Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Model 15

The Moog Model 15 App is the first Moog modular synthesizer and synthesis educational tool created exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Each facet of the Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer has been meticulously recreated in this application to ensure the power and transcendent sound quality of each module remains intact. The character, harmonic […]

Blocs Wave

Blocs Wave is a music creation app designed to inspire new musical ideas. Easily combine original professional sounds across a wide array of genres. Tweak your sounds using beautiful touchable waveforms, and make your ideas even more unique. Record your vocals and instruments, and bring your ideas to life within minutes. Get it now at […]

Lurssen Mastering Console

Lurssen Mastering Console puts you at the controls in the studio with all of the secret tools, settings and techniques of world renowned multi-Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen and his team. Now you can master your music on the go on your iPad and get the professional, Grammy award-winning sound that the studio […]

Cream Mobile

The world’s best software arpeggiator is now available as an iPad application. Kirnu Cream Mobile is a very powerful MIDI performer music application for iPad. This version is almost identical to the plugin version except the mobile version includes internal synthesizer and single drum track. Mobile version also has only one arpeggiator track by default. […]

Auria Pro arrives

Following a sneak preview at the start of this year, WaveMachine Labs has finally released the successor to it’s acclaimed multitrack DAW for iPad. Auria Pro, adds a ton of professional new features and improvements, of which I’ll go into detail about in an upcoming review. But for now, some of the big new features include […]


The latest title in the KORG DS-10 series, now available for the iPhone! The KORG DS-10 series was an enormous hit for the Nintendo DS. Now, seven years later, it has undergone a further evolution while staying true to its original spirit. Now available is the KORG iDS-10, a portable synthesizer studio for iPhone. The […]

iMaschine 2

Produce tracks on the go with iMASCHINE 2 and share your creations with the world. ///MAKE. ARRANGE. SHARE. MAKE Create a beat on 16 pads with hundreds of professional sounds. Use the Smart Play keyboard to add melodies and basslines that are always in-key. Spice up your track with vocal and field recordings or sample […]

BIAS Pedal

For over half a century, distortion has defined the sound of Rock ‘n’ Roll. From the first fuzz stompboxes to the latest high performance distortion racks – that unmistakable sound of an overdriven electric guitar has conquered millions generation after generation. With this heritage in mind, BIAS Pedal reinvents distortion in a whole new way, […]

Following up Roland’s Innovative Mix-Manipulation Software for Mac/PC called R-Mix, comes the touch-friendly iPad version, which offers much of the same audio tweaking features. For a run down on the PC/Mac version head here – http://www.rolandconnect.com/product.php?p=r-mix. And here’s the details on the iPad version – Innovative “Visual” Audio Manipulation Software – View the instruments or components […]

If 8-bit sounds get the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up, you’ll want to check out Glitch Machine for iOS, the solo project of Paul Pridham, or @madgarden. It’s a generative 8-bit music synthesizer featuring interactive live code editing, waveform and data visualizations, expression sharing via email and Twitter, WAV export to […]

Anaphobia Mini (short: AnaMini) is a monophonic virtual analog synthesizer for iOS 5.0. It features a classical analog synthesizer setup using a VCO, LFO, VCA and VCF. Of course, none of it is really controlled by voltage, but rather by a 32-bit digital synthesis engine. Features One oscillator with two wave types and scalable within […]

TB MIDI Stuff is a generic modular MIDI control surface for iPad. You can create your own pages, or use the built-in MIDI keyboard (with Arpeggiator, modulation wheel, pitch wheel and accelerometer velocity), the built-in Pads controller (with customizable pads banks, accelerometer velocity, transposition, full velocity mode and repeat mode) or the 16 channels MIDI […]

Micro-Pitch is a pitch correction application designed to have a simple and effective interface. You can create your own songs, tune a conversation, give yourself a manlier voice, and spend all day having fun. Try it out. Features: Tune any sound you would like. You have total control over the pitch. Great for correcting flat […]

With SoundPitch and it’s amazing sound slowdown engine it’s possible to change the tempo, pitch and sampling rate of a music file in realtime! Many musicians who want to learn a track use these features to slow down the playback of a song. Learn playing guitar, piano or any other instrument while using SoundPitch to […]

BeatForge makes music, instantly and effortlessly. The sounds are beautiful, unique, and everything just fits. You don’t need to know a thing about music to create something amazing. BeatForge is a step-sequencer. Every button represents a sound, and each button you turn on adds something to the music. The notes are kept in perfect time […]

Lemur – the legendary multitouch MIDI/OSC controller returns. All these major artists can’t be wrong: Daft Punk. Björk. Nine Inch Nails, Deadmau5. M.I.A., Justice, Hot Chip, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Orbital, Richie Hawtin, The Glitch Mob, Matthew Herbert, Joris Voorn, Stephan Bodzin, Modeselektor, Alva Noto, Richard Devine, Gui Boratto, … you? Rock solid standard Major stadium-touring acts […]

iKaossilator Version 2 is available now! Audio export, iPad full-screen support, and many more new features ● Audio Export records and saves your performance, just as you heard it ● iPad native support allows the iKaossilator to fill the iPad’s large 9.7″ screen ● “SoundCloud” allows users to share and remix loops with other users […]

Gain ultimate control of your iConnectMIDI converged MIDI interface with PortManager. Easily configure which of the 12 DIN and USB MIDI input ports get routed to any of the 12 output ports. And for each input and output port, you can specify a range of MIDI filters, including Notes, Pitch bend, Realtime, and Active Sensing. […]

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