Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lurssen Mastering Console

Lurssen Mastering Console puts you at the controls in the studio with all of the secret tools, settings and techniques of world renowned multi-Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen and his team. Now you can master your music on the go on your iPad and get the professional, Grammy award-winning sound that the studio […]

Cream Mobile

The world’s best software arpeggiator is now available as an iPad application. Kirnu Cream Mobile is a very powerful MIDI performer music application for iPad. This version is almost identical to the plugin version except the mobile version includes internal synthesizer and single drum track. Mobile version also has only one arpeggiator track by default. […]

Auria Pro arrives

Following a sneak preview at the start of this year, WaveMachine Labs has finally released the successor to it’s acclaimed multitrack DAW for iPad. Auria Pro, adds a ton of professional new features and improvements, of which I’ll go into detail about in an upcoming review. But for now, some of the big new features include […]


The latest title in the KORG DS-10 series, now available for the iPhone! The KORG DS-10 series was an enormous hit for the Nintendo DS. Now, seven years later, it has undergone a further evolution while staying true to its original spirit. Now available is the KORG iDS-10, a portable synthesizer studio for iPhone. The […]

iMaschine 2

Produce tracks on the go with iMASCHINE 2 and share your creations with the world. ///MAKE. ARRANGE. SHARE. MAKE Create a beat on 16 pads with hundreds of professional sounds. Use the Smart Play keyboard to add melodies and basslines that are always in-key. Spice up your track with vocal and field recordings or sample […]

BIAS Pedal

For over half a century, distortion has defined the sound of Rock ‘n’ Roll. From the first fuzz stompboxes to the latest high performance distortion racks – that unmistakable sound of an overdriven electric guitar has conquered millions generation after generation. With this heritage in mind, BIAS Pedal reinvents distortion in a whole new way, […]

Animoog is Moog Music’s first professional synthesizer for iOS devices, and was the first music app in history to hit number one in the App Store on the day of release. Additionally, in the 2011 App Store Rewind, Apple named Animoog one of the best apps of the year. Powered by Moog’s new Anisotropic Synth […]

Remixer is a music player like no other. Remix, loop and re-arrange your favorite music live while it plays without ever breaking the beat! Advanced audio analysis splits your music into loop-able segments that can be re-arranged at will, live as it plays. Repeat and enhance the parts you like while jumping through parts you […]

** This version works on the iPad 2 only, update coming soon *** Drum Canvas mixes art and music and takes IOS drumming to the next level. Drum Canvas was designed to be everything from a fun experience for beginners to a serious tool for professionals playing in a live setting. When you first use […]

Grain Science is a beautiful new iPad Synthesiser. Designed for musicians, soundscape artists and SFX engineers who want to go beyond our Sylo Synthesiser, Grain Science is built on similar principles of granular synthesis, but is vastly more powerful. Use the built-in waveforms, or record or import your own — then use the sophisticated grain […]

Noisepad is a user friendly drum computer packed with the latest samples, beats and vocals from A-list artists and producers. It adds a new dimension to your live-sets, parties and all places where you want to make noise. Realtime built in effects such as pitch, delay, cut-off, phase, reverb and bit-crush will bring your noise […]

Transform your iPhone/iPod touch into a 16 Pad MIDI Controller with no extra hardware! Quick and easy solution when wireless is unavailable. Just hook up to your computer’s Line-in with a standard male-male 1/8″ jack lead. Then download the free software to convert the app’s special audio signal into midi messages… Magic! Get the software […]

This new experimental music app is free, and probably only has niche appeal, but is probably a handy app (pun intended) to have in your musical arsenal. A new app from Thounds designed exclusively for iPad, helping you to compose and manipulate music by using your fingers. This is the first release and new features […]

Dingsaller Lite is a workspace for creating algorithmic compositions. Patch together a complex graph of music generating nodes, synths, and effects and control them with a touch. PRAISE FOR DINGSALLER’S FULL VERSION “There’s a lot of complexity hidden in a very simple interface.” – the-palm-sound.blogspot.com “Music app junkies, this belongs in your collection” – Robert […]

Nebula brings real-time granular synthesis to the iPad, including glissons and grainlets. Granulation can be performed on several prototypal waveforms (sines, triangles, squares, noise) and morphing can be applied between them. It is possible to store presets and interpolate among them using a single finger through the gesture mode (activable by the provided button or […]

IK Multimedia’s pocket-friendly sampler has just gone universal, so iPad owners can now enjoy better use of the interface. Here’s a list of the other new features in v1.1 – Universal app for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch – Built-in 4-track MIDI recorder – Enhanced drum pads interface – More instruments included: 136 (132+4 after registering) – More […]

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