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Just when you thought you’d seen every kind of interface, along comes O-Gawa.

Yudo are no slouches in the music app world, having brought you Matrix Music Pad, 8Bitone, Rectools and Vocoder SV-5 amongst others.

And now they drop O-Gawa for iPad.

What amazes me about all the apps coming out are the innovative interfaces people come up with, and this one is awesome!

Grab O-Gawa now –


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The highly anticipated iHolophone from Amidio is now available in the app store.
iHolophone has a really interesting interface and comes with stacks of sounds.
Here’s what Amidio has to say…

Holophone is a new amazing music instrument for effortless live performing over fully programmable sequencer beats.
Truly futuristic and soulful, iHolophone addresses the two most important aspects of the music – the melody and the rhythm, and is packed with 250 mb of impressive sounds.
No music education is needed to play iHolophone, but even serious musicians will find it fun and useful. Powered by the all-new CrystalClarity 64-bit sound engine, iHolophone takes your creative potential to the max, and the HoloDiscs touch technology lets you explore the sonic horizons of melodies which exist only in your imagination, and remain always in tune.

iHolophone ships with a massive factory set of 40 factory scenes with 160 factory sequencer patterns, and you can easily build your own scenes, choosing from 60 modern instrument sounds, 800 hi-quality percussive and melodic sequencer samples, and 70 background pictures. Coming up with new melodies has never been so quick and easy before – instead of random travelling across pre-defined music scales, this application represents a totally different and fresh approach which finally brings you simple yet total control over your own melodic progressions.

Initially a daring concept, iHolophone is very different from any other music applications. Place your thumbs on the two HoloDiscs and make the magic happen. The rhythms, sounds and harmonies produced by the player blend with the changing screen backgrounds to become more than just music, but a deep atmospheric morphing kind of art that will immerse you into evocative realities.

* No musical skills required to achieve great results.
* The most enjoyable way to make up new melodies from scratch even for serious musicians.
* Premium selection of 60 modern music instruments, powered by the supreme-quality CrystalClarity 64-bit sound engine.
* 40 amazing factory Scenes (Melodic and Beats), demonstrating the power of iHolophone.
* HoloDiscs touch technology allow unprecedented sound control (attack, release, vibrato, volume, portamento) by just changing the finger position inside the HoloDiscs.
* Accelerometer note-bend control and switching between instruments.
* Fully programmable 8-track stereo drum machine/rhythm sequencer with support for triplets and swing.
* 800 stereo sequencer drum, percussion and melodic samples, with 160 demo factory sequencer patterns.
* Adjustable lush stereo reverb and delay effects.
* Advanced functionality: supports Intua Pasteboard, sample pitchshift/timestretch, Twitter/Facebook intergration.

Can’t wait to get my fingers on it!

Grab iholophone now –


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Just saw this via synthtopia.

Mixr.  A new DJ app coming for iphone/ipod touch and ipad

Looks very cool. mixr


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From the strange agency comes Slice.

Slice has been out for a little while now. it basically allows you to rearrange and mangle your loops.

the interface is what makes it special, check out the video.

for more info, head here. thestrangeagency.com


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The Mellotron was a tape based keyboard from the 60’s renowned for it’s gorgeous mellow and organic tone.

the Ellatron is a virtual mellotron for the iphone and ipod touch.

from all reports, it does a great job of reproducing some classic tones.

Here’s some of the features :

  1. 24 amazing tape frames including

  2. The ‘Mello’ collection – 4 voices sampled from real Tron tapes

  3. The ‘Ella’ collection – sweeping orchestral strings, brass and choir

  4. 5 tonewheel organs

  5. 5 synths including squelchy synth basses

  6. Exclusive and exquisite Riekotron chamber strings

  7. Classic Space Oddity sounds of ‘Stellaphone’ and ‘Stellavibe’

  8. Thunderous drum loops!

  9. Twin manuals with individual voices per manual

  10. 16 programmable chord banks, each with 12 chord buttons

  11. All with switchable authentic tape ‘wow and flutter’!

More info here : Ellatron


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Bleepsynth is a a high-quality synthesizer for your iPhone or Touch, contains 45+ parameters which recreate a vast array of sounds. The sound engine provides high quality synthesis tailored to solos, leads and arpeggios with up to three simultaneous voices. The pad-based interface tailored specifically for the touch screen allows for an easy way to construct melodies while musical scales help to ensure that every note sounds first-rate.

