record your next tune on the 4-track recorder that’s as close as your iPhone.

This powerful, portable guitarist’s interface, is designed specifically for musicians by Bond Music Research in conjunction with PRS Guitars; makers of PRS Signature Series Cables Guitar Cables. Guitarbud is lightweight, flexible, and easily fits in your pocket. More than a simple adaptor, this 6 foot special instrument cable allows freedom of movement when you play, and links your headphones with your instrument.

There’s more info at www.prscables.com/guitarbud


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The Mellotron was a tape based keyboard from the 60’s renowned for it’s gorgeous mellow and organic tone.

the Ellatron is a virtual mellotron for the iphone and ipod touch.

from all reports, it does a great job of reproducing some classic tones.

Here’s some of the features :

  1. 24 amazing tape frames including

  2. The ‘Mello’ collection – 4 voices sampled from real Tron tapes

  3. The ‘Ella’ collection – sweeping orchestral strings, brass and choir

  4. 5 tonewheel organs

  5. 5 synths including squelchy synth basses

  6. Exclusive and exquisite Riekotron chamber strings

  7. Classic Space Oddity sounds of ‘Stellaphone’ and ‘Stellavibe’

  8. Thunderous drum loops!

  9. Twin manuals with individual voices per manual

  10. 16 programmable chord banks, each with 12 chord buttons

  11. All with switchable authentic tape ‘wow and flutter’!

More info here : Ellatron

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