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Posted by Mikers On November - 18 - 2012

Does the App Store need another dedicated drumming app? It would appear so with the recent launch of DrumsLive, and this one has some nice sounds too. I particularly like the CoreMIDI support.

For any suggestion, request or doubt about DrumsLive please visit our dedicated webpage: http://www.net-sol.info/drumslive/forum

We are proud to introduce to you DrumsLive™, featuring the most realistic drumset available on the App Store®!
Why should you choose DrumsLive™ over the other apps out there? Well, here we go!

DrumsLive™ fully supports CoreMIDI™ interface, meaning that you can attach your digital drumset to your iPhone® or iPod touch® using iRig® MIDI by IK Multimedia or an equivalent interface and start playing!

DrumsLive™ automatically learns midi notes from your digital drumset, no matter which one you have, so you don’t have to wander aimlessly through pages of hard-to-understand settings! Easily set the note once for each piece and they’ll be kept saved for good!

You need to play live in places in which you can’t bring your acoustic drumset, or you just don’t have one? Now, even with the cheapest digital drumset with MIDI support out there, you can play live smoothly and flawlessly, thanks to DrumsLive’s ultra-low latency and the ultra-realistic sounds!

DrumsLive™ features 3 different drum kits (pop, jazz, rock), over 200 drum samples and a deep and smart dynamic system, based on the velocity of the note received. The pitch is also automatically corrected to make sure that what you hear is the most realistic drumset ever had on an iPhone® or iPod touch®!

You want to make practice with some audio tracks of yours? Fancy to play that marvellous drums solo of the band you listen to everyday on your iPhone® or iPod touch®? Just import it to DrumsLive™ with a easy wizard procedure, and in a couple of seconds there you go! Drum over your fav songs! And if you are on the go, or you don’t have a digital drumset, just play with your fingers! Tap along and discover the realism of DrumsLive™!

Easy to customize! A real mixer, so you can control the levels for each component of your drums! Velocity curve setting, to get a full control of the dynamics! Configure DrumsLive™ to suit best your style of play!

Metronome mode lets you train on your rhythmals, from 40 to 240 BPM!

More features to be discovered inside DrumsLive™, and more to come…! 😉

DrumsLive™ is the App that all the drummers around the world were waiting for!

[app 571325206]

8 Responses to “DrumsLive”

  1. shila73 says:

    It’s a fantastic application, easy to use but at the same time professional, perfect MIDI operation … and what about the sound? Perfect very real … $ 2.99 ….. well spent!!!

  2. peppy says:

    Fantastic! It’s an application easy to use yet professional … good MIDI support … and what about the sound? Just real … seems to play a real drum! … $2.99 well spent!

  3. Xenon says:

    Very nice app! Excellent support midi, dynamic and realistic sounds very very good … Import tracks from the iPod library and a chance to play on the favorite song with no latency … The developers have announced the addition of the recording … This feature will increase the features of this app. Recommended …

  4. peppy says:

    We will be recording? fantastic … I look forward to!

  5. shila73 says:

    Developers really talk about recording? … what else will be able to add? I look forward

  6. shila73 says:

    Recording and much more! The most fun app bought … highly recommended … what else are inventing these developers? Waiting!

  7. Reaally? says:

    Really? These comments are a pretty pathetic attempt to create buzz about your products.

  8. Fabio says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon all these comments, I had no idea of their existence until now, and being a DrumsLive developer in close contact with all the guys at the development/marketing team I can assure you we aren’t the source of such comments. Also, I reckon that would really be an unrealistically unprofessional move by our side, in contrast to what we have always professionally communicated through our official channels.
    All the best to you and this community,

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