Thursday, July 30, 2015
Get SampleTank 3 SE and 6 free sound libraries when you purchase and register iRig Pads!


Korg fans rejoice! One of the all time classic hardware synths of the 80s has made its way onto iPad. Get it while it’s on sale!! Since it went on sale in 1988 the legendary M1 music workstation rapidly achieved record-breaking sales, becoming a mainstay of the music scene from the late 1980s and beyond. […]

Enkl – monophonic synthesizer

This fully featured monophonic synthesizer can create a huge variety of sounds. Fat basses, stabby leads, glitchy noises, old style chip tune sounds (including arpeggios), weird percussion, you name it. Enkl does the job! Enkl comes with 93 high quality factory presets, all crafted by professional music producers. Of course it is possible to create […]

Cyclop iPad Edition

The crafty crew at Sugar Bytes have been at it again, with another one of their choice desktop apps making its way to the iOS platform. Stay tuned for a full review here soon! Cyclop now available on the iPad – ready to unleash monstrous bass sounds to the mobile world. Cyclop is a monophonic synthesizer. […]

Announcing Auria Pro!

Most of us knew this has been in the pipeline for the past several months, but it’s great to finally see the public unveiling of a full features list and the GUI maker over. Looks like the best DAW on iPad, is about to get even better! With over two years in the making, we’re […]

Shure Announces MOTIV™ range

Shure is introducing the MOTIV™ range of digital products, a new plug-and-play microphone line aimed at individuals looking to capture high-quality, 24-bit 48 kHz audio via a Mac, PC or Apple iOS device for podcasts, YouTube videos, field recording, or to capture acoustic/vocal performances. All four members of the new MOTIV range are Apple MFi […]


FLUX:FX is a professional multi-effect audio processor app for the iPad that lets you ‘play’ your effects. Innovative, intuitive and exciting, FLUX:FX lets you manipulate any audio signal into something entirely new, and redefines the possibilities of audio and live performance in an app with an almost unlimited range of effect options. FLUX:FX is a […]

KORG Module

The best sounds, available to everyone. Announcing a new high-quality mobile sound module app for iPad! Maintaining its position at the forefront of mobile music apps, KORG now offers you a new style of performance and production with Korg Module for iPad. Ideal for performance and music production, KORG Module is a high-quality sound module […]


Egoist is a groove instrument. Load any audio file and squeeze the groove out of it! Try your mp3 library and use it as a sound source! The additional onboard bass, beat and fx units make Egoist the perfect track sketch tool in the studio and on the road. • Quick + Easy track sketching, […]

Given the developer’s ‘lite’ description below, you might want to check out the video below for a better clue of what to expect from this new synth app for iPad.  SineSynth follows their previous music apps, RhythmPhrase, and TranceMusic. SineSynth is App which creates sound for a sign wave in piles. Various sound can create […]

Those with a keen eye will have noticed Moog’s new iPad synth, Animoog, is already in the App Store, but at this very point in time, you still can’t download it. I’m sure this only a temporary thing, as it comes up with a message saying, its being modified and won’t allow it to be […]

Designed for both studio and stage applications, LiveRig understands how crucial reliability and low-latency are to your live performance. With LiveRig, the freedom of reliable wireless MIDI is now a reality. Out of the box. ·Perform without any 3rd party software or hardware. ·Transform that USB MIDI Device into a Wireless MIDI Device. ·Become efficient […]

Not quite sure what to make of this app. It has the potential to be a lot of fun, and an intuative way to create rhythms. Auto percussion thing triggered by short loud sounds. For example, you may clap your hands, stomp with feet, or click fingers to trigger it. Could be connected to speakers […]

The inspiringly creative Kaossilator comes to iPhone and iPod touch! Korg has revolutionized the musical instrument world with their dynamic line of Kaoss products, using an intuitive X-Y pad to provide expressive musical control. The palm-sized KAOSSILATOR synthesizer placed modern music-making in the hands of thousands of musicians and non-musicians alike. Now that same excitement […]

Get a sneak peak of the new SampleTank and iRig MIDI interface for iOS in these two new videos and this series of audio demos made only with SampleTank sounds.  SampleTank and iRig MIDI allow iPhone/ iPod touch/ iPad users to make pro-quality, record ready productions on their preferred iOS device. Look forward to the shipping announcement soon!   […]

Tweak. Perform. Share. Arctic Keys virtual analog synthesizer for iPad. With a classic dual-oscillator subtractive synthesis design that gives you the sound creation flexibility we all know and love. The user interface just wants to be tweaked. A professional instrument with an audio quality that rivals that of hardware. Arctic Keys – setting a new […]

There is certainly no shortage of metronome apps to choose from, ranging for classic tick tockers, through to modern digital stylised takes on this trusty time keeper. Most do just that, keep a steady reliable beat at whatever time signature and tempo you choose. The developers of Training Metronome, MinuX, have thrown a few extra […]

In case you missed it, earlier this week an update arrived for the impressive digital multi-track recorder, Meteor which is free for all existing users. Here’s a run down on what’s new –  This version of Meteor introduces Virtual Instruments which can be purchased via an In-App purchase. The virtual instrument Pack allows you to […]

Just a quick reminder that Music Studio v.2.0 major update arrived this week, and is free for all existing users, so time to update people! In case you’re curious, here’s what’s new – • Audio tracks: • Microphone recording • AudioCopy & AudioPaste • iPod library or wav/mp3/AAC/ogg file import • Waveform and audio-region editing […]

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