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Fairlight debuts on iOS

Posted by Mikers On March - 17 - 2011

A legendary Australian company, created one of the pioneering electronic music instruments in the late 70s, the Fairlight, and today it has launched for iPad and iPhone. Don’t you just love technology!?

The CMI’s Page R was the world’s first screen-based rhythm sequencer. Today every sampler, digital synthesizer, sequencer and audio workstation can trace its lineage back to this legendary machine. Now you can have, in your pocket or on your iPad, a piece of history developed by Fairlight staff who worked on the CMI in the ’80s.


– browse and play the entire original Fairlight CMI IIX Sounds floppy disk library – 32 disks containing 564 voices.

– display voices graphically using the iconic Page D, and change your viewpoint by tipping your iPhone/iPad.

– play built-in Fairlight CMI Page R compositions.

– import and play Page R compositions and instrument collections sent to you by others.

– authentic Fairlight CMI user interface experience, including floppy disk sounds.

– on-screen music keyboard.


You can use the in-App upgrade process to add these features for an additional $39.99:

– gain access to the CMI III voices library.

– create instrument sets that store settings for all 8 channels, including the voices, pitch shifts, volumes, release times etc.

– use Page R to create songs that can be used with any instrument set.

– use the on-screen keyboard to record new notes while your composition is playing (minimum iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G or iPad recommended).

– play back your masterpiece, essentially as it would sound on a real CMI!

– export MIDI files from Page R, with General MIDI instruments for each channel specified by you

– import MIDI files into Page R, with all the notes ready to be edited.

– use an external MIDI keyboard to play the CMI voices or record notes in Page R (see the support page for MIDI devices supported). The Line6 MidiMobilizer and Akai SynthStation are supported.

– import audio files to be used as voices in your instrument sets and compositions.

– send and receive songs and instrument sets by email.

Check out more about the app here – http://fairlightinstruments.com.au/ios

Grab Fairlight now –

2 Responses to “Fairlight debuts on iOS”

  1. Jeppe says:


  2. Diana says:

    This app is a shame. A pile of bugs. I spent over 2 hours sampling (oftentimes no wvaoferm was recorded, it was recorded and played back by the Audiobus button in other app, when switching to your app wave data were missing), suddenly your app was asking if I wanted to subscribe to your newsletter, I pressed later and then it went BLACK (black screen). I had to restart it only to see that just the first 2 of all voices I had sampled still were there. What a total shame this poorly made software is. It is not about the price, but getting such a shabby product makes me angry. I make apps myself and I do so with great care.

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