Thursday, October 30, 2014
iRig HD - High-quality guitar interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC


iProphet recreates the unique sound of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS synthesizer. The Prophet VS’s rareness and classic digital sound make it a mainstay for those who can find them and a seemingly out or reach dream for those who cannot. The sound is purely classic crisp digital sound that easily stands on its […]

iMPC Pro – finally touches down!

iMPC ProProfessional music production app for iPad**Introductory Pricing**The normal price for iMPC Pro is $19.99, but for a limited time, iMPC Pro will be available for $12.99, as a way for us to give iMPC users the opportunity to purchase iMPC Pro and retain the value of the investment made in iMPC.Developed in partnership with […]


Cotracks is a collaborative music studio for teamwork on a single iPad. With Cotracks you can create multiple layers of loops and phrases using multiple instruments. Cotracks is designed to maintain your creative flow and is always ready to capture your ideas, regardless whether you are flying solo or collaborating with others.It’s like playing with […]


Earhoof is a futuristic virtual instrument which turns your iPad into a rhythmic gradient of sound.A sophisticated instrument creation tool, it allows you to layer multiple audio files and combine them with high quality digital signal processing. By continuously changing the sound parameters along the length of your device, Earhoof allows you to create highly […]

Final Touch (finally) debuts!

I’ve been lucky enough to have been on the beta testing team for this excellent iPad app over the past moth or so, and really enjoyed watching it take final shape. I’ll aim to do a review in the next few days, but for now here’s the official word from it’s maker, Positive Grid – […]

AC-7 Core Solo

AC-7 Core Solo is the perfect hand-held wireless remote controller for your DAW based music recording system. It was expressly designed to be used comfortably with one hand, so there’s no need to put down your guitar/mic/drink while setting up the next take. It has been tested and optimised for use with Apple’s Logic Pro […]


Sliver is a powerful tool for soundscape and sonic texture creation. Working beautifully with any audio content… melodic, rhythmic, noise, or otherwise, Sliver is well suited for a broad range of project types including: Soundscapes Ambient Drone Glitch Noise Pads Sound Design / Sound Effects Unique Sonic Textures Cinematic Sound Elements Creating a playable instrument […]


iVCS3 – Official EMS VCS3 emulator The VCS3 was created in 1969 by Peter Zinovieff’s EMS company. The electronics were largely designed by David Cockerell and the machine’s distinctive visual appearance was the work of electronic composer Tristram Cary. The VCS3 was more or less the first portable commercially available synthesizer—portable in the sense that the […]

Earlier this year IK Multimedia, unveiled the first dedicated microphone for iOS devices, the iRig Mic. While this will no doubt work with any number of recording and music apps, including IK Multimedia’s own Amplitube apps, the company has just released a special apps aimed at singers, called VocaLive. VocaLive provides singers and vocalists with a […]

Want to create that thumping bass line to fill the dance floor or a heart-wrenching lead line? Want to jam along with your friends – any time, any place and sound superb? grüvtron lets you jam and create in a multitude of styles and in any key all on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad […]

PocketGK is the world’s first bass guitar amp app for practicing with your iTunes music. Reasons you’ll love it: * Built-in iPod music player with instant access to ALL YOUR iTUNES MUSIC, no file imports or transfers required * Gate Induced Valve Effect simulation for punchy tone * GK Product Catalog in your pocket * […]

If you’re lucky enough to live in the US, you’ll be able to pick up an iPad 2 from today! The rest of the world will have to settle for a few key new apps launching today. One of those happens to be the touch-friendly version of Apple’s user-friendly music making software, GarageBand. This has […]

DXi is a FM synthesizer application inspired by 80’s most popular FM synthesizer. You will enjoy creating sounds as well as playing music with this application. FM synthesizer is still popular among many people by its unique tone. We carefully selected parameters from original synthesizer so you will be enjoy editing tone with them easily. […]

If this does what it says it can, it sounds pretty impressive. So we’ll have to take a closer look when we get a chance. If you’ve tried it out, please let us know what you know think! Create magical music with Mixtikl. Uniquely mix top quality generative music with loops + FX. It’s stunning! […]

I know this is an oldie, but since we’ve just mentioned the Organ+, and this one didn’t make it onto the site earlier, here it is….. – Pocket Organ C3B3 for iPad works perfectly on iPad. – GUI of Pocket Organ C3B3 for iPad is optimized to run on larger size of iPadʼs screen for […]

Introducing your one *stop* for all organ needs: Organ+, a fully featured organ emulator! Organ+ comes with 7 different organ engines that faithfully recreate the sounds of celebrated transistor and tonewheel organs. The sweet FX stack –with dual chorus/vibrato, vintage-y reverb, overdrive and more– lets you create ample variation, and hone in on *that* sound. […]

This is an application that lets you enjoy playing drums and sound effects in time with music. You can add beats to songs playing on your iPod, like adding hip-hop beats to Michael Jackson songs! ■Various sound effects Set off various types of sound effects, including drums, vocal exclamations like “Yo!” and Nintendo-like noises. ■Beats […]

As the name tells, Audio Lab provides a flexible platform for experiencing the fun of audio world. It can help you experiment with various audio modules(generator, filter, envelope, etc) and connect them to each other without restriction. Audio Lab is more than a synthesizer, it is a living environment. With a few taps of adding […]

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