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New Korg Electribe for iOS…Finally!

Posted by Mikers On August - 28 - 2018

Korg today introduced Electribe Wave – the latest evolution of the Electribe family, first introeduced in 1999.

Electribe Wave pairs wavetable synthesis with traditional Electribe sequencing, Kaoss Pad style control and more.

Features:Wavetable sound synthesis – the wavetable allows you to repeatedly play fragments of short waveforms, and change the waveform position during playback. You can combine the the wavetable with a powerful filter and two modulation units.User interface designed for quick composition – The familiar 16-step pad in the ELECTRIBE series enables speedy rhythm production. The ELECTRIBE Wave also features a new keyboard to play chords and scales. The sequencer features Groove, which can be used to breathe life into rhythm parts, as well as a special keyboard to enable smooth step input for synth parts on the graphical user interface.Chord pad – ELECTRIBE Wave features a chord pad that allows you to play chords with one finger. If you use the “Fetch” function, it will automatically extract the chords from the song that you are in in the middle of creating and assign those chords to the pad for fast and easy song creation. You can also easily assign and save your favorite chords. In addition you can use the arpe ggiator to create new phrases.Motion Sequence records and plays temporal changes in sounds and effects – The ELECTRIBE series introduced a powerful motion sequence function that remembers and reproduces the movements of the knobs. If you use the built in KAOSS PAD you can change the sound to drastically with a single fingertip, easily storing and reproducing temporal changes. Remember the wave tabl POSITION to make real time minute changes to the sound performance.Song mode – Use song mode to create a new track by simply arranging the order of existing patterns. With audio file export, you can send a complete song or individual patterns to your favorite DAW, or upload to services like SoundCloud.

Get more details – https://www.korg.com/us/products/software/electribe_wave/


Developer: KORG INC.
Rated: 4+
Price: $29.99 Download Here



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