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New GarageBand grooves

Posted by Mikers On May - 24 - 2012

Having already released a collection of patches and presets for NLogSynth PRO and NLogPoly Synth, and more recently for NanoStudio as well, Matthias at App Sounds has just released another new product called GB Inspirator, which is essentially 30 short patterns of fully arranged music in a handful of different styles, that are designed to be loaded into GarageBand for iOS, and used as ‘inspiration’ for your own original music.

App Description – 

GB INSPIRATOR is like a journey between popular music styles in past and present times. You will be impressed by funky drumgrooves, house patterns, chill out motions, rock and jazz tunes or rnb and hiphop elements. Some of the designed layouts are really unique. You will see how much fun it is to start with GB for iPad for composing new tracks.

30 songs for Apple GarageBand iOS, each song contains a basic arrangement of mostly four tracks (drums, bass, keyboards, synths or guitar) with the length of 8 bars. You don’t find any audio track. All drum grooves, riffs and phrases are midi sequences for a high flexibility.

The entire collection will only set you back a few dollars/pounds/euros.

Here’s a demo of some of the patterns

For further details, and how to order, check the official site – http://www.app-sound.com/Apple.html

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