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Ampkit the new guitar amp and stompbox simulator has finally ben released.

A joint venture between Peavey and Agile Partners, Ampkit looks very promising indeed.

Agile Partners and Peavey Electronics are proud to announce AmpKit, the ultimate iPhone amp and pedal studio with extensive recording and re-amping capabilities, and AmpKit LiNK, a high fidelity electric guitar interface.

AmpKit is available in two versions:

AmpKit is a free app, available on the iTunes App Store, that comes with a Peavey ValveKing amp (clean and very-high-gain lead channels), two ValveKing cabinets (4×12 and 1×12), two pedals (Noise Gate, Elevenizer overdrive pedal), two mics (Workhorse 57 dynamic mic, Germann 87 condenser mic), and a built-in Noise & Feedback Filter.

AmpKit+ is a paid app ($19.99 in the US App Store) that includes everything in the free version PLUS the following additional gear at less than half their individual prices: Peavey 3120 amp with clean, rhythm, and ultra-high-gain lead channels and matching 4×12 cabinet; Colonel Vintage amp paired with matching 4×10 and 1×12 cabinets; Vintage Brit amp with matching 2×12 cabinet; and distortion, fuzz, compressor, chorus, phaser, flanger, reverb, and 10-band EQ pedals!

In both AmpKit and AmpKit+, an amazing array of additional gear modeled after real-world equipment is available for purchase through an in-app Gear Store. AmpKit has more than twice the number of components of other apps, with more gear coming!


  • Over 60 predefined amp and pedal setups
  • Easily create and save an unlimited number of custom setups, with a dozen or more active pedals in each setup
  • Record as you play: AmpKit creates both “dry” (guitar signal before effects are applied) and “wet” (guitar signal with effects applied) recordings
  • Ability to “reamp”: re-record a previous session, applying a new amp and pedal setup
  • Realistic simulations of high-gain amps (e.g., Peavey ValveKing and 6505+) that you can listen to with headphones (be sure to use AmpKit LiNK which has special crosstalk / feedback reduction circuitry)
  • Mic positioning control
  • Ultra-low latency (i.e., not even noticeable)
  • The same high-precision tuner and metronome technology used in GuitarToolkit
  • Upload dry recordings for reamping, or your favorite songs and backing tracks to play along with
  • Download AmpKit recordings to your computer, email recordings, or share using SoundCloud

More info and video here

Glocken Jr.

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Glocken Jr. is a beautiful little app for iphone and ipod touch.

As the name suggests, it’s a glockenspiel.

It has a simple, clean interface. The sounds I’m guessing are sampled from a real glockenspiel because it sounds fantastic.

There are a few traditional songs built in to the app to listen to, and be guided through to learn yourself.

This app is not new. I came across it while listening to Falling for a Square.

FFAS (Jason Sposa) makes soft electronic music with iphone apps and uses the Glocken Jr. beautifully.

I highly recommend checking him out.  fallingforasquare

I really like it. You might too.

Grab Glocken Jr. now –


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Soundprism from Audanika is a is a brand new music composition tool for the ipad.

It’s a gorgeous looking app with a unique interface, that breaks away from the traditional keyboard layout making it easy for anyone to write beautiful music.

Grab Soundprism now –

Noise Machine

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Another great little noise app is Noise Machine. It’s not free, but it is cheap and a lot of fun.

Originally for iphone and ipod touch, there’s now an ipad version as well.

An experiment in touch based controls of pitch and volume for multiple tones resulted in an app that’s fun to interact with, and produces a wide range of different sounds and textures.

Drag some dots into the work area and carefully position for controllable out of phasing, or shake the device to randomize the whole mess.

Use touch to position up to 40 tones in the work space
Slider controls for motion setup
Pause so you can grab the fast moving ones
Save/load your compositions (can they be called that?)
Auto save/load of active composition when exiting/starting app
Shake device to randomize all active tones
Individual tone randomization option
Help screen

Version 1.2 has features and bugfixes:

Global volume multiplier control added
Global Pitch multiplier control added
Cleaner audio
– random partial beats removed
– Audio pops when saving/loading/resetting removed
Beat tempo controls now have a ‘synch’ button: in 1.1 the different beats could get out of synch as each note as it’s own beat counter, this keeps them all using a global beat counter. An option since out of synch beats can be quite interesting.
Dragging a note doesn’t stop the notes beats.
Reset now resets the local beat tempo multiplier
Reset resets the global beat tempo
Shake now randomises beats for the active notes
Save and Load UI reduced to make way for more UI – you now pick the save/load slot first, then pick the operation (save or load). Saved patterns are unaffected.
Slider pips would load slightly offset from expected positions.

