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Posted by Mikers On December - 2 - 2015

I know it’s not a music maker, but I’m sure more than a few of the disorganised musos amongst you will get some use out of the app!

screen322x572You spend a lot of time for finding possible dates for rehearsals, for getting feedback on possible concert invitations from your colleagues or on the promotion of your performances? Reduce time-consuming tasks to a minimum!
GIG is the perfect digital assistant for self-managing musicians! GIG is a classical productivity App that helps simplify coordination in and between your bands the same time! It covers the whole process from planning, scheduling to the publishing of concerts.
Whatever device your colleagues work with they can take part. Even if your the only one using the GIG App you can easily integrate your colleagues via the GIG website.

Try GIG now three months for FREE!


• Whether you are in a band or a solo musicians plan your schedule easily and quick and publish concerts with one click
• Define your bands and invite colleagues via Email or SMS (integration of your address book in your mobile phone)
• Make use of your idle time and handle your bands anytime and anywhere
• Quick overview of open tasks, confirmed or pending dates
• Visibility of all scheduling stages during the coordination process for all group members
• Easy reporting and documentation
• The darker design enables working in shaded rooms


• Coordinate availabilities with your colleagues for upcoming GIGs
• Whatever device your colleagues work with they can take part
• Non-smartphone band members confirm their availability on the GIG website following the invitation link in an email or SMS
• Decide final dates and synch them to all participants’ calendars
• Push-Notifications for important tasks
• Invitation codes for bands and events give latecomers at GIG access to their data from the very beginning

Publishing (only for GIG Publish-User)

• Automatic publishing of concerts.
• Link the GIG calendar to your website just once and publish your concerts wherever and whenever with jus a tap.
• Promote your concerts and let fans know about upcoming events

More details at – http://www.gig-app.com/

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