Check out the app’s many features usually found in expensive software synthesizers. With bleep!Synth you are always ready to noodle!

  • 3 High Quality Voices
  • 45+ Parameters
  • Flexible Arpeggiator/Sequencer
  • FM, Ringmod, Sync, PhaseMod, Distortion
  • Global delay FX
  • Live performance modes
  • 20 different scales
  • Parameter automation
  • Tilt modulation controls

Learn more about bleepsynth here www.bleepsynthapp.com


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bleep!BOX is an electronic drum / synth box for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It features NO SAMPLES. All sounds controllable and synthesized in realtime on the iPhone.

Here’s the list of features.

  • – 10 Synth / Drum parts (aka voices)
  • – Emulations of ‘classic’ x0x drum sounds (snares, hihats, claps, bassdrums, toms, cymbals)
  • – Ringmod, FM, Phase Modulation, Sync
  • – 50+ Parameters
  • – Global delay FX
  • – Soft / Hard distortion FX
  • – 8 Waveforms – Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle, etc
  • – Save patches and presets
  • – Live performance modes – Loop / Stutter, Mute
  • – Step sequencing + recording modes
  • – Parameter automation
  • – Realtime processing – NO SAMPLES
  • – Song Mode – make songs from multiple patterns
  • – .WAV export
  • – Pattern export / import

Get more info here www.bleepboxapp.com


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SoundGrid aims to be the most advanced matrix sequencer for iPhone / iPod Touch to create stunning audio-visual performances in a moment and wherever you are. It was inspired by famous Yamaha Tenori-On and popular ToneMatrix webapp by André Michelle.

Even if you never composed music you will find SoundGrid simple and exciting to play with and will start creating brilliant compositions in minutes with just the tips of your fingers. Then easily share them with other users and in turn browse, download and rate their creations. Or you can record composition to audio file, upload it directly to SoundCloud or export via email. You can even create your own unique ringtones!

For more experienced users SoundGrid offers advanced features such as multiple patterns, switchable musical scales, song mode, control over looping, tempo adjustment and real-time filters and effects to create unique sounds (note that number of simultaneous real-time sound effects limited by iPhone/iPod Touch hardware) and much more. SoundGrid has everything you need to create longer and rich compositions and live performances.

For more info, go to www.mifki.com/soundgrid/


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The developer says:

“Flourish is a musical toy and composition tool for the iPhone. The elegant interface allows you to quickly build expressive, diverse and complex arrangements.”

We say:

This is what iphone music apps are all about. Flourishes interface lets you get your ideas down quickly, intuitively and you’ll have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. We think Flourishes design is inspired. check it out.

For more info, go to www.exploreandcreate.com/flourish/

Jasuto Pro

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Jasuto Pro is a very deep and beautiful app capable of some great sounds. Here’s the developer talking about it in his own words.

Jasuto is the first truly modular synthesizer for the iPhone and is basically the 2nd coming of my previous modular synth experiment known as mode.

There are several main design goals that I wanted to achieve with this.

The first goal was to make synth building fun and easy all while adding some unpredictability to the process. I’ve come up with some amazing sounds almost by accident in a lot cases that I would have never even thought of doing in a conventional synth.

The 2nd was to blur the line between patch and synth, so creating a synth should be no different (or any more difficult) than creating a patch.

The 3rd was to unify control and audio rate signals allowing everything to be a modulation or be modulated.

And finally I wanted to make sure that it was simple and efficient to add motion to a sound. So every node on the screen can record its own motion.  E.g. if you wanted to create a simple LFO for a chorus effect just attach a constant to the delays time port, click the record button and wiggle away.  After you are done recording hit stop and it will auto-magically blend the loop points for you. All motion including the step sequencer are syncable via triggers, more on this in the “Basics” section.

And that’s really what this is all about, it lets you explore soundscapes and make synths without even knowing it.

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