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Mini Review – iRig MIC Cast

Posted by Mikers On August - 11 - 2012

IK Multimedia continues to introduce both useful and innovative products aimed at iOS music makers and music lovers, with the recent release of a quality built portable microphone, called the iRig MIC Cast.

While the packaging suggests that the iRig MIC Cast is ideally suited to voice recordings, such as podcasts, lectures, and interviews, it is equally suited to field recording of sound effects, and also for simple musical recordings.

Also included with the iRig MIC Cast is an adjustable stand, designed to accommodate an iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s a great addition, as it keeps your device in a secure position while recording, so it won’t pick up any unwanted sound from holding it in your hand. The stand actually comes in handy as somewhere to place your device in general everyday use.

The microphone itself is simple in design, featuring a chrome and black two tone look, which gives is a slightly classic high end microphone feel.
There is a handy gain switch on the front side that gives you the option of LO and HI, with LO being suited to normal close range audio signals, and HI which boosts the input signal for low level sound sources.
The polar pattern of the microphone is unidirectional/cardioid, which means you get a pretty clean signal from directly in front, and much of the background noise is ignored. When compared to the built in microphone on the iPhone, there is notably more background noise on recordings than with the iRig MIC Cast.
The fact you can swivel the microphone around 360 degrees means you can hone in on exactly what you want to record.
The frequency response is between 100Hz and 15kHz, which is more than enough for general purpose use, and even covers most musical instruments, except perhaps those that produce a very low frequency.
The other significant feature of the iRig MIC Cast is that it offers a stereo headphone output on the side of the microphone. Since it needs to be plugged into the iPhone’s headphone port to operate, this means you still have access to the audio output, which in some scenarios, such as multitrack recording, you’ll want to be able to hear the playback of other tracks as you record fresh ones.
IK Multimedia promotes two of its own apps as supported by the microphone, including iRig Recorder and VocaLive, which are available in free lite versions and fully featured paid versions, though you can expect the microphone to work with just about any audio recording app that accepts a mic as an input source.
I’ve been testing the microphone out for a few weeks now, across a variety of scenarios and it definite improvement over the built-in mic on my iPhone, and the cheap detachable microphone I bought off eBay awhile back for recording interviews.
If there was just one feature I’d like to see added in any updates to the iRig MIC Cast, that is the ability to do stereo recordings, which would just make it all that more useful, especially for music recordings.

The iRig MIC Cast retails for – $39.99

For more details, check the official site http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigmiccast/

[app 428498084] [app 410619243]


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