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FunkBox v2.0 update

Posted by Mikers On March - 15 - 2011

One of the few drum apps that has remained on my iOS devices since installing it, is this great sounding retro drum machine. This weeks sees the first major update since July last year. And best of all, the upgrade to v2.0 is free for existing users.

Here’s what to expect in the update –

FunkBox 2.0 features:
Works great on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
Look, feel, sound and quirks of a vintage beatbox
Includes 36 preset rhythm beats, or easily edit patterns and create your own
Nine preset boxes to choose from, including the 808, 909, CR-78, LM-2, MRK-2 and more
Customize boxes by mix and matching preset samples, or import and use your own samples
Export your drum loops as audio or midi to email, audio pasteboard, iTunes folder
Use CoreMIDI to sync and/or control FunkBox with music hardware/software via USB-CCK or Network MIDI

…and more, but FunkBox isn’t about specs and feature lists. Like those simple yet still constantly used classic drum machines from decades ago that inspired it, FunkBox may look a little dusty and a little old and a little quirky, but it’s perfect when you just want to drop a little funky beat in there. Got funk? Well get some, son…

What’s new

Improved graphics, including retina support
Two new drum machines, LM-2 and TR77
New cleaner samples from all machines
Import custom samples (iOS3.2+)
Set pitch and trim of samples
Save/load custom drum box configurations
Save/load pattern banks
Tempo/swing saved with each pattern
Random volume/timing saved with box
Ability to switch in clave, clap, cowbell, ride sounds
Tap tempo
Accent amount per step, per instrument
Queue up multiple sequences by pressing two sequence buttons,
or play two sequences simultaneously by pressing two sequence buttons
Pan per instrument (iOS4.0+)
Tap overdub and roll functions
Preliminary CoreMIDI support (iOS4.1+)
– MIDI in: note, mute part, pattern/bank, tap/start/stop, clock sync
– MIDI out: note, clock sync
Itunes folder audio export support (iOS3.2+)
Start/stop latency improved
Misc other improvements and bug fixes

New presets are included. Your old saved custom presets can be reloaded using the Pattern Storage menus. “Pattern Store” button on iPad on main page, “Store” button on the iPhone main page. Your old patterns will show up in the pattern list as “OLDSAVEDBANK” 1, 2 and 3. Load 1 into A, 2 into B, etc and you’ll have your preset patterns back.

Head to the developer’s site for all the latest on this app – http://syntheticbits.com/funkbox.html

Grab FunkBox Drum Machine now –

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