Thursday, July 18, 2019

Mad Looper Plus

Posted by Mikers On June - 30 - 2015

Another day, and another new music/audio/DJ app from the team at Music Paradise. LLC. Most of their apps are on the social/fun side, but this one might also be useful for experimenting with some serious sampling.

screen480x480Get ready for the total musical madness! Check out this insane sampler called “Mad Looper Plus”! We’re taking the art of music to the new level! Mad Looper is not a simple, ordinary sampler with a couple of pre-sets and samples, it’s a unique looping machine you’ve never encountered before! Make wild and agressive beats basing on probability and randomeness! This is a brand new way of music making!

HOW TO USE: Open the samples’ library, find the desired ones and attach them to the particular parts of the circle. Add some effects fo make the music much more different! Set the probbility and randomeness by joining the parts of the circle with lines.

Mad Looper Plus features:

High-quality audio and effects
Stunning visual effects and animation
Brand new system of music making
Uniqe sampler and drum machine
Huge number of samples

Mad Looper Plus widens your musical scope and let you have a new, insane look at what is called music!

[appext 1009191876]

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