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M3000 Free Edition

Posted by Mikers On May - 24 - 2014

screen480x480 (5)A fully-functional version of Mellotronics M3000 50th Anniversary Edition, an authentic recreation of Streetly Electronics’ M4000 tape-replay instrument. The app includes 5 authentic tapes from Streetly Electronics’ production library, all authentic mellotron voices. In-App Purchases allow the full voice set of the 50th Anniversary Edition to be downloaded, and many other voices as well. 

Apart from the limited voice set included with the app, no functionality is removed in this free edition. MIDI and AudioBus is fully functional, including ‘Two Trons’ mode where 2 different MIDI channels can control the A/B/C and D voices.


[appext 846728891]

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  1. Triplanetary says:

    This is a wonderful app. For a lurker like me to reach out at all says something about this classic instrument. The sounds are great and good selection is avaiable.
    My only observation is one that I can say about most apps, it is more of a system critique. When using an instrument professionally it has to be rock solid in operation so every IPad pragram needs to have a critical lockout switch withing each app so I don’t kump to another app or pull up some other souns while playing. It could be as easy as a command key in playback mode or create a performance mode where where you can lock some controls and they gray out so you can’t bunp them.
    The Mellotron is only second to they real thing and the Mike Pinder sample CD and mybe the Memotron.

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