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e-scope 3-in-1

Posted by Mikers On June - 28 - 2013

mzl.pvzazkdv.480x480-75Three tools (oscilloscope, FFT analyzer (spectrum analyzer), signal generator) that is included in the e-scope 3-in-1.

It is also observed in the frequency characteristics of the audio device using an FFT analyzer and signal generator.
Observation of the frequency characteristics of the real time is possible by using the FFT synchronization sweep mode.
input is acquired via the built-in microphone or headset connector.

Oscilloscope has three modes.
* Normal mode: It is suitable to observe the music waveform.
* Trigger mode: This mode is suitable for repeated waveform such as sine wave, You can be observed in the stationary condition the waveform.
* Single mode: This mode is suitable for observing the waveform of one-off, such as impact sound.
You can by pinch out and pinch in, to change the sensitivity and time span.

-FFT analyzer
It is possible to analyze the frequency spectrum of the input signal.
Peak level and frequency is displayed at the top of the screen, it can also be used as a simple frequency counter when you enter a single signal.
By pressing the resolution button, you can select the frequency resolution of the three types.
When you press the peak hold button to hold the maximum value of the signal that you are currently viewing, they are displayed in red line.

-signal generator
The signal generator can be used to generate a signal of four types.
Sine wave of 1Hz ~ 20kHz,White noise,Linear sweep and Log sweep the frequency varies from 100Hz ~ 20KHz.
When you tap the area that displays the frequency or sweep time, picker will appear. please set the appropriate number.
When the frequency display, it will be ignored when you enter the 0000.
It is the FFT synchronization sweep mode when you enter the 000 at the time of the sweep time display.
The FFT synchronization sweep mode, It will change the frequency at high speed in analysis unit time (0.1 seconds weak) of the FFT.
It is possible to observe in real time the frequency characteristic in this mode.

When you press the Copy button, you can in all modes, and save to camera roll capture screen photo.

How’s your Japanese? Check out this demo of the app –

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