Grab Noise Machine now –


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If you’re looking for an app for manipulating the voice. Cast your eyes on Improvox.

Improvox is a realtime harmony and effects generator which gets wacky real quick.

It sounds pretty amazing. If you’ve ever heard Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap, You’ll know what i mean.

By the way, go look up Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. She’s amazing.

it’s best if you hear what this app can do.

Check the vid.

Grab improvox now –

Makeshift cable for guitar fx apps

Posted by dazz26 On July - 18 - 2010 4 COMMENTS

We found this video on a guy using a video cable to connect his guitar to an fx app.

There are a few purpose built cables about to hit the market so it was interesting to see that you may not need to buy one.

Some people have had issues getting a video cable to work. If you’ve tried, let us know if it’s worked or not.

Musical DNA

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Musical DNA is a new app that takes a completely different approach to making music. there’re no keyboards or strummy things here.

Instead the notes are laid out in a circle. A lot like a circle of fifths chart. It looks very cool and educational at the same time, as it show you the relationships between notes in a way that may be easier to grasp for some people.

Here what the developers have to say.

Musical DNATM is the translation of music and sound into an easily understandable visual code. Although music is auditory, Musical DNA’s proprietary system maps the relationships between musical notes visually using precise geometric shapes and colors. By revealing the structure of music with this dynamic and intuitive approach, Musical DNA presents an exciting innovation in the way people can learn, experience, create, and interact with music.

In two dimensions, Musical DNA represents music in the form of a circle. Connecting every point on that circle creates a rainbow colored pattern that we call The Master KeyTM.  In three dimensions, music forms a spiral. Connecting every point on this spiral creates a rainbow-colored helix, which depicts patterns of music distinctly across the octaves.

While there are infinite ways to combine sounds to make music, there is a single, fundamental language that underlies all music. Musical DNA ‘cracks’ the musical code by offering a way to visually experience and access this language using basic shapes and colors. In so doing, the Musical DNA system harmoniously retunes how the world perceives music – how music is taught, learned, composed, experienced, and ultimately SEEN.

Grab Musical DNA now –


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Just came across this amazing new app over at Palmsounds.


This is surely one of the most advanced music apps for the iphone/ipod touch platform.

Not sure when it’s being released, but we’ll definately keep you posted.

Meanwhile, you can salivate over this video. cover your screen in clingwrap!

There’s a stack more info over at blip interactive.

Aurora sound studio

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If you haven’t checked out the video for Aurora Sound Studio for iphone/ipod touch yet, you must.

It’s an impressive little beast.

And coming soon, Aurora Sound Studio HD for iPad!

Grab Aurora Sound Studio now –

Rebirth for the muthafreakin’ iPhone!

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So, there i am surfing the net. I might be addicted. You too? How the hell did we get by without this thing?

Anyway, i’m checking my favourite sites and BOOM! there it is. Rebirth for the iPhone!

Man talk about taking a trip back in time.

If you’re not familiar with Rebirth, it’s an emulation of 3 classic roland boxes.

The awesome tr-909 and tr-808 drum machines, and the mighty tb-303 bassline.

These machines are revered for their sounds and still fetch big bucks on ebay.

When Propellerheads released rebirth in the mid 90’s, it was a revolution.

The sound of Rebirth was superb and suddenly anyone could make filthy acid tracks with these machines; albeit virtually.

Development of Rebirth ceased in 1999, and in 2005 Propellerheads made the program freely available to everyone via the rebirth museum.

I highly recommend checking out the museum and discovering the impact Rebirth had on the music making community.

But back to the iPhone. Rebirth is on the freakin’ iPhone!

As soon as i saw it, my legs gave way and my wallet got a little lighter.

check it out!

Grab Rebirth now –

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