Sunday, February 1, 2015
iRig HD - High-quality guitar interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

Announcing Auria Pro!

Most of us knew this has been in the pipeline for the past several months, but it’s great to finally see the public unveiling of a full features list and the GUI maker over. Looks like the best DAW on iPad, is about to get even better! With over two years in the making, we’re […]

Shure Announces MOTIV™ range

Shure is introducing the MOTIV™ range of digital products, a new plug-and-play microphone line aimed at individuals looking to capture high-quality, 24-bit 48 kHz audio via a Mac, PC or Apple iOS device for podcasts, YouTube videos, field recording, or to capture acoustic/vocal performances. All four members of the new MOTIV range are Apple MFi […]


FLUX:FX is a professional multi-effect audio processor app for the iPad that lets you ‘play’ your effects. Innovative, intuitive and exciting, FLUX:FX lets you manipulate any audio signal into something entirely new, and redefines the possibilities of audio and live performance in an app with an almost unlimited range of effect options. FLUX:FX is a […]

KORG Module

The best sounds, available to everyone. Announcing a new high-quality mobile sound module app for iPad! Maintaining its position at the forefront of mobile music apps, KORG now offers you a new style of performance and production with Korg Module for iPad. Ideal for performance and music production, KORG Module is a high-quality sound module […]


Egoist is a groove instrument. Load any audio file and squeeze the groove out of it! Try your mp3 library and use it as a sound source! The additional onboard bass, beat and fx units make Egoist the perfect track sketch tool in the studio and on the road. • Quick + Easy track sketching, […]

I hadn’t heard of Livid Instruments until I came across this new MIDI controller surface, but I know one thing, I really want one now! Block Station. All metal aluminum enclosure with hand finished wood ends and a built in space for your iPad or netbook. Features : • 20.5 x 9.5″ x 2.5″ (WDH) […]

Music creation and recording app with samples provided by Loopmasters. Create your own music with 4 track types: – Drum track. Sample based track for making beats – Sound track. Sampler/synthesizer track for making bass lines and melodies – Chord track. Play and record your favorite chords with the sampler/synthesizer – Audio track: Record your […]

Manipulant is a customizable wireless MIDI control surface for iPad. It takes advantage of some of iPad’s best features to put all of your controls on the same surface with quick access: – Put all of the buttons, knobs and faders in your set on a single large surface. – Trigger multiple overlapping controls with […]

While dedicated eBook readers still haven’t yet reached the lofty heights in popularity as the multipurpose iPad and its extended family of apps, the iPad is a highly capable eBook reader in itself, with thousands of best sellers, education, and entertainment titles available to download. Helping serve the needs of electronic musicians, Anthem Publishing, who […]

I knew these were on the way, but having seen the growing interest by app developers in supporting them as external controllers I think they would make great additions your studio (or touring) musical arsenal.  The NanoPad2, NanoKey2 and NanoKontrol2 are updates to the original series of compact yet fully functional USB controllers aimed at up […]

Shape is a polyphonic synthesiser allowing the user to draw the shape of the oscillator wave form. The positive side of the oscillation is represented by 32 blocks and the negative side is its mirror, generating all sorts of possible raw retroish sounds. Shape is best experienced with akai synthstation 25. Powered by Sparrow. +++ […]

4voice Polyphonic  Simulated Analog Synthesizer for iPod touch & iPhone Polyphonic ( 4 voice ) Totally Programmable with Storage for 32 Programs Two Oscillator per Voice Two ADSR Envelope Generator per Voice 24dB/octave Low Pass Filter Noise Generator / Sample and Hold Auto Arpeggio new Digital Delay new   There’s not a great deal of other info […]

A free sound editor for recording, editing, adding effects, and sending audio, Pocket WavePad allows you to record voice or music, then edit the recording and add effects to achieve high quality audio recordings. Work within audio waveforms to make selections for quick editing, such as inserting recordings from other files, or apply effects like […]

Created by Seth Sandler and Justin Windle, NodeBeat is an experimental node-based audio sequencer and generative music application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. By combining music and playful exploration, NodeBeat allows anyone to create an exciting variety of rhythmic sequences and ambient melodies in a fun and intuitive fashion. From the professional to […]

Sound Cells is an interactive generative music app. Just touch the matrix to create some moving cells and see them interact with each other and generate sound in realtime. If a cell hits the wall, it creates a sound. If a cell ends up in the same location as another one, they change directions. You […]

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