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iPad Music Maker

Posted by Mikers On August - 4 - 2012

Need some inspiration for your weekend of iPad music making?

Alain Monnet, aka Don Monnet, sent me this link to a video that features a song created exclusively with iPad music apps.

Here’s the list of what was used –

1) Nanostudio (Kick)
2) Improvox (Vocal Parts/ Pads)
3) Awesome Xylophone (Lead Sound)
4) Orphion (Pad / Bass)
5) Madpad (Drums / Percussions)
6) iRig Mic (Vocal Recording / Improvox)

* This song was created entirely with the iPad 2. It is recorded in Logic Pro.

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  1. Padman says:

    Logic Pro? Cheater. Let’s see him do the same thing in Auria using copy/paste.

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