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Posted by Mikers On May - 24 - 2012

inHarmony simplifies composing and playing music by enabling notes limited to the selected diatonic scale, which are always in harmony with the presented chords.
You don’t need to know much about chords because the app provides a “One Touch Chord” functionality for all seven main chords of the chosen scale.
Just connect your favorite Digital Audio Workstation via MIDI to play harmonic chords in conjunction with perfectly matching notes.
Because this is a MIDI-Master-Keyboard the built-in synthesizer is very basic!

– MIDI Master Keyboard:
First of all inHarmony is a new kind of a MIDI-Keyboard to be connected via WLAN or Bluetooth to your favorite Digital Audio Workstation either on Mac OSX or Windows (Bonjour for Windows & rtpMIDI must be installed). The single notes and chords can be sent to different MIDI-Channels.
– Music Theorie:
Learn more about the theory behind music by getting insights into the different scales (e.g. C-Major, g-Minor) and their related notes as well as chords.
– Very Simple Built-In Synthesizer:
The App provides a plain synthesizer with different wave shapes (Rectangular, Saw and Sinus) to play around without having a Digital Audio Workstation connected.

For more details on how this app works, check here –¬†http://www.hotto.de/mobileapps/ipadinharmony.html

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