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Music Box Composer

Posted by Mikers On April - 1 - 2012

I’m not sure how useful this app will be in everyday music-making life for most of us, but it did strike me as a novel concept for an app!

Designed to aid composing your own music prior to punching the paper strips for Music Box’s, this allows you to compose, preview, play, save and share (via iTunes file transfer) you creations.

– Add, move, delete notes
– Disable Notes for temporary changes
– Multiple undo
– Ripple edits
– Save and Load (access the save location via iTunes File Sharing to share your creations with others – more sharing options planned)
– Retina display support for the new iPad
– Sounds sampled from physical Music Box for added reality 🙂

The physical Music Boxes with the paper punch strips and are great fun – what I found was missing was an easy way to preview either transpositions or original creations. This aims to fill that gap.

In the works is online Upload/Download for easy sharing, and a layout for smaller work areas ie Universal App support (+iPhone). Please send any bug reports our way so we can shake them out!

– Notes are added/edited in the *Lower* strip only: the middle one is a zoomed view (use it to pan at any time though), the top is an overall view (which you can use to jump your view around, or play through the entire piece by hand).
– Start with the ‘Add’ button, the tap in the lower strip view to set a note. Touch and slide your finger to add a note and adjust where it ends up – the note is played as you create/change pitch so it’s easy to get what you need.
– Use the zoomed in view to see what you are doing (fingers do get in the way)
– You can use the Add and Move modes together – it will then only add a note if it doesn’t find one near where you tap. With ‘Add’ only it creates regardless, but with both modes active you can add and adjust easily.
– Turn off ‘Snap’ mode to allow you to place notes between the vertical bars.
– The select mode allows you to swipe across an area to select, as well as simply being able to tap to select/deselect.

Be aware that the physical Music Boxes don’t allow the same note twice without a gap of one vertical line: currently Music Box Composer does not show this limitation of the physical Music Boxes, a future version will.

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