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iTRIGGER inbound

Posted by Mikers On June - 21 - 2013

POJ Studios enter the app world with iTRIGGER, a grid-based MIDI controller for iPad. It is designed specifically for use with Ableton Live but also works with other music software. iTRIGGER allows bi-directional communication to mix music, launch clips, change parameters like levels and panning, and provides feedback to the user through the multi-coloured grid display.

When the user first connects iTRIGGER to their computer either by WIFI or a compatible iPad midi accessory iTRIGGER becomes a standard x-y midi controller allowing the user to assign the buttons as they wish. Once iTRIGGER is correctly synced with Ableton Live all of the buttons are automatically assigned and lit up by the software in 4 separate modes, selectable within the app:

  • ‘CLIPS’ mode: The 8×8 grid is assigned to an 8×8 area of clips from Live’s ‘Session View’ with the buttons lighting up to signify whether a clip is loaded, playing or empty. The user can navigate their way around Live’s ‘Session View’ using the directional buttons in the top corner of iTRIGGER and press the corresponding button to play clips or scenes using the scene play buttons at the end of each row.
  • MISC’ mode: A miscellaneous set of controls including track levels, panning, effect levels, enable/disable track, cue track and track record.
  • ‘D.RACK’ mode: For playing instruments using the 4×4 drum rack layout.
  • ‘X-Y’ mode: For custom assignment using an X-Y layout.

image-6-768x1024iTRIGGER supports AirPlay to stream video performances live to compatible devices via WiFi. The app’s background and button colours can be changed and the button images can be completely hidden against a black background for light shows.

iTRIGGER will be available in all regions from JUNE 22, 2013 exclusively on the iPad App Store. iTRIGGER will have a special week long launch price of $2.99 USD (priced accordingly in other regions) returning to the standard price of $7.99 USD on June 29.


  • Control Ableton Live and other midi enabled software with your iPad!
  • MIDI over WiFi
  • MIDI over USB with iPad camera kit and most iPad midi accessories (accessories not included)
  • AirPlay Support – Live Video Streaming
  • Customisable Background Colours
  • Customisable Button Colours
  • Hide buttons completely for a light show
  • Clip Mode
    • Play Clips
    • Play Scenes
    • Navigate Clips and Tracks
  • Drum rack, x-y mode
  • Misc mode
    • Track Levels
    • Left/Right adjustments
    • Effect Levels
    • End Tracks
    • Enable Tracks
    • Cue Tracks
    • Set Tracks to record
  • No Flickering
  • Bright Colours
  • Rotating Display
  • Highly Responsive

More details @ http://pojstudios.com/

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